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Group Coordinator:  Steve Laymon (website at

The four original Laymons in the Laymon study (this is quoted from that study), SAL, JBL, RKL, and QRL, are descended from three men who lived in Virginia, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Ohio between 1770 and 1830.  They were:  John Laymon (b 1750, d IN,1834), Joseph Laymon (b 1760-1770, d OH, 1842), and Jacob Laymon (b VA, 1778, d OH, 1858).  It was suspected that these three ancestors were related because they settled close to each other in Warren and Clermont counties, OH, in the early 1800's.   It appears that they are all brothers, and are sons of Joseph Laymon (b abt 1730) and his wife Anna.  All three of these early Laymons moved from Virginia to Tennessee to Kentucky to Ohio between 1771 and 1818.

Several other members were later added to this group.  CFL and TL are both descended from James Arthur Layman, who was born in Tennessee in 1812.  He lived his entire life in Sevier and Jefferson counties, TN.  With the tests in this group, it became clear that James' father also was Daniel Layman (b 1771).  It is certain that Daniel (b 1771) is the son of Joseph Laymon (b abt 1730; d after 1820 probably in Clermont Co., OH; lived in Rockingham Co., VA 1773-79 and Botetourt Co., VA 1779-86 before settling on Flat Creek in Sevier Co., TN.) and his wife Anna.  These tests tie this group together, with the most likely fit being that Daniel (b 1771), John (b 1750/51), Jacob (b VA 1778), and Joseph (b 1766/70) were brothers. Other children of Joseph and Anna were: Susanah (m Abraham Mullendore), Elizabeth (m Jeremiah Compton), Ann (m John Jones), Mary (m Abraham Goodpasture), and Hester (m George Denton).


This result was a real surprise to many Layman researchers because descendents of James lived in the same township and county in Tennessee as members of Earl Layman's family and they all thought they were related - they are however, totally separate lines.  The most recent test of JRL, a descendent of Benjamin Layman who died in Shenandoah Co., VA in 1788, may link that family to Group 1 (Group 1A).  The result is 3 repeats away, the maximum likely difference for a possible relative.  An additional test a descendent of Benjamin's, PL, was identical to JRL’s, indicating that the relationship between Joseph and Benjamin (if any) was not close with a common ancestor on average 1350 years ago.



Test1a, Test1b, Test1c, Test1d, Test1e, Test1f, Test1g


Joseph Laymon (b ?, abt 1730; d probably Clermont Co., OH aft 1820)  Other children of Joseph and Anna are Susanah (m Abraham Mullendore), Elizabeth (m Jeremiah Compton), Ann (m John Jones), Mary (m Abraham Goodpasture), and Hester (m George Denton).

John Laymon (b ?, 1750; d Bartholomew Co., IN, 1834)

Abraham Laymon (b Washington Co., TN, 1787; d Bartholomew Co., IN, 1853)

James M. Laymon (b Clermont Co., OH, 1807; d Grundy Co., IL, 1890)

George Laymon (bClermont Co., OH, 1827; d Santa Cruz Co., CA, 1921

Cornelius Laymon (b Howard Co., IN, 1852; d San Francisco Co., CA, 1935)

Fred Laymon (b Monterey Co., CA, 1903; d Tehama Co., CA, 1973)

Participant SAL (b Alameda Co., CA, 1948)

Joseph Laymon (b ?, 1760-1770; d Clermont Co., OH, 1842)

            Elijah Laymon (b TN, 1794; d Cumberland Co., IL, after 1870)

                        Slias Bela Laymon (b OH, 1832; d ?, 1894)

                                    George Laymon (b KS, 1862; d Wichita, KS, 1943)

                                                Merton W. Laymon (b Martin City, MO; d ?)

                                                            Hal Quentin Laymon (b St Louis Co., MO, 1926)

Participant QRL (b Shreveport, LA, 1958)

                        Daniel Webster Laymon (b OH, 1845; d Cumberland Co., IL, 1920)

                                    Eugene Warren Laymon (Cumberland Co., IL, 1876; d Cumberland Co., IL, 1950)

                                                Clifford Benjamin Laymon (b Cumberland Co., IL, 1915)

Participant RKL (b Cumberland Co., IL, 1951)

Daniel Layman (b 1771; d McMinn Co., TN bef. 1850)

            James Arthur Layman (b. Sevier Co., TN, 1812; d. Sevier Co., TN, 1899)

                        George Layman (b. Sevier Co., TN, 1835; d. Sevier Co., TN, 1913)

                                    William Arnold Layman (b Sevier Co., TN 1858, d Cocke Co., TN 1946)

            John Lawson Layman (b TN abt 1888)

                        Garlen Layman (b TN abt 1914)

                                    Father of Participant

                                                Participant TL

John Caswell Layman (b. Sevier Co., TN, 1870; d. 1931)

                                                Dock John Layman (b. Sevier Co., TN, 1894; d. Sevier Co., TN, 1954)

                                                            Gates L. Layman (b. Sevier Co., TN, 1921)

Participant CFL (b. Sevier Co., TN, 1942)

                        Asa Maples Layman (b 1818, Sevier Co., TN; d Sevier Co., TN, 1867)

                                    John Marion Layman (b Sevier Co., TN, 1844; d Madison Co., AL, 1900)

                                                Charles Emmett Layman (b Sevier Co., TN, 1866; d )

                                                            John Spencer Laymon Sr

                                                                        Father of Participant

                                                                                    Participant AL

            Jacob Laymon (b VA, 1778; d Clinton Co., OH, 1858)

                        Tavenor Laymon (b TN, 1805; d Highland Co., OH, 1893)

                                    James Monroe Laymon (b Brown Co., OH, 1847; d Highland Co., OH, 1932)

                                                William Charles Laymon (b Highland Co., OH, 1877; d Hamilton Co., OH, 1963)

                                                            Charles Alva Laymon (b Highland Co., OH, 1924; d Philadelphia, PA, 1971)

Participant JBL (b 1961)



Test1h, Test1i


Benjamin Layman (b abt 1720/30; d 1788, Shenandoah Co., VA)

Isaac Layman (b bet. 1750 & 1760; d ?, Highland Co., OH)

David Layman (b abt 1788, VA; d aft 1850, OH)

Benjamin Layman (b abt 1813, Highland Co., OH; d ?)

Eli Layman (b abt 1841; d ?)

