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Subject: Possible family for Joseph Cummins ??? Date: Fri, 9 Jul 1999 22:59:37 EDT From: Subj: Possible family for Joseph Cummins Date: 98-10-30 18:56:40 EST Date: Thu, 29 Oct 1998 11:53:04 -0500 From: E & P Chapman Subject: Possible family for Joseph Cummins Sender: E & P Chapman To: Charles Cummins Charles, copy to George Chapman George Chapman, a second cousin of mine and Cummins descendent fund this information in the Family Tree Maker web files. Take a look at #11. It ha= s never been clear where Joseph Cummins was born. Scotland in 1855? Marylan= d as Geroge recorded? Pensylvania as William recorded? When his own sons disagree proving anything may be hard, but here is a possiblitiy. This would have him b. 1760 and that fits with Lydia b/d. = Our Cummins Family Home Page = We have traced the Cummins Surname to Benjamin Cummins. Benjamin and= Sarah (Rowe) had at least two children, Robert and Thomas. = Thomas and Susanah Cummins. They were granted land in North Carolina near what is now Jacksonvil= le and Wilmington. On April 8, 1752 320 acres in Onslow Co., NC was purchased by Thomas Cummins from Gibbons Jennings, a merchant, for 33 pounds 6= shillings and 8 pence. This was a parcel of 640 acres that had been "granted t= o Uriah Ross, February 26, 1735, on the river at mouth of Wallaces Creek, east sid= e of New River." Thomas and Susanah had at least seven boys (George, Hugh, William, Benjamin, Aaron, James and Thomas Jr.) George Cummins born 1742 in Bladen Co., NC, died abt 1808 and married Sarah Collins 1759 in Rowan Co., NC. George and Sarah had 10 children, one was John C. Cummins (b. 1761 i= n Rowan Co., NC; d. 1826). John married Nancy abt 1778 in Guilford Co., NC. They had nine children. John traveled to VA with Capt. Gatliff and James McGuire in the late 1700s. John eventually settled his family in a section of Knox Co., = KY which became Whitley Co. in 1818. He built the first saw mill in the area and became the Judge of Whitley Co., KY. His seventh child, James (b. abt 1793) married Sarah "Sally" Gatliff March 11, 1822 in Whitley Co., KY. Sally's lineage goes back to Sarah Boone, Daniel Boone's oldest sister. Cummins Family -- KY, NC = -- 1742 Baird Family -- KY, TN -- Davis Family -- KY, TN -- Byrne Family -- VA, RI, Ireland -- If you have any additional information or would like more= information to help your research, let me know. = 1. Benjamin1 Cummins. He married Sarah Rowe. = Children of Benjamin Cummins and Sarah Rowe are: = + 2 i. Thomas2 Cummins, born Abt 1716; died Bef December 23, 1799. 3 ii. Robert Cummins, died December 06, 1774. Descendants of Benjamin Cummins Generation No. 2 2. Thomas2 Cummins (Benjamin1) was born Abt 1716, and died Bef December 23, 1799. He married Susanah. = Notes Onslow Co., N.C. = April 8, 1752 - Gibbons Jennings, merchant, to Thomas Cummins for 33 poun= ds 6 shillings and 8 pence, 320 acres, part of 640 acres granted to Uriah Ross, Feb. 26, 1735, on the river at mouth of Wallaces Creek, east side of New River. Tests: Thos. Black, Matt Whitfield, Thos. Johnston. = September 9, 1774 - Thomas Cummins and Susanah Cummins to Jesse Webb for = 15 lbs. 60 A on w. side of New River at Richard Ward's line, on Cox's Creek, which 60 = A was willed to Thomas Cummins by James Paggott - Tests: John Bond, Wm. Webb. = April 4, 1786 N.C. State Census in Onslow Co. lists Thos. Cummins as WM (white male) between the ages of 21-60 with one WF all ages. This is no doubt his wife= Susanah. = [Stephen H. Alsip] Found the following listed as a query in an old Knox Co., KY Kinfolk Newsletter; Query from Sherman Gibbs, LaFayette, GA; -- Duplin Co., NC. = - 1798 A Thomas Cummins will names as sons: Thomas, Benjamin, Hugh, William= , George, Aaron, and James. There is also a Hugh Cummins listed in Lincoln Co., NC. = Children of Thomas Cummins and Susanah are: = +4 i. George3 Cummins, born 1742 in Bladen CO, NC; died Abt 1808 in Guilford County, NC. 5 ii. Hugh Cummins. 