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Chase County       

Chase County High School
Imperial, Nebraska

     The Alumni Association of Chase County High School first published a directory of graduates in 1950.  Updated versions have been published since that time.  Listed below are names of those who graduated from Chase County High School.  Please note that women's maiden names are enclosed in parenthesis.

    A current copy of the directory is available for $12.00 plus $2.50 shipping charges by e-mailing the contact person who updates the books at mail and she will give you the mailing address. The Directory includes the dates of death of those graduates who are deceased, as well as contact information for many surviving graduates. Copies are also available in person at Einsphar Drug Store and the Senior Center in Imperial.

1895-1909 1910-1927 1928-1933 1934-1937 1938-1940 1941-1944
1945-1948 1949-1953 1954-1958 1959-1963 1964-1968 1969-1972

Class of 1928
Edith (Baldwin) MinicK Lyman Hansberry
Perry Baldwin Glen Heady
Evelyn (Barraclough) Einspahr Alice (Hill) Weber
Herman Brill Berniece (Johnston) MacClain
Helen (Crandall) Martindale Edna (Lorenzen) Brown
Avis (Crandall) Martindale Eva (Lytle) Douglas
Pearl(Drabing) Stephenson Mary (Malcolm) Kinner
Glen Dunbar Howard Mather
Viva (Dunten) Hawkins Freda (Perks) Miller
Walter Einspahr Max Samples
Letha (Fredrickson) Rife Rosemond Shipley
Ross Goddard Winfield "Jack" Smith
Class of 1929
Kermit "Kay" Banks Doris (Gifford) Mather
Esta (Bauerle) Chesterton Russell Goddard
Ernest Belau Gladys (Hanson) Clayburg
Opal (Benson) Kilpatrick Nellie (Johnston) Widger
Everett Besack Victor Kelley
Dorothy (Brown) Ingold Melvin Kimble
Lenore (Brown) Samples Dorothy(McGuire) Cooper
Meredith (Brown) Tuxhorn Alonzo Miller
Mearl Castle Vera (Nicholson) Zielke
Velva (David) Boyer Alyce (O'Brien) Cristaff
Julie (Day) Hoskins Melvin Rhoads
Everett "Carrol" Draper Wilson Smith
Della (Dunbar) Adams Russell Williams, M. D.
Harold Fredrickson Eunice (Wine) Trowbridge
Class of 1930
Gertrude (Bopp) Monteith Russell Leffler
Gladys (Brady) Pribbeno Harold Marshall
Mary (Cruise) Ryan Doris (Mather) Williams
Ramona (Davis) Hixon George Moreland
Laura (Einspahr) Cook Buryl (Nicholson) Phares
Helen (Forsyth) Stewart Viola (Potter) Gifford
Calvin Gardner Eva (Pugh) Scrivener
Edgar Hatheway Cecil Rhoads
Fern (Heady) Lally Mildred (Smith) Duarte
Calvin Hill Eva (Surber) Baldwin
Evelyn (Jacks) Chamber Mildred Swink
Kenneth Joye, M.D. Laura (Zeck) Roller
Class of 1931
Paul Belau Ernest Humphrey
James Burke Bleyn Johnson
Patricia (Burke) Harrison Donald McConnell
Elmer Collins James McGuire
Carrie (Fisher) Terry Keith Nothangel
Velma (Forsyth) Morgan Walter Pflum
Evelyn (Foster) Davis Chester Satchell
Cecil Gardner Glen Skewes
Lee Harshberger Lucille (Swink) Smith
Class of 1932
Lois (Ashmore) Naugle Elmira (Majors) Fielder
Farrell Avise Cleopa (Mead) Newman
Belva (Banks) Caranci Fred W. Meyers
Donald Banks Wilfred H. Miller
Willis Bashford Lavern Nothangel
Maurice Besack Florin Peterson
Rosada (Besack) Bryan Jimmie Phillips
James Bonner Stanley Pribbeno
Ruth (Borges) Esau William Reichardt
Bernice (Colson) Norman Ruth (Skewes) Goddard
Inez (Colson) Cranwell Freda (Smith) Heim
Floyd David Wylda (Spreacker) Yates
Helen (Dunbar) Miller Everett Travis
Robert Eggert Pearl (Unzicker) Bussell
Kathryn (Foster) Todd Idella (White) Brown
Evangeline (Hawkinson) Wecker Alvin Yost
Lelia (Hiatt) Edwards Edith (Yost) Rotz
Alice (McFadden) Hayes
Class of 1933
Lester Adams Don Moore
Gerald Ambrosek Barbara (Moreland) McNair
Floyd W. Appleyard Lyle Newman
June (Bonner) McIntosh Nadine (Nims) VanSant
Madge (Bonner) Enterline Lawrence O'Obrien
Wayne Clark Philip O'Brien
Virgil "Bud" Eskew Leona J. (Peckham) Smith
Elizabeth (Felt) Hoskins Lloyd Pflum, Sr.
Ruby (Gibb) Schrack Uldene (Pugh) Gleye
Fay (Gilchrist) Kaiser Frances Rouze
Delores (Gregory) McConnell Aaron Satchell
Elva (Gross) Sanders Lenora (Searle) Spica
Velma (Hampton) Smith Kenneth E. Short
Earl O. Heady, MD Kenneth Skipworth
Wauneta (Hicks) Hunter Sheridan "Pug" Smith
Aubrey E. Lehr Theone (Spady) Hust
Cleo (Malcolm) Carsons Delight (Swink) Covert
Paul Mather Gene P. Tyerman
Florine (McConnell) Travis Clare Wiley MD
Fred Miller Mary (Williams) Kerney
Julia (Mills) Harshbargr

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