Albert R. Layman (b abt 1863, OH; d abt 1944)

Wilbur Reese Layman (b 1900; d 1943)

John Earl Layman (b 1924; d 1994)

Participant JEL (b 1945)

possibly John Layman or one of his sons (b ; d Shenandoah Co., VA, 1821)

Jacob David Layman (b VA, 1805; d Delaware Co., OH, 1861

Henry Layman (b Union Co., OH, 1842; d Paulding Co., OH, 1892

Emanuel Cleotis Layman (b Paulding Co., OH, 1883; d Defiance, OH, 1969

Participant PEL (b Defiance, OH, 1935)








Nichous Lehman (b Hunpach, Alsace, abt. 1700

Johann Jacob Lehman (b Frederick Co., MD, 1764; Frederick Co., MD, 1843)

John Lehman/Layman (b Frederick Co., MD, 1801; Waynesboro, VA, 1876)

George Washington Layman (b Frederick Co., MD, 1835; d Crimora, VA, 1912)

John Henry Layman (b Augusta Co., VA, 1869; d Crimora, VA, 1914)

Albert Freed Layman (b Augusta Co., VA, 1910; d Waynesboro, VA, 1979)

Participant JBL3 (b Augusta Co., VA, 1941)



Test2b, Test2c



John Lemmon (b. Ireland/Scotland/England)

Alexis/Electius Lemmon (b. Ireland/Scotland/England, 1718; d. Baltimore Co., MD, 1786)

John Lemmon Sr. (b. Baltimore Co., MD, 1740; d. Baltimore Co., MD, 1811)

Thomas Lemmon (b. Baltimore Co., MD, 1770; d. Floyd Co., IN, 1854)

Elias Lemmon (b. Baltimore Co., MD, 1808; d. Green Co., IA, 1891)

George Washington Lemmon (b. Lousiville, KY, 1842; d. Marion Co., IA, 1869)

Wilson Franklin Lemmon (b. Attica, IA, 1866; d. Grand Rapids, MI, 1949)

Rex Elwood Lemmon (b. Harvey, IA 1906; d. Grand Rapids, MI, 1980)

Participant KRL (b Des Moines, IA, 1925)

Michael Lemmon (b Marion Co., IA, 1850; d Los Angeles Co., CA, 1922)

Guy Elmar Lemmon (b SD, 1892; d 1922)

Participant GHL






Jacob Lehman (b Germany or Switzerland; d Lachen, Germany, 1710)

John Christian Lehman (b Lachen, Germany, 1696/98; d 1748/49, in PA)

George Lemon (b 1729/31, Germany or PA; d MD, 1786/99)      

George Lemon (b probably MD, 1760; d Botetourt Co., VA, 1854)

Christian Lemon (b Botetourt Co., VA, 1803; d Botetourt Co., VA, 1874)

William B. Lemon (b Botetourt Co., VA, abt 1827; d Botetourt Co., VA, bef. 1880)

Ephraim Lemon (b Botetourt Co., VA, 1863; d Botetourt Co., VA, 1952)

James Andrew Lemon (b Botetourt Co., VA, 1886; d Botetourt Co., VA, 1959)

James Ephraim Lemon (b Roanoke City, VA, 1910; d  Roanoke City, VA, 1976)

Participant JEL (b Roanoke City, VA, 1932)





Participant IL lives in England and his earliest ancestor he knows of is his grandfather who lived on the Isle of Mull of the west coast of Scotland in the mid-19th Century.





Peter Lehman (b Switzerland, ?; d Lancaster Co., PA, 1749)

John Lehman (b Lancaster Co., PA, 1743; d Lancaster Co., PA, 1824)

John Lehman (b Lancaster Co., PA, 1783; d Lancaster Co., PA, 1868)

Jacob Bear Lehman (b Lancaster Co., PA, 1805; d Hagerstown, MD, 1866)

Henry Funk Lehman (b Hagerstown, MD, 1829; d Hagerstown, MD, 1898)

William Barton Lehman (b Hagerstown, MD, 1855; d Hagerstown, MD, 1940)

John Henry Lehman Sr. (b Hagerstown, MD, 1898; d)

Participant JHL2 (b MD, 1922)





William Lemons (b abt 1736 - lived on Troublesome Ck., Rockingham Co., NC)

            Participant FDL is a descendant of William Lemons (exact line is not submitted)

George Lemons (b Rockingham Co., NC abt 1760)

Joseph Lemons (b Rockingham Co., NC 1775)

Jerome Lemons (b TN 1844)

John Elmus Lemonds (b 1878; d )

John Everett Lemonds (b 1914; d 1994)

Participant JML



Test 58458


Family Coordinator:  Nova Lemons (


William Lemmons, b. c1781 or earlier; d. 23 Dec 1814 at the battle of New Orleans; married 2nd Sarah Cox [The Leming book by Sam K. Leming has William LEMMONS as son of Daniel LEMING / LEMMONS who came from Monmouth Co., NJ to west NC (now east TN).]

James B. Lemmons/Lemons (son by William’s 2nd wife, Sarah Cox), b. 1809 (Bedford Co.TN; d. 1860’s, Polk Co, AR; m. Mary E. Cabler

William A. LEMONS (b. c1858 Montgomery Co., AR – d. c1916-1917?) married 2nd Clara HILLSBERRY

Clarence Levi LEMONS (28 Mar 1885 Lebanon, Indian Territory (now Marshall Co., OK) – d. 11 Jul 1965 Madill, Marshall Co., OK) married Katie Belle RAGSDALE

Participant 58458




Test 130048


Family Coordinator:  Alex Lemmon (


William Lemmon, (1793-????), born in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, USA

Salathiel Lemmon(1838-1911), born in Greene County, Pennsylvania, USA

Charles (1877-1958), born in Greene County, Pennsylvania, USA

Luke (1908-1998), born in Greene County, Pennsylvania, USA

Father of Participant

Participant 130048




Test 119203


Family Coordinator:  Tucker Lemon (


No Info

Participant 119203



Test 166133


Family Coordinator:  Justin Crawford (


No Info

Participant 166133





Johannes/Jean Michel Lehmann (b abt 1738; d Schirrhein, Bas-Rhin, Alsace, France)

Michel Lehmann (b 1760/70; d 1838, Schirrhein, Bas-Rhin, Alsace, France

Michel Lehmann (b 1790, prob Schirrhein, Alsace, France; d 1835; Montgomery Co., OH)

Joseph Christian Lehmann (b Stark Co., OH; d Montgomery Co., OH)

Francis Martin Lehman (b 1871; d 1938)

Earl Anthony Lehman (b 1903)

TDL (father of Participant)

