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Manly Family Documents From America

Once again, in order to keep the page fast loading, I am using "textual" links to the actual documents. This allows me to present the documents in a "readable" size through links.

Please right click on the title and select "open in a new window" to view the actual document. Some of these documents are QUITE large and will take a moment to fully open in the new window. Please be patient, I'm sure you will think they're worth the wait!©


The copy of Captain Basil Manly's (John Basil Manley) will & the Dafforn/Dafford documents are courtesy of William Kivett.

The will of Captain Basil Manly (1) (2) (3)

Loan documents between Charles Manly & Charles Dafford, showing the actual surname for Dafford as Dafforn.

(1) (2)

The letters of Helen Manly Patrick to Edmund Manley, of England, Herbert Manley's letters to his cousin John Manley of England, Herberts's Family Tree & the Family Tree Charts created by Helen M. Patrick are courtesy of Christopher R. Manley.

*There were 2 letters, unfortunately I do not have the First page of the first letter.

Helen Manly Patrick Manly's first letter to Edmund Manley ~ 1931. (1) (2)

Helen Manly Patrick's second letter to Edmund Manley ~1932. (1) (2) (3) (4)

Herbert Manley's Letter to his cousin John Manley, of England. (1) (2)

Herbert Manley's Family Tree. (1) (2) (3)

These are the Family Tree Charts for Edmund's line as drawn up by Helen Manley Patrick.

Family Chart (1) (2) (3)

The listing for the Manly family in the Dictionary of the History of North Carolina.

The Manly family in North Carolina History

These three newspaper clippings, Charles Manly of Greenville the Agriculture Newsletter & and the story of Charles Basil Manly's lost luggage (Civil War) are courtesy of Charles G. Manly. The background image on this page is from a picture of Governor Charles Manly's Law Office, sent to me by Charles.

Obituary of Captain Richard Fuller Manly ~ 1919.

Obituary of Albert Manly, Protector of the Everglades~ 1963

Charles Manly's letter to his cousin "Dollie" ~ 1927

Agriculture Newsletter by John Manly ~ 1851

Civil War lost luggage during the Battle of Gettysburg found! (1)(2)

The following letter from William Manley, also to Edmund Manley of England is another from the colection of Christopher R. Manley.

William's letter to Edmund Manley.(2)


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