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The full information in genealogical form on 43,500 people related to CHATFIELD is available for browsing and downloading in GEDCOM format for free use in any compatible genealogical package such as PAF, SIMPLE FAMILY TREE, LEGACY, ROOTS MAGIC etc at:
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Each file has benefits in presentation but are the identical data.
Please note that included in the data are family branches from 1446 in Sussex, GBR and they extend through Australia and New Zealand, South Africa, Canada and the USA.  There are also branches of my own family links through BIRD, BUNDEY, McCAUL, SPRACKLING and STRANGE families.
There are a few separate but included families such as Robert Chatfield/Pattenden of Hailsham, Sussex, GBR, Alfred William Chatfield/ Harriet Holbrook and Levi Chatfield 1814/Harriet Tickner who helped populate South Australia, Victoria and Western Australia.  I am now adding in Chatfield families from the south of England that have no known connected ancestor but are of interest and may produce a link in due course.

Between updates the total numbers may not match.   
Description  Quantity Source
Total Individuals 43500 PAF
Total Males 21601 (50%) Ahnenblatt File
Total Females 20905 (48%) Ahnenblatt File
Total Unknown Gender 994 (2%) Ahnenblatt File
Total Incomplete names 6 (0%)  
Total Families (Two people in a relationship) 16503 PAF
Total Number of Children 27388  
Total Living (Includes unknown deaths) 16546 Ahnenblatt File
Chatfield Surnames at birth 9134 Ahnenblatt File
Total Unique Surnames 7268  
Total Unique Forenames 16048  
Total Sources 12 PAF
Lifespan Males 62.7 years  
Lifespan Females 66.1 years  
Earliest Birth (Thomas CHATFIELD)  About 1446  
Number of personal facts 101302  
Number of family facts 8715  
Number of notes 30311  
Number of personal attachments 3503  
Date of Last GEDCOM Update  31 May 2017  
Media Objects
Individuals with media objects: 
Total number of media object references:
Number of unique media objects:
Total size of media objects:
Missing Media Objects:

Individuals missing birth dates:
Disconnected individuals: 





NOTES: ± represents Standard Deviation, not maximum & minimum. Youngest & oldest are the first found with the indicated age - others may share the same age. Only exact dates are used in calculations.


File Demographics (updated 5 Jun 2015) Green from PAF PAL, Blue 
  All Male Female Unknown
Individuals 2013 28250 14266 13715 579
Individuals 2014 33740 16760 16216 764
Individuals 2015 37803 18760 18137 908
Individuals 2016 41906      
Individuals 2017 43500      
Age at first marriage  








Average 25.07 26.71 23.50
Minimum 11 13 11
Maximum 83 83 74
Marriages per individual 
Married Individuals 22004 11076 10928
Average marriages person 1.07 1.08 1.07
Average 0.93 0.92 0.93
Minimum 0 0 0
Maximum 5 5 4
Children per marriage 
Average 1.73  1.77 1.79
Minimum 0  
Maximum 16
Age at death
Individuals with death age 11978 6370 5593 15
Average 63.42 62.30 64.73 20.40
Minimum 1 1 1 1
Maximum 108 103 108 69
Statistics Number Known Dates Known Places
Births 24527 23433 19681
Marriages 6939 6846 5817
Deaths 12540 12409 10005
Events 51961 50270 43132

Database dimensions (May 2017)

Courtesy of ScionPC
Number of people = 43222
Number of names = 43222
Number of families = 16380
Number of children = 27059
Number of personal facts = 89025
Number of family facts = 10159
Number of notes = 30311
Number of sources = 12
Number of personal attachments = 3498
Number of family attachments = 0
Number of repositories = 0

Various statistics (May 2017)

Courtesy of ScionPC
Occupation Farmer 4%, Carpenter, Fisherman, Labourer, School teacher 1%, Rest 90%
Religion Roman Catholic 21%, Roman Catholic 21%, Presbyterian 14%, Rest 45%
Number of children 0 52%, 1 20%, 2 11%, 3 6%, 4 4%, 5, 2%, 6 2%, 7 1%, rest 2%
Age at marriage F 10-14 1%, 15-19 27%, 20-24 42%, 25-29 18%, 30-34 6%, 35-39 2%, 40-44 2%, 45-49 1%, 50 & over 1%
Age at marriage M 20-24 42%, 25-29 29%, 30-34 11%, 15-19 6%, 35-39 5%, 40-44 3%, 45-49 2%, 50-45 1%, older 2%

Generations: Thomas Chatfield born about 1446 as at 15 February 2015

In 21 generations Thomas Chatfield has 12515 descendants.
If you count spouses, too, then there are 18980 descendants.


Longest lived as at Mar 2017

Latest known births as at Sep 2016


Latest known marriages as at Dec 2016

Latest known deaths as at Mar 2017

Average age at death (M) : 77 years old
Average age at death (F) : 71 years old


Population pyramid (May 2016)

2016   M  
  F   2016

Number of living individuals: 5,171


Century Birth Statistics Report

Creation Date: 4 Feb 2014
Number Of Individuals: 28813
Number Of Families: 10533
Number Of Notes: 14494
Born Before 1600: 89
Born in 17th C.: 343
Born in 18th C.: 1937
Born in 19th C.: 10423
Born in 20th C.: 4161

Age at death (excluding children under 12) (Mar 2017)

Courtesy of ScionPC
Male average = 67.5 years [±17.7 years, 4457 people]
Female average = 70.7 years [±19.3 years, 3835 people]
Overall average = 68.9 years [±18.5 years, 8294 people]
Oldest male = 102 years Dale Crandall
Oldest female = 108 years Myrtle Ellen Tuttle

Child deaths

Children under 1 year old = 253
Children 1 - 12 years old = 252

Age at death bar chart (Mar 2017)

Courtesy of ScionPC

Partner's age at marriage (Mar 2017)

Courtesy of ScionPC
Husband average = 28.4 years [±10.0 years, 3761 people]
Wife average = 24.4 years [±8.8 years, 3311 people]
Overall average = 26.4 years [±9.7 years, 7272 people]
Youngest husband = 14 years CHATFIELD, Samuel II
Oldest husband = 85 years FOORD, Frederick Walter
Youngest wife = 10 years SHOSHONITZ, Phebe Ann
Oldest wife = 80 years IRWIN, Elvira Chatfield ("Vie")

Parent's age at birth of children (Mar 2017)

Courtesy of ScionPC
Father average = 31.9 years [±7.8 years, 8668 people]
Mother average = 27.7 years [±6.3 years, 8142 people]
Overall average = 29.9 years [±7.4 years, 11810 people]
Youngest father = 12 years [CHATFIELD, Eddie Ray]
Oldest father = 80 years [SCOVIL, Lucius Nelson]
Youngest mother = 12 years [KELLER, Darlene Marie]
Oldest mother = 56 years [CHATFIELD, Esther Amelia]

Sex of children (Mar 2017)

Courtesy of ScionPC
Number of male children = 13167
Number of female children = 12911
Ratio of males to females = 1.02 : 1

Fertility (Mar 2017)

Courtesy of ScionPC
Most children of a father = 17 CHATFIELD, Josiah & SCOVIL, Lucius Nelson
Most children of a mother = 17 CHATFIELD, Harriet
Most children in a family = 17 FARMER, John & CHATFIELD. Harriet

Number of children in a family

Most children in a family as at 28 Dec 2015
Number of Children No.
0 19893
1 7237
2 4213
3 2224
4 1480
5 814
6 619
7 344
8 352
9 212
10 167
11 106
12 68
13 39
14 13
16 12
15 8
17 1
18 1

Monthly BMD's at 31 May 2016

Information transcribed through Familienbande. (Highest figure in bold)
Babies born by month
As at 31 May 2017
January 1540 = 8.38%
February 1441 = 7.83%
March 1697 = 9.22%
April 1465 = 7.96%
May 1517 = 8.24%
June 1488 = 8.09%
July 1544 = 8.39%
August 1624 = 8.83%
September 1606 = 8.73%
October 1542 = 8.38%
November 1418 = 7.71%
December 1519 = 8.25%
Marriages in each month
As at 31 May 2017
January 896 = 7.24%
February 784 = 6.34%
March 814 = 6.58%
April 1008 = 8.15%
May 900 = 7.28%
June 1302 = 10.53%
July 996 = 8.05%
August 1020 = 8.25%
September 1060 = 8.57%
October 1164 = 9.41%
November 1086 = 8.78%
December 1340 = 10.83%
Deaths by month
As at 31 May 2017
January 1110 = 9.17%
February 939 = 7.76%
March 1145 = 9.46%
April 1019 = 8.42%
May 1036 = 8.56%
June 935 = 7.72%
July 922 = 7.61%
August 967 = 7.99%
September 1000 = 8.26%
October 1004 = 8.29%
November 961 = 7.94%
December 1070 = 8.84%
Death cause
31 May 2017
Auto Accident
Typhoid fever

