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Family Histories

        The Chase County Historical Society maintains files at it's museum in Champion which contain information about Chase County residents.  Kermit Karns has been listing the contents of the files which we are presenting here.    The files are available for viewing at the museum and a photo copy machine is available to make copies of documents.  The museum is open on Sundays during the summer.  If you are going to be in Chase County at any other time, please e-mail the web masters listed below regarding making arrangements to visit the museum.    As you will note below, there are many documents, articles, pictures, etc. in these files, and it will take some time to complete them.  The museum is not heated in winter, and the files are being taken home to be indexed.    We will continue to add information to this page as we can.    Please note that the numbers listed with pictures are indexing numbers assigned to the picture when it is given to the museum.



LENHART, Henry 1893-1979 obituary; Edna H. YAW 1894-1979, wife of Henry LENHART
LINES, Jerry married Harla SWANIGAN; Jerry Post Office award
LEE, Jack and Betty clipping, oil well; Carrie Belle 1890-1979, obituary; marriage, Wayne Sheldon and Sally Ann Theobald 1972; Wayne S. ordination 1974; 55th Anniv, David E.;
LOCK; Lester married Laurel DESELMS; article IR 1972 Sep 14; article, Sod House
LUHRS Photos: Otto's farm, early (2), #941; 1914, #354; family in 1909; Mitchell car, w/article 1976; Robert, photos (2); article (2); pilot article w/Gordon, father; Arthur; note re airport; John/Kay, engagement 1980; Arthur/Patricia m 1973 article; Roosevelt, 1901-1979; obit, card; Mabel (Mrs Arthur) obit 1895-1989


MACKAY; John letter 1950; letter 1989; See Chase Co History, No. 8, p36
MADDUX Jack Maddux Cattle Co; abt 16 clippings; Taylor and Clara, note; obituary, Cicil R. 1905-1977; 7 pages, handwritten writeup, by Daisy Maddux Phillips, circa 1964
MALCOLM writeups, George & Robert, brothers; Article, picture Robert's home, Nov 2 1888; Short article and picture, 1st Chase County Museum, circa 1900; Tallman-Malcolm reunion 1980, attendance #29; #11; 7; #144; 3; #01; #29; #138; Engagement, Vicky Malcolm to Stan Smith; Photo, Mary Malcolm and Lois Newman 1928 or 29; Mary is daughter of D.E.Malcolm; Lois is daughter of John Newman
MARANVILLE Writeup on Eli - 2 pages; Charles, obit 1916-1968; Farm; 100 year award; Henry Calvin "Cad", 1872-1980, death note; writeup; photo negatives (4); "Cad"; reunion 1972; RV brochure cover, Joe Maranville in NC;
MARTIN 2 writeups on Eva Freeland Martin, b 1884
MATHER; Leroy and Selma 50th anniv. IR 1980 Jun 19
MATHEWS, J. Ken article, Early History of Chase County, 1933
McCALLUM Large file of pictures, given by Bruce McCallum
Threshing, 1914; (1976); (Apparently, the pictures were a collection by Marita McCallum Detman, and Mrs. Freeda McCallum); #639, O. E. McCallum and son Robert on porch in Imperial, see #646; #642, Freedom; F.T.Dimick, my father; Mabel, my sister; Emma S. Dimick; my mother; #644, Mrs. Ashley McCallum with Kitty, about 4; #644, (duplicate #) Bible record type record of DIMICK families; see genealogy file; #646, Beth McCallum Gregory;  Marita McCallum Detman, Robert McCallum; Bruce McCallum, childen or Orley McCallum, by Manigal House in Imperial, which he (Orley) built. see #639; #648, A. J. Vennum and his daughter Susie; Mr. Vennum instituted Frenchman Valley Bank in Palisade NE; He was partner of F.T.Dimick in Wauneta; #649, Duncan C. McCallum & wife, Louisa; Childe: O.E.'s parents; #650, My mother and father's home in Wauneta;  Mabel;   Mama, Uncle Art (Fletcher); Papa in the rocking chair.  Freeda setting on steps; Bert with Shep, his dog; #652, Fayette T. and Emma S. Dimick; #653, Fayette T. Dimick, Emma S. Dimick, wife, Freedom, age abou 6 years;  Mabel, age abt 9 years. ( Mable, sister of Freedom; Freedom is mother of Marita;  Emma S. & Fayette T. Dimick, mother and father of Freedom;  #660, Emma S. Dimick, Marita's grandmother, and Freedom's  mother, when Bert Dimick was a baby; #663, Uncle Art (Flectcher) and Papa, Fishing, Wauneta Falls; #664, Tour Bus, Salt Lake City UT 1915, card sent by Freeda to Mrs. Fay dimick, Wauneta NE; #665, Orley E. McCallum; Sarsdota? Pearson, now Mrs. Dr. Fellers, Palisade; Herbert Pearson, broth of Mrs. Fellers;  Laura McCallum, now Mrs. D. J. Killen of Evergreen CO; #666, Picture post card, 1915 Aug 8, San Diego CA; driver; F. McClain; Freedom; Mrs. F. McClain; addressed to Marita McCallum, Imperial NE; #669, At Mrs. Ochs' home; Mama standing by post, white blouse; #672, Freedom McCallum, Bert Dimick, Mabel Dimick; #673, Keith McCallum, son of Orley, in baby buggy; #674, Keith McCallum, son of Orley, in front of Len? Smith's at Imperial; #675, My father, Fayette T. Dimick, taken in his college days; No numbers: My father, Fayette T. Dimick; Nettie Fisher and Charley Fisher, on the 1st suspension bridge across the Wauneta Falls; Mama and Papa and Mrs. Robertson sliding down hill on the snow; (Mr and Mrs F. T. Dimick); My father and mothers home up on the hill. Papa - Mama with Marita; in her arms. Bert, with black cat on his shoulders; Mabel by wind mill (Mabel died when young) F.T.Dimick home; Papa - F.T. Dimick; Freeda McCallum; Uncle Art Fletcher, at; Diversion dam, run water wheel for first electricity in Wauneta; Orley E. McCallum, Sarasota? Pearson (now Mrs. Dr. Fellers of Palisade); Herbert Pearson, brother of Mrs. Fellers; Laura McCallum (now Mrs. D. J. Killen, of Evergreen CO); Wauneta Methodist Choir - Nellie Fisher, soprano; Ray Doty, organist; Freedom Demick, contralto, Fayette T. Dimick, Bass; Lynn Conway, Tenor
OGDEN obit, Nellie May LEE OGDEN 1900-1968
WOMEN FARMERS story, Laura Lou Kelly, Shona Heim, 1987

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