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Chase County Reunions

       Each year families in Chase County gather for reunions, and often information about those attending is written up and printed in the local paper, the Imperial Republican.   The reunions are an important part of Chase County History, and the names recorded may be useful to family historians and people researching in Chase County.  Because of that,  on the following pages I am going to list stories published about the reunions.  As Kermit Karns pointed out to me, connections about people attending is not always made clear, so the information is not always very helpful regarding genealogy, but I still think the information may be helpful, or interesting, at least.  If anyone has a copy of any article about their family reunion and would like it included here, please let me know.   -- Linda

Bauerle Family Reunion
published August 9, 2001

     The Bauerlle Beehive was buzzing at the Bauerele Reunion around Champion Land and Champ Inn on July 14 and 15.  It started at 11 a.m. with registration on Saturday.  All wore Bee name tags and some wore Bee t-shirts.  A lunch of subway sandwiches was intermingled with lots of greeting.  After lunch there were games for the kids and  young at heart    Even saw some fishing poles around the edge.  At 3 p.m.  the group visited the Imperial Cemetery where all family graves were marked with wooden crosses.   Saturday evening what fun!  A picnic supper was served at Champ Inn.   Again, the "B''s" were buzzing.  With a quiz aoubt bees, "I remember --", gathering family "artifacts" for a silent auction and then a talent show.  The Louis B. family sang "Grandpa Bauerle had a farm".   Eldon B. demonstrated various turkey calls he uses in turkey hunts, Marcia Lindau sang, "Loys and David Mather gave a "Bee" skit then ended with David on the guitar.  The tables were decorated with flower pots beehives with living bees.   Sunday morning brought a cool continental breakfast under the trees followed by a family praise and worship service lead by Marica Lindau.  She opened by singing a doxology from Sandi Patty.  Margaret Nelson sang Heirlooms by Amy Grant and the group sang "Amazing Grace" accompanied by David Mather on the guitar.  Irvin Bauerle, Margaret and Marci sang "Battle Hymn of the Republic."  Alexa Lock on her flute played "When Peace Like a River" followed by a duet by Ron and Gentry Lock "Shout to the Lord."  The group closed with a prayer and joining hands to sing "I am Loved" led by Marcia L. and Markaret K.  Once again the B's invaded Champ Inn for a delicious catered meal followed by the siled auction.
The total attendance was 84.  Those attending were Emanuel B. family:  Irvin and Gareta Bauerle, Don Bauerle, Jeffrey and Margaret Bauerle-Nelson, ndrew and Quinton Nelson, Jim and Marcia Lindau, Brett Lindau, Brandon Lindau and guest Liisa Kohl, Michael and Jill Bauerle, Anna, Emma and Jack, Megan and Lucas Bauerle.
     Emma B. Griem family:  Vinton and Fauniel Griem Kimberling, Todd and Tyler Kimberling, Geofrey Vogt.
     Albert B. family:  Eldon and Dee Ann Bauerle, Clarence and Isla Bauerle Jaeger, Don and Manette Jaeger Brown.
     Louis B. family:  Burdette and Lucille Bauerle, Diane Bauerle, Gerald and Mona Bauerle Radcliffe, Burle and Nickie Radcliffe, Brady and Natalie, Stephen and Renae Radcliffe Parra, Clark and Jackie.
Ida B. Wallace family:  Bill and Marci Wallace.
     Selma B. Mather family:  Selma Bauerle Mather, Loys and Sonja Mather, David Mather, Yvonne Mather Norman, Ami Norman, Evelyn Mather Lock, David and Lisa Lock Davison, Treg and Hanna, Ron and Cindy Lock, Gentry, Alexa and Jade.
     Valeda B. Goddard family:  Aron and Nancy Goddard, Zack Goddard, Idis and LeeAnn Goddard, Barry Goddard, David and Valerie Goddard Brady, Brad and Kim Brady Spady, RyAnn and Hunter, Vickie Brady, Marty and Danelle Brady Johnson and Delaney, Carol GOddard Spady Hunt, Eric Spady, Trent Spady and Cyndy, Jaason and Candice Spady and Reid.
     The oldest one present was Selma Mather at 92, and the youngest was Reid Spady at one month.
     The next reunion will be held in three years.