6 iii.William Cummins. 7 iv. Benjamin Cummins. 8 v. Aaron Cummins. 9 vi. James Cummins. 10 vii. Thomas Cummins Jr.. Generation No. 3 4. George3 Cummins (Thomas2, Benjamin1) was born 1742 in Bladen County, NC, and died Abt 1808 in Guilford County, NC. He married Sarah Collins 1759 in Rowan County, NC. Notes Much of this information was obtained from Steven Alsip, whos address was= given me from someone on the Internet. Steven Alsip gathered this information from an o= ld Knox Co., KY Kinfolk Newsletter; Query from Sherman Gibbs, LaFayette, GA. = Onslow Co., N.C. = January 22, 1764 George Cummins to David Dudley - 120 A - east side of Ne= w River near Wallace Creek. This land once belonged to Thomas Cummins, who willed it t= o his son George Cummins. = Onslow Co., N.C. = January 23, 1764 - Wm. and David Dudley to George Cummins - 300 acres on = NW fork of Grants Creek near Swan Pond. = State Records (p. 720) dated September 8th, 1778 = George Cummins was a member of Capt. Griffith John McRee's Company of the= First North Carolina Battalion commanded by Col. Thomas Clark. This State Record show= s George Cummins enlisted April 16, 1776 for 2 1/2 years. This record (refers to Army Returns, Book 27, P.23) states that Sergt. George Cummins was "Wounded P. Town". Another State Record shows Cummins, Geo. Sergt., 6th Regiment under Donohoe's Company with the= following occurrences: Pt. Decem, '77, Sergt Mar. '78. pt. Oct. '78, was discharged= 3 Nov. '79. = Wills: Guilford Co., N.C. Will Abstracts File# A:079 Dec. 9, 1805 - Probated Feb., 1808 = George Cummins Wife Sarah, 250 acres on Cumberland on waters of Pone Crre= son Joesph, 250 acres being on each side my dwelling house & on both side= s Haw River between Thomas Cummins & Hugh Cummins heirs of son John, son Thomas, son George, daughter Elizabeth, son James, daughter Sarah, daught= er Martha, son Charles, son Hugh - 5 schillings each. = Exrs: Wife Sarah Cummins, son Joseph Cummins, Wits: Justin Knott, Wm. Athony, Elizabeth Cummins. = Children of George Cummins and Sarah Collins are: = 11 i Joseph4 Cummins, born 1760. +12 ii. John C. Cummins, born 1761 in Rowan County, NC; died 1826 in Whitley County, Kentucky. 13 iii. Thomas Cummins, born 1763. He married Silvey Jean December 1= 2, 1790 in Guilford Co., NC. 14 iv. George Cummins Jr., born 1764 in Rowan County, NC; died Abt 18= 30 in Wilson County, TN. He married Mary McQuiston 1793 in Guilford County, NC. 15 v. Elizabeth Cummins, born 1765. She married John Edgar March 08, 1780 in Rowan County, NC. 16 vi.James Cummins, born Abt 1767. He married Elizabeth Wright Augus= t 25, 1795 in Guilford Co., NC. 17 vii. Sarah Cummins, born Abt 1768. She married Joseph D. Gallegly November 10, 1785 in Guilford Co., NC. 18 viii. Martha Cummins, born Abt 1770. 19 ix. Charles Cummins, born Abt 1771. 20 x.Hugh Cummins, born Abt 1772. Generation No. 4 12. John C.4 Cummins (George3, Thomas2 , Benjamin1) was born 1761= in Rowan County, NC, and died 1826 in Whitley County, Kentucky. He married Nancy Abt 1778 = in Guilford County, NC. = Notes Old Cummins Cemetary destroyed. John C. Cummins appears on 1800 Knox County, KY Tax list. = John left NC Abt. 1780 to settle briefly in Botetourt County, VA, where h= e met Capt. Charles Gatliff and James McGuire. The three men set out to investigate Kentucky.