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Subj: Chattahoochee Hospital  JOHN WHITNEY
Date: 98-02-19
Please let me know what kind of information you have regarding former patients of the Chattahoochee Hospital. My gr-great-grandfather, JOHN WHITNEY, was a patient there for many years and was living there when he died on 27 Jan 1932. Thankyou.

Subj: Theresa Mary  (Dellinger) Brooks
Date: 98-02-25
From: (Barbara Reed)
My grandmother supposedly died in Chattahoochee, Florida on March 25, 1952. Her name was Theresa Mary Brooks and her maiden name was Dellinger. She was born in Germany in 1890s. Can you give me any help? Thank Barbara Reed

Subj: WILLIS CRAWFORD - Hospital lookups?
Date: 97-10-07

After reading all the documentation necessary for info on patient, I am overwhelmed. I thought I had it all when I saw Mr Mark Campbell's name and address, list of info necessary and then found SS addr for Freedom of Info Act re relative.

Two years ago I called someone (a lady) in the Hospital and it sounded as though it would be possible just to identify myself and get infor on patient. My ggrandather died there and was evidently buried in the Potter's Field of some cemetery there. Is is possible to get lookups for cemeteries there without the other documentation?

I can furnish my father's death certificate, direct descendent, my birth certifica,, courthouse record of my parents wedding, and census info linking my father, Walter C, to his father, also Willis, in the 1900 US census, and a Willis CRAWFORD in the 1900 US census, who was the age to be his father.

The only evidence concerning the WIllis CRAWFORD who died in Chattahoochee is on tape with my Aunt Agnes relating how her mother crying because they couldn't bring him back to Walton Co. Am sure this must have been monetary reasons. He was also supposed to have fought, been captured by the Union soldiers during the Civil War.

I would appreciate your advice concerning this as he must have died sometime after 1900 as he was living in Walton Co at that time and Aunt Agnes relates how he told them about the Civil War episode. Aunt Agnes was b 1893 and said on the tape, she must have been around 16 when he died--making it around 1909, give or take a few years, when WILLIS CRAWFORD died.

Please advise me if it is possible to get cemetery record of death year for my ggf and I am going to see if I can get a death certificate for my gf who died in 1953. Thank you for your help.

Subj: Looking for evidence
Date: 97-08-31
A family legend includes a Mr. CA Prim who was admitted to the State mental hospital at Chattahoochee after being caught in a bank embezzlement scheme. I do not know the time frame but suspect the 1930's. He was from Holmes County, Fla. Do you have access to records that would verify this? Allen

Subj: State Hospital patient information/burial
Date: 97-08-27
Betty I received this in my e-mail-box, and will try to look it up in the Death Index at the Archives, but ... do you know anything we tell people about the State Hospital cemeteries and death records?

Subj: Requesting a Look-up
Date: 97-08-27

Dear Shelia,   I am trying to find out the dates of birth and death of my great-great grandfather that is buried in the cemetery at the State Hospital in Chattahooche I was told that there are only numbers on the markers but not names and that I would have to get in touch with the hospital itself to find out this info. What I was wondering was, is there a book on this cemetery that does list the names of the ones buried there or am I barking up the wrong tree???? If there is anything that you could tell me about this I would be ever so grateful.  BTW, My gggrandfathers name was Thomas Jefferson PARKER and as I said I have no dates on him just appro. dates. I believe that he died around the late 1920's but have not been able to prove this. I also have not been able to prove or even find out WHY he was committed to the hospital. All of the older relatives that I spoke with either did not remember or would not tell...... go figure. I know that some tree's have very "odd"  branches but still I would like to find out. Anyway,,, thank you for your time and as I said I hope that you might  shed some light on this.   RAS

Subj: Hendricks in Chattahoochee
Date: 97-08-30
I realize this info may be far too sketchy to help. There is a family story that a relative was at the hospital there in the mid-century, probably 1930's. Do you have any Hendricks' buried at Chattahoochee? As you might imagine, my older relatives still will speak of this only with a whisper. I'll see if I can get more info. I believe that they only knew him by a nickname (Ting??). I believe his parents were George and Bertie Hendricks, if that helps. . I'm still trying to get a first name. All I know is he was the son of George and Bertie Hendricks.

By the way, do you know Dr. Rogers who was the medical director there for many years? My cousin is married to his son, John Rogers. Dr. Rogers is probably close to 90, but still sharp as a tack and fascinating to talk to. He was associated with Chattahoochee for many years. Thanks for the help.  Paul M. Hendricks, MD

Subj: Chattahoochee Hospital (Cemetery)
Date: 97-08-30
From: (charlene newell)
Hello, I have been searching for some time for a way to find out when my ggrandmother Nellie Wilson died and where she was buried. She was born in Apalachicola in 1878, and was married twice, once to Melvin Lewis, and then to J. Sands. So as a patient of Chatahochee, she could have gone by any of these names. She died in around 1964, in Chatachochee Hospital, after a history of times in both of the Florida Mental Hospitals. I would appreciate hearing from someone with information about how to get this information. thanks, Charlene Newell

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