Participant TEL



Test 17366


Family Coordinator:  Bill Lemmon (


Robert Lemmon (b Ireland?, 1730; d Shelby Co., KY, abt 1800) md. Eleanor Davis

James Lemmon (b MD?, 1763; d Dallas Co., TX, 1857)

Washington Lemmon (b Shelby Co., KY, 1806; d Salt Lake Co., UT 1902)

Oliver Perry Lemmon (b IL, 1843; d Salt Lake Co.,UT, 1894)

Washington Lemmon (b Salt Lake Co.,UT 1879; d Bannock Co., ID, 1945)

Guy LeRoy Lemmon (b Salt Lake Co., UT, 1902; d King Co., WA, 1961)

Participant 17366 (b Bannock Co., ID, 1932)



Test 67910


Family Coordinator:  Craig Lemmons (


William Lemons, b. c1820, MO; d. 27 Nov 1863, Paducah, KY; m 18 Oct 1845, Graves, KY, Celia Read, b c1825, KY, d. 18 Sep 1857, Graves, KY

Noel Lemons, b. 9 Sep 1857, KY; d. 9 Oct 1931, Graves, KY; m. 9 Apr 1889, KY, Mary Guthrie, b. 30 May 1868, KY, d. 13 Nov 1951, Graves, KY

Willie Lemmons, b. 19 Dec 1894, Murray, Calloway, KY, d; 6 May 1963, Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah;

William Lemmons, b; 28 Aug 1934, d. 5 Jun 1998, Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah

Father of Partipant

Participant 67910



Test N14949


Family Coordinator:  Steve Lominac (


No Info

Participant N14949



Test2t, Test2u, Test2v, Test2


Group Coordinator:  Cherie Ohlsson



James Lemon, born about 1710, County Tryone, Ireland, died – PA USA.

James Lemon Jr. (b 1750/53; d 1832, Lexington, KY)

William Lemon (b 1783, PA?; d May 1838, Lawrence Co., IN; married @17 January 1803, Scott County, Centucky to Martha Miller, born about 1784, Pennsylvania USA

John Andrew Miller Lemon (b 1803, Scott Co., KY; d 1863, Bloomington, IN)

William Harrison Lemon (b 1832; d 1922)

Father of Participant

Participant WL

Harvey, born in 1819, Indiana USA, died after 1900, buried - Near the old Gilgal Church in the Gilgal Cemetery, Heltonville, Indiana USA.  Married on 1 December 1838, Lawrence County, Indiana USA, to Anna Penn, born about 1817, Maryland USA, buried - Near the old Gilgal Church in the Gilgal Cemetery, Heltonville, Indiana USA

A testee is needed from this line!

Robert Lemon (b Co. Tyrone, Ireland 1752; d Boone Co., MO 1848; md Mary McKown)

John C. Lemon (b Scott Co., KY 1791; d Boone Co., MO 1869)

John B. Lemon (b Moniteau Co., MO 1829; d Benton Co., MO 1898)

John J. Lemon (b Benton Co., MO 1872; d Harris Co., TX 1946)

Guy W. Lemon (b Harris Co., TX 1907; d Harris Co., TX 1979)

Floyd Lemon (b Harris Co., TX 1928)

Participant DEL (b 1957)

            George Lamon Sr. (b abt 1756; d Gerrardstown, Berkeley Co.,

George Lamon Jr. (b Bunker Hill, Berkeley Co., WV 1797; d Millcreek, Berkeley Co., WV 1863)

George Milton Lamon (b Millcreek, Berkeley Co., WV 1832; d Millcreek, Berkeley Co., WV 1913  (George Milton Lamon was the brother of Ward Hill Lamon who was the bodyguard and friend of Abraham Lincoln.

John Ward Lamon (b Jefferson Co., VA 1862; d Franklin Co., OH 1937)

Joshua Howard Lamon (b Berkeley Co., WV, 1916; d Columbus, OH 1994)

Participant FHL





Test 45443


Benedict Lehmann b- 1625 Kassel, Prussia [Germany];  d- 1706  Sundhausen, Base Rhin, France

Michael Lehmann  b- 1651  Kassel, Prussia;  d- 1712  Sundhausen, Base Rhin, France

Jakob  Lehmann   b- 1701  Bern, Switzerland;  d- before 1801  Pennsylvania, USA

George Leaman    b- 1733  Rotterdam, Holland;  d- 1788  Frederick, MD

George Lemon [Layman]  b- 1760   Frederick, MD;  d- 1854  Laymantown, VA

Jacob B. Jack Lemons   b- 1789  Botetourt, VA;  d- 1871  Metcalfe, KY

George Washington Lemon  b- 1832   Barren, KY;  d- 1900  KY(?)

Winfield Scott Lemons  b- 1855  Franklin, MO;  d- 1925  Vernon, TX

Charles Washington Lemon  b- 1888  Indian Territory [Madill, OK];  d- 1956  Wichita Falls, TX

Participant 45443



Test 20040


Family Coordinator:  Researcher Ann Munsey (

(More info on this line has been received and will be entered.)

This is a Ross participant who’s markers were similar to Test 45443, so joined it here and in the Ros project.


Jacob Ross (pioneer) d. 1838 (Peoria County, IL)

George Ross b. Feb 7, 1801 NJ; d. Oct 15, 1859/60 Harrison Co, IA

George Alexander ROSS, b. July 11, 1842 Peoria Co., IL; d. Mar. 13, 1909, Cuming Co. NE

      Ura Selva Ross, b. July 23, 1879 Harrison Co. IA; d. Feb. 20 1962, Burt Co., NE

           Participant 20040

      Anna Cora ROSS, b. 1870 Harrison Co., IA, married Clifford Nott Erwin (b. July 2, 1868/9

      d.  April 28, 1941) 

           Vera Viola Erwin (b. Dec. 25, 1899; d. June 3, 1987)




Test 54285


Family Coordinator:  John Lemons (


Paschal C. Lemons, born Sept. 22, 1838, Walnut Ridge, Mo., died Feb.6, 1891, Silver City, NM.

            Family lore has it that Paschal Lemons was an only child

John C. Lemons, June 30, 1882, Junction City, Texas, died April 12, 1967, Mesa, Ariz.

            John had brothers. They are Charles R, born Feb. 15, 1885, Grant County, NM., and Paschal C. Jr., born Oct. 17, 1890, Luna County, NM.

Joseph P. Lemons, born Johnson, Ariz., July 16, 1915, died Aug. 1995, Tucson, Ariz.

