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Naturalization Records

    The following information was obtained from index cards held at the Chase County Courthouse in Imperial, Nebraska.  Dennis Batterman of Imperial received the cards from the Courthouse and has placed them in the genealogical section of the Imperial Public Library.  Dennis, a teacher in Imperial,  has spent many years and hundreds of hours as a volunteer maintaining files of Chase County genealogical and historical material in the Imperial Library.  He has access to extensive information collected at the library, and if you have questions regarding the cards or other library holdings you can contact him at mailto: ;

    Information on the 3 x 5 cards may include the following:   Name, address, certificate number, birth place and date, date and port of entry, ship, naturalization date, witnesses, petition location.  The cards include blank spaces for all of this information to be provided, although all of the blanks are seldom completed.   The following is an abbreviated list of information on the cards.

Piedalue, Arthur England 25 FEB 1891 Hitchcock Co. Nebraska
Piedalue, Isaac England 15 OCT 1890 Saunders Co. Nebraska
Person, Hocan Sweden 26 FEB 1891 Clay Co. Nebraska
Power, Seth Harrison Co. MO 12 OCT 1931
Reyher, Jacob Germany 28 APR 1897 Lancaster Co. Nebraska
Rezabek, John Austria 25 FEB 189l Saline Co. Nebraska
Rogers, Peter Ireland 1 SEP 1892 Hayes Co. Nebraska
Scott, Walter England 15 OCT 1890 Dundy Co. Nebraska
Schlupkoten, Godlieb Beuroth Germany Denied
Schmitt, Jacob Germany 3 SEP 1891 Stevenson Co. Illinois
Schober, Carl Germany 27 MAR 1893 Manard Co. Illinois
Schober, Frederick Germany 28 NOV 1892 Menard Co. Illinois
Schutte, Fred Germany
Schutte, Heinrich Westfaling Germany
Siegel, Emma Germany
Siroky, Joseph Austria 14 JUL 1896 Hayes Co. Nebraska
Spady, George Norka Russia Clay Co. Nebraska
Spady Henry Norka Russia
Stale, Charles Germany
Swarowsky, Rudolf Austria
Toban, William Germany
Treu, Gerhard Germany
Turner, William Germany on The Rhine
Tester, George Willingboro England
Vloshin, John Austria 14 JUL 1896 Hayes Co. Nebraska
Walden, Ernest Canada
Wallin, Jonas Sweden 6 DEC 1897
Weitjer, John Germany 15 OCT 1890 Filmore Co. Nebraska
Whitehead, Elisabeth England 17 JUN 1890 Hitchcock Co. Nebraska
Whitehead, Thomas England 17 JUN 1890 York Co. Nebraska
Wieland, Albert Germany 2 JAN 1885
Wildt, Johanna Germany 15 OCT 1890
Wilett, Karl Germany 17 JUN 1890 Seward Co. Nebraska
Wyckmaus, Frank Belgium 3 APR 1899
Yaiser, Henry Germany 29 MAY 1888 York Co. Nebraska
Zech, Paul Germany 1 DEC 1903
Ziemer, Fred Germany
Ziemer, Johann Germany 20 NOV 1907
Ziemer, William Germany

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