Popularity of Names and Places

Number of occurrences of unique given names at Mar 2017

Total number of unique given names = 5934
350(5.9%)Arthur, Frances
264(4.4%)Alfred, Frank
259(4.4%)Ruth, Samuel
247(4.2%)Florence, Jean
214(3.6%)Anne, Helen
182(3.1%)Ernest, Grace
171(2.9%)Ethel, Susan
167(2.8%)Annie, Harriet
160(2.7%)Edwin, Louisa
137(2.3%)Allen, Laura
136(2.3%)Agnes, Herbert
130(2.2%)Lucy, Patricia
122(2.1%)Kenneth, Mabel
117(2.0%)Leonard, Marion
113(1.9%)Clara, Eugene
111(1.9%)Julia, Mae
100(1.7%)Mark, Nellie
99(1.7%)Joan, Linda
97(1.6%)Clarence, Franklin, Roy
94(1.6%)Howard, Lillian, Minnie, Ronald, Russell
93(1.6%)Lawrence, Virginia
92(1.6%)Evelyn, Norman
89(1.5%)Maud, Scott
87(1.5%)Ada, Amelia, Doris, Douglas
84(1.4%)Betty, Earl, Elsie
83(1.4%)Christopher, Edna, Gladys, Isaac
81(1.4%)Carol, Eleanor
80(1.3%)Hazel, Katherine, Kay, Stanley
78(1.3%)Eva, Jessie, Ralph
75(1.3%)Kathleen, Ray
74(1.2%)Matilda, Rachel
72(1.2%)Jack, Jesse
71(1.2%)Joyce, Kate
70(1.2%)Carl, Gordon, Lois, Pearl
67(1.1%)Nelson, Wayne
66(1.1%)Amanda, Bertha, Marjorie, Nicholas
65(1.1%)Philip, Sophia
64(1.1%)Janet, Keith, Louis, Steven
63(1.1%)Augusta, Sue, Susannah
61(1.0%)Brian, Eileen, Matthew, Maude, Timothy
60(1.0%)Cecil, Horace, Myrtle
59(1.0%)Christine, Jennifer
58(1.0%)Anthony, Martin, Shirley
57(1.0%)Abigail, Karen, Phyllis
56(0.9%)Belle, Donna, Fred
55(0.9%)Eunice, Levi
54(0.9%)Fanny, Jacob, Kevin, Patrick, Sandra, Victor
53(0.9%)Elaine, Elmer, Gary, Gerald, June, Lucille
52(0.9%)Bernard, Clark, Jennie, Melissa, Reginald
51(0.9%)Clifford, Cynthia, Warren, Winifred
50(0.8%)Amos, Beatrice, Hugh, Oliver, Violet
49(0.8%)Dean, Diane, Harriett, Jonathan, Pamela, Ruby
48(0.8%)Percy, Sally, Victoria
47(0.8%)Dale, Josiah, Lisa, Lou, Pauline
45(0.8%)Bessie, Bruce, Constance, Deborah, Joel, Wesley
44(0.7%)Henrietta, Michelle, Milton
43(0.7%)Edgar, Glenn, Lucinda, Sylvia
42(0.7%)Daisy, Heather, Isabella, Reuben, Roger, Stella
41(0.7%)Cora, Naomi
40(0.7%)Bernice, Carrie, Eric, Larry, Lilian
39(0.7%)Blanche, Chester, Judith, Leroy, Vera
38(0.6%)Carolyn, Dennis, Eli, Jeffrey, Joy, Theodore, Willis, Wilson
37(0.6%)Guy, Hilda, Maurice
36(0.6%)Nathan, Thelma, Theresa
34(0.6%)Allan, Marian, Spencer
33(0.6%)Adeline, Alma, Betsey, Gregory, Ian, Isabel, Jacqueline, Jason, Lena, Ross, Sidney, Viola
32(0.5%)Abraham, Bradley, Clyde, Kimberly, Lily, Marvin, Owen, Sharon, Silas
31(0.5%)Aaron, Brenda, Christina, Edmund, Hattie, Jay, Leo, Lyle, Oscar, Rosa, Wallace
30(0.5%)Claude, Dawn, Dora, Ebenezer, Flora, Gilbert, Herman, Julie, Phillip, Phoebe, Vincent
29(0.5%)Audrey, Christian, Colin, Dwight, Ira, Jessica, Kathryn, Lloyd, Lorraine, Morris, Nathaniel, Phebe, Polly, Rhoda, Terry
28(0.5%)Augustus, Beverly, Craig, Debra, Jeanette, Lyman, Malcolm, Marilyn, Mercy, Norma, Ryan
27(0.5%)Adelaide, Alonzo, Alvin, Archibald, Austin, Bell, Curtis, Faye, Ivy, Joshua, Neil, Sydney, Teresa, Vernon
26(0.4%)Annette, Cheryl, Denise, Floyd, Glen, Jerry, Joanne, Wendy, Willard
25(0.4%)Adam, Alberta, Ashley, Cornelia, Diana, Everett, Graham, Grant, Kelly, Luther, Marguerite, Twin, Vivian
24(0.4%)Angela, Beth, Cyril, Eugenia, Morgan, Muriel, Rita, Rosemary, Rosetta, Susanna, Yvonne
23(0.4%)Clayton, Cornelius, Don, Effie, Fannie, Leon, Luella, Marcus, Miriam, Newton, Priscilla, Rae, Sara, Smith, Washington
22(0.4%)Beryl, Byron, Claire, Clarissa, Doreen, Geraldine, Harrison, Inez, Iris, Kim, Lauren, Leah, Miles, Nicole, Tyler, Valerie
21(0.4%)Arnold, Asa, August, Calvin, Cyrus, Dorothea, Hiram, Judy, Lizzie, Moses, Myra, Nettie, Roland, Stephanie, Stevens, Stuart
20(0.3%)Almira, Arlene, Clinton, Elias, Estelle, Geoffrey, Jeanne, Kathy, Lester, Lucretia, Maxine, Melvin, Nina, Samantha, Sheila, Sherman
19(0.3%)Bridget, Cecilia, Freda, Gene, Homer, Jackson, Joe, Lillie, Merle, Minerva, Nora, Penelope, Perry
18(0.3%)Barry, Caleb, Dudley, Female, Hope, Janice, Joanna, Marshall, Maxwell, Paula, Roberta, Robin
17(0.3%)Davis, Estella, Gail, Georgina, Jeremy, Laurence, Leigh, Letitia, Male, Maureen, Rowland, Suzanne, Todd, Virgil, Wade
16(0.3%)Addie, Adelia, Ambrose, Andrea, Bennett, Beulah, Bonnie, Darlene, Duane, Elisha, Etta, Georgia, Gloria, Hunter, Isabelle, Jeffery, Loretta, Margery, Marlene, Otis, Randall
15(0.3%)Abbie, Charity, Cindy, Delia, Della, Elijah, Ellis, Emeline, Freeman, Genevieve, Helena, Irving, Ivan, Jamie, Jill, Judson, Kelsey, Laurie, LeRoy, Lucius, Lynne, Michele, Noah, Parker, Peggy, Renee, Rodney, Simon, Stewart, Tammy, Tom, Wilbur, Wilfred
14(0.2%)Alexandra, Anita, Brandon, Burton, Electa, Ezra, Hubert, Jemima, Jerome, Johanna, Marietta, Max, Seth, Sherry, Steve, Taylor, Travis, Trevor, Verna, Wanda
13(0.2%)Abel, Allison, Bert, Carlos, Catharine, Chatfeild, Emery, Evan, Eveline, Fay, Harris, Irwin, Justin, Katharine, Kaye, Kyrle, Lesley, Madge, Merrill, Miller, Noel, Riley, Rosina, Sadie, Shannon, Solomon, Sophie, Ward
12(0.2%)Adele, Alcott, Alden, Alex, Amber, Bailey, Bertie, Beverley, Bryan, Clare, Ellsworth, Elvira, Emmett, Gould, Huldah, Ina, Jenny, Jeremiah, Johnson, Kyle, Lavinia, Leona, Leonora, Lottie, Lovina, Lowell, Mable, Maree, Mason, Mattie, Orlando, Philo, Preston, Roswell, Shawn, Sheldon, Tracy, Valentine, Willie
11(0.2%)Basil, Benton, Billy, Bridgeland, Carole, Cecelia, Clement, Dan, Delbert, Derby, Derek, Earnest, Elbert, Eldon, Elisabeth, Eloise, Enid, Goldie, Hamilton, Harley, Holmes, Ione, Ives, Juanita, Julian, Katie, Leila, Lola, Lori, Marcia, Melanie, Montague, Natalie, Neal, Nichols, Olivia, Ora, Orville, Otto, Porter, Reed, Rhonda, Sylvester, Tina, Wendell, Wheeler, Wilma, Zina
10(0.2%)Alison, Alva, Archie, Betsy, Chris, Colleen, Constant, Cordelia, Crane, Danny, Daphne, Delores, Emil, Felix, Fern, Frederic, Garry, Gideon, Gillian, Godfrey, Iva, Jan, Janette, Jayne, Jim, Kent, Lafayette, Lila, Madeline, Melinda, Milo, Miranda, Mitchell, Morton, Neville, Nigel, Rachael, Ransom, Robyn, Rosanna, Rufus, Selina, Sybil, Thompson
9(0.2%)Abijah, Abner, Adah, Alta, Alvina, Angeline, Aubrey, Avis, Beecher, Ben, Brent, Brooke, Carla, Chad, Chloe, Clair, Claudia, Clifton, Crystal, Darrell, Dolores, Dorcas, Elinor, Elmira, Emerson, Ferdinand, Forest, Foster, Gay, Gayle, Hastings, Hester, Holbrook, Imogene, Jeannette, Jefferson, Jerusha, Joann, Jon, Jonathon, King, Kurt, Laverne, Lea, Lenora, Lilly, Loren, Lorenzo, Mariah, Opal, Patience, Percival, Randolph, Rosalie, Starr, Troy, Velma, Wilber
8(0.1%)Abram, Adaline, Addison, Adrian, Alanson, Alicia, Angus, Anson, Becky, Blake, Brown, Celeste, Celestia, Cleveland, Clive, Connie, Dana, Danielle, Daryl, Dayton, Deanna, Debbie, Dianne, Edmond, Elise, Elnora, Emmeline, Emory, Enos, Erastus, Faith, Forrest, Gerard, Graeme, Green, Grover, Hellen, Hill, Israel, Jade, Karl, Laurel, Lemuel, Lionel, Lucas, Lucile, Luke, Maggie, Mavis, Monroe, Myron, Pearson, Philadelphia, Regina, Rosie, Royal, Rudolph, Sean, Selwyn, Seymour, Sherwood, Simeon, Stoddard, Terence, Truman, Vern, Veronica, Washburn, Wentworth, Wright
7(0.1%)Abby, Adolph, Almon, Amasa, Anderson, Avery, Beresford, Brett, Bronson, Burt, Calingay, Carmen, Clarice, Comfort, Corey, Crandall, Dee, Delano, Delilah, Desmond, Dinah, Eddie, Edwards, Elmina, Elva, Erma, Ernle, Fletcher, Gray, Hall, Heidi, Hobart, Holly, Irma, Isabell, Jeff, Jennings, Kristen, Lane, Leander, Lindsay, Llewellyn, Logan, Lora, Lulu, Lura, Madison, Mamie, Marcella, Mathew, Megan, Melody, Merritt, Millie, Molly, Murray, Norah, Olga, Orrin, Orson, Palmer, Patsy, Philander, Price, Randy, Roderick, Rosamond, Rutherford, Sallie, Sandy, Sharp, Solon, Standish, Sterling, Sumner, Susanne, Susie, Terri, Tomlinson, Tony, Una, Vicki, Vickie, Wealthy, Zoe
6(0.1%)Adams, Adelbert, Aileen, Alvah, Antoinette, Anton, Arvilla, Barnes, Belinda, Bertram, Brooks, Bryce, Candace, Carey, Carlton, Carlyle, Cathy, Charlene, Charlie, Chauncey, Clay, Connor, Coral, Courtney, Day, Denis, Duncan, Elliott, Elmore, Elvin, Elwin, Ena, Ephraim, Ernestine, Ford, Gabriel, Gaylord, Geneva, Gwen, Harlan, Harlow, Harmon, Hilary, Hulda, Janine, Jasper, Jenette, Johann, Jordan, Juliette, Julius, Kerry, Kristin, Kristina, Lamar, Lavina, Lindsey, Lorain, Lorena, Lorna, Lula, Lynda, Lynette, Marc, Marcy, Marianne, Marsden, Mathilda, Maurine, Maye, McKee, Medora, Millicent, Mina, Mona, Monica, Nadine, Nelly, Newman, Nicola, Ogden, Patti, Philemon, Rena, Rene, Roscoe, Selden, Shelly, Strong, Therese, Tiffany, Ursula, Wales, Warner, Webster, Wellington, Weston, Whiting, Whitney, Winfred, Zachary, Zella, Zillah
5(0.1%)Adella, Alec, Alton, Arden, Asenath, Ashton, Augustin, Augustine, Barnabas, Barton, Benson, Bentley, Berlin, Bernadette, Bethia, Bill, Billie, Blair, Bliss, Bloomfield, Bobby, Boyd, Brittany, Burdette, Burnett, Caitlin, Cameron, Camilla, Caryl, Celia, Cezanne, Chandler, Chittenden, Clementina, Cooper, Cory, Costas, Crawford, Curtiss, Cuyler, Darren, Dewayne, Dewey, Dolly, Dulcie, Eben, Edison, Edwina, Ellenor, Elma, Emiline, Erica, Erin, Ester, Eugenie, Evans, Ezekiel, Fenton, Fiona, Fredrick, Fremont, Gabrielle, Georgianna, Gibson, Giles, Gill, Gina, Gustave, Gwendoline, Hart, Heath, Hettie, Hezekiah, Horatio, Howell, Hyde, Ila, Isaiah, Jabez, Jackie, Jake, Jared, Jenifer, Joane, Jocelyn, Jones, Juliana, Junior, Kelvin, Kendall, Kimball, Kirk, Kylie, Landon, Leland, Leone, Leonie, Lettie, Liam, Lincoln, Lindsley, Lorene, Louie, Lucia, Mahala, Malinda, Marjory, Merrick, Merton, Michel, Millard, Mindwell, Mollie, Montgomery, Munson, Nell, Neva, Olin, Orpha, Pierce, Rebekah, Rev, Rex, Roberts, Rogor, Rolland, Roxana, Rupert, Sam, Seaton, Shawna, Shelley, Sheryl, Stacey, Summer, Tamara, Tara, Teri, Terrance, Theophilus, Thirza, Thornton, Tonya, Trayton, Valda, Vaughan, Walker, Watson, Wilford, Winona
4(0.1%)Absalom, Adolf, Adrienne, Almeda, Alyssa, Alzina, Andy, Antonio, April, Arabella, Arline, Arrol, Aurelius, Averill, Baronet, Bart, Bartley, Bennie, Benny, Berry, Bishop, Bob, Bonnell, Bowen, Bowman, Brady, Brianna, Bryant, Burns, Burr, Burroughs, Candice, Carroll, Carter, Cassandra, Cecile, Chase, Chelsea, Cherie, Christie, Cicely, Coleen, Dake, Darius, Dave, Delcina, Dell, Delos, Delphine, Dexter, Dianna, Dominick, Donnie, Dorinda, Drusilla, Durland, Dylan, Edythe, Egbert, Elder, Eleazer, Elnathan, Elton, Elwyn, Emaline, Erik, Erwin, Ewing, Felton, Fidelia, Fitch, Florene, Flossie, Flowers, Fowler, Gale, Georgiana, Greg, Griff, Gwendolyn, Hallett, Hanna, Harper, Hayden, Hayes, Hazen, Heinrich, Heman, Hollis, Ilene, Iola, Ivor, Jaqueline, Jarvis, Jedediah, Job, Jodie, Jody, Johannes, Johnnie, Johnny, Jolene, Joram, Jose, Jule, Jules, Juliet, Justine, Justus, Kari, Katrina, Kayla, Ken, Kennard, Keziah, Kirsty, Kittie, Krista, Lance, Lanier, Lavern, Layne, Legrand, Leonidas, Livingston, Liz, Longworth, Lonnie, Love, Loyd, Lucina, Luis, Lyn, Mackenzie, Maisie, Marcie, Marina, Marinda, Marsha, Mathias, McKinley, Melita, Melvina, Merlin, Mike, Minor, Minotte, Money, Moore, Mortimer, Myles, Myrtie, Nims, Noreen, Norris, Norville, Obedience, Orren, Orval, Pamelia, Perkins, Philena, Prudence, Randal, Rayner, Rebina, Renae, Rexford, Rick, Robb, Robbins, Robinson, Rochelle, Rodger, Rogers, Roma, Ron, Ronnie, Rosalia, Roxanna, Rudy, Russel, Sanford, Sariah, Secombe, Shane, Sibyl, Sophronia, Sperry, Stafford, Tabitha, Terrence, Toni, Tracey, Uriah, Verne, Viva, Vivienne, Waddy, Warden, Wells, West, Wilbert, Williams, Wood, Zane
3(0.1%)Abiah, Abiel, Ackley, Agur, Aidan, Aimee, Albina, Alda, Alexis, Alida, Aloysius, Althea, Amey, Andreas, Angie, Annis, Antony, Armina, Asahel, Aseneth, Athol, Babbitt, Baird, Baker, Barnard, Barnum, Bassett, Bede, Beebe, Bella, Belva, Benjamine, Bettey, Bird, Blanch, Bobbie, Booth, Brendon, Brigham, Browning, Buel, Burdett, Buren, Burkley, Burres, Callie, Carolina, Carry, Casper, Cassie, Celina, Christy, Clarke, Clarrissa, Cleora, Collin, Columbus, Conway, Coralie, Corinne, Corwin, Coy, Cumming, Cushing, Daggett, Dallas, Davenport, Davidson, Dawson, Deavin, Delana, Deloris, Dena, Desire, Dewitt, Dion, Divine, Dixon, Dona, Donovan, Dow, Drummond, Dustin, Eastman, Effa, Eleanora, Electra, Elihu, Ellinor, Elliot, Elvina, Elza, Emilie, Emmaline, Emmanuel, Enoch, Erika, Ervin, Essie, Estes, Ethan, Ethelbert, Euphemia, Eustace, Evalina, Evaline, Eveyln, Evon, Farquhar, Farwell, Felicia, Felt, Ferguson, Ferne, Filmore, Finley, Florentine, Fox, Frankie, Franklyn, Frederica, Freelove, Freeston, Frieda, Friend, Fuller, Gardner, Garfield, General, Georg, Georgie, Girard, Glenda, Glendon, Glenna, Glover, Goldsmith, Goodrich, Greta, Griffith, Gurdon, Gwendolen, Gwenyth, Hadley, Halsey, Hammond, Hardy, Harriette, Harriot, Hayley, Hector, Heil, Henderson, Hendricks, Hilder, Holman, Honor, Hortense, Hudson, Humphrey, Idell, Jacquelyn, Janes, Janis, Jeannine, Jennet, Jennette, Jerald, Jere, Jewel, Jewell, Jimmie, Jimmy, Johnston, Jonas, Josh, Josie, Jospeh, Judd, Kaitlin, Karin, Karolyn, Katheryn, Kathrine, Kendric, Kendrick, Kirsten, Kitty, Kristine, Krystal, Lacey, Lars, Lauretta, Leanne, Lela, Lelia, Lenore, Leopold, Leora, Leota, Lida, Loraine, Lorinda, Lotta, Louella, Lowe, Lucian, Lyford, Mabelle, MacKenzie, Madelene, Mahlon, Marcellus, Margret, Marielle, Mariette, Marinus, Marla, Matt, Matthias, Maynard, Mbe, McKnight, McLaren, Mercer, Merilda, Mervin, Michaela, Micou, Millar, Mills, Mnu, Moroni, Morrison, Myrle, Myrta, Nannie, Nash, Ned, Newell, Nolan, Norene, Norine, Norton, Nota, Nyra, Oakes, Obadiah, Obe, Odell, Ola, Orinda, Orton, Panet, Parkhurst, Patterson, Patty, Paulina, Pettibone, Pheba, Philippa, Phillips, Pierpoint, Pierpont, Pond, Pratt, Quinn, Rabey, Raines, Ramona, Rausel, Redmayne, Reeves, Reta, Reva, Rhynehardt, Rice, Robertson, Rolla, Rollin, Rosaline, Rosella, Roslyn, Rowena, Roxy, Ruel, Ruthven, Sabra, Sampson, Samson, Sawyer, Selma, Sewall, Shaun, Sheri, Sherri, Simpson, Stacy, Stanton, Stillman, Strange, Summers, Tami, Tanya, Tauno, Ted, Temple, Theron, Thora, Thurber, Townsend, Tracie, Treat, Tryphena, Twins, Verlin, Verona, Vina, Vinson, Waneta, Wayland, Weldon, Welton, White, Wilhelm, Wilhelmina, Wiliam, Will, Willet, Williard, Wilton, Winfield, Winnifred, Wolsey, Woodruff, Wooster, Worth, Wyatt, Yates, Young, Zelma, Zenas, Zerviah, Zipporah
All other given names occur only once or twice.