Participant 54285






Test 117511


Family Coordinator:  Margie Lemons (


William Lemons (b. ca 1805 NC)   

James W Lemons (b. ca 1830 VA  d. after 1900 Howard Co, AR)

William M Lemons (25 Nov 1856 Hot Spring Co, AR - 29 April 1933 AR)

William David Lemons (2 Dec 1882 Dallas Co, AR - 17 Jan 1968 Clark Co AR)

George Monroe Lemons (26 Jan 1913 AR - 21 Dec 1982 AR)

Participant 117511



Test 144448


Family Coordinator:  J Michael Lemons (


A bit of mystery surrounds Thomas my Great Grandfather. He drops off the census in Stamford , CT around the late 1870’s and I never pick him up again. However the cemetery in Stamford , CT tells me he is buried there in the same family plot as his infant son, his wife, and two children David and Margaret. There is no stone marker and the cemetery tells me they do not have the date of his death or burial but that they are positive he is buried there. I have suspected that Thomas may have gone to Syracuse , NY for work and perhaps that is why his 2 unmarried children spent several years there. Family story says Thomas was born in County Cork , Ireland in 1840


Thomas Lemon, came from Ireland as a small child. He was born in 1840. He lived in Stamford , CT starting in the 1860’s. His family emigrated to New Haven , CT by 1850 from Ireland with their children. Thomas had children as follows: Thomas, died as a very young child. Buried in Stamford, Ct; David, never married, died in Stamford , CT but spent part of his adult life in Syracuse , NY; Margaret, never married, died in Stamford but with David spent years in Syracuse , NY; Joseph, lived his whole life in Stamford , was married but had no children; John William lived his whole life in Stamford , had 6 children.

John William Lemon Sr.

John William Lemon Jr.

Participant 14448





John Lemons (b abt 1738; d Rockingham Co., NC, 1810) who was a drummer in the American Revolution.  

Alexander Lemons (b Guilford Co., NC, 1761)

John Lemons (b Rockingham Co., NC, 1791)

James Arden Lemons (b Rockingham Co., NC, 1819)

Alexander Alonzo Lemons (b Shannon Co., MO, 1861)

Clarence Otho Lemons (b Shannon Co., MO, 1890)

Jack Otho Lemons (b Birch Tree, MO, 1923)

Participant TDL (b Boston, MA, 1956)





William Lemmons Sr. (b abt 1765; d 1818, Harrison Co., KY)

William Lemmons Jr. (b abt 1788, PA; d 1875, Vigo Co., IN)

Thomas B. Lemmons (b 1837, Vigo Co., IN; d 1918, Worth Co., MO)

George W. Lemmons (b 1871, Vigo Co., IN; d 1909, Worth Co., MO)

Lester O. Lemmons (b 1895, Worth Co., MO; d 1976, OK)

Lawrence Frederick Lemmons (b 1919, Hendricks Co., IN; d 1965, OK)

Participant JWL (b 1943, OK)





John Laymon (b abt 1810; d abt 1840)

John Fry Layman (b Butler Co., OH 1834; d San Joaquin Co., CA, 1922)

Joseph Dieffenbach Layman (b Davis Co., OH 1862; d Alameda Co., CA 1959)

Oliver Wendell Layman (b Alameda Co., CA 1894; d San Francisco Co., CA 1952)

Participant JBL2








William Lemond/Lamond (b ?, abt 1730; d Cumberland Co., PA, 1769)

William LeMond (b Cumberland Co., PA, 1754; d Butler Co., OH; 1827)

Clark B. LeMond (b Hamilton Co., OH 1809; d Wright Co., MO)

William C. LeMond (b Lafayett Co., MO, 1833; d TX, abt 1875)

William E. LeMond (b Orange Co., IN, 1862; d Beckham Co., OK, 1925)

Claude LeMond (b Jack Co., TX, 1903; d Beckham Co., OK, 1968)

Participant DL





Joseph Lemon (b 1718; d 1792, Sussex Co., NJ)

Jacob Joseph Lemon (b 1743, Sussex Co., NJ; d 1816, Ontario, Canada)

Joseph Lemon (b 1769; d 1837)

Alexander Lemon (b 1794, Ontario, Canada; d 1876, MI)

Charles Henry Lemon (b 1822, prob Canada; d 1910, Kalamazoo, MI)

Henry Clay Lemon (b 1852, Kalamazoo, MI; d 1911)

Glen Henry Lemon (b 1877, Kalamazoo, MI; d 1955, Kalamazoo, MI)

Richard Harris Lemon (b 1921, Kalamazoo, MI; d 1991, Kalamazoo, MI)

Participant JRL2 (b 1942, Kalamazoo, MI)





William Lemon (b abt 1670)

Samuel Lemon (b 1705) Cornwall, U.K.

Samuel Lemon (b 1745) Cornwall, U.K.

Samuel Lemon (b 1774) Cornwall, U.K.

Samuel Buller Lemon (b 1802) Isles of Scilly, U.K.

Rev. John Lemon (b 1839) Kennington, London, U.K.

Samuel Henry Lemon (b 1877) Dorset, U.K.

T.W.S.J. Hugo Lemon (b 1904) Manitoba, Canada

Participant REL (b 1939) in Yorkshire, United Kingdom



Test2f, Test2h


Nichlaus Leheman (b Niederhorbach, Germany; d bef. 1741)

Phillip Jacob Layman (b Germany, lived in Hunspach. Alsace, bef 1710); d Frederick Co., MD, 1782 or 1792)

Jacob Layman (b Dauphin co., PA, 1764; d Frederick Co., MD, 1843)

Heinrich (Henry) Layman (b. Frederick Co., MD, 1794 or 1793; d Frederick Co., MD, 1856)

Jacob Layman (b PA, 1825; d Montgomery Co., MD, 1912)

Samuel Augustus Lehman (b Frederick Co., MD, 1862; d Montgomery Co., MD, 1945)

Laurence Lincoln Lehman (b Montgomery Co., MD, 1902; d  Cherokee Co, OK, 1989)

Participant LLL (b Maricopa Co., AZ, 1932)

            William Layman (b Frederick Co., MD, 1818; d Greencastle, PA, 1907)

                        John Henry Layman (b Hagerstown, MD, 1850; d Greencastle, PA, 1923)

                                    Leslie George Layman (b PA 1882; d PA, 1916)

                                                William Leslie Layman (b PA, 1910; d Las Vegas, NV, 1993)

                                                            Participant RL (b 1934, PA





Participant RW is descended from the Lamont Clan in Scotland.






