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Ethel [-?-].

Spouse: Albert Leon ANNO. Children were: ANNO, ANNO.

Hellen [-?-] was born in 1882 in Millersburg, Mercer, Illinois. She died after 1920.

Spouse: Berf ANNO.

Jim [-?-].

Spouse: Ruby Dealva HOOD.

Lucenne [-?-].

Spouse: R. C. CLAYTON. Children were: Calvin CLAYTON, Douglas CLAYTON, William CLAYTON, Richard CLAYTON.

Maggie [-?-] was born in 1850 in Indiana.

Spouse: Zachariah DAVIS. Zachariah DAVIS and Maggie [-?-] were married.

Margaret [-?-].

Spouse: Henry ANNO JR. Henry ANNO JR and Margaret [-?-] were married about 1858 in Millersburg, Mercer, Illinois. Children were: Asa ANNO.

Mary [-?-].

Spouse: John SWEARINGEN. Children were: Elizabeth SWEARINGEN.

Minnie [-?-] was buried in Oakesdale Cemetery, Whitman County, Washington. AFN:86FL-ZH

Spouse: Harry GREER.

Modelle [-?-] was born on 25 Oct 1897 in Millersburg, Mercer, Illinois. She died in Sep 1984 in Peoria, Peoria, Illinois.

Spouse: Lyle ANNO.

Ovie [-?-].

Spouse: Calvin CLAYTON. Calvin CLAYTON and Ovie [-?-] were married. Children were: R. C. CLAYTON, Claude CLAYTON, Essie CLAYTON, Glen CLAYTON, Keith CLAYTON, Ronald CLAYTON.

Rhoadie [-?-].

Spouse: Albert\Elbert CLAYTON. Children were: Della CLAYTON, Delbert CLAYTON, Elsie CLAYTON, Frank CLAYTON, Ernie CLAYTON, Minnie CLAYTON.

Sallie [-?-] was born in 1884 in White Cloud, Buchanan, Missouri.

Spouse: Nathan ANNO. Nathan ANNO and Sallie [-?-] were married about 1901 in White Cloud, Buchanan, Missouri. Children were: ANNO, ANNO.

Sarah Elizabeth [-?-] was born in 1826 in Millersburg, Mercer, Illinois.

Spouse: Isaac LONG. Isaac LONG and Sarah Elizabeth [-?-] were married in 1853 in Missouri or Arizona. Children were: Nancy J. LONG, J. LONG, Daniel W. LONG.

Sarah L. [-?-] was born in May 1846 in Kentucky. She died after 1900 in Florida. 1870 US Florida Census lists a Sarah L. Anno and William R. Anno
as head of ho useholds, Duval Co., Jackson Township, Florida.

Spouse: William Reuben ANNO. William Reuben ANNO and Sarah L. [-?-] were married about 1870. Children were: Mary Maude ANNO, Blanche ANNO.

Jason A.. Parents: Randy J. POST and Betty J. KEGLOVIC.
Regina Christina ABAN.

Spouse: Brian Wesley CHERRY. Children were: Cedric McKenzie CHERRY, Peyton Garrett CHERRY.

ABEL. Parents: Alvin Henry ABEL and Linda Mary ISNARDY.

Spouse: JANAK. Children were: JANAK.

Spouse: Klaas JAGER JR. Children were: JAGER.

ABEL. Parents: Alvin Henry ABEL and Linda Mary ISNARDY.


ABEL was born about 1860.

Spouse: Nancy SCOTT. Children were: William Francis ABEL, Hiram ABEL, Marinda ABEL, Eliza ABEL, Mary ABEL, Nancy Ellen ABEL, James Bedford ABEL, Andrew Theodore ABEL, Josiah Hazelwood ABEL.

Addie ABEL. Parents: Joseph Buell ABEL and Dora B. MILLER.
Adell ABEL was born in 1873 in Washington Territory. Parents: Andrew Joseph ABEL JR and Sarah Jane BROADHEAD.

Spouse: Seymore LITERAL.

Alice Marie ABEL. Parents: Bert Earl ABEL and Edith Marie HUGHES.

Spouse: Earl H HUTCHINS.

Alvin Henry ABEL. Parents: Quinn ABEL and Emma Susan JARVIS.

Spouse: Linda Mary ISNARDY. Children were: ABEL, ABEL, Rodney Alvin ABEL, Virginia Lyn ABEL, Duane Vern ABEL, Debra Anne ABEL.

Spouse: Rose STEWART.

Amy ABEL was born on 15 Sep 1899 in Columbia Center, Columbia, Washington/Columbia Co., WA. She died on 13 Apr 1935. Parents: Charles Fredrick ABEL and Etta May CLAYTON.

Spouse: Harold Richard STANDLEY. Children were: Dale Richard STANDLEY, Eva May STANDLEY, Ted Lee STANDLEY.