Number of occurrences of surnames at Mar 2017

Total number of unique surnames = 7135 (2548 of which occur more than twice) from a total of 42656 people
9329(21.9%)CHATFIELD 8(0.0%)RAWSON 4(0.0%)HAYTER
378(0.9%)SMITH 8(0.0%)FROST 4(0.0%)TELLING
190(0.4%)JOHNSON 8(0.0%)CHISHOLM 4(0.0%)BOND
162(0.4%)STEVENS 8(0.0%)BIVER 4(0.0%)THORN
152(0.4%)HILL 8(0.0%)BLACK 4(0.0%)THORNTON
145(0.3%)BROWN 8(0.0%)NORMAN 4(0.0%)BOGUE
142(0.3%)JONES 8(0.0%)DURRANT 4(0.0%)BEVERAGE
139(0.3%)DAVIS 8(0.0%)GROVES 4(0.0%)TARTER
139(0.3%)MULFORD 8(0.0%)STEVENSON 4(0.0%)KISSAM
132(0.3%)NETTLETON 8(0.0%)BRISTOL 4(0.0%)HATCHER
124(0.3%)KING 8(0.0%)RAVENNA 4(0.0%)SUTER
115(0.3%)THOMPSON 8(0.0%)GERNOLD 4(0.0%)SUTKE
114(0.3%)MILLER 8(0.0%)CARVER 4(0.0%)JUNG
110(0.3%)CLARK 8(0.0%)REID 4(0.0%)KALISKY
108(0.3%)WILLIAMS 8(0.0%)TRIPPE 4(0.0%)JUTTON
104(0.2%)STRANGE 8(0.0%)EVERINGHAM 4(0.0%)UFFORD
97(0.2%)EDWARDS 8(0.0%)BIGELOW 4(0.0%)KEPPLER
96(0.2%)BIRD 8(0.0%)STODDARD 4(0.0%)BIRCH
94(0.2%)ANDERSON 8(0.0%)LYMAN 4(0.0%)KERCSI
94(0.2%)NEWBURY 8(0.0%)EVERETT 4(0.0%)TREVARROW
94(0.2%)LEWIS 8(0.0%)ELIOTT 4(0.0%)TOMINAC
91(0.2%)WILSON 8(0.0%)WILKINSON 4(0.0%)TOWELL
89(0.2%)GREGORY 8(0.0%)LUM 4(0.0%)BITTMAN
88(0.2%)WOOD 8(0.0%)FRIDENMAKER 4(0.0%)TRADER
87(0.2%)MOORE 8(0.0%)INGLIS 4(0.0%)BLAKEY
84(0.2%)MARTIN 8(0.0%)DE WITT 4(0.0%)TIMBIMBOO
83(0.2%)ROBERTS 8(0.0%)BROWNELL 4(0.0%)BOCHLER
77(0.2%)WHITE 8(0.0%)WOOLCOTT 4(0.0%)BOARDMAN
75(0.2%)ALCOTT 8(0.0%)CHANCE 4(0.0%)THORPE
74(0.2%)HENNEMAN 8(0.0%)FORBES 4(0.0%)BODENNER
72(0.2%)CHAPMAN 8(0.0%)DAVENPORT 4(0.0%)HEBB
72(0.2%)TAYLOR 8(0.0%)O'NEILL 4(0.0%)HENTY
71(0.2%)MCDONALD 7(0.0%)PUZEY 4(0.0%)BLOCKLINGER
70(0.2%)MCCAUL 7(0.0%)ROWDEN 4(0.0%)TIBBALS
69(0.2%)HALL 7(0.0%)DOIDGE 4(0.0%)BIGHAM
68(0.2%)RUSSELL 7(0.0%)SISSON 4(0.0%)JERNIGAN
68(0.2%)LAKE 7(0.0%)GARCIA 4(0.0%)HILLIARD
67(0.2%)KELSEY 7(0.0%)GAUSDEN 4(0.0%)JENSEN
67(0.2%)BAKER 7(0.0%)BURROWS 4(0.0%)STEDMAN
64(0.2%)WISE 7(0.0%)HUNTER 4(0.0%)BEATON
63(0.1%)WRIGHT 7(0.0%)HOPPE 4(0.0%)BRITTON
63(0.1%)WARNER 7(0.0%)SLATER 4(0.0%)JESSON
63(0.1%)WHEELER 7(0.0%)CHEATLE 4(0.0%)STEPHAN
61(0.1%)HUGHES 7(0.0%)WISSNER 4(0.0%)JESSER
61(0.1%)SPERRY 7(0.0%)PAPWORTH 4(0.0%)BROSIUS
61(0.1%)HILLS 7(0.0%)PARAMORE 4(0.0%)ST JOHN
60(0.1%)CRANE 7(0.0%)PURINTON 4(0.0%)BAXTER
60(0.1%)HULL 7(0.0%)LOGUE 4(0.0%)BUCHMASTER
59(0.1%)WEBB 7(0.0%)PRESTON 4(0.0%)BRUNNING
59(0.1%)TURNER 7(0.0%)DOLPHIN 4(0.0%)HANLON
58(0.1%)YOUNG 7(0.0%)DOLE 4(0.0%)BEAGLEY
56(0.1%)ROBINSON 7(0.0%)GREGG 4(0.0%)STAPLEY
54(0.1%)WALKER 7(0.0%)ORMSBY 4(0.0%)VERTUE
54(0.1%)TYLER 7(0.0%)LINCOLN 4(0.0%)KOBLE
54(0.1%)BELL 7(0.0%)FLAKE 4(0.0%)BRADFORD
53(0.1%)BAILEY 7(0.0%)MORSEMAN 4(0.0%)BRAY
53(0.1%)FULLER 7(0.0%)JACOBS 4(0.0%)STREET
53(0.1%)HALSEY 7(0.0%)CARRINGTON 4(0.0%)STURGESS
52(0.1%)PERRY 7(0.0%)LEVETT 4(0.0%)KLEIN
52(0.1%)IRWIN 7(0.0%)DABBS 4(0.0%)SURGENER
52(0.1%)FOSTER 7(0.0%)GOODNIGHT 4(0.0%)BRACKPOOL
52(0.1%)CAINES 7(0.0%)WOODHAMS 4(0.0%)SULLIVAN
51(0.1%)MORRIS 7(0.0%)BALDOCK 4(0.0%)BREENEY
51(0.1%)WOOSTER 7(0.0%)POOL 4(0.0%)KOSTANTI
50(0.1%)KNIGHT 7(0.0%)LAYLAND 4(0.0%)STITZ
50(0.1%)FRENCH 7(0.0%)FERRELL 4(0.0%)BRIDGES
50(0.1%)CLARKE 7(0.0%)WILMOT 4(0.0%)BECK
50(0.1%)SCOTT 7(0.0%)MCCARTHY 4(0.0%)HARMAN
50(0.1%)WARD 7(0.0%)DECKER 4(0.0%)STODARD
49(0.1%)ALLEN 7(0.0%)CONKLING 4(0.0%)JEWELL
49(0.1%)THOMAS 7(0.0%)MORRISON 4(0.0%)VANDYKE
49(0.1%)CAMPBELL 7(0.0%)HOLCOMB 4(0.0%)BREWSTER
49(0.1%)SANDFORD 7(0.0%)CAREY 4(0.0%)SCHRADER
48(0.1%)JACKSON 7(0.0%)LONGWORTH 4(0.0%)WILMS
48(0.1%)NEMEC 7(0.0%)HORNE 4(0.0%)WILMSHURST
47(0.1%)WOODS 7(0.0%)WHITTED 4(0.0%)CORNWALL
45(0.1%)PENN 7(0.0%)CASTLEMAN 4(0.0%)DAKE
45(0.1%)WELLS 7(0.0%)SACKETT 4(0.0%)CORBIN
44(0.1%)PARSONS 7(0.0%)SETTERSTROM 4(0.0%)LUCK
44(0.1%)RIGGS 7(0.0%)LEEK 4(0.0%)MACQUEEN
44(0.1%)LYON 7(0.0%)SINDEL 4(0.0%)WYNN
43(0.1%)PETERSON 7(0.0%)CLEVELAND 4(0.0%)WINKLER
42(0.1%)ADAMS 7(0.0%)WALTERS 4(0.0%)MANSFIELD
42(0.1%)COE 7(0.0%)WILLES 4(0.0%)LUNDIN
42(0.1%)BALDWIN 7(0.0%)DREW 4(0.0%)DACY
41(0.1%)BROOKS 7(0.0%)LITTLEJOHN 4(0.0%)CORR
41(0.1%)CABLE 7(0.0%)FERRIS 4(0.0%)LUMLEY
40(0.1%)GREEN 7(0.0%)SHADBOLT 4(0.0%)CORRION
40(0.1%)PARKER 7(0.0%)LITTLE 4(0.0%)CORAM
40(0.1%)LE BARON 7(0.0%)CAINS 4(0.0%)YANDLE
40(0.1%)WATSON 7(0.0%)WHITMORE 4(0.0%)GOLDSMITH
40(0.1%)SHAW 7(0.0%)GUEST 4(0.0%)CONKLIN
40(0.1%)MAY 7(0.0%)HORN 4(0.0%)YEATON
40(0.1%)GRISWOLD 7(0.0%)GOODRIDGE 4(0.0%)ROLLEY
39(0.1%)KINNEY 7(0.0%)BLAKEMAN 4(0.0%)COMBER
39(0.1%)HAZEN 7(0.0%)BEHRENSMEYER 4(0.0%)HOLT
39(0.1%)STRONG 7(0.0%)BRYAN 4(0.0%)PRIME
39(0.1%)COOK 7(0.0%)TOMLIN 4(0.0%)RIGGLE
39(0.1%)ULMER 7(0.0%)FOOTE 4(0.0%)ANGELL
38(0.1%)BENTLEY 7(0.0%)HICKEY 4(0.0%)LOWELL
38(0.1%)EVANS 7(0.0%)BLAIR 4(0.0%)COOMBER
37(0.1%)BRAGG 7(0.0%)BLACKMAN 4(0.0%)HONSE
37(0.1%)PERKINS 7(0.0%)GEORGE 4(0.0%)WILLISTON
37(0.1%)PALMER 7(0.0%)HENDLEY 4(0.0%)RITCHIE
37(0.1%)HARRIS 7(0.0%)BOYER 4(0.0%)HORNBURG
37(0.1%)PRATT 7(0.0%)BRAATZ 4(0.0%)CRABB
37(0.1%)BALL 7(0.0%)KRUGER 4(0.0%)WOMBLE
36(0.1%)MORGAN 7(0.0%)SPARKS 4(0.0%)MACARTHUR
36(0.1%)GRANT 7(0.0%)BOVEE 4(0.0%)REDWARD
36(0.1%)LOWE 7(0.0%)BOWEN 4(0.0%)REDINGER
36(0.1%)PHILLIPS 7(0.0%)RIDDLE 4(0.0%)MALONE
35(0.1%)BRENNAN 7(0.0%)CRESSEY 4(0.0%)CRISFORD
35(0.1%)GUY 7(0.0%)RICKETTS 4(0.0%)WOODRUFF
34(0.1%)LEE 7(0.0%)HATCH 4(0.0%)CRITTENDEN
34(0.1%)MORTENSEN 7(0.0%)DELVES 4(0.0%)RAWLINGS
34(0.1%)COX 7(0.0%)HASTY 4(0.0%)READ
34(0.1%)SHIELDS 7(0.0%)ELWORTHY 4(0.0%)HORWEGE
34(0.1%)SICKLER 7(0.0%)PETZ 4(0.0%)CRIBBS
33(0.1%)MCDOWELL 7(0.0%)BUCKHURST 4(0.0%)REMER
33(0.1%)MACKENZIE 7(0.0%)FORDHAM 4(0.0%)HOUBERTZ
33(0.1%)PATTERSON 7(0.0%)KORNOELJE 4(0.0%)LUTZ
33(0.1%)BREACH 7(0.0%)RHOADES 4(0.0%)GEER
33(0.1%)MICOU 7(0.0%)STONER 4(0.0%)COSTELLO
33(0.1%)NICHOLS 7(0.0%)TWOMEY 4(0.0%)D'MAURO
33(0.1%)CARTER 7(0.0%)ELLIOT 4(0.0%)WINNE
33(0.1%)BUNDEY 7(0.0%)STOWE 4(0.0%)WYATTE
33(0.1%)BEECHER 7(0.0%)MCGREGOR 4(0.0%)GAYLORD
32(0.1%)GRIFFITHS 7(0.0%)GETSMAN 4(0.0%)HUDSON
32(0.1%)VINCENT 7(0.0%)HERITAGE 4(0.0%)ALLISON
32(0.1%)MAHONEY 7(0.0%)TRUMAN 4(0.0%)ALLRED
32(0.1%)HUNT 7(0.0%)TUGWELL 4(0.0%)GAUDERN
32(0.1%)LAMKIN 7(0.0%)GABRIEL 4(0.0%)HOPPER
31(0.1%)CREASE 7(0.0%)PHILLER 4(0.0%)YODER
31(0.1%)HUBBELL 7(0.0%)GIBBY 4(0.0%)SAUL
31(0.1%)HOLMAN 7(0.0%)BRUINS 4(0.0%)SANDERSON
31(0.1%)WEBSTER 7(0.0%)MCRAE 4(0.0%)LINTER
31(0.1%)SHOPE 7(0.0%)EILERS 4(0.0%)WHITWORTH
31(0.1%)GUNN 7(0.0%)TOWNER 4(0.0%)ASLETT
31(0.1%)MURPHY 7(0.0%)GIRAULT 4(0.0%)ALBRIGHT
31(0.1%)HOLBROOK 7(0.0%)STUART 4(0.0%)SAVAGE
31(0.1%)ISBELL 7(0.0%)STANLEY 4(0.0%)DAVID
30(0.1%)ROSS 7(0.0%)HENNEMANN 4(0.0%)SACCA
30(0.1%)HOBBS 7(0.0%)BROSSART 4(0.0%)HOLLOWAY
30(0.1%)CAMERON 7(0.0%)KRICKOVICH 4(0.0%)CLEMENT
30(0.1%)PAGE 7(0.0%)STRODE 4(0.0%)CLASON
30(0.1%)EMERY 7(0.0%)STANDEN 4(0.0%)HOYT
30(0.1%)ROGERS 7(0.0%)CRAIG 4(0.0%)MALE
30(0.1%)MORSE 7(0.0%)BURCHETT 4(0.0%)CLARY
30(0.1%)HOWELL 7(0.0%)BURDICK 4(0.0%)SAYLES
29(0.1%)LOVELAND 7(0.0%)SMOKER 4(0.0%)GREENLEAF
29(0.1%)DAY 7(0.0%)BLUE 4(0.0%)IRVINE
29(0.1%)OLSON 7(0.0%)MACKIE 4(0.0%)WORGER
29(0.1%)CHITTENDEN 7(0.0%)BOITANO 4(0.0%)AULT
29(0.1%)TUCKER 7(0.0%)TEASDALE 4(0.0%)LEVY
29(0.1%)CALLAHAM 7(0.0%)BOGARDUS 4(0.0%)LIDDLE
29(0.1%)COLLINS 7(0.0%)VIDLER 4(0.0%)WHIPP
28(0.1%)HANNERS 7(0.0%)EBERHARD 4(0.0%)GERARD
28(0.1%)DOUGLAS 7(0.0%)EARL 4(0.0%)WHITING
