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November 4, 1960

Honorable S. C. Smith
Chairman, Council's Committee
on State Institutions
P. O. Box 231
Arcadia, Florida

Dear Chesterfield:

During the recent Legislative weekend in Tallahassee, I had the opportunity to meet with Representative Charles Usina to hear his views of what might be considered by the Subcommittee on Mental Health as preparation for its final report to the full Committee on State Institutions.

Mr. Usina requested that: I investigate the Tampa Tribune's criticism of Florida State Hospital's use of inmates as maids and house boys and try to determine if this system is being used as a means of getting inmates back to society. He also requested that I write Dr. Rogers for clarifying explanation of this matter. I have located the Tribune articles mentioned and preparing the basic criticisms as requested.

Mr. Usina advised me that be had net with Mr. Bill Mapoles at the Orlando Training Center and is in complete accord with the proposed addition there. He concurs with the consensus at the Hollywood meeting on March 16, 1960 that the necessary appropriations should be provided to construct the 50-bed children's psychotic unit authorized by the 1959 Legislature. In addition, he feels that salaries generally are too low.

We also met briefly with Senator Cross to determine when the Interim Committee on Mental Health would meet and draft its final report. Senator Cross decided that the final meeting would be held in Ft:. Lauderdale on November 25, 1960. Mr.Usina indicated that be would like to have you and Representative Mann present at this meeting so that the Council's Subcommittee on Mental Health could give support to the Interim Committee's proposals and the Interim Committee, in turn could endorse the Subcommittee's recommendations which would be developed at that time. (However, Bob Mann has a health and welfare meeting schedu1e for the same date.) He also requested that staff members of the Legislative Reference Bureau be present to aid the Interim Committee and assist in the development of the Subcommittee's report.

Honorable S. C, Smith
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November 4 1960

Dr. Rogers has written an excellent letter an the subject of hospitalization of mentally ill persona, in answer to our previous request. He has also given a very fine comparison of the major differences existing between the Georgia and Florida law on the same subject. He indicated that you have received a carbon copy of this letter and research comparison of the laws of the two states. If you feel that additional study is required, we will be mast happy to pursue this matter further.

Mr. Bill Mapoles of the Sunland Training Center at Orlando has written this office on October 21 1960, in reply to your request of providing budget information and plans for additional expansion. Be outlined the Orlando Contorts tentative program and furnished a plan of the institution which was also sent to you. This plan is too large to reproduce; I will take it to the Ft. Lauderdale meeting so that the subcommittee may examine it at that time.

With kindest personal regards, I am

John J. Parker
Aide to the Committee on
State Institutions


Cc: Hon. Robert T, Mann
Hon. F. Charles Usina
Senator S. Emory Cross
Mrs. Lamar Bledsoe