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Chase County       

Chase County High School
Imperial, Nebraska

   The village of Imperial in Chase County, Nebraska, maintained a high school for the ninth grade prior to 1900.  By 1915 the tenth and eleventh grades were added, in preparation for the organization of the Chase County High School in 1916.  The first students to graduate from the twelfth grade of Chase County High school was the class of 1916.

    The Alumni Association of Chase County High School first published a directory of graduates in 1950.  Updated versions have been published since that time.  Listed below are names of those who graduated from Chase County High School.  Please note that women's maiden names are enclosed in parenthesis.

   The Chase County High School Alumni now have a web site, listing graduates and lots of other information, including a message board to leave notes for other alumni. It can be viewed at CCHS Alumni.

    A current copy of the directory is available for $12.00 plus $2.50 shipping charges by e-mailing the contact person who updates the books at mail and she will give you the mailing address. The Directory includes the dates of death of those graduates who are deceased, as well as contact information for many surviving graduates. Copies are also available in person at the Senior Center in Imperial.

1895-1909 1910-1927 1928-1933 1934-1937 1938-1940 1941-1944
1945-1948 1949-1953 1954-1958 1959-1963 1964-1968 1969-1972
1973-1976 1977-1979 1980-1983 1984-1987 1988-1992 1993-1996

Class of 1895
Eva (Cooper) Spatz
Class of 1897
Lucian Fuller Ross Holman
Class of 1898
Elizabeth (Burke) Ruby; Ralph Fuller
Harry Fleasbach Lillian (Sutton)Churchill
Class of 1899
Eldrege Burke Sarah (Morris) Roche
Harold Hopper Earl Rogers
Ana (Hughes) Sedlocek Rena (Shewalter) Woodward
Ted Kelso
Class of 1900
no graduates listed
Class of 1901
Willis Kelso Walter Sutton
Amy (Morris) Morrison
Class of 1902
J. Edgar Burke Frank Mercier
Jennie (Hoffmeister) Fitzgerald Osie Patsy (Widger) Shrum
Ethel (Hopper) McMahon
Class of 1903
Clair Bishop Ralph Simmons
Earl Bishop Elsie (Tallman) Malcolm
Maude (Boardman) Jacks Paul F. Thuresson, M.D.
Charles Hoffmeister William Wheeler
Class of 1904
Charlie Campbell Carrie Koerner
Pearl (Clayburg) Tanor Cleo (Meeker) Hoile
Chester Fleasback Anna (Morris) Vandre
Class of 1905
Eva (Blazer) Nicholson Helen (Cottrel) Rouze
Hazel (Boardman) Brigham Lemuel Jones
Alice (Bradbury) Welch Adam Martin
Myrtle (Briggs) Holmes Evea (Moreland) McMillian
Clyde Brown Emily Wheeler
Lucy (Brown) Abitz William Rowley
Hatty (Clayburg) Westerfield
Class of 1906
Records show no graduates
Class of 1907
Calvin Bonner Max Hoffmeister
Milton Bonner Floyd Johnston
Hopal (Bradbury) McGuire
Class of 1908
Elva (Bailey) Burke Fannie (Hoffmeister) Manning
Dorothy (Cottrel) Raker George Hoffmeister M.D.
Class of 1909
Wilma Boardman Mae (Hicks) Short
Yula (Davis) Johnson Frances (Taylor) Russell

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