28(0.1%)NICHOLSON 7(0.0%)BECHTOL 4(0.0%)LINDEE
28(0.1%)OWENS 7(0.0%)HAWES 4(0.0%)SCHAMP
28(0.1%)LONG 7(0.0%)NEWMAN 4(0.0%)ZENGERLE
28(0.1%)WEAVER 7(0.0%)BAWKS 4(0.0%)CRUIKSHANK
28(0.1%)KELLY 7(0.0%)LABLANCE 4(0.0%)HOLGATE
27(0.1%)FOWLER 6(0.0%)DALY 4(0.0%)WICKS
27(0.1%)COLE 6(0.0%)CHASE 4(0.0%)GASKILL
27(0.1%)HOTCHKISS 6(0.0%)STREETOR 4(0.0%)DALZELL
27(0.1%)POWELL 6(0.0%)WICKHAM 4(0.0%)COLBERT
27(0.1%)STONE 6(0.0%)KOCH 4(0.0%)COFFMAN
27(0.1%)TOMLINSON 6(0.0%)LODGE 4(0.0%)MARKS
26(0.1%)MILLS 6(0.0%)ACKERMAN 4(0.0%)HYATT
26(0.1%)POND 6(0.0%)BOLANDER 4(0.0%)RANKINE
26(0.1%)GIBSON 6(0.0%)RATCLIFF 4(0.0%)DALMAN
26(0.1%)POTTER 6(0.0%)STRICKER 4(0.0%)ROSCOE
26(0.1%)DRIVER 6(0.0%)THOMSON 4(0.0%)ROSER
26(0.1%)BISHOP 6(0.0%)DALUSIO 4(0.0%)ROSENBERRY
26(0.1%)ELLIS 6(0.0%)ADCOCK 4(0.0%)COLLARD
26(0.1%)MUNGER 6(0.0%)WINCHESTER 4(0.0%)RUGGLES
26(0.1%)MARKHAM 6(0.0%)DOOLITTLE 4(0.0%)AREHART
26(0.1%)GRIFFIN 6(0.0%)PATTISON 4(0.0%)RUFF
26(0.1%)HOPKINS 6(0.0%)ANCRUM 4(0.0%)CLOUT
26(0.1%)SANDERS 6(0.0%)TREAT 4(0.0%)MAGNEY
26(0.1%)HULSE 6(0.0%)SCUTT 4(0.0%)WIGGLESWORTH
25(0.1%)RAYMOND 6(0.0%)FINNEY 4(0.0%)HOLLYMAN
25(0.1%)KEMP 6(0.0%)HERBERT 4(0.0%)WOOLER
25(0.1%)BABBITT 6(0.0%)ZIEGELASCH 4(0.0%)WIDELL
25(0.1%)POPE 6(0.0%)PEAKE 4(0.0%)HOLMANS
25(0.1%)BUTLER 6(0.0%)HEPP 4(0.0%)WOOLEVER
25(0.1%)BEARD 6(0.0%)MIEIRS 4(0.0%)LOHRUM
25(0.1%)HILTON 6(0.0%)BRIDGELAND 4(0.0%)LOMAX
25(0.1%)HEWITT 6(0.0%)ARNETT 3(0.0%)KALKWARF
25(0.1%)PRICE 6(0.0%)MCKAY 3(0.0%)FERRARY
25(0.1%)NELSON 6(0.0%)CHADWICK 3(0.0%)HUFFMAN
25(0.1%)BATES 6(0.0%)TENNIES 3(0.0%)HOSLER
25(0.1%)ARNOLD 6(0.0%)BREMMER 3(0.0%)HENNICK
24(0.1%)FARMER 6(0.0%)GARVOCK 3(0.0%)HUBBARD
24(0.1%)WOODWARD 6(0.0%)MARTINEAU 3(0.0%)FELT
24(0.1%)SPRACKLING 6(0.0%)YORK 3(0.0%)MCNAMARA
24(0.1%)KIMBALL 6(0.0%)TRENTER 3(0.0%)HOUSTON
24(0.1%)AVIS 6(0.0%)MACHACEK 3(0.0%)KELTON
24(0.1%)RHODES 6(0.0%)DAMAN 3(0.0%)KELSON
24(0.1%)SANFORD 6(0.0%)BRENNER 3(0.0%)KEATOR
24(0.1%)PIERCE 6(0.0%)CHAMPER 3(0.0%)KEELER
24(0.1%)HARWOOD 6(0.0%)FAIRCHILD 3(0.0%)KANE
24(0.1%)WALLACE 6(0.0%)KEMPER 3(0.0%)HENSLEY
24(0.1%)FOORD 6(0.0%)SALLS 3(0.0%)HOUGHTON
24(0.1%)BRIGGS 6(0.0%)BOTSFORD 3(0.0%)MEYERS
24(0.1%)OSBORN 6(0.0%)HOSKING 3(0.0%)HENSON
24(0.1%)SOMERS 6(0.0%)MEYER 3(0.0%)MCSHERRY
24(0.1%)SHARP 6(0.0%)TICKNER 3(0.0%)MELLON
23(0.1%)TINKER 6(0.0%)BLATCHLEY 3(0.0%)HITT
23(0.1%)CURTIS 6(0.0%)TALBERT 3(0.0%)HOBART
23(0.1%)MCLAUGHLIN 6(0.0%)COWLES 3(0.0%)JACQUES
23(0.1%)STEWART 6(0.0%)FLOWER 3(0.0%)HOCKER
23(0.1%)REED 6(0.0%)RAYNER 3(0.0%)MELLICK
23(0.1%)HAYWARD 6(0.0%)BLANCHARD 3(0.0%)FITTING
23(0.1%)SCOVIL 6(0.0%)WRITER 3(0.0%)HOLTON
23(0.1%)WHYBORN 6(0.0%)ALLEGER 3(0.0%)JAY
23(0.1%)HYDE 6(0.0%)HEJDUK 3(0.0%)HOLOMANY
23(0.1%)THORSEN 6(0.0%)GRANGER 3(0.0%)HUTSON
23(0.1%)ANDREWS 6(0.0%)SARCHETT 3(0.0%)HOLIFIELD
23(0.1%)BILLINGSLEA 6(0.0%)NEWEY 3(0.0%)HOLLICK
23(0.1%)HOWITT 6(0.0%)SANDS 3(0.0%)FISCHER
23(0.1%)PHELPS 6(0.0%)SANDSTROM 3(0.0%)HOGGARD
22(0.1%)FITCH 6(0.0%)KISHPAUGH 3(0.0%)HOLDER
22(0.1%)DUMBRELL 6(0.0%)WOODFORD 3(0.0%)HOLLIDAY
22(0.1%)SIMMONDS 6(0.0%)POOLE 3(0.0%)HOLLUPKO
22(0.1%)ROUSE 6(0.0%)ALDEN 3(0.0%)FISK
22(0.1%)BARKER 6(0.0%)HELDERMAN 3(0.0%)JACOBSON
22(0.1%)HARDING 6(0.0%)COLLIER 3(0.0%)MERADITH
22(0.1%)KENDALL 6(0.0%)TORREY 3(0.0%)MENDOZA
22(0.1%)CHAPLIN 6(0.0%)HOOTEN 3(0.0%)HUNDLEY
22(0.1%)BENSON 6(0.0%)WYDELL 3(0.0%)HICKOX
22(0.1%)BENNETT 6(0.0%)AHO 3(0.0%)METZENTINE
21(0.0%)DENNIS 6(0.0%)LOBB 3(0.0%)FICEK
21(0.0%)DENDY 6(0.0%)NICHOLLS 3(0.0%)HILLER
21(0.0%)WHEATLEY 6(0.0%)STUCHAL 3(0.0%)HICKLING
21(0.0%)REEVES 6(0.0%)SCHOFIELD 3(0.0%)HESLEY
21(0.0%)LARSON 6(0.0%)CROCKFORD 3(0.0%)JOYCE
21(0.0%)PAYNE 6(0.0%)TEAGUE 3(0.0%)HUISMAN
21(0.0%)CUNNINGHAM 6(0.0%)MARTINEZ 3(0.0%)JOHNS
21(0.0%)HINMAN 6(0.0%)MACKEY 3(0.0%)HESS
21(0.0%)NORTON 6(0.0%)CLEMENS 3(0.0%)MERSH
21(0.0%)LACEY 6(0.0%)TANNER 3(0.0%)HURD
21(0.0%)MARSDEN 6(0.0%)HOPGOOD 3(0.0%)HURLBURT
21(0.0%)WILCOX 6(0.0%)DYE 3(0.0%)HINE
20(0.0%)JORDAN 6(0.0%)LONGMUIR 3(0.0%)HINDLEY
20(0.0%)HOLMES 6(0.0%)HUNTINGTON 3(0.0%)HUNTTING
20(0.0%)BIGGS 6(0.0%)NESS 3(0.0%)MEADE
20(0.0%)FRANK 6(0.0%)MCLEOD 3(0.0%)HOOYDONK
20(0.0%)HARRISON 6(0.0%)SUDDUTH 3(0.0%)HIMES
20(0.0%)CASE 6(0.0%)SCHANZE 3(0.0%)HOOVER
20(0.0%)CARROLL 6(0.0%)THRASHER 3(0.0%)GOODAY
20(0.0%)BARRETT 6(0.0%)DOANE 3(0.0%)LONGLEY
20(0.0%)GRAVES 6(0.0%)WATCHORN 3(0.0%)LOOMIS
20(0.0%)BRYANT 6(0.0%)MALLON 3(0.0%)GOODALE
20(0.0%)MYERS 6(0.0%)HAMMOND 3(0.0%)GOODWIN
20(0.0%)HARPER 6(0.0%)LASH 3(0.0%)MCCLEARY
20(0.0%)COLEMAN 6(0.0%)BUCKMAN 3(0.0%)LOCKYER
20(0.0%)WHEAT 6(0.0%)HODGE 3(0.0%)LONGLAND
19(0.0%)FAULKNER 6(0.0%)DRAY 3(0.0%)MCCLAREN
19(0.0%)WARDEN 6(0.0%)CAIN 3(0.0%)LOPEZ
19(0.0%)SPENCER 6(0.0%)HILBERT 3(0.0%)LUEKEN
19(0.0%)CURRY 6(0.0%)HILDRETH 3(0.0%)MCCACHREN
19(0.0%)BREWER 6(0.0%)JARRED 3(0.0%)FUNNEL
19(0.0%)HOUSE 6(0.0%)ORTON 3(0.0%)MCCANN
19(0.0%)FUNNELL 6(0.0%)LARKIN 3(0.0%)GOLDING
19(0.0%)DRAKE 6(0.0%)RABIGER 3(0.0%)FUERST
19(0.0%)RUTHERFORD 6(0.0%)BEEBE 3(0.0%)LOUDON
19(0.0%)DAVIES 6(0.0%)GUSTORF 3(0.0%)GOLD
19(0.0%)MARSH 6(0.0%)PROPSTING 3(0.0%)LOCKERETZ
19(0.0%)BURTON 6(0.0%)BALLOU 3(0.0%)LINBERRY
19(0.0%)SNOW 6(0.0%)CONOLY 3(0.0%)LIGGETT
19(0.0%)BURST 6(0.0%)OVERHOLT 3(0.0%)FRIEND
19(0.0%)AUSTIN 6(0.0%)BAHNER 3(0.0%)FRIEDMAN
19(0.0%)DAWSON 6(0.0%)HEUSSLER 3(0.0%)FRIDAY
19(0.0%)HERREN 6(0.0%)SHORTESS 3(0.0%)GRIDLEY
19(0.0%)ATKINSON 6(0.0%)OSWALD 3(0.0%)LEPETRE
19(0.0%)O'CONNOR 6(0.0%)PRUITT 3(0.0%)LEUTEL
19(0.0%)HIDE 6(0.0%)CALLAHAN 3(0.0%)MCCRACKEN
19(0.0%)BALE 6(0.0%)SHURR 3(0.0%)MCCORMACK
19(0.0%)GORDON 6(0.0%)VAN SCOYK 3(0.0%)LISTER
19(0.0%)JUPP 6(0.0%)PROZINSKI 3(0.0%)LINTON
19(0.0%)PEARCE 6(0.0%)HICKMAN 3(0.0%)LOCK
18(0.0%)HOFFMAN 6(0.0%)GODDARD 3(0.0%)LLOYD
18(0.0%)WING 6(0.0%)CUMMINGS 3(0.0%)FRIOR
18(0.0%)CRANDALL 6(0.0%)SLOMERS 3(0.0%)MCCLURE
18(0.0%)ARCHER 6(0.0%)VIALL 3(0.0%)MCCONNELL
18(0.0%)GILBERT 6(0.0%)MUNRO 3(0.0%)LUND
18(0.0%)ELLIOTT 6(0.0%)LAMBERT 3(0.0%)MATTERN
18(0.0%)LAWSON 6(0.0%)BURNHAM 3(0.0%)MANSELL
18(0.0%)IZZARD 6(0.0%)BURNS 3(0.0%)MASTICK
18(0.0%)HOOK 6(0.0%)BURROUGHS 3(0.0%)MANTELL
18(0.0%)DEETS 6(0.0%)GALL 3(0.0%)MALONEY
18(0.0%)CROSS 6(0.0%)VINALL 3(0.0%)MALLYON
18(0.0%)MOON 6(0.0%)BURTENSHAWE 3(0.0%)MALLORY
18(0.0%)STEPHENS 6(0.0%)BURTENSHAW 3(0.0%)GALEY
18(0.0%)OLDHAM 6(0.0%)BURKE 3(0.0%)GEIGER
18(0.0%)FLETCHER 6(0.0%)BEATTIE 3(0.0%)GAMMON
18(0.0%)MURRAY 6(0.0%)BUNKER 3(0.0%)MARVIN
18(0.0%)BEACOM 6(0.0%)DUGAN 3(0.0%)GARCE
17(0.0%)HENRY 6(0.0%)VAUGHAN 3(0.0%)GARMAN
17(0.0%)MOSS 6(0.0%)WALGREN 3(0.0%)MARQUISS
17(0.0%)MATTHEWS 6(0.0%)BUMSTEAD 3(0.0%)MASSÉ
17(0.0%)ROWE 6(0.0%)ENDERLIN 3(0.0%)GASSEN
17(0.0%)LOCKWOOD 6(0.0%)HILLIER 3(0.0%)MARKWICK
17(0.0%)PARDEE 6(0.0%)MCCALLLUM 3(0.0%)GARRISON
17(0.0%)LAWRENCE 6(0.0%)JENNER 3(0.0%)GENTON
17(0.0%)LANE 6(0.0%)PURDY 3(0.0%)GINTER
17(0.0%)MEAD 6(0.0%)BASSETT 3(0.0%)GLADMAN
17(0.0%)GARDNER 6(0.0%)PUMMEROY 3(0.0%)GINGRAS
17(0.0%)HANDY 6(0.0%)WAKEFIELD 3(0.0%)MAYER
17(0.0%)DUDLEY 6(0.0%)BRUNTON 3(0.0%)MC KARNESS
17(0.0%)SNYDER 6(0.0%)FOSS 3(0.0%)MCARTHUR
17(0.0%)WANAMAKER 6(0.0%)LEACH 3(0.0%)LUNDBERG
17(0.0%)SEARLES 6(0.0%)MCCABE 3(0.0%)FYE
17(0.0%)RICE 6(0.0%)WHITMAN 3(0.0%)MCALLISTER
17(0.0%)BARBER 6(0.0%)PACKHAM 3(0.0%)GILLIAM
17(0.0%)WESTON 6(0.0%)KRAUSE 3(0.0%)GAINES
17(0.0%)STARR 6(0.0%)SEWELL 3(0.0%)GIACOMETTI