Group Coordinator:


Test3a, Test3g, Test3h, Test3l, Test3q, Test3r, Test3s


Peter Leman/Laman (b Switzerland, abt 1666; d Lancaster Co., PA, 1741)

Jacob Leaman/Layman (b Europe, 1705/06; d Lancaster Co., PA, 1742)

George Leaman (b Lancaster Co., PA, 1732/33; d VA or TN, bet. 1790-98)

Jacob Layman (b Berks Co., PA, 1758; d Sevier Co., TN, 1841)

            Michael Laymon (b 1806, Sevier Co., TN; aft 1850, IA?)

                        John Layman (b abt 1825, Sevier Co., TN; d 1869,  md Virena Thurmond in Sevier Co., TN)

                                    Other descendents not provided (ancestors of Participants)

Participant CCL

Ambrose Wheeler Layman (b Sevier Co., TN, 1810; d Benton Co., AR, 1886)

Thomas Harvey Layman (b Hamilton Co., TN, 1851; d Van Dyke Co., AR, 1919)

            Tom  D. Layman (b Roe, AR 1885; d DeFuniak Springs, FL, 1966)

                        James H. Layman (b AR, 1921; d West Palm Beach, FL, 1990)

Participant DML2 (b FL, 1955)

Preston Layman (b Sevier Co., TN, 1821; d Sevier Co., TN, 1892)

James Mitchell Layman (b Sevier Co., TN, 1844; d Sevier Co., TN, 1907)

William Earl Layman (b Sevier Co., TN, 1900; d Knox Co., TN, 1974)

Participant ERL (b Knox Co., TN, 1932)

                        David Layman (b. Lancaster Co., PA, 1736; d Jefferson Co., TN, 1817)

                                    John Christopher Layman (b. Hamilton Co., TN, abt. 1773; d Jefferson Co., TN, abt 1835)

                                                Henry Layman (b. Sevier Co., TN, 1814)

                                                            Joseph Christopher Layman (b. Sevier Co., TN, 1844)

                                                                        Joseph Robert Layman (b. Sweet Springs, MO, 1882)

                                                                                    Charles Raymond Layman (b. San Bernardino Co., CA, 1934)

                                                                                                Participant MSL (b 1965)

            Henry Lemmon (b bef 1721; d Orange Co., NC, abt 1779)

                        Peter Lemmon (b. ?, 1751; d. Sumner Co., TN, 1816)

                                    John Lemmon (b. Orange Co., NC, 1780; d. Adams Co., IL, 1846)

                                                William Berry Lemmon Sr. (b. Sumner Co., TN, 1805; d. Crawford Co., IL, ?)

                                                            William Berry Lemmon Jr. (b. Green Co., IN, 1839; d. Spring Lake, WI, ?)

                                                                        Newton Everett Lemmon Sr. (b. Spring Lake, WI, 1870; d. Los Angeles, CA, 1910)

                                                                                    Newton Everett Lemmon Jr. (b. Hawaii, 1896; d. Soap Lake, WA, 1959)

                                                                                                Robert K. Fleming (b. Newton Gregory Lemmon)

                                                                                                            Participant RAF and Researcher BF (siblings)

                                                Marcus Holobush Lemmon (b Sumner Co., TN, 1820; d Davis Co., IA, 1884)

                                                            Charles Samuel Lemmon (b 1853; d 1912)

                                                                        Earl Earsk Lemmon (b 1893; d 1978)

                                                                                    Participant GL (b. Davis Co., IA, 1925)

            John Leaman (b abt 1726, Lancaster Co., PA; d 1759, Lancaster Co., PA)

                        Abraham Leaman (b abt 1746, Lancaster Co., PA; d 1817, Lancaster Co., PA)

                                    Benjamin Leaman (b 1787, Lancaster Co., PA; d 1857, Lancaster Co., PA)

                                                Tobias K. Leaman (b 1817, Lancaster Co., PA; d 1859, Lancaster Co., PA)

                                                            Tobias D. Leaman (b 1853, Lancaster Co., PA; d 1931, Lancaster Co., PA)

                                                                        Benjamin F. Leaman (b 1879, Lancaster Co., PA; d 1953, Lancaster Co., PA)

                                                                                    Benjamin D. Leaman (b 1903, Lancaster Co., PA; d 1985, Lancaster Co., PA)

                                                                                                Participant DML (b 1934, Lancaster Co., PA)





John Laymance/Lemmons/Leamon (b. MD?, 1760/70; d. Morgan Co., TN, 1837) (his earlier children were born in SC).

John W. Laymance (b Morgan Co., TN, 1807; d. Morgan Co., TN, 1880)

Isaac J. LaMance (b Morgan Co., TN, 1825; d. Morgan Co., TN, 1897)

Jacob Andrew LaMance (b Morgan Co., TN, 1875; d. Morgan Co., TN, 1959)

Participant JAL (b. Morgan Co., TN, 1911)





Participant DLM (No info provided)



Test3d, Test3e, Test3m


Possibly Rudolph Lemen (b ?; d York Co., PA)

John Lemmon Sr. (b PA?, abt 1740; d Greene Co., KY, prob. lived in York Co., PA, lived in Rockingham Co., VA and Washington Co., TN).

John Lemmon Jr. (b ?, 1773; d KY, 1813)

John O./Q Lemmon (b Washington Co., TN, 1792; d Taylor Co., KY, 1854)

James H. Lemmon (b KY, abt 1831; d 1875)

William H. Lemmon

Owen Lemmon

                                                                                    Participant LJL

Abraham Lemon (b ?; d Greene Co., KY, bef 1802)

Jacob Lemon (b KY, 1800; d Pike Co., MO, 1855)

Robert Stewart Lemon (b Pike Co., MO, 1834; d ?)

Gaines Lemon (b MO, abt 1866; d?)

Clifford Lemmon

                                                                                    Participant HL


David Lamon (b abt 1744; d 1829, Washington Co., TN), probable son of Rudolph Leman of York Co., PA - Lived in York Co., PA;

Shenendoah Co., VA; and Washington Co., TN.  Descendents in IN, TN, and AL.

            Samuel Lamon (b abt 1790, Washington Co., TN; d?)

                        Aaron Lamon (b 1820, TN; d 1896, Crawford Co., IN)

                                    George W. Lamon (b 1866, Crawford Co., IN; d 1928, Crawford Co., IN)

                                                Chester A. Lamon (b 1893, Crawford Co., IN; d 1968, Crawford Co., IN)

                                                            James O. Lamon (b 1918, Crawford Co., IN; d 1993, Crawford Co., IN)

                                                                                    Participant JWL (b 1962, Orange Co., CA )





John Layman who settled in Carroll Co., TN.

