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Memorandum Florida Association for Mental Health

1 May 1962
Fact sheet #1

State-Wide Survey of Mental Health Needs and Resources

In 1960, the Florida Association for Mental Health fanned a committee to explore means of securing a" state-wide survey of mental health needs and resources, by a ccmpbtent3 professional team. It was believed that out of this would come a blue-print for the future3 which all interested organizations and persons could adopt and follow. There had been no comprehensive look a mental health picture in Florida for more than 10 years.

The committee members were Dr. William Corwin of Miami, John H. Burwell of Fort Lauderdale, Dr. Arnold Eichert of Hollywood and Lawrence Renfroe of Tallahassee.

As a result of the efforts of this committee and many other interested persons, the 1961 Legislature set up the Governor' a Advisory Committee on Mental Health, charged with securing the survey, and appropriated $25,000 for the cost. The Governor appointed Lawrence Renfroe of Tallahassee Chairman, and the following members:

William Corwin, M.D. of Miami

Peter Regan, M. D. of Gainesville

Mrs.Karl Krastin of Gainesville

Mrs. L. B. Wright, of Jacksonville

Mr. Harry Gonzalez, of Jacksonville

Mr. David Yoakley, of West Palm Beach

The Committee has met a number of times and discussed the kind of survey desired. Late in April a contract was signed with the American Psychiatric Association to conduct the survey at a cost of $32,000. The extra amount needed was provided out of private funds.

Having no money to employ staff, the committee has asked the Florida Association for Mental Health to do certain preparatory studies required by the APA survey teams3 and to organize public hearings about the state when appropriate.

More information will be supplied you later, as developments occur.

Memorandum Florida Association for Mental Health

31 May 1962
Fact Sheet #2


The Florida Advisory Committee on Mental Health, set up by the Governor on the authority of the 1961 Legislature3 has engaged the American Psychiatric Association to conduct this study. This organization has been chosen in view of its experience in the field9 In recent years it has studied Mental Health programs of some 20 states9

The Committee, consisting of Lawrence W. Renfroe (Chairman) of Tallahassee, Dr. William Corwin of Miami, Dr. Peter Regan and Mrs. Karl Krastin of Gainesville, Mrs. L. B. Wright and Harry Gonzalez of Jacksonville and David Yoakley of West Palm Beach, met in Jacksonville May 22 with Dr. Don Harnmersley of the A.A.A. and Malcolm Baker, Consultant to FAMH. Baker has been borrowed from FAMH to help the Committee do the necessary planning for the survey.

Dates were set for a series of public hearings as follows:

Pensacola July 16 Orlando July 23

Tallahassee July l8 Miami July 25-26-27

Jacksonville July 19-20 Tampa July 30-31

Invitations to appear at the hearings will be sent to interested and knowledgeable persons and groups throughout Florida. The Mental Health Chapters in the hearing cities will handle the scheduling of those who wish to appear. Time will be limited to 15 minutes per person or organization, but each will be urged to submit a written statement of his position, of any length5 for the information of the survey team.

Either Dr. Mathew Ross, Medical Director of the A.P.A., or Dr., Don Hannersley, will preside at the hearings.

         *                        *                                 *                                      *                     *             *

In September and October, various consultants engaged by the American Psychiatric Association, will visit the various mental health facilities, pubic and private, and make reports to the Survey committee. Preliminary recommendations should be ready early in 1963,

Memorandum Florida Association for Mental Health

Instructions for Chapters regarding Public Hearings of the A.P.A. Survey Team


I.. To issue news releases to local papers, radio and TV stations, as information is received.

       a) At once, based on Fact sheets #1 and #2

       b) on June 22, when 3000 invitations will go out to appear at the hearings.

       c) after the hearings, on persons present and highlights of statements.

II. To send FAMH a copy of whatever directory of community agencies exists in the county, with checks opposite names of persons and groups who should be invited to the hearings.

Where no directory exists, or in addition to it, sand PAMH other desirable names.

Mote that all the names and groups listed on the attached sheets "Tentative Invitation List" will get invitations automatically.


HOST CHAPTERS in Pensacola, Tallahassee, Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa and Miami:

III. Engage a suitable place for the hearing. This should be near the center of town, with good parking, air-conditioned, with good acoustics and comfortable chair (some people will have to sit in them all day long). It should accommodate 50 to 100 people, not so large as to require a PA system.

