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         One important purpose of the Chase County Historical Society, with its museum in Champion, Nebraska, has been to collect and publish information and stories reflecting Chase County Nebraska History.  It's volunteer researchers have made every effort when possible to verify the information they set forth in their publications, however, knowing that a true history of an area is not always in the facts and figures, but in the stories and antedotes passed down from family member to family member.  Since their organization in 1938 they have published several Chase County Histories, and are continuing to gather information for future publications.     The following is a list of the Table of Contents of each publication, showing the wide spectrum of information that these dedicated historians and scribes have set forth in the Histories.

                Each of these published Histories are available at the Museum in Champion, or can be viewed  at the Imperial Public Library, in Imperial, Nebraska.  If you do not live in Chase County and are interested in buying a copy, you can e-mail the webmasters for information on how to do this.

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        Chase County History
Volume IX
(published May 1991)

Contents Page Page
1920 Era School Teachers and Districts 1 Einspahr, Charles 40
Mrs. Joseph Bopp, Teacher 1 Gestring, Victor 40
A Cowboy Keeps a Diary 3 Gleason, John W. 41
Nolan Ranch 7 Green, J. Wiley 42
Imperial News in Dundee Newspapers before 1886 9 Grosbach, Ralph D. 42
Those Born in Sod Houses 19 Harmon, George 43
Eva Maddux Story 14 Heim, Joseph Earl 43
GAR Members 15 Hoffmeister, Charles 44
Hospital Equipment
by Dorothy Chandler
15 Hunt, James Ralph 45
Blizzard of 1948-1949 16 Jaeger, Gordon (Bill) 46
1977 Blizzard 18 Johnson, Jean Baldwin 47
The Storm by Robert W. Rolfe 18 Lee, Carrie Belle Deselms 47
Children in the Snow 1977,
by Gertrude Monteith
20 Lee, Wayne and Pearl 48
Cattle Strayed 21 Maddux, Eugene 49
1977 Blizzard by Freda Heim 21 Maddux, Eva 49
Blizzard by Wayne C. Lee 22 Maddux, Jack 50
Chase County's Historical Sites Listed 27 McCulloch, Stephen G. 50
Gypsies 28 Meeske, Henry 51
Peddlers 29 Monteith, Gertrude Bopp 51
Chase County Residents Needham, Jesse Harold 52
Atchison, Robert 30 Novacek, Esther Elizabeth (Metcalf) 52
Bauerle, Burdette 30 Oliver, Grace 53
Bauerle, Irvin 31 Pennington, Iola 54
Beard, Leo Earl 31 Pennington, Ivo 56
Bower, Vada Marie 32 Scrivin, Mabel McGooden 56
Brady, Jim 32 Sheldon, Mary D 57
Brandt, John and Agatha 33 Silvester, Arthur (Bill) 58
Brandt, John and Gladys 33 Smith, Archie L. 58
Browning, Homer 34 Smith, George Perry 60
Burtis, George 35 Stenger, O. A. 61
Burtis, Neva 35 Stock, Harlan 61
Chandler, Dorothy Peterson 36 Thomas, Agatha Krausnick 62
Cooper, Oran 37 Tyerman, William Louis 63
Davis, Glen and Jane 37 Wallin, Louis Elmer 63
Davison, Charles Alvin 38 Welch, Don 64
Davison, Mary Jane 38 Wine, Dallas Glen 65
Deinger, Anton 39 Yaw, Agnes Benson 65

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