Charles R. Layman Sr.

Participant CRL





John Layman (b 1750/60; d 1849, Hamilton Co., TN; md Nancy Gann.

John Layman (b 1893/94, Washington Co., TN; d aft 1870, Hamilton Co., TN)

Mitchell Laymon (b 1836, Hamilton Co., TN; d 1879, Sequatchie Co., TN)

John Anderson Laymon (b 1863, Sequatchie Co., TN)

Sam Laymon (b 1888)

Participant CL (b 1915 )





George Allen Laman (b 1795, TN; d 1892, Otero Co., NM)

Robert Jackson Laman (b 1866, Bosque Co., TX; d 1894, Menard Co., TX)

Willie Jackson Laman (b 1887; Lincoln Co., NM; d 1980, Eddy Co., NM)

Roy Carl Laman (b 1915, Mason Co., TX; d 1994, Eddy Co., NM)

Participant CDL (b 1946; Eddy Co., NM)





Jacob Laman (b 1805, PA; d 1850, Allen Co., OH)

Joseph Laman (b 1832, PA; d 1905, Allen Co., OH)

Joseph Franklin Laman (b 1861, Allen Co., OH; d 1942, Allen Co., OH)

Levi Elliot Laman (b 1891, Allen Co., OH; d 1969, Allen Co., OH)

Participant NL (b 1919, Allen Co., OH)



Test3n, Test3o, Test3t


Isaac Lemon Sr. (b abt 1753; d 1833, Franklin Co., VA)

William Lemmon (b Franklin Co., VA 1787; d MI 1851)

            Benjamin Lemon (b Franklin Co., VA 1817; d MI 1885)

                        Charles L. Lemon (b MI 1846; d MI 1911)

                                    Benjamin L. Lemon (b MI 1887; d MI 1929)

                                                OWL (Father of Participant) (b MI 1924)

                                                                        Participant PDL (b MI 1962)

Benjamin Lemon (b Franklin Co., VA, 1791; d Franklin Co., VA, 1860)

            Creed Lemon (b Franklin Co., VA, 1825; d Franklin Co., VA, 1914)

                        Millard O. Lemon (b Franklin Co., VA, 1873; d Roanoke, VA, 1950)

                                    Leslie O'brien Lemon (b Franklin Co., VA, 1908; d Roanoke, VA, 1980)

                                                            Participant MLL (b Pittsburg, PA, 1930)

Isaac Lemon Jr. (b 1806, Franklin Co., VA; d 1896, Floyd Co., VA)

Crawford Turner Lemon (b 1846, Floyd Co., VA; d 1940, Roanoke, VA)

Jasper Earl Lemon (b 1899, Montgomery Co., VA; d 1992, Allentown, PA)

                                                Participant RTL (b 1944, Norristown, PA)





Hans/John Lehman (b abt 1700, Switzerland; d 1771, Rapho Twp., Lancaster Co., PA; probably arrived in Philidelphia on Adverture Galley 2 Oct 1727 from Rotterdam)

Peter Lehman (b 1734, Rapho Twp., Lancaster Co., PA; d 1807, Lancaster Co., PA)

Daniel Lehman (b 1776; d 1847, Franklin Co., PA)

Peter H. Lehman (b 1799, Franklin Co., PA; d 1875, Franklin Co., PA)

John D. Lehman (b 1837, Franklin Co., PA; d 1900. Franklin Co., PA)

David B. Lehman (b 1872, Franklin Co., PA; d 1946, Franklin Co., PA)

Walter Lehman (b 1901, Franklin Co., PA; d 1980, Franklin Co., PA)

Walter Lehman Jr. (b 1928, Franklin Co., PA; )

Participant DL2



Test N14355


Family Coordinator:  John Lemons (


David Lemans (or Limans) (Estimated) b. 1805 where not sure, lived in Many, Sabine Parish, Louisiana in 1850 when census was taken; d. Many, Sabine Parish, Louisiana, between 1850 and 1854.

Solomon Elijah or Elijah Solomon Lemons b. 16 Aug 1845 (ca) Many (McCoy Hollow), Sabine Parish, Louisiana; d. Aug 20 1936, Many, Sabine Parish, Louisiana.

Noah Solomon Lemons b. March 3, 1877, Many, Sabine Parish, Louisiana; d. 7 Dec 1939, Many, Sabine Parish, Louisiana.

A. V. Lemons b. Sep 18, 1909, Many, Sabine Parish, Louisiana; d. Aug 20, 2000, Great Falls, Virginia

Participant N14355



Test 178030


Family Coordinator:  Charles Degeer (


No info

Participant 178030



Test 166222


Family Coordinator:  Erik Lemons (


No info

Participant 166222



Test 54800


Family Coordinator:  Kevin Lemon (


No info

Participant 54800



Test N48099


Family Coordinator:  Jim Lemons (


No info

Participant N48099



Test 98049


Family Coordinator:  Leon Lemon (


John Lemon, b. Abt 1760, Of Taboyne, Perry, Pennnsylvania, USA; d. 1816; m. 16 Apr 1782, Sherman Valley, Perry, PA, USA

Diana Patterson, b. Abt 1760, Tinicum, Bucks, PA, USA

Alexander Lemon, b. Abt 1782, Toboyne, Perry, PA, USA; m. Abt 1805, Of Toboyne, Perry, Pennsylvania, USA, Margaret McClure

b. 5 Dec 1786, Toboyne, Perry, PA, USA

William Mcclure Lemon, b. 25 Apr 1808, Toboyne, Perry, PA, USA; d. 10 Mar 1851, Salt Lake, Salt Lake, Utah, USA; m. 7 Mar 1826, Bucyrus, Crawford, Ohio, USA, Catherine Mayer, b. 22 Dec 1808, Toboyne, Perry, PA, USA; d. 21 Nov 1883, Salt Lake, Salt Lake, Utah, USA

John Knox Lemon, Sr., b. 19 Aug 1845, Lafayette, Tippecanoe, Indiana; d. 26 Mar 1927, Ioka, Duchesne, Utah, USA; m. 7 Mar 1868, Salt Lake, Salt Lake, Utah, USA, Jane Elizabeth Burbidge, b. 31 Oct 1848, Bedford, Bedfordshire, England; d. 24 Jan 1925, Kamas, Summit, Utah, USA

