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WILFRED J. CHAR A physician at Florida State Hospital

Dr. Char made the following statement to John J. Parker, Committee Aide, on February 13, 1961:

Doctors go on rounds through the wards as often as possible, but there are not enough doctors to adequately look after the needs of the patients. In the Cleveland Hospital where I previously worked the ratio were 25 patients per doctor. The Ohio ratio was one doctor to eighty patients,

I think that criminal patients should be moved from Florida State Hospital. Some of the minor charge patients could improve rapidly in some place where they could get individual treatment,

The patients have not been out of doors since I have been here (3 month.). One of the biggest problems in the white Male Department is that of providing for patients who have been cured but who have no one to accept responsibility for them on the outside.

It is also a problem to get many of the patients to take their' medication. When I find that a patient does not take his pills, I place him on liquid mediation. The doctors could be relieved of much of their routine work, if nurses were made available to this department. There are many trained nurses and trainees at Florida State Hospital, but they are never sent to the White Male Department.

Solitary cells have not worked and the white male patients have all been moved to larger wards in an effort to reduce the number of suicides.

JOHN GUMANIS - physician at Florida State Hospital

Dr. Gumanis made the following statement to John J, Parker, Committee Aide, on February 27th, 1961.

In some wards they do not have fans or anything in the summer time. The wards are terrible up there. There are some attendants who should not be at Florida State Hospital,

Charge patients should be moved from Florida State Hospital as possible. If this could be done, we would have a real hospital here. At present time, there are two doctors in the White Male Department. For year, I had it by myself. More nurses are needed.

Food get monotonous here, It is not necessary for an attendant to choke a patient out. I have never seen this done. I have put patients on the "squad" strictly for closer supervision, More doctors are needed. With the addition of another doctor in the White Male Department, patients are being treated and staffed at a much faster rate.