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         One important purpose of the Chase County Historical Society, with its museum in Champion, Nebraska, has been to collect and publish information and stories reflecting Chase County Nebraska History.  It's volunteer researchers have made every effort when possible to verify the information they set forth in their publications, however, knowing that a true history of an area is not always in the facts and figures, but in the stories and antedotes passed down from family member to family member.  Since their organization in 1938 they have published several Chase County Histories, and are continuing to gather information for future publications.     The following is a list of the Table of Contents of each publication, showing the wide spectrum of information that these dedicated historians and scribes have set forth in the Histories. Volume XI is available for viewing by clicking on each highlighted Chapter title.

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        Chase County History
Volume XI
Published July 2001

Contents Page
Introduction, by Linda Banks 2
Chase County Historical Society Officers 3
The Black Day, by Edna Roberts 5
The Farm Program, by Max Hoffmeister 7
Chase County Poor Farm and Potters' Field
by Glen Hayes and Anoma Hoffmeister
The Sheriff's Office, by Anoma Hoffmeister 10
How We Lived (stories of local citizens) 12

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