John Knox Lemon, b. 23 Dec 1873, Marion, Summit, Utah, USA; d. 28 Oct 1953, Peoa, Summit, Utah, USA; m. 25 Feb 1903, Salt Lake, Salt Lake, Utah, USA, Anna Sophia Roselund, b. 10 Nov 1873, Helsingborg, Malmohus, Sweden; d. 18 Jan 1948, Peoa, Summit, Utah, USA

Karl Alvin Lemon, b. 10 Sep 1908, Ioka, Duchesne, Utah, USA; d. 27 Apr 1976, Logan, Cache, Utah, USA; m. 14 Jun 1940, Salt Lake, Salt Lake, Utah, USA, Bessie Janet Kirkham; b. 8 Apr 1911, Lehi, Utah, USA; d. 9 Sep 2000, Logan, Cache, Utah, USA

Participant 98049



Test 98053


Family Coordinator:  Earl Layman (


Family A at:


Participant 98053





Group Coordinator: 




Participant is descended from a Lehman family that settled in Pennsylvania.  He has traced his ancestors back to Jacob Lehman who lived in PA and was b abt 1787.  He may be descended from Hans Jacob Lehman (b abt 1694 in Germany) who married Anna Margaretha Metz.  This family was from Blunkenlock, Baden, Burlach, Germany and settled in York and Cumberland counties, PA.


Jacob Lemon (b abt 1787)

Henry Lehman (b Cleversburg, Cumberland Co., PA, 1838/40)

Clarence O. Lehman (b Cleversburg, Cumberland Co., PA, 1883)

John L. Lehman (b Chambersburg, Franklin Co., PA, 1920)

Participant JEL2 (b Chambersburg, Franklin Co., PA, 1948)





Participant lives in Australia and traced his ancestors back to England.  According to the family story they were French Huguenot watchmakers .


Henry Lemmon (b ?; d ?)

Henry Lemmon (b Moorgate, Middlesex, England, 1772; d Pancras, Middlesex, England, 1858)

Henry Lemmon (b Clerkenwell, Middlesex, England, 1802?; d Pancras, Middlesex, England, 1868)

Henry Temple Lemmon (b Pancras, Middlesex, England, 1845; d Tooting, Surry, England, 1923)

Henry Charles Lemmon (b Pancras, Middlesex, England, 1874; d Denmark Hill, Surry, England, 1917)

Henry Ernest Lemmon (b Camberwell, London, England, 1904; d Sydney, Australia, 1968)

Henry Ernest Lemmon (b Sidney, Australia, 1935)

Participant GCL2 (b Sidney, Australia, 1964)





Group Coordinator: 





Clemens/Clement Lehmann (b. Germany, 1688; d. Greene Co., NY, bef. 1754)

Jacob Lehmann (b Greene Co., NY, 1732/33; d. NY, aft. 1790)

Jerimiah Lehmann/Laymon (b Greene Co., NY, 1765; d. ?)

Abraham Laymon (b. Schoharie Co., NY; d. ?, after 1867)

Joseph Dorr Laymon (b. LaPorte Co., IN, 1847; d. Lancaster Co., NE)

Will Carl Laymon (b. Lancaster Co., NE, 1873; d. Lancaster Co., NE, 1942)

Francis Glenn Laymon, Sr. (b. Gage Co., NE; d. Lancaster Co., NE, 1960)

Father of participant (b Lancaster Co., NE, 1927)

Participant RGL (b. Lancaster Co., NE, 1950)





Participant PL is descended from a family who migrated from Scotland to France and then to the US.  Details have not been submitted.




Uli Leemann (uff dem Kaff, Canton Bern, Switzerland)

Uli Leemann (b ?)

Uli Leemann (b 1593, Signau)

Uli Lehmann (b 1615, Signau)

Johan (Hans) Jacob Leeman (b abt 1642, Eggiwil, Switzerland)

Nikolaus Leeman (b 1678, Signau)

Peter Leeman (b 1725, Limbach-Eschweilerhof, Germany; d )

Georg Lehmann (b 1750, Limbach-Eschweilerhof, Germany; d )

Daniel Lehmann I (b 1779, Limbach-Eschweilerhof, Germany; d )

Daniel Lehmann II (b 1811, Limbach-Eschweilerhof, Germany; d )

Christian Lehmann (b 1848, Limbach, Germany; d 1940)

Wilhelm Lehmann (b 1884, Limbach, Germany; d 1972)

Participant AL2 (b 1923, Saarbrucken, Germany)



TESTWLL, TESTLDL  Family Coordinator:  Kari Lemons (


Participant’s family is believed to have originally come from the Rhine River region of Germany.


Levi Lemons (b Lancaster Co., PA, 1785; d TN)

William Lemons (b TN, 1805; d Benton, TN, 1884)

            James C. Lemons (b McMinn Co., TN, 1828; d McMinn Co., TN)

                        James Monroe Lemons (b McMinn Co., TN, 1860; d Seminole Co., OK, 1922)

                                    Marvin Olan Lemons (b Indian Terr., OK, 1893; d Los Angeles Co., CA, 1941)

                                                Participant WLL (b Orange Co., CA, 1931) – Ancestry Lab

George W. Lemons (b Monroe Co., TN, 1815; d Bradley Co., TN, 1889)

John Howell Lemons (b 1870; d Cleveland, Bradley Co., TN, 1953)

Charles A. Lemons, Sr. (b cleveland, Bradley Co., TN, d Martinsville, Henry Co., VA, 1975)

Participant LDL (b Martinsville, Henry Co., VA, 1946) – Oxford Lab




Family Coordinator:  Linda Lemons (


Caleb W. Lemons, b 1818; d. aft 1900 Jackson County, TN; m 1.Elizabeth Sommers c1841 Jackson Co., TN; m. 2.Rhoda Hargis c1878 Jackson Co, TN; children: Martha b. c1841, Thomas b. c1842/3; John b. c1844 Jackson Co, TN; James b. c1847 Jackson Co,. TN; Marion b. Aug 1850 Jackson Co, TN; Mary A. b. 1852/3; Samuel Gray b. Oct 14. 1854 Jackson Co. TN
Samuel Gray Lemons, b Oct 14, 1854; died June 12, 1933 Putnam Co, TN; m 1. Lina Elrod Thompson (she died) Jackson Co, TN; m. 2. Nancy Jane Carter March 2, 1875 (she died) Jackson Co, TN; m. 3. Sarah Haney June 10, 1901 Jackson co, TN; children (all from Nancy Carter):  John Thomas b July 1878, James R. b June 1879; Lex b Aug 22, 1886, Hattie b unknown
John Thomas Lemons b July 1878; d April 1914; m Mary Beth Bowen April 6, 1902; children: James Blanchard b 1904 Jackson Co,TN, Albert Lee b Dec 8, 1906 Jackson Co, TN, John Thomas b 1908, Mary Jane aka May May 6, 1909 Jackson Co, TN, Mattie Valentine b Feb 14, 1914 Putnam Co, TN
Albert Lee Lemons, b Dec 8, 1906 Jackson Co, TN; d, - unknown - disappeared after living in Detroit, MI 1940's; m. Mildred Cook May 30, 1925 Springfield TN; divorced 1929 Springfield, TN;
Robert Lee Lemons b June 3, 1926; d Sept 7, 1978 Mayfield, IL; m Corrigan Feb 9, 1946 West Chicago, IL;