Andrew Joseph ABEL was born about 1800. Parents: Francis ABEL and Isabelle Pheobe O'CONNER.

Spouse: Sarah PRUITT. Andrew Joseph ABEL and Sarah PRUITT were married on 21 Dec 1822 in Martin County, Indiana. Children were: Rebecca ABEL, John ABEL, Mary ABEL, Lorraine ABEL, Isabel ABEL, Henry Calvin ABEL, Andrew Joseph ABEL JR, Martha Angeline ABEL.

Andrew Joseph ABEL JR was born on 28 Oct 1836 in Orange County, Indiana. He died in 1929 in Dayton, Columbia, Washington. Parents: Andrew Joseph ABEL and Sarah PRUITT.

Spouse: Sarah Jane BROADHEAD. Andrew Joseph ABEL JR and Sarah Jane BROADHEAD were married on 10 Nov 1861. Children were: Samuel ABEL, Andrew Joseph ABEL, Maria Isabell ABEL, Rhetta ABEL, Sarah Edna ABEL, Cora Ann ABEL, Adell ABEL, Maude ABEL, Ida May ABEL, Gertrude ABEL, Chester ABEL, Tressie ABEL.

Andrew Joseph ABEL was born in 1864 in Iowa. He was buried on 25 Feb 1956 in Dayton Cemetery, Dayton, Columbia, Washington. Transcribed and Contributed by Pat Higley, Jun 09, 2000
[]. Parents: Andrew Joseph ABEL JR and Sarah Jane BROADHEAD.

Spouse: Hester BILLINGS.

Andrew Theodore ABEL. Parents: ABEL and Nancy SCOTT.
Anita Elaine ABEL. Parents: Ano Clayton ABEL and Esther L. GRAFT.
Anita Loree ABEL. Parents: Steven Delmar ABEL.
Ano Clayton ABEL was born on 10 May 1895 in Marengo, Columbia, Washington/Marengo, Adams Co., WA. He died on 23 Nov 1951 in Prineville, Crook, Oregon.6 He was buried in Juniper Haven Cemetery, Prineville, Crook. Oregon.7 As of 1922, Clay was living in Prineville, OR.

On headstone; Ano C. Abel, 166 Depot Brigade WW1, May 10 1895 Nov.
22, 1951.

Parents: Henry Calvin ABEL and Margaret Ann FULLER.

Spouse: Esther L. GRAFT. Ano Clayton ABEL and Esther L. GRAFT were married about 1920 in Prineville, Crook, Oregon. Children were: Lois G. ABEL, Doris Ileen ABEL, Anita Elaine ABEL, Dorothy Carol ABEL.

April Dawn ABEL was born on 7 Apr 1974 in Spokane, Spokane, Washington. She was buried on 25 Jul 1996. Parents: Dennis Dewey ABEL and Pamela Gayle GIFFORD.

Spouse: Gregory Scott KIMBEL. Gregory Scott KIMBEL and April Dawn ABEL were married on 3 Mar 1994 in Spokane, Spokane, Washington. Children were: Derek Scott KEMKPEL, Paige Dawn KEMPEL.

Archie Bud ABEL. Parents: James Ulysses ABEL and Sarah Jane ZIMMERLEE.

Spouse: Minnie Ethel HUGHES. Children were: Clarence Archie ABEL, James Edward ABEL, Lena Genese ABEL, Doris May ABEL, Ruth Irene ABEL, Urban Stanton ABEL, Betty Jane ABEL.

Audrey Aleene ABEL. Parents: Bert Earl ABEL and Edith Marie HUGHES.

Spouse: Everett GRAVES.

Baby Boy ABEL was born in 1860. He died in 1860. Parents: Henry Calvin ABEL and Mary A ROACH.
Baby Girl ABEL was born in 1900. She died in 1900. Parents: Henry Calvin ABEL and Margaret Ann FULLER.
Barbara Loree ABEL. Parents: Dennis Manford ABEL and Lettie Alzora HILLIS.

Spouse: Donald Edward TENNYSON. Children were: Diana Lee TENNYSON, Steven TENNYSON.

Bert Earl ABEL was born on 23 Dec 1893 in Cottonwood, Idaho. Parents: James Ulysses ABEL and Sarah Jane ZIMMERLEE.

Spouse: Edith Marie HUGHES. Bert Earl ABEL and Edith Marie HUGHES were married on 1 Oct 1921 in Okanogan, Okanogan, Washington. Children were: Bertha Levonne ABEL, Audrey Aleene ABEL, Alice Marie ABEL, Bert Earl Jr ABEL, Charles Herbert ABEL.

Bert Earl Jr ABEL. Parents: Bert Earl ABEL and Edith Marie HUGHES.

Spouse: Florence PALMER.

Bertha Levonne ABEL. Parents: Bert Earl ABEL and Edith Marie HUGHES.