17(0.0%)HOWARD 6(0.0%)TYRRELL 3(0.0%)GERINGER
17(0.0%)NASH 6(0.0%)MORRILL 3(0.0%)MAGAREY
16(0.0%)DAYTON 6(0.0%)STAPLES 3(0.0%)MACKANESS
16(0.0%)MASON 6(0.0%)WHITCOMB 3(0.0%)GILLETT
16(0.0%)HAMILTON 6(0.0%)BERG 3(0.0%)MACLACHLAN
16(0.0%)STEEL 6(0.0%)HERSEY 3(0.0%)GILCHRIST
16(0.0%)PRINDLE 6(0.0%)ROCKWELL 3(0.0%)LENT
16(0.0%)BAIRD 6(0.0%)CROSBY 3(0.0%)HARTMAN
16(0.0%)SIMPSON 6(0.0%)HARGER 3(0.0%)KNOBLOCK
16(0.0%)WILLIS 6(0.0%)PAIN 3(0.0%)HARSH
16(0.0%)ECKLEY 6(0.0%)GONSER 3(0.0%)MCKENNA
16(0.0%)WOODWORTH 6(0.0%)BRIGHT 3(0.0%)KNIBBS
16(0.0%)CASWELL 6(0.0%)KOTT 3(0.0%)MCKNIGHT
16(0.0%)KROPP 6(0.0%)DOVE 3(0.0%)KIRBY
16(0.0%)D'EVLIN 6(0.0%)ASHMORE 3(0.0%)KIRSCH
16(0.0%)JOHNSTON 6(0.0%)GERTH 3(0.0%)HAVENS
16(0.0%)ELSTON 6(0.0%)BEVANS 3(0.0%)FORRESTER
16(0.0%)SHERWOOD 6(0.0%)ROBSON 3(0.0%)HARE
16(0.0%)FLINT 6(0.0%)STETSON 3(0.0%)HARFF
16(0.0%)ODER 6(0.0%)STEPHENSON 3(0.0%)KREGER
16(0.0%)ROSE 6(0.0%)FLEMMING 3(0.0%)KRECKELER
16(0.0%)KIRWAN 6(0.0%)UMBRETE 3(0.0%)KRASBERG
16(0.0%)BABCOCK 6(0.0%)SHERROUSE 3(0.0%)HARMER
16(0.0%)CAMBETIS 6(0.0%)WELLER 3(0.0%)HARMES
16(0.0%)CALINGAY 6(0.0%)CONLEY 3(0.0%)MCINTOSH
16(0.0%)HOWE 6(0.0%)SHERIDAN 3(0.0%)FORWARD
16(0.0%)HARVEY 6(0.0%)STACEY 3(0.0%)HAWKEY
16(0.0%)MCKEE 6(0.0%)UMSTOT 3(0.0%)HEIDRICH
15(0.0%)PIPER 6(0.0%)BENSLEY 3(0.0%)HELLRIEGEL
15(0.0%)GOULD 6(0.0%)SHEPARDSON 3(0.0%)HEFFERNAN
15(0.0%)MCKINNON 6(0.0%)SHELDON 3(0.0%)KERN
15(0.0%)FOX 5(0.0%)CULLIFER 3(0.0%)KENNEDY
15(0.0%)LORDSON 5(0.0%)REAMES 3(0.0%)KENNARD
15(0.0%)BUELL 5(0.0%)PHILPOTT 3(0.0%)HENDRICKS
15(0.0%)MCCRAY 5(0.0%)DILTS 3(0.0%)HELWIG
15(0.0%)BLAKESLEY 5(0.0%)CONROY 3(0.0%)MCMILLEN
15(0.0%)BOWLES 5(0.0%)PROCTOR 3(0.0%)MCMASTER
15(0.0%)BEVINGTON 5(0.0%)PROVOST 3(0.0%)HAYNIE
15(0.0%)BEECHING 5(0.0%)CRAFT 3(0.0%)MCLUCKIE
15(0.0%)TUTTLE 5(0.0%)PRIDDLE 3(0.0%)KINGSNORTH
15(0.0%)SHUTE 5(0.0%)PIERPONT 3(0.0%)HAYLOCK
15(0.0%)WAINE 5(0.0%)GARNER 3(0.0%)KILLICK
15(0.0%)GILL 5(0.0%)LOTT 3(0.0%)HEASMAN
15(0.0%)ABBOTT 5(0.0%)LOVE 3(0.0%)KERNOCHAN
15(0.0%)BATTLEY 5(0.0%)RICH 3(0.0%)HEARD
15(0.0%)MACAULAY 5(0.0%)DE GRAAN 3(0.0%)KIDMAN
15(0.0%)BATHGATE 5(0.0%)ROOT 3(0.0%)HARDEN
15(0.0%)WASHBURN 5(0.0%)ROBBINS 3(0.0%)LAURENCE
15(0.0%)REDFIELD 5(0.0%)LUCKING 3(0.0%)LATTO
15(0.0%)POST 5(0.0%)GONIA 3(0.0%)GUNCKEL
15(0.0%)HEATHER 5(0.0%)GARLAND 3(0.0%)GUNNING
15(0.0%)RANSLEY 5(0.0%)GODLEY 3(0.0%)LATHROP
15(0.0%)CHAMBERLAIN 5(0.0%)GAY 3(0.0%)HADFIELD
15(0.0%)HAYES 5(0.0%)COTTER 3(0.0%)LANGREN
15(0.0%)DAVIDSON 5(0.0%)LOUGHNANE 3(0.0%)HACCHE
15(0.0%)BAYLEY 5(0.0%)COOMBS 3(0.0%)LAPP
15(0.0%)MORTON 5(0.0%)MARBLE 3(0.0%)MCDONAGH
15(0.0%)STOREY 5(0.0%)PEET 3(0.0%)GROOMBRIDGE
15(0.0%)MCKENZIE 5(0.0%)CRUMP 3(0.0%)MCCULLOGH
14(0.0%)KIMBERLY 5(0.0%)RIDDLES 3(0.0%)MCCREA
14(0.0%)MERRICK 5(0.0%)CONVERSE 3(0.0%)LELIÈVRE
14(0.0%)FINN 5(0.0%)MARLOW 3(0.0%)LEIGH
14(0.0%)BORA 5(0.0%)RAY 3(0.0%)GUILD
14(0.0%)INGRAHAM 5(0.0%)GIBBS 3(0.0%)FREE
14(0.0%)MILTON 5(0.0%)POWERS 3(0.0%)MCCURDY
14(0.0%)SHELTON 5(0.0%)LUCENTE 3(0.0%)GRUNDY
14(0.0%)BRADFIELD 5(0.0%)PILTZ 3(0.0%)LANGLEY
14(0.0%)CHILDS 5(0.0%)COUSINS 3(0.0%)KYLE
14(0.0%)HORTON 5(0.0%)RICHMOND 3(0.0%)FOURNIER
14(0.0%)RAMSAY 5(0.0%)CROWDEN 3(0.0%)LADBROOKE
14(0.0%)OWREY 5(0.0%)PORT 3(0.0%)HAMMER
14(0.0%)BOWMAN 5(0.0%)PRUDEN 3(0.0%)MCGLINCH
14(0.0%)BOLDEN 5(0.0%)ROLLINS 3(0.0%)MCGRATH
14(0.0%)MORAHAN 5(0.0%)ROMP 3(0.0%)HARDAWAY
14(0.0%)GOFF 5(0.0%)DE VISME 3(0.0%)FOUNTAIN
14(0.0%)PECKHAM 5(0.0%)RAND 3(0.0%)KRISHER
14(0.0%)PENFOLD 5(0.0%)CORBETT 3(0.0%)HALSE
14(0.0%)PENDELL 5(0.0%)PEDDER 3(0.0%)HAINES
14(0.0%)CARPENTER 5(0.0%)DILLOW 3(0.0%)LANDERER
14(0.0%)RICHARDS 5(0.0%)COHEN 3(0.0%)FRANKLIN
14(0.0%)BLACKEBY 5(0.0%)DENHAM 3(0.0%)HAIN
14(0.0%)FORD 5(0.0%)RAINS 3(0.0%)HALEY
14(0.0%)STACE 5(0.0%)RHINE 3(0.0%)MCFALL
14(0.0%)AGLER 5(0.0%)LOVEJOY 3(0.0%)HALLIDAY
14(0.0%)BLAKE 5(0.0%)PERSCHKE 3(0.0%)MCEWEN
14(0.0%)CHESTER 5(0.0%)CRUZ 3(0.0%)LAMBELL
14(0.0%)WALL 5(0.0%)CUTTRESS 3(0.0%)SHOESMITH
14(0.0%)CLEMONS 5(0.0%)DEUTSCHER 3(0.0%)CANTRELL
14(0.0%)HENDERSON 5(0.0%)CORNU 3(0.0%)CALHOUN
14(0.0%)BINGHAM 5(0.0%)DEWITT 3(0.0%)SIBUN
14(0.0%)MASTERS 5(0.0%)PEASE 3(0.0%)CANTWELL
14(0.0%)CARTWRIGHT 5(0.0%)TRUBY 3(0.0%)CARLIN
14(0.0%)BURT 5(0.0%)TRZOS 3(0.0%)CARMICHAEL
14(0.0%)HAWLEY 5(0.0%)KEENY 3(0.0%)CARDAMONI
14(0.0%)OWEN 5(0.0%)TROYER 3(0.0%)CARDEW
14(0.0%)COATES 5(0.0%)TUPPER 3(0.0%)CALDWELL
14(0.0%)CRAWFORD 5(0.0%)HERNANDEZ 3(0.0%)BYERS
13(0.0%)ALEXANDER 5(0.0%)NEAGLE 3(0.0%)CACHEUX
13(0.0%)BALLEW 5(0.0%)TUCKEY 3(0.0%)BUTTON
13(0.0%)MATHEW 5(0.0%)TROTT 3(0.0%)SIX
13(0.0%)NORTH 5(0.0%)KEMPF 3(0.0%)CADE
13(0.0%)DAGGETT 5(0.0%)HENLEY 3(0.0%)SILLYMAN
13(0.0%)THAYER 5(0.0%)TOURLE 3(0.0%)SIEDEN
13(0.0%)FIELD 5(0.0%)BISSELL 3(0.0%)SIM
13(0.0%)COWELL 5(0.0%)FLORA 3(0.0%)SILVESTER
13(0.0%)LITCHFIELD 5(0.0%)KELLEY 3(0.0%)SEAMAN
13(0.0%)GRAY 5(0.0%)TRACEY 3(0.0%)CHAMPLIN
13(0.0%)WILTON 5(0.0%)TRACY 3(0.0%)CHADDERDON
13(0.0%)GARRIGUS 5(0.0%)BEST 3(0.0%)SEAMER
13(0.0%)ROYCE 5(0.0%)HILDER 3(0.0%)SCOVILLE
13(0.0%)WHITNEY 5(0.0%)BEAUMONT 3(0.0%)SCHROEDER
13(0.0%)SCHMIDT 5(0.0%)MCVAY 3(0.0%)SCHRODER
13(0.0%)PETERS 5(0.0%)BEAL 3(0.0%)SCHWARTZ
13(0.0%)TESTER 5(0.0%)VINKEMULDER 3(0.0%)SECOMBE
13(0.0%)GJEDSTED 5(0.0%)VERNON 3(0.0%)SEVIGNY
13(0.0%)PORTER 5(0.0%)BEALS 3(0.0%)SESSLER
13(0.0%)KOENIG 5(0.0%)HIGGINSON 3(0.0%)CASERTA
13(0.0%)LANDMAN 5(0.0%)JUSTICE 3(0.0%)CASEY
13(0.0%)BARTLETT 5(0.0%)JOSLIN 3(0.0%)SERGEANT
13(0.0%)GALBRAITH 5(0.0%)BESSETTE 3(0.0%)CATLETT
13(0.0%)JAMES 5(0.0%)BENTON 3(0.0%)SEDAM
13(0.0%)PAINE 5(0.0%)BELANGER 3(0.0%)SENIOR
13(0.0%)BARNES 5(0.0%)HEWS 3(0.0%)CASTNER
13(0.0%)GILLESPIE 5(0.0%)NAKADA 3(0.0%)STATIRA
13(0.0%)VAN GIESON 5(0.0%)VALENTINE 3(0.0%)BROOK
13(0.0%)HAND 5(0.0%)NEUBERT 3(0.0%)BRODBECK
13(0.0%)KIRST 5(0.0%)MCLEAN 3(0.0%)STEER
13(0.0%)SOULE 5(0.0%)HAYNES 3(0.0%)BROOMFIELD
13(0.0%)PENNINGTON 5(0.0%)HAYDEN 3(0.0%)ST CLAIR
13(0.0%)UPSON 5(0.0%)TAPLIN 3(0.0%)BRUNELLE
13(0.0%)QUINN 5(0.0%)HEADLEY 3(0.0%)STALLARD
13(0.0%)KENT 5(0.0%)THIESEN 3(0.0%)BRUCE
13(0.0%)OPENSHAW 5(0.0%)KINGSLEY 3(0.0%)STOKES
13(0.0%)FOUTY 5(0.0%)HATTON 3(0.0%)STRATMAN
13(0.0%)COUSSENS 5(0.0%)KIRTLAND 3(0.0%)STRANO
13(0.0%)JULIAN 5(0.0%)SWANN 3(0.0%)BRIDGER
12(0.0%)PARMENTER 5(0.0%)HATFIELD 3(0.0%)BRIZZEE
12(0.0%)CLOUGH 5(0.0%)HAWKS 3(0.0%)BROCKMAN
12(0.0%)O'BRIEN 5(0.0%)TALABERE 3(0.0%)STIREWALT
12(0.0%)TRAVERS 5(0.0%)HAVEN 3(0.0%)STILL
12(0.0%)BRENKE 5(0.0%)SYLVESTER 3(0.0%)BURROUGH
12(0.0%)NOVELLE 5(0.0%)BOLLES 3(0.0%)BUSBY
12(0.0%)KNOTT 5(0.0%)NEWELL 3(0.0%)BURKS
12(0.0%)GARRETT 5(0.0%)BLINCO 3(0.0%)SMEJKAL
12(0.0%)BLACKFORD 5(0.0%)BLUNDELL 3(0.0%)SLINN
12(0.0%)JANES 5(0.0%)HECKLE 3(0.0%)BUTEL
12(0.0%)BARNARD 5(0.0%)BLESS 3(0.0%)SKICKI
12(0.0%)BARROW 5(0.0%)KENNEY 3(0.0%)BUSHBY
12(0.0%)METCALF 5(0.0%)EDMONSON 3(0.0%)SLACK
12(0.0%)MACDONALD 5(0.0%)KENYON 3(0.0%)SNODGRASS
12(0.0%)MANNING 5(0.0%)NEWNHAM 3(0.0%)BUDDE
12(0.0%)MARSHALL 5(0.0%)KIDSTON 3(0.0%)BUECHELE
12(0.0%)LANCASTER 5(0.0%)THODE 3(0.0%)SPARKES
12(0.0%)BUSH 5(0.0%)THOMASSEN 3(0.0%)SOUNTAIN
12(0.0%)CARROTT 5(0.0%)BODAN 3(0.0%)BUREN
12(0.0%)SKINNER 5(0.0%)THUNDER 3(0.0%)BURG
12(0.0%)COOLEY 5(0.0%)BOGIE 3(0.0%)SONBERG
12(0.0%)HAZELTON 5(0.0%)MCMAHON 3(0.0%)SOMMERS
12(0.0%)BACON 5(0.0%)FANTA 3(0.0%)RHOTEN
