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         One important purpose of the Chase County Historical Society, with its museum in Champion, Nebraska, has been to collect and publish information and stories reflecting Chase County Nebraska History.  It's volunteer researchers have made every effort when possible to verify the information they set forth in their publications, however, knowing that a true history of an area is not always in the facts and figures, but in the stories and antedotes passed down from family member to family member.  Since their organization in 1938 they have published  Chase County Histories, and are continuing to gather information for future publications.     The following is a list of the Table of Contents of each publication, showing the wide spectrum of information that these dedicated historians and scribes have set forth in the Histories.

                Each of these published Histories are available at the Museum in Champion, or can be viewed  at the Imperial Public Library, in Imperial, Nebraska.  If you do not live in Chase County and are interested in buying a copy, you can e-mail the webmasters for information on how to do this.

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        Chase County History
Volume III
(published April 1969) 

Contents Page Our Pioneers Page
The Berean Church (I) 1 Will & Ira Goddard 28
Champion Church (C) 1 Moses Hedges Family 29
Christian Assembly 1 Bill Harmon Familyh 29
The Chase Church 2 B. F. Ingold Family 30
Christian Church (L) 2 John T. Johnston Family 31
St. John's Catholic (W) 3 Charley Kimberling 32
St. Patrick's Catholic (I) 3 Levi Jackson Kunkel 33
Church of Christ (W) 4 Charles M. McGrath 34
Church of Christ (I) 4 Clarkson Oregon Mead 34
Westside Church of Christ (I) 4 Henry Miller Family 36
Church of the Brethern (E) 4 Moody Families 37
Episcopal Services 5 George McGooden 37
Christian Science Church 6 Needham Family 39
Crete Church 6 Rosemary Hayes O'Brien 40
E. U. B. New Trinity (L) 6 Osler Family 41
E.U.B. Church (I) 7 Isaac Piedalue Family 41
Immanuel Missionary (W) 7 Oliver D. Pierce 42
Immanuel Lutheran (C) 7 Richard J. Robertson 44
Lutheran Parochial School Champion Valley 8 Jasper Skelton Family 45
Zion Lutheran (I) 9 Nelson Smith Family 45
Redeemer Lutheran (W) 9 Milton Waidley 47
Lutherans at Lamar 9 Willard Wiley Family 46
Blanche Church 10 Milton H. Yaw Family 48
First Methodist (I) 11 John Yost, Sr. 50
Wauneta Methodist 11 Yost Sorghum Mill 50
Pilgrim Holiness (I) 12 This and That
Presbyterian (I) 12 Bath House at Champion 54
R.L.D.S. (I) 13 Brooms and Broom Corn 56
Seventh-Day Advantage 13 Chase County Call 58
Sunday School in School Houses 14 Chase County Champion 60
Funeral Services and Coffin Makers 15 Depression Years 59
Our Pioneers First Library Card 58
James Andrews Family 16 Ice Houses 52
Frank Arnold Family 17 Midwifery 55
Martin Abitz Family 19 Old Enders 58
Mark W. Bailey Family 20 Radio Amateurs 54
John H. Blanke Family 21 Radio Broadcasting 54
H. R. Collins Family 22 Snake Bit 51
Cook Family 22 Three Buttes 56
Gust Daschofsky Family 23 Wauneta Falls Bank 57
James A. Dick Family 23 Wauneta Falls 60
Newton Ditton Family 24 Woods Ranch 57
Newella Corning Elder 25
John T. Eskew Family 26


I = Imperial    W = Wauneta    L = Lamar     E = Enders   C = Champion

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