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Chase County       

Chase County High School
Imperial, Nebraska

     The Alumni Association of Chase County High School first published a directory of graduates in 1950.  Updated versions have been published since that time.  Listed below are names of those who graduated from Chase County High School.  Please note that women's maiden names are enclosed in parenthesis.

    A current copy of the directory is available for $12.00 plus $2.50 shipping charges by e-mailing the contact person who updates the books at mail and she will give you the mailing address. The Directory includes the dates of death of those graduates who are deceased, as well as contact information for many surviving graduates. Copies are also available in person at the Senior Center in Imperial.

1895-1909 1910-1927 1928-1933 1934-1937 1938-1940 1941-1942
1943-1948 1949-1953 1954-1958 1959-1963 1964-1968 1969-1972
1973-1976 1977-1979 1980-1983 1984-1987 1988-1992 1993-1996

Class of 1910
Ethel (Humphrey) VanDyke Charles Meeker
Myrtie (Lindsey) Lewis Roland Scott
Class of 1911
Floyd David Arthur Morris
John Moreland Kenneth Smith
Class of 1912
Fuller Bailey, M.D. Harold Johnston
Evan Boardman Archie Smith
Class of 1913
Grace (Case) Bremer Cassandra (Smith) Mitchell  
Mary (Hier) Weiss Louis Spotts
Millie Ingold Coy Tressler
Class of 1914
Hester (Byrd) Bunting Everett Johnston
Vinton Clayburg Irene Kelley
Mabel (Eskew) Davidson Audra (Lukheart) Appleyard
Lillian (Evans) Hinrichs Mary Ellen (Smith) Peyton
Edna (Howard) Amende
Class of 1915
no graduation (reorganization)
Class of 1916
Delma (Kilpatrick) Grant Esther (McCoy) Boardman
Audra (Lukheart) Appleyard
Class of 1917
Homer Browning Corwin M. Mead
Opal (Dettman) Nielsen Archie Smith
Pearl (Long) erdman Janie (Spangler) Kilpatrick
Mary (McCoy) Stengler Robert W. Taylor
Class of 1918
Emma (Brady) Matthews Helen (Hill) Jackson
Albert Bremer Lillie (Kramer) Beard
Ina (Douglass) Hust Glen Lorenzen, D.D.
Mary (Eskew) Nothnagle Mildred (Mean) Smith
Wilber Getzendaner Lawrence L. Quante
Francis E. "Johnie" Gilchrist
Class of 1919
Faye Bailey Helen (Getzendaner) Blatherwick
George Boradman Fae (Lukheart) Stinnette
Helen (Bonner) Cross Grace (Rummell) Meese
Grace (Cunningham) Brinkema
Class of 1920
Ruth L. Bartholomew Darsie D. Hill
Emma A. (Belau) Tuxhorn Elva E. (Johnston) Dettman
J. Wayne Douglass Winnie (Lorenzen) Travis
Lulu May (Draper) McAfee Leona M. (McAfee) Corkill
Altha (Eby) Gibb Anna Lucile (Meyer) Kriegsmann
Katherine May (Eby) Musser Lydia (Schafer) Bauerle
Edward A. Hier, MD Percy T. Travis
Class of 1921
Edna (Bremer) Mathews Lloyd P. Miller
Charles Einspahr Marguerite (Paul) Turner
Ella (Henderson) Pickett Vera (Peterson) Kaiser
Lola (Fitzpatrick) Bauerle Roy Schanoist
Saloma (Mead) Kilpatrick Alta (Widger) Hier
Class of 1922
Ethel (Brewer) Craig Berniece (Snavely) Barkdoll
Russell Mather Julie (Travis) Clossen
Robert "Zeb" Roush Glen Travis
Class of 1923
Elva (Bauerle) Hutchinson Lottie (Fulk) Nelson
Lela (Bonner) McCallum Belle (Heady) Humphrey
Tom Cunningham Edith (Ingold) Woods
Glen Draper Esther(Ingold)Cox
Marie Dunn)Presnell Genevieve (Kilpatrick) Tressler
Pauline (Flory) Wine
Ethel (Morris) Eller
Watson Foster
Class of 1924
Paul Arnold Helen (Meyer) Jeffrey
Katie (Arnold) Klein James Miller
Ruth (Beatty) Featherston Ralph Newman
Margaret Blakeslee Rosanna (O'Brien) Long
Kenneth Casebeer Teresa (O'Brien) Pflum
Viola (Deardorf) Clendenny Velta (Rhoads) Needham
Helen (Evy) Bridges George H. Rounds
Curtis Fitzpatrick Ted C. Rounds
Mary (Heady) Flory Leslie Travis
Alice (Heady) Herrald Vera Wichelt
Rolo Knapp Leta (Wine) Smith
Ralph Landon Lois (Wine) Oltman
Class of 1925
Lucille (Anderson) Kelley Thornton Miller
Evelyn Marie (Besack) Waggoner Evesta (Satchell) Spraktes
Jim Brady Alta (Skipworth) Rush
Marvin (Doyle) Logan Pearl (Stumbaugh) Cady
Janet (Evy) Burrows Esther (Thompson) Raser
Ruby (Eskew) Peterson Ernest Wichelt
Clara (Miller) Williams
Class of 1926
Louise (Blakeslee) Austin Wellman Ouderkirk  
Lloyd Brown Norma (Pounds) Hopkins
Lawrence Einspahr Edith (Radcliffe) Hill
Minnie (Einspahr) Knepper Basil B. Samples
Alice (Gilchrist) Howard Norma (Satchell) Adams
Pearl (Hatheway) Harkins Onslow Shallenberger
Pauline (Johnston) Iseminger William Skipworth
Charles Kelley Earl Stewart
Helen (Kilpatrick) Miller Hattie (Thompson) Smith
Alvin Kivett Dale Tressler
Eljus L. Knapp Frederick Victor Werner
Mary (Mather) Werts Violet (Werner) Hultner
Helen (Newman) Anderson Gwen Williams
Roy E. Ouderkirk
Class of 1927
C. Ardell Anderson Emma Mae(Jones) Colson
Imogene (Ashmore) Unzicker Frank Joons  
Hazel (Barkdoll) Wine Bernice (Kilpatrick) Humphrey
Allen Beezley Leah (Kilpatrick) Auberry
Clifford Bonner Virgil P. Long
Lowell Browning Glen E. Martin
Faye (Claney) Blevins Ruby (Martin) Jones
Lois (Claney) Foutz Delma (McGuire) Rea
Kenneth Cole Inez (Miller) Ball
Loren Colson Lois (Newman) Greenlee
Kermit Cox Kermit G. Stewart
Mattie (Fisher) Waggoner Vera (Travis> Rasmussen
Pearl (Goddard) Fitzwater Elsworth "Ike" Widger
Ila Jeary Newell Wine
Kathleen Jeary Virginia (Wine) Jensen

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