12(0.0%)WELFARE 5(0.0%)MERWIN 3(0.0%)RHODEN
12(0.0%)DOWN 5(0.0%)WILLSON 3(0.0%)CORNELL
12(0.0%)DAIGNEAULT 5(0.0%)MONTAG 3(0.0%)CORNWELL
12(0.0%)DOWNS 5(0.0%)HOPE 3(0.0%)RHODE
12(0.0%)LEROY 5(0.0%)WINTER 3(0.0%)COTTON
12(0.0%)SAWYER 5(0.0%)FARLEY 3(0.0%)COSTA
12(0.0%)FISHER 5(0.0%)ANGWIN 3(0.0%)REIK
12(0.0%)HOWES 5(0.0%)APPLETON 3(0.0%)CORBUT
12(0.0%)WILKINS 5(0.0%)HUTTON 3(0.0%)COOL
12(0.0%)SHORT 5(0.0%)IDE 3(0.0%)RINN
12(0.0%)NIERIKER 5(0.0%)HYLAND 3(0.0%)RIVERA
12(0.0%)LOWERY 5(0.0%)MONTGOMERY 3(0.0%)COOKSLEY
12(0.0%)HICKS 5(0.0%)ANNAND 3(0.0%)RIGLER
12(0.0%)JENNINGS 5(0.0%)MOOKA 3(0.0%)CORBET
12(0.0%)ADDISON 5(0.0%)MOODIE 3(0.0%)RIDOUT
12(0.0%)DUNCAN 5(0.0%)WOLFORD 3(0.0%)RIFFLE
12(0.0%)RYAN 5(0.0%)ACKLEY 3(0.0%)RIECHELMANN
12(0.0%)HATHAWAY 5(0.0%)MIALL 3(0.0%)REARDON
12(0.0%)LORD 5(0.0%)WYKERT 3(0.0%)CRAMER
12(0.0%)SWIFT 5(0.0%)FENNER 3(0.0%)COZENS
12(0.0%)DEUEL 5(0.0%)ABERLE 3(0.0%)RECORDS
12(0.0%)ENGLISH 5(0.0%)HOXIE 3(0.0%)CRAMP
12(0.0%)NORRIS 5(0.0%)FELLOWS 3(0.0%)RATTENBURY
12(0.0%)HARDY 5(0.0%)AFABLE 3(0.0%)CRAMPTON
12(0.0%)BESSEY 5(0.0%)WOODIN 3(0.0%)CREEGER
12(0.0%)CLEMENTS 5(0.0%)WOODROW 3(0.0%)COWSHALL
12(0.0%)PUTNAM 5(0.0%)HUMPHREY 3(0.0%)REGENCIA
12(0.0%)BURGESS 5(0.0%)HUMFREY 3(0.0%)COUNTRYMAN
11(0.0%)HOUSER 5(0.0%)WREN 3(0.0%)COUGHLIN
11(0.0%)SUTTON 5(0.0%)AGATE 3(0.0%)REHN
11(0.0%)TOLAND 5(0.0%)ALBRO 3(0.0%)REENE
11(0.0%)BOSWELL 5(0.0%)HOSKINS 3(0.0%)COWIE
11(0.0%)KIDGELL 5(0.0%)ARROL 3(0.0%)COWPER
11(0.0%)BOYDEN 5(0.0%)HLADKY 3(0.0%)REDWAY
11(0.0%)KNAPP 5(0.0%)WALSH 3(0.0%)COVIELLO
11(0.0%)NEWSOME 5(0.0%)JARVIS 3(0.0%)CHILTON
11(0.0%)BOOTH 5(0.0%)HITCHINS 3(0.0%)CHIPMAN
11(0.0%)ROYLE 5(0.0%)MOULTON 3(0.0%)CHEWTER
11(0.0%)MARCHANT 5(0.0%)BANKS 3(0.0%)SAXBY
11(0.0%)GRIFFITH 5(0.0%)HOAG 3(0.0%)SARA
11(0.0%)DALE 5(0.0%)WATERS 3(0.0%)CLAY
11(0.0%)DRURY 5(0.0%)WAKELEE 3(0.0%)RUTH
11(0.0%)PECK 5(0.0%)FITZROY 3(0.0%)CLAMPITT
11(0.0%)OLIVER 5(0.0%)MUNSON 3(0.0%)SALE
11(0.0%)HAHN 5(0.0%)VINNING 3(0.0%)SAXENIAN
11(0.0%)CURTISS 5(0.0%)BAUER 3(0.0%)SCHNABEL
11(0.0%)BYRD 5(0.0%)MEEKER 3(0.0%)CHAUSSER
11(0.0%)SITES 5(0.0%)JELINEK 3(0.0%)SCHOONOVER
11(0.0%)GELSTON 5(0.0%)BAMFORD 3(0.0%)CHERRYMAN
11(0.0%)PARKINSON 5(0.0%)MORLEY 3(0.0%)SAYERS
11(0.0%)HANCOCK 5(0.0%)ATKINS 3(0.0%)SCHLUENTZ
11(0.0%)CHATFEILD 5(0.0%)AYERS 3(0.0%)SCHEITLER
11(0.0%)BEACH 5(0.0%)ISON 3(0.0%)ROMIRE
11(0.0%)BAYLOR 5(0.0%)ASHLEY 3(0.0%)COMPER
11(0.0%)EWART 5(0.0%)WHITTIER 3(0.0%)ROOD
11(0.0%)PIERSON 5(0.0%)WHITEHEAD 3(0.0%)RONEY
11(0.0%)SIMMONS 5(0.0%)ASHMAN 3(0.0%)COMPTON
11(0.0%)PEARSON 5(0.0%)WENDLING 3(0.0%)CONNER
11(0.0%)WEISKOTTEN 5(0.0%)WEED 3(0.0%)RIXEN
11(0.0%)MASE 5(0.0%)WEEKS 3(0.0%)ROBINETT
11(0.0%)MEPHAM 5(0.0%)WEBBER 3(0.0%)CONNELL
11(0.0%)SHERMAN 5(0.0%)WEDGE 3(0.0%)RORAH
11(0.0%)CARLSON 5(0.0%)JACK 3(0.0%)RUPP
11(0.0%)WHALEN 5(0.0%)WELLMAN 3(0.0%)COAPLAND
11(0.0%)WEST 5(0.0%)EUBANKS 3(0.0%)RUSSO
11(0.0%)IVES 5(0.0%)JACKMAN 3(0.0%)RUSS
11(0.0%)BARD 5(0.0%)KLEEHAMMER 3(0.0%)COATE
11(0.0%)WATERMAN 5(0.0%)OLSEN 3(0.0%)ROSENBERG
11(0.0%)CUTLER 5(0.0%)PARMALEE 3(0.0%)COCKRAM
11(0.0%)OSBORNE 5(0.0%)DUCKWORTH 3(0.0%)CODY
11(0.0%)BALMEO 5(0.0%)MCCOY 3(0.0%)BRAMAN
11(0.0%)BALLARD 5(0.0%)SNELL 3(0.0%)WESTBROOK
11(0.0%)INGRAM 5(0.0%)SMYTH 3(0.0%)WELSH
11(0.0%)CARR 5(0.0%)SLOAN 3(0.0%)WHENDAY
11(0.0%)ELLSON 5(0.0%)CHATFIED 3(0.0%)WHATTON
11(0.0%)RANN 5(0.0%)HAERI 3(0.0%)BAGLEY
11(0.0%)BROSNAHAN 5(0.0%)BYRNE 3(0.0%)WAY
11(0.0%)KEITH 5(0.0%)LANGBRIDGE 3(0.0%)WASNER
11(0.0%)GOOD 5(0.0%)ONTRONEN 3(0.0%)WEHMAN
11(0.0%)MARTEN 5(0.0%)BUTCHER 3(0.0%)BAKUS
11(0.0%)STANDAGE 5(0.0%)LANDIS 3(0.0%)WHETTEM
11(0.0%)MILES 5(0.0%)DUGGAN 3(0.0%)ASHBY
11(0.0%)DUPEE 5(0.0%)SOBOTKA 3(0.0%)ASHFORD
11(0.0%)MADGWICK 5(0.0%)BURBANK 3(0.0%)WIDE
11(0.0%)RADEKIN 5(0.0%)BULLOCK 3(0.0%)WICKLIFFE
11(0.0%)DONOVAN 5(0.0%)OGDEN 3(0.0%)WHITMARSH
11(0.0%)LYNCH 5(0.0%)SAWYERS 3(0.0%)WHISKE
11(0.0%)TOWNSEND 5(0.0%)BUHLKE 3(0.0%)WHETZAL
11(0.0%)FARRELL 5(0.0%)LINDEMAN 3(0.0%)ATTREE
11(0.0%)MAWLE 5(0.0%)BURIAK 3(0.0%)WHISKE\WHISKEY
11(0.0%)BRADY 5(0.0%)SCHEUERMANN 3(0.0%)WADEY
11(0.0%)SPRAGUE 5(0.0%)SNIDER 3(0.0%)VOGLE
10(0.0%)FRY 5(0.0%)BURGENER 3(0.0%)WAKE
10(0.0%)GRIMES 5(0.0%)MCGARVEY 3(0.0%)WADY
10(0.0%)FRASER 5(0.0%)LAIB 3(0.0%)VAUGHTON
10(0.0%)STOUT 5(0.0%)SHEPARD 3(0.0%)BEAVANS
10(0.0%)LEONARD 5(0.0%)SHATTUCK 3(0.0%)BEAN
10(0.0%)NOTTINGHAM 5(0.0%)MCDADE 3(0.0%)VENN
10(0.0%)COULSTOCK 5(0.0%)CARD 3(0.0%)BARKEE
10(0.0%)TERRY 5(0.0%)PARASK 3(0.0%)BARLOW
10(0.0%)ROWLAND 5(0.0%)CARGILL 3(0.0%)BARGUS
10(0.0%)SARGENT 5(0.0%)CHALKIN 3(0.0%)WARRINGTON
10(0.0%)BOOKHAM 5(0.0%)CASTLE 3(0.0%)BARTH
10(0.0%)ROBB 5(0.0%)GROVER 3(0.0%)BASHFORD
10(0.0%)DOYLE 5(0.0%)LELIEVRE 3(0.0%)WALDEN
10(0.0%)RUSH 5(0.0%)SEDCOLE 3(0.0%)BARTRAM
10(0.0%)SWANK 5(0.0%)CERRUTO 3(0.0%)WALES
10(0.0%)GOODMAN 5(0.0%)LEAVENWORTH 3(0.0%)WORKUM
10(0.0%)NOBLE 5(0.0%)SEVENAU 3(0.0%)WORDEN
10(0.0%)SEYMOUR 5(0.0%)LATTIMER 3(0.0%)WRAY
10(0.0%)BROWNING 5(0.0%)SHULER 3(0.0%)WORTHLEY
10(0.0%)CORNING 5(0.0%)CAMPMAN 3(0.0%)WOOLDRIDGE
10(0.0%)DUNBAR 5(0.0%)LATHAM 3(0.0%)ALLDRITT
10(0.0%)COBB 5(0.0%)SIMS 3(0.0%)WOLOSZ
10(0.0%)KUSSIN 5(0.0%)LESUEUR 3(0.0%)ALEGI
10(0.0%)SPROUL 5(0.0%)CADD 3(0.0%)ALLCOCK
10(0.0%)DOTY 5(0.0%)PARKER-BOWLES 3(0.0%)WYDRA
10(0.0%)LOVELL 5(0.0%)SCRANTON 3(0.0%)ZINK
10(0.0%)NICOLL 5(0.0%)DOWSETT 3(0.0%)ZELLNER
10(0.0%)DURAND 5(0.0%)CHANDLER 3(0.0%)ZORNES
10(0.0%)ROBERTSON 5(0.0%)GURNEY 3(0.0%)ZLATEFF
10(0.0%)BOXSHALL 5(0.0%)CANFIELD 3(0.0%)ZEAMAN
10(0.0%)SALIBA 5(0.0%)GURR 3(0.0%)YOPP
10(0.0%)SHARPE 5(0.0%)CHARLES 3(0.0%)WYMARK
10(0.0%)DEVLIN 5(0.0%)LINES 3(0.0%)ZABELKA
10(0.0%)LEPPARD 5(0.0%)SAFINNK 3(0.0%)WILE
10(0.0%)SEARS 5(0.0%)LIVINGSTON 3(0.0%)WILDER
10(0.0%)DICKINSON 5(0.0%)CLEGG 3(0.0%)ANSELL
10(0.0%)AVERILL 5(0.0%)DURFEE 3(0.0%)WILKERSON
10(0.0%)BLODGETT 5(0.0%)STITT 3(0.0%)WILD
10(0.0%)FLECK 5(0.0%)DUNTHORNE 3(0.0%)APPS
10(0.0%)ELLISON 5(0.0%)BROOKER 3(0.0%)ARCHERS
10(0.0%)FARRINGTON 5(0.0%)FOUCH 3(0.0%)APPLEBY
10(0.0%)ATTWOOD 5(0.0%)HANSEN 3(0.0%)APPLEGATE
10(0.0%)JUDD 5(0.0%)KREEGHER 3(0.0%)WILLEY
10(0.0%)MOTT 5(0.0%)PATKAU 3(0.0%)WIXEN
10(0.0%)TIBBETTS 5(0.0%)STEAD 3(0.0%)WITTY
10(0.0%)HODGES 5(0.0%)RUXTON 3(0.0%)WOLFF
10(0.0%)PRITCHARD 5(0.0%)STURT 3(0.0%)ALT
10(0.0%)MCTAGGERT 5(0.0%)HARTNOLL 3(0.0%)WITTON
10(0.0%)WOOTEN 5(0.0%)DITON 3(0.0%)ANDRES
10(0.0%)TOWNE 5(0.0%)BOWYER 3(0.0%)ANEY
10(0.0%)RANDALL 5(0.0%)ROY 3(0.0%)WITT
10(0.0%)WILBUR 5(0.0%)KLITGARD 3(0.0%)AMSLER
10(0.0%)RATCLIFFE 5(0.0%)BRAUER 3(0.0%)TERRELL
10(0.0%)FIELDS 5(0.0%)NUNN 3(0.0%)TEN-TUSSCHER
10(0.0%)MERRITT 5(0.0%)MCCLOSKEY 3(0.0%)BOISE
10(0.0%)ARMSTRONG 5(0.0%)BRICKER 3(0.0%)THIELE
10(0.0%)PRIM 5(0.0%)GORHAM 3(0.0%)TEECE
10(0.0%)TURNEY 5(0.0%)MCKEAN 3(0.0%)TATTAM
10(0.0%)MAPES 5(0.0%)GOSSAGE 3(0.0%)TATE
10(0.0%)DEAN 5(0.0%)LIPKE 3(0.0%)BOOT
10(0.0%)BLAKESLEE 5(0.0%)BUCKLAND 3(0.0%)BOOTS
10(0.0%)INGALLS 5(0.0%)HANKIN 3(0.0%)BOGGUST
10(0.0%)BARNETT 5(0.0%)HANKINSON 3(0.0%)TIZZARD
10(0.0%)ABLING 5(0.0%)PATCHING 3(0.0%)TINGLEY
10(0.0%)NEWTON 5(0.0%)CHURCH 3(0.0%)TOBEY
10(0.0%)HOUGH 5(0.0%)KUIPERS 3(0.0%)BLESSUM
10(0.0%)GEERING 5(0.0%)SARNS 3(0.0%)BLOW
10(0.0%)JEFFERY 5(0.0%)KRUEGER 3(0.0%)BODENDIECK
10(0.0%)JAUREGUI 5(0.0%)ST AUBYN 3(0.0%)BOGGS
10(0.0%)MULLALY 5(0.0%)CHRISTIAN 3(0.0%)BOAKS
10(0.0%)ECHERD 5(0.0%)SPRY 3(0.0%)THURBER