= This visit must have been around the time when Indians attacked a large group of settlers in 1786. Those settlers known as McKnitt's company lost twenty-one people who were slaughtered between the area the Big and Little Laurel Rivers. = John and Nancy had travelled from North Carolina with their seven childre= n (Rachel, Margaret, Hugh, William, Alsy, Elizabeth and James) all of which were born in North= Carolina. Margaret, next to the oldest daughter, fell in love with William Johnson of Virgini= a. They were married there about 1797. William Johnson travelled with the Cummins clan to Kentucky. = They settled in Knox County, Kentucky within the year 1799. John bought land at Stanfield Bend (on the Cumberland River) at Big Poplar Creek. Joh= n became Knox County Judge. He built the first water mill in what became Whitley County, Kentucky. The county was formed January 17, 1818 from a section of Knox County named in honor of Col. William Whitley, a Kentucky= pioneer and Indian fighter (Article by Bryant, Ron; "They Kentucky Encyclopedia" c 1992 University Press of Kentucky, Editor in Chief John E= =2E Kleber). = John and Nancy had two more children who were born in Knox Co., KY -- Jud= y Cummins, born about 1807 and John Cummins Jr., 1810. Rachel, their oldest daughter= married Capt. Charles Gatliff, June 19, 1809 in Knox Co., KY at the age of 34. This was= two years after his first wife, Christina McGuire died in Whitley Co., KY. Evidently Christin= a was one of James McGuire's daughters, the third travelling companion of John Cummins and Capt. Gatliff when they went into Kentucky. = Most of their children married and remained in Whitley Co., KY until thei= r death. Alsy married Nathan Cox in Kentucky. They travelled to Chestnut Ridge, Jackson Co., IN= where she died. William married Sarah Meek December 24, 1803 in Pulaski Co., KY. Elizabet= h Cummins married Joshua Tye March 11, 1805 in Knox Co., KY. This is no doubt a decendant of Joe Tye, whose son was killed by Indians, probably Cherokee, on Big Poplar Creek. The Tye family was led into Kentucky by the explorer Dr. Thomas Walker. Dr. Walker and h= is party entered Whitley Co, area at Blake's Fork Creek in April of 1759. = Children of John Cummins and Nancy are: = 21 i. Rachel5 Cummins, born July 25, 1775 in NC; died August 30, 1855 in Whitley County, Kentucky. She married Charles Gatliff, Capt. June 19, 1809 in Knox County, Kentucky. 22 ii. Margaret Cummins, born Abt 1778; died October 16, 1856 in Whitley County, Kentucky. She married William Johnson Abt 1797 in= VA. 23 iii. Hugh Cummins, born Abt 1779 in Guilford County, NC. He marri= ed Kevia Davis December 30, 1801 in Knox County, Kentucky. 24 iv. William "Bill" Cummins, born Abt 1780 in Guilford County, NC= =2E He married Sarah Meek December 24, 1803 in Pulaski County, K= Y. 25 v. Alsy/Aley Cummins, born Abt 1785; died in Chestnut Ridge, Jackson Co., IN. She married Nathan Cox Abt 1806 in Knox County, Kentucky. 26 vi. Elizabeth Cummins, born July 24, 1788 in Guilford County, N= C; died May 21, 1849 in Whitley County, Kentucky. She married Joshua = Sr Tye March 11, 1805 in Knox County, Kentucky. + 27vii. James Cummins, born Abt 1793 in Guilford County, NC; died August 09, 1867 in Whitley County, Kentucky. 