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Naturalization Records

    The following information was obtained from index cards held at the Chase County Courthouse in Imperial, Nebraska.  Dennis Batterman of Imperial received the cards from the Courthouse and has placed them in the genealogical section of the Imperial Public Library.  Dennis, a teacher in Imperial,  has spent many years and hundreds of hours as a volunteer maintaining files of Chase County genealogical and historical material in the Imperial Library.  He has access to extensive information collected at the library, and if you have questions regarding the cards or other library holdings you can contact him at mailto: ;

    Information on the 3 x 5 cards may include the following:   Name, address, certificate number, birth place and date, date and port of entry, ship, naturalization date, witnesses, petition location.  The cards include blank spaces for all of this information to be provided, although all of the blanks are seldom completed.   The following is an abbreviated list of information on the cards.

Ambrosack, Joseph Austria 14 JUL 1896 Butler Co. Nebraska
Bauerle, Albert Germany 30 AUG 1904
Bauerle, Henry Germany 19 NOV 1907
Bauerle, William Germany 1 SEP 1892 Hitchcock Co. Nebraska
Bauman, Joseph Germany 18 DEC 1891 Adams Co. Nebraska
Belau, August Germany 1 DEC 1903 Adams Co. Nebraska
Berggren, Walter Christiana Norway 15 NOV 1920
Bischoff, Henry Germany 1 JUN 1920
Bischoff, John Hanover Germany 3 MAR 1924
Blanke, August Germany 31 MAY 1889 Platte Co. Nebraska
Blanke, John Germany 20 FEB 1894 Butler Co. Nebraska
Bley, Benjamin Germany 9 NOV 1896 Cass Co. Nebraska
Borovicka, John Bohemia 28 MAY 1889 Saline Co. Nebraska
Bosh, Mathias Germany 28 MAY 1889 Keith Co. Nebraska
Boyd, William Canada 1 SEP 1901
Boyle, James Ireland 1 SEP 1892
Bremer, Carl Germany
Brennan, Henry Ireland 20 SEP 1887
Brill, Hinrich Prussia 17 JUN 1890 Merrick Co. Nebraska
Brown, John Great Britain 4 MAY 1887
Brunoben, Thedor Austria
Bunting, George England
Burns, Lawrence Ireland 14 OCT 1890 Syracuse, New York
Christiansen, Julius Deezbull Germany 26 FEB 1923
Christiansen, Ruth Wauneta, Nebraska 13 NOV 1923
Clarence, Henry Germany 24 FEB 1891 Cass Co. Nebraska
Collins, Bridget Ireland 5 MAR 1896 Hayes Co. Nebraska
Cronan, John Ireland 16 NOV 1908
Daschofsky, Carl Germany 29 APR 1912
Day, Samuel England 27 MAR 1893 Red Willow Co. Nebraska
Dempewolf, Hermann Germany 17 FEB 1889
Dennis, John Devonshire, England 24 NOV 1919
Didrich, Henry Germany
Droel, Charles Switzerland
Eggen, Henry Hanover Germany 4 APR 1890 Nemaha Co. Nebraska
Engel, Adolf Germany
Engel, Friederich Germany
Engle, Otto Germany/td>
Feucht, Gottlieb Germany 17 JUN 1890 Seward Co. Nebraska
Feucht, Jacob Germany 17 JUN 1890 Seward, Co. Nebraska
Fitzgerald, Edward Great Britain 28 MAY 1888 Cass. Co. Nebraska
Foerster, Johannas Prussia 20 SEP 1887
Fortkamp, Henry Hanover Germany 10 OCT 1927
Frank, Mike Balconia/td>
Freu, Gerhard Germany 2 JUL 1891 Filmore Co. Nebraska
Fuhrer, Henry Russia
Fuhrer, Jacob Worms Russia/td>
Gardner, James England 4 SEP 1894 Lucus Co. Indiana
Gerdes, Eno. Germany 15 OCT 1890 Red Willow Co. Nebraska
Gleason, William Ireland 4 APR 1898
Granger, Helense England 15 OCT 1890 Hitchcock Co. Nebraska
Grant, Allan Scotland 4 APR 1898 Coddington Co. South Dakota
Grant, John Scotland 4 APR 1898
Grice, Charles England 22 OCT 1888 Hitchcock Co. Nebraska
Grunk, Wilhelm Germany 18 DEC 1891 Adams Co. Nebraska
Haarberg, Henry Germany Denied
Haggarty, Williams England
Hayes, Thomas England 15 OCT 1890
Hawkins, Matilda England 2 MAY 1892
Hedberg, Gust Sweden 7 DEC 1914
Heim, Sebastian Germany 3 MAY 1892 Cass. Co. Nebraska
Hesemeyer, Fredrich Hemsen Germany 7 DEC 1914
Hillmann, Friedrich Helzendorf Germany 16 FEB 1931
Hinke, Arnold Austria
Hontmann, Jules France 25 FEB 1891 Livingston Co. Illinois
Hopper, Walter England 5 MAR 1896 Richardson Co. Nebraska
Ibbitson, Hannah England 15 OCT 1890 Hitchcock Co. Nebraska
Kunnemann, John Germany 16 JUN 1914
Jager (Jaeger), John Prussia 2 JUN 1891 Seward Co. Nebraska
Johnson, Anthony Denmark 25 SEP 1905 Dundy Co. Nebraska
Knight, Bernard Germany 14 OCT 1890 Dekalb Co. Illinois
Krausnick, Keith Canada
Kysela, Anton Austria Hungary
Lukow, Frank Germany 15 JUL 1896 Adams Co. Nebraska
Malcolm, George England 10 JUL 1893 Cass Co. Nebraska
Malcolm, Robert England 10 JUL 1893 Perkins Co. Nebraska
McBride, George Scotland 14 OCT 1890
McBride, William Scotland 14 OCT 1890 Adams Co. Nebraska
McNulty, John Ireland
Mead, Christopher Great Britain 1 SEP 1892 Rock Island Co. Illinois
Mercier, Thomas Canada 29 MAY 1888 Hitchcock Co. Nebraska
Merkle, Henry Germany 29 NOV 1892 Douglas Co. Nebraska
Metcalf, George Yorkshire England 17 NOV 1908
Metcalf, John England 15 OCT 1889 York Co. Nebraska
Meyer, Diedrich Germany Denied
Munson, Andro Sweden 10 JUL 1893 Lancaster Co. Nebraska

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