10(0.0%)HIGHGATE 5(0.0%)SOUTHEY 3(0.0%)SWANBORG
9(0.0%)ROBY 5(0.0%)HAMMINK 3(0.0%)SURBROOK
9(0.0%)STOCK 5(0.0%)KRICHBAUM 3(0.0%)SWASEY
9(0.0%)ILES 5(0.0%)DUMBRILL 3(0.0%)SWARTZ
9(0.0%)BRISTOW 5(0.0%)OAKES 3(0.0%)BOYCE
9(0.0%)TUCK 4(0.0%)MORITZ 3(0.0%)BOZANG
9(0.0%)MAYNARD 4(0.0%)MILLARD 3(0.0%)BRACE
9(0.0%)ARMATI 4(0.0%)MONEY 3(0.0%)BOYD
9(0.0%)ERHARDT 4(0.0%)PAINTER 3(0.0%)STYLES
9(0.0%)TRUSCOTT 4(0.0%)FALLER 3(0.0%)SWEENY
9(0.0%)SEAVEY 4(0.0%)EVEMY 3(0.0%)TALLEY
9(0.0%)RETALLACK 4(0.0%)PASKAN 3(0.0%)SYMONS
9(0.0%)CATT 4(0.0%)PAXTON 3(0.0%)TASKER
9(0.0%)MERCER 4(0.0%)MCCLUNG 3(0.0%)TAN
9(0.0%)KOTH 4(0.0%)MCCLELLAN 3(0.0%)BOTTI
9(0.0%)DANCER 4(0.0%)MCCARTY 3(0.0%)SWINYER
9(0.0%)MANER 4(0.0%)DILLON 3(0.0%)SWININGTON
9(0.0%)RILEY 4(0.0%)FAIN 3(0.0%)BOTTING
9(0.0%)MADDERN 4(0.0%)FALCONE 3(0.0%)BOURNE
9(0.0%)HALE 4(0.0%)PARRISH 3(0.0%)BENDER
9(0.0%)WINDER 4(0.0%)FARROW 3(0.0%)TYRE
9(0.0%)HOOPER 4(0.0%)DODD 3(0.0%)VAILLANCOURT
9(0.0%)LAMB 4(0.0%)MCCLOY 3(0.0%)USHER
9(0.0%)DILKE 4(0.0%)MASSIE 3(0.0%)BERNARD
9(0.0%)PARKS 4(0.0%)FINK 3(0.0%)BETTEN
9(0.0%)NEAL 4(0.0%)MEUNIER 3(0.0%)TUHRO
9(0.0%)HARMON 4(0.0%)EWING 3(0.0%)BERRY
9(0.0%)GRIGSBY 4(0.0%)MILNE 3(0.0%)TURRENTINE
9(0.0%)LAIRD 4(0.0%)FINCH 3(0.0%)BELSHE
9(0.0%)STORRS 4(0.0%)PITT 3(0.0%)VANDENBERG
9(0.0%)TREACY 4(0.0%)MOFFAT 3(0.0%)VANN
9(0.0%)PREETE 4(0.0%)PEAT 3(0.0%)BECKER
9(0.0%)HANDRICKS 4(0.0%)EXTINE 3(0.0%)VALLOM
9(0.0%)BARNUM 4(0.0%)MORIN 3(0.0%)VALENTE
9(0.0%)PILCHER 4(0.0%)MORROW 3(0.0%)BEFORE
9(0.0%)RICHEY 4(0.0%)EDINGER 3(0.0%)BEGLEY
9(0.0%)BALAAM 4(0.0%)O'TOOLE 3(0.0%)TOZER
9(0.0%)AVERY 4(0.0%)DUNN 3(0.0%)BISBEE
9(0.0%)OBINA 4(0.0%)DUNSTALL 3(0.0%)BISCORNER
9(0.0%)OLCOTT 4(0.0%)EATON 3(0.0%)TORMEY
9(0.0%)JAEGER 4(0.0%)DEVERS 3(0.0%)BLASINGAME
9(0.0%)MUELLER 4(0.0%)DUNHAM 3(0.0%)TOCCI
9(0.0%)CRUSE 4(0.0%)NESBIT 3(0.0%)BLANKENSHIP
9(0.0%)WARREN 4(0.0%)ODELL 3(0.0%)TOMBS
9(0.0%)BUDD 4(0.0%)MCNAB 3(0.0%)BISACCIA
9(0.0%)WATTS 4(0.0%)MCMULLEN 3(0.0%)TROWER
9(0.0%)CONSTABLE 4(0.0%)EDSON 3(0.0%)BILLINGS
9(0.0%)CONTEST 4(0.0%)PHELAN 3(0.0%)BEYTS
9(0.0%)BRONSON 4(0.0%)O'CONNELL 3(0.0%)TROLL
9(0.0%)HOLLAND 4(0.0%)FORSTER 3(0.0%)BIONDA
9(0.0%)HERRICK 4(0.0%)DENNY 3(0.0%)TOZIER
9(0.0%)INGHAM 4(0.0%)NUGENT 3(0.0%)TRINIDAD
9(0.0%)STEELE 4(0.0%)PERRYMAN 3(0.0%)TRELFER
9(0.0%)QUIGLEY 4(0.0%)FOOT 3(0.0%)EPPERSON
9(0.0%)GODSMARK 4(0.0%)MCKIE 3(0.0%)DUNNING
9(0.0%)FREEMAN 4(0.0%)PERCY 3(0.0%)O'DELL
9(0.0%)TURK 4(0.0%)MAYCOCK 3(0.0%)POWLESLAND
9(0.0%)GATES 4(0.0%)EASTWOOD 3(0.0%)EPPES
9(0.0%)MCDANIEL 4(0.0%)PEPE 3(0.0%)MUNDY
9(0.0%)HAGER 4(0.0%)PEST 3(0.0%)DARK
9(0.0%)MANLEY 4(0.0%)MCMAHAN 3(0.0%)PAYSON
9(0.0%)CROUCH 4(0.0%)DERGE 3(0.0%)O'ROURKE
9(0.0%)MCGEE 4(0.0%)MCINTYRE 3(0.0%)DARRELL
9(0.0%)COPPOCK 4(0.0%)FOLEY 3(0.0%)MUSSELWHITE
9(0.0%)FULTON 4(0.0%)MCNAUGHTON 3(0.0%)PORCH
9(0.0%)HANSON 4(0.0%)FUGGLE 3(0.0%)DAYE
9(0.0%)REES 4(0.0%)MULLEN 3(0.0%)DURELL
9(0.0%)LINEHAN 4(0.0%)FREDERICK 3(0.0%)DICKEY
9(0.0%)CHICK 4(0.0%)FULLAM 3(0.0%)DARTT
9(0.0%)WOODGATE 4(0.0%)DRAPER 3(0.0%)DICKS
9(0.0%)LYONS 4(0.0%)MEEK 3(0.0%)DATWYLER
9(0.0%)CREGO 4(0.0%)FRAZIER 3(0.0%)MURKLEY
9(0.0%)TODD 4(0.0%)MULLANEY 3(0.0%)MORRELL
9(0.0%)HASKINS 4(0.0%)ETHERIDGE 3(0.0%)DAILY
9(0.0%)TORLESSE 4(0.0%)PAGANO 3(0.0%)EVELEIGH
9(0.0%)GREENHAW 4(0.0%)FREESE 3(0.0%)PRINCE
9(0.0%)SUHR 4(0.0%)FISHBURN 3(0.0%)PRIOR
9(0.0%)PARTRIDGE 4(0.0%)MOYER 3(0.0%)MORDANT
9(0.0%)MOEN 4(0.0%)DOWNER 3(0.0%)PROVENCE
9(0.0%)DERBY 4(0.0%)GALLOP 3(0.0%)MOREY
9(0.0%)EBSWORTH 4(0.0%)MATTHIESEN 3(0.0%)DOLLY
9(0.0%)FERGUSON 4(0.0%)MAXWELL 3(0.0%)ETCHASON
9(0.0%)WYATT 4(0.0%)OLESON 3(0.0%)MULLINGER
9(0.0%)POLLARD 4(0.0%)ELSMORE 3(0.0%)DANIELS
9(0.0%)MACK 4(0.0%)MCNEILL 3(0.0%)DANN
9(0.0%)MIGHILLS 4(0.0%)ELDRIDGE 3(0.0%)OAKLEY
9(0.0%)BOOCK 4(0.0%)DULY 3(0.0%)PATTENDEN
9(0.0%)FRISBIE 4(0.0%)MCNEIL 3(0.0%)PATCH
9(0.0%)MINER 4(0.0%)DELANEY 3(0.0%)PRIEST
9(0.0%)GOODRICH 4(0.0%)PICKETT 3(0.0%)DIX
9(0.0%)COLES 4(0.0%)MUSHATT 3(0.0%)DODSON
9(0.0%)PATRICK 4(0.0%)MURRELL 3(0.0%)PEPPER
9(0.0%)WOOLLEY 4(0.0%)FLANCIA 3(0.0%)EADES
9(0.0%)BOTTEN 4(0.0%)MCEWAN 3(0.0%)NIXON
9(0.0%)GOODELL 4(0.0%)EMERSON 3(0.0%)EDMONDS
9(0.0%)DAVEY 4(0.0%)MCWHORTER 3(0.0%)DEFANO
9(0.0%)LIBBEY 4(0.0%)POCOCK 3(0.0%)PENTICOST
9(0.0%)LOOKER 4(0.0%)SKUTEK 3(0.0%)DEE
9(0.0%)HENDRICK 4(0.0%)WALKDEN 3(0.0%)DYER
8(0.0%)HODGSON 4(0.0%)BUSCHOR 3(0.0%)EASTMAN
8(0.0%)BEECHEY 4(0.0%)WAGNER 3(0.0%)EASLEA
8(0.0%)PATENAUDE 4(0.0%)SLAUSON 3(0.0%)PERSONS
8(0.0%)BECKETT 4(0.0%)BYNUM 3(0.0%)PIFER
8(0.0%)EDEN 4(0.0%)SHOPPA 3(0.0%)PIFKIN
8(0.0%)REA 4(0.0%)SHRIVER 3(0.0%)DEGRAW
8(0.0%)KIDD 4(0.0%)CANNON 3(0.0%)EAMES
8(0.0%)LIVERSIDGE 4(0.0%)JACONA 3(0.0%)POELS
8(0.0%)SPARROW 4(0.0%)HAAS 3(0.0%)DE GROAT
8(0.0%)ELY 4(0.0%)WALTER 3(0.0%)DIBBLEE
8(0.0%)BEDFORD 4(0.0%)BARRY 3(0.0%)MYRTLE
8(0.0%)CAKEBREAD 4(0.0%)CALFEE 3(0.0%)POIRIER
8(0.0%)HEDGES 4(0.0%)LARKMANN 3(0.0%)EMSWILER
8(0.0%)KERR 4(0.0%)LACK 3(0.0%)DURHAM
8(0.0%)BRADLEY 4(0.0%)HINDS 3(0.0%)EMORY
8(0.0%)BACKLER 4(0.0%)BULLARD 3(0.0%)POLEYNARD
8(0.0%)MALIN 4(0.0%)BULL 3(0.0%)NORTHRUP
8(0.0%)AWCOCK 4(0.0%)BUECHLER 3(0.0%)DEVOE
8(0.0%)HUTCHENS 4(0.0%)KUPSC 3(0.0%)PELTZ
8(0.0%)UNDERWOOD 4(0.0%)KUNAC 3(0.0%)PENGELLEY
8(0.0%)FISH 4(0.0%)HAMMIT 3(0.0%)NESFIELD
8(0.0%)PICKARD 4(0.0%)SOUTHWICK 3(0.0%)NEER
8(0.0%)DRATT 4(0.0%)BATTY 3(0.0%)NEAL CLARK
8(0.0%)SPOONER 4(0.0%)LAITY 3(0.0%)NASON
8(0.0%)SPICER 4(0.0%)BATISTE 3(0.0%)DWIGHT
8(0.0%)CAMP 4(0.0%)JEFFERS 3(0.0%)DIBBLE
8(0.0%)WELCH 4(0.0%)JEFFRIES 3(0.0%)PARMELEE
8(0.0%)VAN ESS 4(0.0%)SOLOMON 3(0.0%)DRISCOLL
8(0.0%)KUENTZEL 4(0.0%)HAMBLET 3(0.0%)FARRA
8(0.0%)BUSS 4(0.0%)BURCH 3(0.0%)CROWELL
8(0.0%)HALLOCK 4(0.0%)BADGER 3(0.0%)MLYNAR
8(0.0%)STUBBS 4(0.0%)WELBOURN 3(0.0%)QUAY
8(0.0%)DRUM 4(0.0%)SEARLE 3(0.0%)DUBOIS
8(0.0%)JAVINS 4(0.0%)CERNETIC 3(0.0%)MOCKFORD
8(0.0%)CLUTTON 4(0.0%)WELBORN 3(0.0%)FARAONE
8(0.0%)FULLERTON 4(0.0%)WEIGAND 3(0.0%)MOBLEY
8(0.0%)BUSHNELL 4(0.0%)SELMES 3(0.0%)CULLEN
8(0.0%)MURNER 4(0.0%)HOFF 3(0.0%)QUAIL
8(0.0%)JENKINS 4(0.0%)SEIGLER 3(0.0%)CULLUM
8(0.0%)TESSNEER 4(0.0%)SEARFOSS 3(0.0%)CROW
8(0.0%)TESKE 4(0.0%)GRELE 3(0.0%)OVERINGTON
8(0.0%)MCELHINEY 4(0.0%)HOHLE 3(0.0%)DOUCH
8(0.0%)MICHAEL 4(0.0%)GREIG 3(0.0%)DOTTER
8(0.0%)HOWSON 4(0.0%)WESTOVER 3(0.0%)PACKARD
8(0.0%)ACTON 4(0.0%)IZARD 3(0.0%)OXLEY
8(0.0%)ORSBORN 4(0.0%)LENOIR 3(0.0%)DOWD
8(0.0%)KIMMERLE 4(0.0%)CHALLEN 3(0.0%)RALLS
8(0.0%)HART 4(0.0%)GULLIVER 3(0.0%)FARROLL
8(0.0%)HEATH 4(0.0%)SHEPHARD 3(0.0%)PANTON
8(0.0%)DEWEY 4(0.0%)SHEPHERD 3(0.0%)CROOKS
8(0.0%)DUMAS 4(0.0%)BALTHAZORE 3(0.0%)MILNER
8(0.0%)COOKE 4(0.0%)HODGIN 3(0.0%)FAULCONER
8(0.0%)LUCAS 4(0.0%)LAW 3(0.0%)MONROE
8(0.0%)DIXON 4(0.0%)CAPON 3(0.0%)DUFF
8(0.0%)MILGATE 4(0.0%)SHIPLEY 3(0.0%)DONALDSON
8(0.0%)WYNHALL 4(0.0%)LAWTON 3(0.0%)FAIRBRASS
8(0.0%)MULLER 4(0.0%)LEECH 3(0.0%)CURRIER
8(0.0%)MANN 4(0.0%)CASSIN 3(0.0%)PULLEN
8(0.0%)KNOX 4(0.0%)HODREN 3(0.0%)OLD
8(0.0%)LANG 4(0.0%)WEESE OR WESSE 3(0.0%)DONAHUE
8(0.0%)AMES 4(0.0%)GUBLER 3(0.0%)MOODY
8(0.0%)SUMMERS 4(0.0%)LE CLERCQ 3(0.0%)PARRY
8(0.0%)SHAFER 4(0.0%)LAY 3(0.0%)MONTAGUE
8(0.0%)BESSE 4(0.0%)LEAMEY 3(0.0%)DUKES
8(0.0%)SCOWN 4(0.0%)CARSON 3(0.0%)CUSACK
8(0.0%)NYE 4(0.0%)BUCKLEY 3(0.0%)DULL
8(0.0%)BOWER 4(0.0%)TEMPLETON    
8(0.0%)BROOME 4(0.0%)TURNBULL    