28 viii. Judy Cummins, born Abt 1807 in Knox County, Kentucky. She married John Hamblin Abt 1826 in Whitley County, Kentucky. +29 ix. John Jr Cummins, born 1810 in Knox County, Kentucky; died Aft 1880 in Whitley County, Kentucky. Generation No. 5 27. James5 Cummins (John C.4, George3, Thomas2 , Benjamin1) was bo= rn Abt 1793 in Guilford County, NC, and died August 09, 1867 in Whitley County, Kentucky= =2E He married Sarah "Sally" Gatliff March 11, 1822 in Whitley County, Kentucky, daughte= r of Moses Gatliff and Mary Walker. = Notes James was a brother to Sally's step Grandmother. = Child of James Cummins and Sarah Gatliff is: = + 30 i. William6 Cummins, born 1825. 29. John Jr5 Cummins (John C.4, George3, Thomas2 , Benjamin1) was born 1810 in Knox County, Kentucky, and died Aft 1880 in Whitley County, Kentucky. He marri= ed Esther Boyd August 30, 1826 in Whitley County, Kentucky. = Child of John Cummins and Esther Boyd is: = +31 i. David6 Cummins, born February 06, 1840; died August 10, 1923. Generation No. 6 30. William6 Cummins (James5, John C.4, George3, Thomas2 , Benjamin= 1) was born 1825. He married Barbery Sammons January 17, 1848 in Whitley County, Kentucky, daughter of Jesse Sammons and Elizabeth Chestnut. = Children of William Cummins and Barbery Sammons are: = = 32 i. Zachariah T.7 Cummins, born December 24, 1849 in Whitley County, Kentucky; died May 27, 1916 in Whitley County, Kentucky. = He married Nancy Harp September 16, 1873 in Whitley County, Kentucky= =2E +33 ii. Winfield Scott Cummins, born April 25, 1851; died April 04, 1916. 34 iii. Josephine Cummins, born April 10, 1853 in Whitley County, Kentucky. 35 iv. Alexander Cummins, born 1855; died 1920. He married Susan McNeil 1885. 36 v. Calvin Taylor Cummins, born 1860. 37 vi. John B. Cummins, born August 14, 1860. 38 vii. Rebecca A. Cummins, born 1864; died in Knoxville, TN. She married Joseph M. Anderson October 05, 1882 in Whitley County, Kentucky. 31. David6 Cummins (John Jr5, John C.4, George3, Thomas2 , Benjami= n1 ) was born February 06, 1840, and died August 10, 1923. He married Eliza J. Goodin (Rogers) October 07, 1868. = Child of David Cummins and Eliza (Rogers) is: = 39 i. Esther A.7 Cummins, born August 14, 1869; died October 20, 1915. She married Wm. H. Goodin December 23, 1885. Generation No. 7 33. Winfield Scott7 Cummins (William6, James5, John C.4, George3,= Thomas2 , Benjamin1) was born April 25, 1851, and died April 04, 1916. He married (= 1) Rebecca Bishop. He married (2) Elizabeth J. Moore March 07, 1871 in Whitley Count= y, Kentucky, daughter of James Moore and Sarah Davis. = Children of Winfield Cummins and Rebecca Bishop are: = 40 i. John Columbus8 Cummins, born December 29, 1889. 41 ii. Mattie Evelyn Cummins, born February 01, 1892. 42 iii.Eliza Maggie Cummins, born December 14, 1894. 43 iv. Myrtle Taylor Cummins, born May 26, 1897. 44 v. Lucy Jones Cummins, born December 12, 1899. 45 vi. Cooper America Cummins, born November 21, 1902. 46 vii. Nettie Stella Cummins, born January 05, 1905. 47 viii. Charlotte Jessie Cummins, born September 19, 1910. Children of Winfield Cummins and Elizabeth Moore are: = + 48 i. William Alexander8 Cummins, born April 14, 1872 in Missouri;= died April 07, 1951 in Whitley County, Kentucky. 49 ii. Blaine Cummins, born Abt 1878; died May 04, 1941. He marrie= d Rosia //. 50 iii. Sarah Cummins, born Unknown. She married Amos Dotson. Generation No. 8 48. William Alexander8 Cummins (Winfield Scott7, William6, James5,= John C.4, George3, Thomas2, Benjamin1) was born April 14, 1872 in Missouri, and died April 0= 7, 1951 in Whitley County, Kentucky. He married (1) Adaline Crutchfield. He married (2) Mart= ha Emmaline McKiddy April 15, 1894, daughter of William McKiddy and Mary A.. = Children of William Cummins and Martha McKiddy are: = 51 i.Maynard9 Cummins, born January 17, 1895. 