Head table should have seats for 6 persons. An APA official will preside; a member of the Florida Advisory Committee for Mental Health will introduce him. Be sure there are ash trays, water, etc.

The Chapter will set up a schedule for each day's hearings, first appointment at 9:30, last at 4:30, with a 75 minute break for lunch. This makes 24 appointments at l5-mirnute intervals. Fill in the schedule as requests are received, notifying participant of the appointment hour and the place of the hearing.

Requests to appear will be received by the chapter, and also be forwarded to the Chapter from Jacksonville. Two extra appointments can be scheduled morning and afternoon, if necessary, with the understanding that the participants will be heard if possible. Try to eliminate those persons whose only desire is self-advertisement. Tell these persons the survey team will be glad to receive their written statements for study later.


Tentative Invitation List for Public Hearings of the A.P.A. Survey Team

State Government

Cabinet members

Bd of Comrs ofState Institutions

Directors of Divisions

Mental Health


Sunland Tr Centers

Child Tr Schools

Supts of Institutions

ALcohol Rehabilitation Program and Clinics

State BD of Health

Directors Mental Health

Maternal & ChHealth

Local HIth Svces

Dirs of 16 Clinics State TB Board

Supts of TB Hosps

Bd of Control

Presidents of Univis

Heads of Depts of





Social Welfare

State Dept of Education

Presidents Jr Colleges

Vocational Rehab &

District Offices

State Dept of Pub Welfare District Offices

Parole Commission

District Offices

Council on T&R in MH

States Attorneys

Asst Attys General

Children's Commission

Crippled Ch Commission

Council for Blind & school

Merit System Council

Dept of Vets Affairs

Fla Development Comm Hospital Division

Bd of Nursing

Sheriffs Bureau

Highway Patrol

US Attorneys


Legislative Candidates

County & City Government

Health officers

Public Welfare Depts

City & County Commissions

County Judges

Juvenile Judges


City Police Cgiefs

County School supts

Childrens Committees

MH Resouce Council, Tampa

Private Groups

Supts of all General Hosps

Members of Fla Psychiatric Assn

Members of Fla Psychological Assn

Fla Medical Assn

Mental Hlth Committee

Local Retarded Children's Assns

Schools for retarded

Local Ministerial Assns

Local Bar Assns

Homes for the Aged

United Funds & Planning Cncils

Travelers Aid Societies

Salvations Army Installations

Amer Red Cross chapters

Chapters of Am Assn of Retired Persons


Local Alcoholics Anon groups

Local Leagues of Women Voters

Local Junior Leagues

Tentative Invitation List Page 2

State-wide Associations

Aging, Fla Council on

American Legion, Fla Dept

American Legion Auxiliary

Arthritis & Rheumatism Fdn

Anthropological Assn

Bar Association

Blind, Fed. for the

Blindness, Society for Prevention

Blue Cross

B'nai Brith Federation

Bus. & Prof. Women's Clubs, Fed. of

Cancer, American Society

Capital Press Club

Chamber of Commerce, Fla

Child Group Care Assn

Childhood Education, Assn for

Children under six, Assn for

Children's Home society

Council of Churches

Church Women, United

Circuit Judges Council

Civil & Criminal Judges Assn

Civitan Internatl

Corrections Assn

County Commrs, Assn of

Crippled Children & Adults Assn

Disabled American Vets

Eastern star

Education Assn, Fla.

Exchange Clubs

General Practice, Acedemy of

Health Underwriters, Assn

Heart Assn, American

Hospital Assn

Human Relations, Council on

Jewish War Veterans

Jr Chanber of Commerce

Justices of the Peace Assn

Kiwanis District

Lions International

Grand Lodge, Masons

Nurses Assn

Practical Nurses Assn

League for Nursing

Nursing Home Assn

Occupational Therapy Assn

Optimist International

Osteopathic Medical Assn

Congress of PTA's

Peace Officers Assn

Pilot International

Probation & Parole Assn

Psychiatric Treatment of Offenders Assn

Recreation Assn

Rehabilitation Assn

Retared Children's, Council

Senior Citizens Fdn

Social Workers, Fla. Fed Of

Social Workers, Natl Ass.

TB & Health Assn

Soroptimist Region


Veterans of Foreign Wars


League of Warren Voters

Women's Clubs Federation

United Cerebral Palsy Assn

Muscular Dystrophy Assn

Multiple Sclerosis society