All other surnames occur only once or twice.

Most popular places in Chatfield database worldwide as at 1 Jun 2017

Courtesy of Ahnenblatt.


USA 4240
New York, USA 1577
Connecticut, USA 1198
Michigan, USA 902
Hastings, Sussex East, England (See + All Saints 200 & St Clements 225) 829
Brighton, Sussex East, England 799
Ohio, USA 741
New Zealand 662
Cuckfield, Sussex West, England 494
Eastbourne, Sussex East, England 486
Oxford, New Haven Co., Connecticut, USA 460
Los Angeles Co., California, USA 427
Killingworth, Middlesex Co., Connecticut, USA 398
Derby, New Haven Co., Connecticut, USA 333
Vermont, USA 387
Waterbury, New Haven Co., Connecticut, USA (+ see Riverside Cmtry.) 383
Australia 374
England 342
Illinois, USA 342
QLD, Australia 331
Lewes, Sussex East, England 312
Croydon, Surrey, England 298
Wisconsin, USA 273
Victoria, Australia 290
Wisconsin, USA 287
Pennsylvania, USA 278
Tonbridge, Kent, England 274
Missouri, USA 264
Tunbridge Wells, Kent, England 234
St Clement, Hastings, Sussex East, England 225
Minnesota, USA 224
Uckfield, Sussex East, England 219
New Haven, New Haven Co., Connecticut, USA 208
Canada 207
Horsham, Sussex West, England 204
Massachusetts, USA 201
All Saints, Hastings, Sussex East, England 200
Indiana, USA 197
Steyning, Sussex West, England 197
Kansas, USA 196
Fletching, Sussex East, England 193
Lawrence Co., Ohio, USA 192
California, USA 190
Dubuque, Dubuque Co., Iowa, USA 190
Sevenoaks, Kent, England 189
Poling, Sussex West, England 181
Worthing, Sussex West, England 176
Maresfield, Sussex East, England 175
Beaulieu, Hampshire, England 173
Ditchling, Sussex East, England 173
Sydney, NSW, Australia 158
Bromley, Kent, England 157
Georgia, USA 157
Iowa, USA 157
Seymour, New Haven Co., Connecticut, USA 148
Detroit, Wayne Co., Michigan, USA 142
Washington, USA 141
Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois, USA 137
Oregon, USA 137
Kentucky, USA 134
Chichester, Sussex West, England 130
Ardingly, Sussex West, England 128
Wandsworth, London, England 121
Texas, USA 120
Battle, Sussex East, England 114
St Nicholas, Brighton, Sussex East, England 112
Hennepin Co., Minnesota, USA 109
Framfield, Sussex East, England 107
Manhattan, New York Co., New York, USA 107
New York Co., New York, USA 106
Adelaide, SA, Australia 105
Pulborough, Thakeham, Sussex West, England 103
East Grinstead, Sussex West, England 102
Ipswich, Suffolk, England 101
Maidstone, Kent, England 100
Hurstpierpoint, Sussex West, England 99
Portsmouth, Hampshire, England 99
Salt Lake City, Salt Lake Co., Utah, USA 99
Greenwich, London, England 97
SA, Australia 97
East Preston, Sussex West, England 96
NSW, Australia 94
Lambeth, London, England 92
Muscatine Co., Iowa, USA 92
Wallaroo, Daly, SA, Australia 91
Wolcott, New Haven Co., Connecticut, USA 91
Nebraska, USA 90
South East, Surrey, England 90
Franklin Co., Ohio, USA 89
Dartford, Kent, England 88
Grand Rapids, Kent Co., Michigan, USA 86
Springfield, Clark Co., Ohio, USA 86
Birmingham, Warwickshire, England 85
Coonabarabran, NSW, Australia 84
Hailsham, Sussex East, England 83
Riverside Cmtry., Waterbury, New Haven Co., Connecticut, USA 83
Colorado, USA 81
Thakeham, Sussex West, England 81
West Virginia, USA 80
Other places >80

Most Popular Places in Different Regions

Most popular places in Asia:
  1. Calcutta (India), 10 Individuals
  2. Medina (Al Madinah) (Saudi Arabia), 9 Individuals
  3. Poona (India), 8 Individuals
  4. Australian Embassy, Egypt and Tel Aviv (Israel), 5 Individuals
  5. India (India), 4 Individuals
  6. Bombay (India), 3 Individuals
  7. Singapore (Singapore), 2 Individuals
  8. Ootacamund, Madras (India), 2 Individuals
  9. Aden (Yemen), 2 Individuals
  10. Mahableshwar (India), 2 Individuals
Most popular places in Australia:
  1. Wallaroo, Daly, S Australia, 74 Individuals
  2. Victoria, 48 Individuals
  3. Sydney, NSW, 36 Individuals
  4. Daylesford, VIC, 35 Individuals
  5. Wyalkatchem, WA, 33 Individuals
  6. Hobart, TAS, 32 Individuals
  7. Adelaide, SA, 27 Individuals
  8. Melbourne, VIC, 26 Individuals
  9. S Australia, 22 Individuals
  10. Port Arthur, 17 Individuals
Most popular places in Canada:
  1. Canada, 28 Individuals
  2. Greenwood, 7 Individuals
  3. Colonsay, 4 Individuals
  4. Montreal, 3 Individuals
  5. Guelph,Toronto, 3 Individuals
  6. All Saints, Toronto, 2 Individuals
  7. Of, 1 Individuals
  8. Norwich, Oxford Co., 1 Individuals
  9. Montague Twp, Lanark Co., 1 Individuals
  10. Toronto, 1 Individuals
Most popular places in New Zealand:
  1. New Zealand, 131 Individuals
  2. Auckland, 34 Individuals
  3. Wellington, 34 Individuals
  4. St Matthew's Church, 9 Individuals
  5. Bay Of Islands, 7 Individuals
  6. Christchurch, 6 Individuals
  7. Dunedin, 5 Individuals
  8. St Benedict's Church, 5 Individuals
  9. Kawakawa, 3 Individuals
  10. Papanui, Christchurch, 3 Individuals
Most popular UK places in the file are:
  1. Hastings, Sussex East, 204 Individuals
  2. Eastbourne, Sussex East, 178 Individuals
  3. Maresfield, Uckfield, Sussex East, 110 Individuals
  4. Croydon, Surrey 101 Individuals
  5. Brighton, Sussex East , 86 Individuals
  6. Sussex , 80 Individuals
  7. Tunbridge Wells, 71 Individuals
  8. Tonbridge, 69 Individuals
  9. Cuckfield, Sussex West, 65 Individuals
  10. Pulborough, Thakeham, Sussex West, 49 Individuals
Most popular USA places in the file are:
  1. New York, 295 Individuals
  2. Killingworth, Middlesex Co., 390 Individuals
  3. Connecticut, 237 Individuals
  4. Oxford, New Haven Co., 222 Individuals
  5. Derby, New Haven Co., 218 Individuals
  6. Dubuque, Dubuque Co., 157 Individuals
  7. USA, 156 Individuals
  8. Ohio, 141 Individuals
  9. Waterbury, New Haven Co., 108 Individuals