52 ii.Benjamin Harns Cummins, born March 12, 1896. + 53 iii. Speed Monrou Cummins, born May 18, 1897 in Kentucky; died March 01, 1973. 54 iv. George Madison Cummins, born March 31, 1899. 55 v. Lizzie Mae Taylor, born September 26, 1902; died December 15= , 1996. 56 vi. James R. Cummins, born May 20, 1904. 57 vii. Gertrude "Gertie" Cummins, born August 27, 1908. Generation No. 9 53. Speed Monrou9 Cummins (William Alexander8, Winfield Scott7, William6, James5, John C.4, George3, Thomas2, Benjamin1) was born May 18, 1897 in Kentucky,= and died March 01, 1973. He married Rachel Davis March 10, 1917 in Jellico, TN, daughter= of Aaron Davis and Julia Perkins. = Children of Speed Cummins and Rachel Davis are: = 58 i. Edward10 Cummins, born April 28, 1919; died February 27, 1920. 59 ii. Lizzie Cummins, born February 02, 1921; died February 06, 1921. +60 iii. Willie Henry Cummins, born February 25, 1923 in Tennessee; died= July 02, 1969 in Toledo, OH. 61iv. Speed Cummins, Jr., born October 12, 1925; died October 14, 1927. 62 v. Albert Lee Cummins, born July 25, 1927; died June 22, 1929. 63 vi. Walter Cummins, born July 25, 1929; died November 20, 1930.= + 64vii. Ruth Ethel Cummins, born June 26, 1931 in Newcomb, TN. 65 viii. Monrou Scott Cummins, born December 24, 1933; died February 14, 1938. 66 ix. Mary Magdalene Cummins, born December 14, 1935. 67 x. Foster Cummins, born September 18, 1939; died April 19, 1981. Descendants of Benjamin Cummins Generation No. 10 60. Willie Henry10 Cummins (Speed Monrou9, William Alexander8, Winfield Scott7, William6, James5, John C.4, George3, Thomas2, Benjamin1) was born Februar= y 25, 1923 in Tennessee, and died July 02, 1969 in Toledo, OH. He married Lissie Mae Baird December 06, 1942, daughter of Edgar Baird and Viola Wilburn. = Notes The first day of the second grade was his last day of school. From that d= ay on he worked in the fields, and in the coal mines with his father. Consequently he had to hav= e the newspaper read to him, but loved to work up a sweat planting a modest garden for his family= after the hard hours spent in a hot factory. = Children of Willie Cummins and Lissie Baird are: = 68 i."Infant"11 Cummins, born October 09, 1942; died October 09, 1942. 69 ii. Jimmy Cummins, born January 21, 1944; died April 16, 1944. 70 iii.Foster Cummins, born September 10, 1945; died September 28, 1945. 71 iv.Wanda Faye Cummins, born June 03, 1947; died June 06, 1947. 72 v. Brenda Sue Cummins, born October 22, 1948; died January 13, 1949. + 73 vi. Will Henry Cummins, born February 03, 1952 in Jellico, TN. + 74 vii.Judy Ann Cummins, born October 25, 1954. 64. Ruth Ethel10 Cummins (Speed Monrou9, William Alexander8, Winfield Scott7, William6, James5, John C.4, George3, Thomas2, Benjamin1) was born June 26= , 1931 in Newcomb, TN. She married Henry Adkins July 22, 1946 in Jellico, TN. = Child of Ruth Cummins and Henry Adkins is: = + 75 i. Carl11 Adkins, born June 19, 1947 in Middlesboro, KY. Generation No. 11 73. Will Henry11 Cummins (Willie Henry10, Speed Monrou9, William Alexander8, Winfield Scott7, William6, James5, John C.4, George3, Thomas2, Benjamin1)= was born February 03, 1952 in Jellico, TN. He married Mauleen Gabrielle Byrne May 25, 1974 in Toledo, OH (Court house), daughter of Kevin Byrne a= nd Virginia O'Neill. = Children of Will Cummins and Mauleen Byrne are: = 76 i. Matthew Kevin12 Cummins, born