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Armenian Census of Calcutta 1846

The list of Armenians below is taken from "Azgaser" for 18th April 1846, No. 36, Pages 126-128.  This magazine was published in Calcutta in Armenian.  The list includes the Armenians who had been residing in Calcutta for over 11 years.  Figures against the names show the number of family members.  Unfortunately only the heads of the families are listed, so there are no women here.
 This translation was made by Dr. Ruben Khachaturyan to whom I extend my sincere thanks.

Names Number of people in the household Names Number of people in the household
Ter Hovhannes Khachikean, Senior Priest   Karapet Hakob (Jacob) 3
Ter Barsegh Galstanean Priest   David Hovhannes 4
Ter Martyros Ter Hovakimean   Movses S. Shmavon 1
Agha Hovanyan Eliaz 4 Jacob J. Petros 2
Grigor A. Grigor (Gregory) 1 P.K. Astwatzatoor 2
P.B. Sargseants (Sarkies 4 K.P.K. Astwatsatoor 3
B.k. Sargseants (Sarkies 1 Arathoon M. Vardan 2
K.B.K. Sargseants (Sarkies) 1 Stephanos M. Varden 3
Arutin (Arratoon) Abgar (Apcar) 2 Vahan M. Vardan 2
Grigor Abgar 5 M.S.M. Vardan 1
A.B. Abgar 6 Stephanos H. Aviet 2
S.B. Abgar 2 Arakel H. Aviet 5
T.B. Abgar 1 Khachatur Hovhan (Chater Owen) 7
Alex Abgar 2 Hovhannes Kh. Hovan 1
B.G. Abgar 1 Petros H Poghos (Peter H. Paul) 5
G. Ts. Abgar 3 K.P.H. Poghos (Paul) 1
Mkrtich Sarkies Owen (Hovan)   Hovsep (Joseph) Kamal (Cammell) 10
Martyrose Sakies Owen  (Hovan) 5 Voskan Toros 6
Hovsep (Joseph) A. Aghabeg 7 Petros (Peter) Minas 2
Hovhannes (John) A. Aghabeg 1 Hovhannes Minas 1
Karapiet A. Aghabeg 1 Gaspar Minas 1
Mkrtich A. Aghabeg 1 David Barsegh (David Basil) 3
Kyrakos A. Aghabeg 1 Aviet Ter Gaspar 1
Malkhas A. Aghabeg 1 Baghdasar A. Ter Gaspar 1
Pogose (Paul) A. Aghabeg 1 Melckum Gaspar 2
Arakel Gh. Aghabeg 1 Gaspar M. Gaspar 6
Avetis (Aviet) Gh. Aghabeg 1 P.M. Gasper 1
Hntbum Gh. Aghabeg 1 Arrathoon M. Gaspar 1
Andreas Galstanean 1 Margar (Marcar) M. Gaspar 1
A. Galstanean 4 Nickoghayos M. Gaspar 1
H. Galstean 1 Ts. Gaspar 1
Thaddeos Kh. Avetum 10 Petros Antonean (Peter Anthony) 2
Nerses E. Manook 1 Hovsep (Joseph) Khan 2
Seth B. Manook 1 Martyros 1
Emin B. Emin 1 Poghos (Paul ) Viguen 1
Michael Emin 4 Mnatsaken Ter Baghdasar 4
Hovsep (Joseph) E. Emin 1 M.T. Baghdasar 1
Manook Zurabean 4 M.T. Baghdasar 1
Minas Nerses 1 A. Ter Astwatzatoor 4
Hovhannes Avdal 10 Karapet H. Vrtanes 7
Avdal Junior 1 Martyros H. Vrtanes 2
K.T. Shafraz 1 A. Ts. V.H. Vrtanes 1
Aram Michael 3 H.K.H. Vrtanes 1
Gevorg Michael 2 Asatoor Vrtanes 1
H.A. Michkael 1 Karapet G. Seth 3
M.H. Michael 1 Khachik G. Seth 4
Hovhan (Owen) Movses (Moses) 9 Galstan Voskan 1
Moves 1 Zorab M. manook 5
Hovhannes Khachik Michael 1 G.G. Grigor (Gregory) 1
Manook Toros 3 H.G. Grigor 1
M. Toros 1 Gh. G. Grigor 1
Phylipos A. Gevorg 4 Minas Hovakim 1
Kh. A. Georg 1 E.H. Ephrem 2
G. Baghram 5 H.H. Ephrem 1
B.G. Baghram 5 Mayil 5
H.G. Baghram 1 Hovhannes Abraham 2
Mkrtich G. Bagram 1 Arathoon Abraham 1
Stephanos G. Baghram 1 Aviet Tzatoor 4
Karapiet G. Baghram 1 Aghanoor Hovhannes Aghanoor 3
A.P. Astwatzatoor 8 Margar Grigory 2
H.S. Jordanan (Jordan) 1 Karapet Tz. Aratoon 3
Esayee Georg 3 S.K. Tz. Arathoon 3
G. Esayee Georg 1 H.K. Tz. Aratoon 1
H. Esayee Georg 1 K.A. Tz. Aratoon 1
Nikoghayos S. Malkhas 4 K. Tz. Aratoon 1
S.N Malkhas 1 Gh. Tz. ARatoon 7
Petros (Peter) S. Malkhas 1 S. Gh. Ts.  Aratoon 1
Jntlum Kh. Malkhas 3 Nickoghayos Aviet 5
Malkhas Kh. Malkhas 1 S. Sahak Sehran 1
Hovhannes Kh. Malkhas 1 Hovsep (Joseph) Kostand 1
Hovhannes J. Shirkhor 3 Hovhannes Aarkies Salmastetsi 2
R.J. Shirkhor 6 Melkum Sarkies 1
H.R. Shirkhor 1 Lucas Khojamal 1
M.R.H. Shrkhor 1 Karapiet Lucas Khojamal 1
Karapiet M.H. Shirkhor 3 Mkrtich Lucas Khojamal 1
Khachick M.H. Shirkhor 1 Marytros Michael 1
Sarkies M.H. Shirkhor 1 M.M. Michael 1
Jan G.H. Shrkhor 1 R.M. Michael 1
Georg M. Shirkhor 3 Hovsep Stephan 1
Arrathoon M. Shirkhor 2 M. Manook 1
Vordanan P. Vordanan (Jordan P. Jordan) 2 Martyros Phylipos 1
Vardan P. Vordanan 2 Mkrtich Khachik Hovakim 3
G.P. Vordanan 1 Stephen G. Lucas 6
Nikoghos P. Vordanan 1 Lucas G. Lucas 1
Arrathoon P. Vordanan 1    







Thank you Liz, you've helped to knock down my family history brick wall, I couldn't have done it without you. S.R. Twickenham

I knew I had Armenian connections I just never knew how deep they were. Thanks for all your help, you have been amazing. J.C. Sydney.

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