Spouse: Bernard ANDERSON.

Betty ABEL. Parents: Paul BERLAND and Elsie ABEL.

Children were: Robert Paul, Pamela Jayne, Kimberly Ann.

Betty Jane ABEL. Parents: Archie Bud ABEL and Minnie Ethel HUGHES.

Spouse: Leland MORRIS.

Beverly Eileen ABEL. Parents: Marvin James ABEL and Verna Lenora WILSON.

Spouse: Jack BRACKMAN. Children were: Darren BRACKMAN, Angela BRACKMAN.

Boyd E ABEL. Parents: Urban Stanton ABEL and Fay L DAWSON.
Carol June ABEL. Parents: Ulyss Anthyll ABEL and Mabel Corrine MARLIN.
Cecil E. ABEL died on 5 Mar 1898 in Almeda, California.8 He was born in 1898 in Marengo, Columbia, Washington. The Thirteenth US Census (1910) has Cecil as being 12 years old
making his birth year 1898.

As of 1922, Cecil was living in Prineville, OR., his name was found on
Margaret's Certificate of Death. Parents: Henry Calvin ABEL and Margaret Ann FULLER.

Spouse: Thelma MALLORY. Children were: Cecil Earl ABEL.

Spouse: Josephine CANFIELD.

Cecil Earl ABEL. Parents: Cecil E. ABEL and Thelma MALLORY.
Chanylle LaRhe ABEL. Parents: James J SEREAY and Joyce LaCentia ABEL.
Charles ABEL. Parents: George Frank ABEL and Annie Francis ALDER.
Charles Fredrick ABEL was born on 4 Mar 1871 in Asotin County, Washington. He died on 27 May 1904 in Hanson's Ferry, Asotin, Washington. Charles Frederick Abel was drowned, the story in the family is that
and a brother and friend were chasing horse theives and Fred was in
lead, they have always felt that he was knocked in the head and thrown
into the river.
June 01, 1904

Drowned Man's Hat Only Trace Yet Found

Asotin, May 31. (special to the tribune)
Word was received here today that the body of Fred Abel, who was
in the Grand Ronde river near Hanson's Ferry Sunday, had not yet been
recovered, but the unfortunate man's hat was found near the scene of
accident. Searching Parties have patrolled the banks since the
and the channel of the river has been dragged with the hopes of
recovering the body but without success.


Grand Ronde River Now Being Dragged For Abel's Remains.

June 1, 1904
Word received yesterday from Asotin states that a searching
is now dragging the mouth of the Grand Ronde River in search of the
of Fred Abel who was drowned near Hanson's ferry last Friday. The
states that Abel was a stockman and married; having a wife and four
children. He was engaged in the stock business and resided on the
Ronde river. The horse that Abel was riding was found about 200 yards
below the scene of the drowning. On account of the animal being wild
is belieed that the horse commenced bucking and plunged into the
resulting in the loss of Abel's life. Relatives of the deceased have
offered a reward of $250 for the recovery of the body.

June 2, 1904
$250 REWARD.
is offered for the finding of the body of Fred Abel who was
in the Grande Ronde river near Hanson's ferry, Friday May 27, 1904.
deceased was five feet, eight and one-half inches tall; brown hair;
mustache; scar on one cheek. Wore black trousers, overalls and heavy
pair of chaps and spurs. Had on light shirt and vest. He carried a
wach and combination purse. Address all information to James Abel
Hanson's ferry Washington.

on Dec. 10,1904 May McKensie and Jack T. Zimmerlee were in court at
Asotin to settle the estate of Fred.

1 May McKensie is the surviving spouse of the said Fred Abel
2 That the Fred Abel died intestate in Asotin County in the State of
Washington on or about the 28th day of may , 1904
3 that the property consists of personal effects and chattels
as follows:
Six head of horses of about the value of $30.00 per
Cooking utensils and household goods valued at about--------------
Watch and rifle valued at
about------------------------------------------------------ 15.00
cash on hand at the time of death
------------------------------------------- 2.50
Accounts due the estate so far as known to petitioners ------------
making a total of
that the next of kin to said deceased, and whom your petitioners
and therefore aliege to be the heirs of said deceased are;
May McKensie, surviving spouse of said deceased;
Dulsey Abel, daughter of said deceased, aged 11 years;
Elsie Abel, daughter of said Fred Abel aged 9 years;
Elmer Abel, son of said deceased, aged 7 years;
Amy Abel, daughter of said deceased, aged 5 years.
That all of the said children of said deceased are now living
your petitioner May McKensie in Asotin County, Washington. Parents: Henry Calvin ABEL and Mary A ROACH.

Spouse: Etta May CLAYTON. Children were: Ida Dulsia ABEL, Elsie ABEL, Elmer ABEL, Amy ABEL.

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