December 15, 1974 in Toledo, OH. He married Darlene Labadie August 05, 1994 in Sylvania, OH. 77 ii. Sarah Meg Cummins, born July 05, 1976 in Toledo, OH; died June 15, 1992 in Toledo, OH. 78 iii. Katie Alice Cummins, born January 18, 1979 in Sylvania, OH. 79 iv. Rachel Anna Cummins, born September 06, 1983 in Sylvania, OH. 80 v. Kara Abagail Cummins, born April 15, 1985 in Sylvania, OH. 74. Judy Ann11 Cummins (Willie Henry10, Speed Monrou9, William Alexander8, Winfield Scott7, William6, James5, John C.4, George3, Thomas2, Benjamin1) was born= October 25, 1954. She married John George Saba. = Children of Judy Cummins and John Saba are: = 81 i. Maria12 Saba, born August 17, 1970 in Toledo Hospital. 82 ii. George John Saba, born October 02, 1972 in Toledo Hospital. 75. Carl11 Adkins (Ruth Ethel10 Cummins, Speed Monrou9, William Alexander8, Winfield Scott7, William6, James5, John C.4, George3, Thomas2, Benjamin1) was born= June 19, 1947 in Middlesboro, KY. He married Marsha Costell February 25, 1967 in Toledo, O= H. Children of Carl Adkins and Marsha Costell are: = 83 i. Nicole Leigh12 Adkins, born September 24, 1975. 84 ii. Andrea Leigh Adkins, born May 04, 1979. 85 iii. Courtney Leigh Adkins, born May 22, 1982. -------------------- Subj: Cummins pre-1793 Date: 98-09-20 13:59:38 EDT From: Oddville50 To: BCC: Chascum George No we have not been able to scale the wall at 1793 going back in time for either Joseph Cummins or his wife Lydia Fleming. They seemed to have just sprouted in the wilderness of KY and got married, beginning a very large family. Please send me your pedigree back to Joseph. Where are you located? Do we have your line all complete in the book "Joseph and Lydia Fleming Cummins 1793-1994"? If we do not it would be very good to get it completed so we have all the data from 1793 to now up to date. The earlier times would be great but we also need to keep up the current data. Maybe with a new researcher, you, and looking at data with a new eye, you will be the one to scale the 1793 wall and help us all. Keep digging as all of us are and some day we may get over, under or around the block. Thanks Doug Col. Douglas A. Harper, 2418 South Shore Dr. Biloxi, MS 39532-3028 228-388-3071 Cummins descendant Other E-mail; ---------------- Subj: Cummins connections Date: 98-09-06 18:42:33 EDT From: (Douglas A. Harper) To: Charles The following notice of death is for a descendant of Joseph Cummins. +++++++++++++++++++ Lexington Herald Leader (KY) 6 Sept 1998 FALMOUTH -- Kenzie Price, 79, Cynthiana, retired farmer and World War II veteran, husband of Mable Lawson Price, died yesterday. Services 11 a.m. Tuesday, Antioch Mills Christian Church. Visitation 5-8 p.m. Monday, Woodhead Funeral Home. +++++++++++++++++++ Doug ---------- Subj: Cummins/Turner Date: 98-07-27 20:31:41 EDT From: Oddville50 To: CC: Chascum, Nancy & Michael I will try to get one of the Joseph Cummins books sent off tomorrow. I will send it UPS. Do not worry about paying for it until you get it and then you can write the check for $65 plus the shipping cost. I do know Frank Turner. It was funny a few years ago I got a call from Dan Turner, Frank's brother. Dan lived in British Columbia in the summer and then in the winter, he, Frank and their sister would go off to Zapata, TX where they had some space in an RV park. Dan called me in the late winter to see if I would be home here in Biloxi at Easter, he was coming by and wanted to see me. I asked him why in the world would someone going from Zapata Texas to British Columbia, come by way of