Baker Family Reunion
published 8/30/2001

    The second annual Baker reunion was held on August 4, 2001, at the Imperial Community Center in Imperial with a carry in dinner.  Sixty-eight family members of Eldredge and Robert E. Baker and two guests were in attendance.

   Those attending from the Eldredge Baker family were Marvin and Arlene Bischoff of Imperial, Jolee Stebbins and Jessica of Lawrenceville, Ga., Deann and James Markley, Kristina and Kayla of Gilbert, Ariz., Marilou and Travis of Phoenix, Ariz., Valjean and Severin Boe, Madeline and Severin II of Pierre, S.D.., Mike and Mitzi Bischoff, Ashley, Ryan and Bobby of Coldwater, Mich., Jason Bischoff of Phoenix, Ariz., Doris Johnson of Grant, Lisa Schmitt, Sarah and Naomi of Grant, Tim and Lori Johnson, Timothy and Charles of Grant, Pastor Tim and Cynthia Wagner, Timothy, Ben, Leah, Lydia, Johsua, and Jacob of Fullerton, Joyce and Alvin Christensen of Allen, Kirk and Ranae Christensen, Brad and Ryan of Omaha, Rhonda and Mike McClellan of Lincoln, Julie and Craig Schnitzler, Tyler, Austin, Preston and Hannah of Gibbon, Gene and Margaret Baker and Mindy of Sutherland, and Shirley Armbruster of Taylor.

   Attending from the Robert E. Baker family were: Robert E. Baker of Kit Carson, Colo., Deloris Baker of Cheyenne Wells, Colo., Darious and Sue Baker and grandson of Colorado, Kelvin and Darlene Baker, Kirsten, Angel, Vanessa and Harley of Colorado, Robert D. Baker of Kit Carson, Colo., Christie and Olin Johnson of Colorado.

   Guests were Verna Taylor of North Platte and Chris Dubus of Fullerton.

   Afternoon activities consited of visiting and touring the family farm of the Bakers which is now owned by the Maddux Cattle Company.

   Dinner in the evening was in the honor of Marvin and Arlene Bischoff's 50th wedding anniversary and Joyce and Alvin Christensen's 40th wedding anniversary.   Others who joined the group for the evening meal were Shirley and Larry Gardner of Imperial, Karla and Morris Pargas of Holyoke, Colo., Mr. and Mrs. Neil Christenson from Lincoln, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Christensen from Maryland and Nina Berry from Imperial.

Daschofsky Family Reunion
published 8/23/2001

     The third Dashofsky Reunion was held at the Imperial Community Center on August 11, 2001.  Descendants from the Helen (Jaeger) and Carl Gustav Daschofsky were as follows:
     Theodore Daschofsky Family:  Edna and Betty Parrish, Kenny and Karen Edwards, all from Imperial.
     George Daschofsky Family:  Bob and Burneta Ahrens from Imperial
     Rosa (Daschofsky) Sweeney Family:  Gary and Saharon Ransom from Colorado.
     Cora (Daschofsky) Kellyy Family:  Lowell and Barbara Clark, Peggy Meeske from Champion, Jerry and Sharon Clark, and Cap Kelly, all from Imperial, and Macon (Bill) and Phyllis Barham from North Carolina.
     The Gust Daschofsky Family:  Calvin and Wava Dashcofsky, Doug, Joan, Alicia and Nathan Wenzlick from Haigler, Jim, Joyce and Jacob Pankonin from Imperial.
     Anna (Daschofsky) Sweeney,:  Kenneth and Maxine Sweeney from Wyoming; Joe and Connie Maestas, Cindy and Hannah Thorp, Shawn, Tracy and Skyler Stugart all from Colorado.
     Sara (Daschofsky) Brunabent:  Calvin and Erma Brunabend from Oregon and grand daughters Kelsey and Kriten Edwards from Idaho, Virginia Adams from Idaho.
     Walter Daschofsky Family:  Walt and Polly Daschofsky, Gary and Daalene Daschofsky all from Washington.
     There were no members attending from the Emma (Ddaschofsky), Wilson or Oswald Daschosky family.
     As a special gift, each family that attended was given an old bottle that was found at the Theodore Daschofsky farm and filled with popcorn and pinto beans, crops raised in Chase County.  The group enjoyed visiting, playing bingo and taking pictures.  The Imperial Community Center cooked a very delicious evening meal.
     Most in attendance also attended the  Jaeger Reunion which was held on Sunday at the Zion Luthern Church.

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