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Letter From Florida State Hopsital Sept 24, 1890

Letter From Florida State Hospital Oct 5, 1890

Envelopes Letters were mailed in!

NAME: John Brown


My ggf Isaac W. Brown was committed to the State Hospital (Chattahoochee) on Sept 30, 1887. He died there Sept 23, 1890. The Superintindent at the time; J. N. Smith, M.D. sent my gf a letter telling him of the death. The letterhead says "Florida Asylum for the Insane, J.N. Smith, M. D. Superintendent., Chttahoochee, Fla.".  It says he died of "bilious dysentery". He was buried in the Asylum Cemetery, and his grave is marked with a suitable headboard, with his name, date of death, and county from where he came. I queried the hospital and the State Archives as to where the records were. The hospital says they were sent to the archives and the archives says they have nothing earlier than 1893. Does any one know where I may find these records. Thanks,  John Brown..

Letter from Hospital to John Browm:


Lawton Chiles, Governor
Edward A Feaver, Secretary

Florida State Hospital
Post Office Box 1000
Chattahoochee, Florida 32324-1000

March 11, 1997

Mr. John R. Brown, Sr.
13607 Pino Court
La Grange CA 95329

Dear Mr. Brown:

RE: BROWN, Isaac W.
This is to acknowledge receipt of your recent request for information concerning your Great Grandfather. After researching all of our ledgers from the late 1800's, I was unable to find anything at all on Mr. Brown. It is very puzzling to me because of the fact that you actually have a letter from our hospital. Of course records were not considered nearly as important in those years as they are now, but I had still hoped to find something. I even checked our old cemetery records and did not find a listing on him.

The old cemetery is still there, but unfortunately the woods have taken it over since the state started using the new cemetery in 1932. During the late 1800's and early 1900's, the headstones that were used were pieces of wood. Some of those are still standing and some have since succumbed to age and weather. There were no names on the headstones.

I am sorry that we could not find any information for you. If you have any more questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Health Information Manager

Sandra Shepard,   Senior Clerk

Looking at the Cemetery Records for 1890's Betty did not find many deaths listed for men!