Biloxi, MS. He said that was very simple, his daugher, Marilyn Strickland, lived in VanCleve which is within 20 miles of my house and they were coming to see her. My Dad and I went over for Easter dinner with Dan, Frank, Marilyn and lots of others of the family that live here. Great time. Of course Dan is now dead, although I have talked to his widow Dorothy who visits Marilyn still. I was able to attend the Cummins Reunion in Newton in 1997 and was very pleased that Frank Turner could be there. He had been very ill but was doing well then. I understand he was there this year also. I could not go since I was in Orlando, FL for the annual Congress of the Sons of the American Revolution. You really should try to get to the reunion, they are fun. You might like to contact Dwight Huddlestun when you go to Newton or Jasper Co. His address is: 15445 E. 1800th Ave. Yale, IL 62841 618-793-2569 He is almost 90 but has done extensive research on the his and our Cummins family in Jasper Co. He eats at the Senior Citizens lunch each day in Newton now that his wife is dead. He also spends a lot of time in the Newton Library reading old newspapers and collecting data on the family. You will find him most interesting. Contact him before going and make sure you get to see him. By the way, Robert Ivan and Cebert V. Turner, brothers, come to the reunion most of the time. Cebert lives in Beckmeyer, IL and Ivan lives in O'Fallon, IL. Of course they are part of the family. Glad to have you in the group and exchanging information. Doug ------------- Subj: John Cummins & Eilza Kibler Date: 98-07-23 22:03:08 EDT From: (Douglas A. Harper) To: CC: Delta Saw your message on Charles Cummins' CUMMIN(G)S,COMYN'S/FAMILIES -- 7/5 - 2 Date: 98-07-22 20:14:52 EDT in which you were looking for John Cummins m. to Eilza Kibler in 1838. In our research of Joseph and Lydia Fleming Cummins descendants we have a John Cummins b. 19 Aug 1820 in IN he married Mary Eliza "Polly" Kibler on 22 August 1850 in Jasper Co. IL. She was born 20 Aug 1833. They had seven children but we found no John F. Cummins as one of them. John was a veternarian. John died 27 Jabn 1870 and his wife died 27 Jul 1921. Mary Eliza's parents were Martin L. and Anna Mariah Shank Kibler. Their seven children were: Ediph Cummins b. 6 April 1851 (Twin) Anna Mariah Cummins b. 6 April 1851 (Twin) Robert T. Cummins b. 29 Jul 1853 James Martin Cummins b. 8 April 1856 Joseph S. Cummins b. 1858 Emaline Cummins b. 9 NOv 1860 Thomas Jefferson Cummins b. 12 May 1863 At least the names are close but I do not see any connection to the people you are looking for and the ones I gave you. Doug Col. Douglas A. Harper, 2418 South Shore Dr., Biloxi, MS 39532-3028 228-388-3071 Other E-mail address: --------------- Subj: Jacob Cummings Date: 98-07-20 08:23:59 EDT From: (Douglas A. Harper) To: CC:, Clara The book that I referenced is on the descendants of Joseph and Lydia Fleming Cummins. They married in Aug 1793 in Bourbon Co. KY when it was one of the few counties in KY. They had 13 children and we traced those children in the book. There is a chapter per child with all their descendants. If I read your message correctly you are looking for people in New England and Eastern Canada. We do not have any connections to that part of the world at all. Are you in contact with the Barry C.K. Moravek, of the Isaac Cummings Family Association? A copy of one of his messages is as follows. His E-mail is If you get Charles Cummins Chascum messages you see lots about this line from the NE USA. Subj: ISSAC/WOBURN JOHN CUMMINGS