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What's New on the Site


Kermit Karns has published imformation at, listing information he first started gathering in 1962.    The site is easy to navigate, and full of loads of information. Thanks,  Kermit!


A new fence has been added to the Chase Cemetery.  I don't have a picture, but it is white, and looks very nice.  The gate from a few years ago, and the fence,  show how this cemetary continues to be cared for.


I am no longer listing alumni by year, but have included a link to the CCHS Alumni Association website on the CCHS page. Thanks to the Alumni Association for providing this information.


Kermit Karns and Linda Banks photographed tombstones at the Chase Cemetery and plan to put the photos up on the Chase Cemetery Page site as soon as possible. You will be able to "click" on the name of the person and be taken to a picture of their tombstone. Thanks again, Kermit, for the use of your digital camera and 3 hours time.


Donna Harmon Krebill provided a wonderful article on her mother, Helen Zikmund, who taught school in Chase County in the late 1920's. I have added her article to the page on Schools. Thank you Donna for this contribution!


The Chase County Historical Society Publication XI, The Depression Years, was published this July 2001. I added this publication to the Publications Section. -- Linda


I added information on the Lakeview Cemetery provided to me by Kermit Karns. We will update the info as we can. Pages have beautiful picture taken by John Oslo's son, of Denver.


I have completed adding the Chase County alumni to the web site. I now have info through 2001.

Dennis Batterman, of Imperial, obtained cards regarding naturalization records of some Chase County residents, and I have created a page with that information under NATURALIZATION.

I just added a search engine to the site (accessed from first page) which should help researchers find information.

Today I added a Surnames Registry page to the site. This is so that researchers can list the names they are researching, and others researching the same names can contact them.


Kermit Karns, a genealogist/historian who lives in Imperial has kindly agreed to join me in working on this site.  He is active in the Chase County Historical Society, and can provide valuable knowledge regarding genealogy and assistance with the Museum.

I have changed the site to reflect the focus on the Chase County Historical Society and Museum holdings in Champion.  I have added some new information, and will continue to do so, with Kermit's help.


I have started to list the cemeteries in Chase County to the site. I have only added Chase Cemetery so far, and I worked from a list from 1964. But it is a start, and I will update soon. The picture I took was from last Memorial Day at the cemetery. Everything looked so golden that day, and green, there had been some rain, so things were green. Sometimes it can be so dry out there. I cleaned up the gravestones of my grandparents and great-grandparents, aunts and uncles, who had lived to ripe old age, and the twins, and other 3 children that never grew out of childhood. The dirt on the prairie moves in so fast, buries everything, like it's taking back it's landscape. I have to get down on my hands and knees and dig away the soil and the prairie weeds that have taken root. It is a labor of love though, out there with the wind, and song of a pheasant. More cemeteries coming soon. -- Linda

Thanks for checking back.

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