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Test 1

Group Coordinator: Cherie Ohlsson


I am looking for someone to test from this line!

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Group Coordinator: Cherie Ohlsson


I am looking for someone to test from this line!

William Eads, born in 1664, Salem, Essex, Mass. USA.Married to ?? ??, died, with


Test 130172

Group Coordinator:  Virginia Eads (


I have been trying to confirm that John Eads is the son of Thomas Bailey Eads and Elizabeth Rutherford.   There are several family trees out there that would seem to indicate this, but I am still looking for absolute proof – like a census, or birth record or marriage certificate signed by Thomas Bailey Eads for John Eads and Nancy W.  

I am not positive but I our John Eads may be a descendant of William Eads of Sussex via > Abraham > Joseph >  Thomas > John Eads.  We believe John Eads died in Harrison Co. Kentucky in 1836 leaving 3 or 4 children in the care of their mother Ellen.  The three males were John R Eads b.1829, James A. Eads b. 1834 and Darwin D. Eads b. 1836.  There may have also been a daughter Mary b. 1832. 


John Eads, b. Virginia, m. (1) Nancy Wiglesworth, (2) 1827 Ellen or Eleanor McMillen. Ellen married William Bowen  in 1842 after the death of John Eads, and they moved to Paris, IL

James Adams Eads (son of Eads/McMillen), d. Paris, IL; became a successful lawyer in Paris, married well, and had 8 children.

James T Eads, d. Paris, IL

James R Eads, b. c1907, Paris, IL

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Test 142016

Group Coordinator:  Lew Eads (

I have traced mostly the Eads surname and have found what I believe to be solid connections to the mid-1500's in England.  I did most of my research from 1985 to 1994, so there may be more details available now than when I was actively pursuing the genealogy.  I am about 95% confident in my connections back to 1684 when the family came to the eastern shore of the Chesapeake Bay as indentured servants.  They settled in Brooksville, Indiana in 1806 moving through Ohio, Kentucky ... staying one step ahead of the law for running illegal (untaxed) moonshine operations.  My great-great grandfather settled in Shelby County where he died in 1852.  From there, my great grandfather moved to Howard County (Kokomo) where I was born.

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Test 144427

Group Coordinator:  Christopher Eddings (


John Eddings, b. c1776 in North Carolina; d. 1842 Luka, Marion Co. Illinois; m. (1) c. 1804 in Indian Lands NC Francis Elizabeth Weaver, (daughter of Dave Weaver), b. 1784 Western N.C. Indian Lands; d. 1841 in Eleven Points Crossing, (Thomasville) Ripley Co. Missouri. He married (2) Mary Ann.

Evan Richard Eddings, b. 1809 Indian Lands, N.C. (Graham Co. ?); d. 1882 in Locust Bayou, Fulton Co. Arkansas; m. (1) c1829 Warren Co, TN Malinda Culp (daughter of Joseph Culp and Hettie); b. c1800 Warren, Co. Tennessee; d. c 1846 Cannon Co. Tennessee. He married (2) c1858 prob in Arkansas Sarah, b. 1822.

Levi Richard Eddings; b. December 22, 1836 Cannon Co. Tennessee; d. March 06, 1911 Vanoss, Pontotoc Co., Oklahoma; m. (1) July 01, 1861 Falling Springs, Ozark Co. Missouri, Sarah Ellen McCarty (daughter of William McCarty); b. 1843 Missouri d. 1869 Drasco, Stone Co., Arkansas. He m. (2) July 01, 1871 in Batesville, Independence Arkansas, Mary Elizabeth Cates (daughter of Norman Cates and Jane Williams); b. April 10, 1848 in Coffey Co. Tennessee; d. November 21, 1924 Vanoss, Pontatoc, Oklahoma.

Julius Wilson Eddings; b. May 01, 1862 Ozark, Co. Missouri; d. April 12, 1935 Littlefield, Lamb Co., Texas; m. August 21, 1885 Batesville, Cleburne Co, Arkansas, Louisa Ann Buckner; b. July 06, 1863 Tennessee; d. October 18, 1929 Roswell, Chavez Co. New Mexico

John Richard Eddings; b. May 18, 1887 Drasco, Cleburne Co. Arkansas; d. February 1961 Delano, Kern Co., California; m. October 03, 1909 Cleburne, Johnson Co., Texas, Mary Ardenia Eddings (daughter of Evan Eddings and Martha Turner); b. March 12, 1891 Wolf Bayou, Cleburne Co. Arkansas; d. April 09, 1960 Delano, Kern Co. California.

Robert Wilson Eddings, b. March 09, 1922 Pauls Valley, Oklahoma; d. August 06, 1993 Delano, Kern Co., Calif; m. 1947 Las Vegas, Clark Co, Nevada, Alta Mae Dobbins, b. c1925

Gary Lynn Eddings; b. c1947; d. January 23, 1991

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Test 168530

Group Coordinator:  Luis Osorio (

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Test 172112

Group Coordinator:  Al Unkown (

This probably is not an Eads test.

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