Participant SMFG



Test 34868


Family Coordinator:  Kari Lemons (


John Lemons, b. 1802

John M. Lemons, b. 1847

Perry L. Lemons, b. 1878

Claude R. Lemons, b. 1904

Claude W. Lemons, b. 1932

Participant 34868



Test 64097


Family Coordinator:  Kari Lemons (


John Lyming, b. 1647

John Limng, b. 1683

Job Liming, b. 1759

Warren Leming, b. 1791

Job Leming, b. 1821

Wilson T. Leming, b. 1856

Harold Wilson Leming, b. 1901

H. Leming, b. 1927

Participant 64097



Test ASL


Family Coordinator:  Kari Lemons (


William Lemons, b. 1779 (Ancestry Lab)

William Lemons, b. 1799

Samuel Lemons, b. 1846

Jesse Lemons, b. 1873

Allen Lemons, b. 1929

Participant ASL



Test 119204


Family Coordinator:  Kari Lemons (


James Lemon, b. bet. 1812-20

William Lemons, b. 1858

John Odie Lemons, b. 1886

Fred Donald Lemons, b. 1906

Participant 119204



Test 132134


Family Coordinator:  Kari Lemons (


John Lyming, b. 1647

John 2 Liming, b. 1683

John 3 Liming, b. 1716

Peter Thomas Leming, b. 1742

Thomas Leming, b. 1779

Harvey Leming, b. 1804

Thomas Leming, b. 1830

James Harvey Leming, b. 1864

Charles Collins Leming, b. 1890

Participant 132134







Group Coordinator: 

Participants LL & JEL2 are descended from Isaac F. Lamons who lived in Washington Co., TN in the early 1800s.  There has been some speculation that Isaac was the descendent of David and Caty Lamon who settled in Washington Co., TN in the 1780's after living in Shennandoah Co., VA and York Co., PA.  This is not be the case.  The family has lore that they were French Huguenots.  The DNA testing shows them to be a separate line than the other Laymons of any spelling tested to date.


Test6a, Test6b


Abraham Leming (b?; d?)

Isaac F. Lamons (b. ?, 1809; d. ?)

Isaac Newton Lamons (b 1850, Greene Co., TN; d 1922, Tehlequah Co., OK)

            Charles Elbert Lamons (b 1880, Fayetteville, AR; d 1959, Tahlequah Co., OK)

                        John Newton Lamons (b Tahlequah Co., OK; d 2001 Tahlequah Co., OK)

                                    Garl Gene Lamons (b 1927, Tahlequah Co., OK)

                                                Participant JEL3 (b 1948, Tahlequah Co., OK)

            Stephen Anderson Lemons (b Greene Co., TN, 1852; d. ?)

                        William Anderson Lemmons (b Washington Co., AR, 1880; d. ?)

                                    Participant LPL





Group Coordinator: 





Participant JL3 is descended from Mordaci Lamons from Scotland (Details not provided)




Hans Lehman (b abt 1702, Canton Schaffhausen, Germany; d Feb 1776, Lancaster Co., PA; md Maria Hedge;  immigrated from Germany to PA on the 'James Goodwill' 1727)

Jacob Lehman (b bef 1727, Pfalz region, W of the Rhine; d Dauphin Co., PA)

Abraham Lehman (b abt 1772, PA; d 1826, Canada)

John Lehman (b 1802, prob. Daphin Co., PA; d abt 1850, Upper Canada)

Samuel Lehman (b 1830, Upper Canada; d 1893, Tuscola Co., MI)

Noah Lehman (b 1858, Upper Canada; d 1928, Detroit, MI)

Nelson Lehman (b 1903, Akron, MI; d 1993, MI)

Participant DL2



Test 82200


Family Coordinator:  Sheila Leamon-Tallent (


Anderson Leamon, b. abt 1826, TN, d. abt. 1877, TN (possibly Apison, Hamilton, TN) (possibly buried at Kimbro).

William Hamilton Leamon, b. 09 Mar 1853, Long Savannah, Hamilton, TN, d. 11 Oct 1915, Chattanooga, Hamilton, TN (buried at Kimbro Cemetery).

James Alfred Leamon, b. 05 Mar 1875, TN (prob. Hamilton Co.), 

d. 08 Sep 1950, Hamilton Co., TN (buried Old McDonald).

William Hamilton Leamon, b. 10 Aug 1900, Ooltewah, Hamilton, TN, d. 16 Feb 1978, Harrison, Hamilton, TN (buried Old McDonald)

James Ralph Leamon, b. 24 Apr 1924, Chattanooga, Hamilton, TN, d. 26 Aug 1986, Harrison, Hamilton, TN (buried Old McDonald)

Participant 82200




Test N28360


Family Coordinator:   Edgar Lemon (


Joseph; Sussex, Co. NJ; 1718-1792
Jacob; Willoughby, ON;1743-1816
William; Crowland, ON; 1774-1823
Michael; Rockford, ON; 1806-1870
Wm. W.; Rockford, ON; 1836-1909
Wm Edgar; Rockford, ON; 1862-1919
Asa  Bert; Rockford, ON; 1889-1969
Participant N28360





Test N56685


Family Coordinator:  Van Lemmons (


No info

Participant N56685




GROUP Y – mtDNA tests


Test 91580


Family Coordinator:  Margie Lemons (


William Lemons (b. ca 1805 NC)   

James W Lemons (b. ca 1830 VA  d. after 1900 Howard Co, AR)

William M Lemons (25 Nov 1856 Hot Spring Co, AR - 29 April 1933 AR)

William David Lemons (2 Dec 1882 Dallas Co, AR - 17 Jan 1968 Clark Co AR)

Dollie Lemons (6 Dec 1909 Dallas Co, AR - 14 Jan 1993 Pima Co, AZ)

Participant 91580




GROUP Z – Tests in Progress






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