RESEARCH ACROSS THE SEAS Date: 98-06-27 21:15:42 EDT From: Barrymor To: Henry1398, CHASLAR, Dear Cousins-- I am pleased to report that as of today we have received checks or pledges in the amount of $415.00 for cooperative research with Abbott Lowell Cummings, or Deerfield, Massachusetts in the search for the ancestors of ISAAC and WOBURN JOHN CUMMINGS. This represents just a little more than 40 percent of our goal to raise $1000.00. These funds will be used to retain the services of Mr. Nutt, a professional researcher based in England. To contribute to this fund, send your check or money order to ISAAC CUMMINGS FAMILY ASSOCIATION c/o Barry C.K. Moravek, 2387 Carriage Ave., Richland, Washington 99352. Thanks for your support and well wishes. Hope this helps some. I know how it is to have brick walls and try to get around them. Good luck. Doug Col. Douglas A. Harper, 2418 South Shore Dr., Biloxi, MS 39532-3028 228-388-3071 Other E-mail address: ------------ Subj: James Cummins Family Date: 98-07-15 18:54:12 EDT From: Oddville50 To: CC: Chascum Annette Sorry that the attachment to the message that I sent did not come thorugh. I am on JUNO for E-mail only and it will not take attachments either. AOL takes them though. I know because I sent the message to you back to myself and it came through in good order. I am putting the disk in the mail to you. It will be 4 ASCII files that you should be able to use. The document is about 200 pages of information on the descendants of James Cummins. I think you will get some good use from it. As I told you before it might not be as fully developed as the Joseph and Lydia Fleming Cummins book but it has lots of data. The files are JASCUM1, 2, 3, and 4. You will see that reformating some will be necessary to make it more easily read but I think you can figure it out. The (RN=###) are Reference Nunbers used by the computer to keep everyone straight. They only mean something to me and my program so they need not bother you unless you want to reference someone to me then use the name and the reference number and I will be able to find them very easily in my files. The Joseph and Lydia Fleming Cummins book is available from me. I have only a few copies that I got when the last printing was done. I can sell you one for $65 plus postage. Let me know what you want to do. They are hard bound on acid proof paper and are 8.5 by 11 inches in size. The index has over 20,000 names in it. My name is Douglas A. Harper, Col. USAF Ret., 2418 South Shore Dr., Biloxi, MS 39532 228-388-3071 or Oddville50@AOL.COM. I was stationed here in Biloxi when I retired in 1978 and have not left. I was born in Harrison Co. KY only a few miles from where the Joseph and Lydia Fleming Cummins lived and started this family. I picked up some pottery and glass pieces last summer around where their house once stood long ago. There are two big cedar trees still standing that was in the front of the house. My Line is from Joseph, Josephus, Lena Ann Cummins Huffman, Robert Huffman, Lillian Willard Huffman Race Hall, Gladys Hall Harper to me. Josephus was a brother of your James. It is funny that there is a Joseph Cummins and also Josephus Cummins who are brothers. I guess with 13 children they were running out of names. Joseph and Lydia had 130 grandchildren so there are lots of us out there. Glad you and Mark Allen are getting on the tree now. I read through the Ahnentafel Chart and it is good. I would like to get a descendancy report of the Christopher Price Turner and Arminda Cummins family that you have worked out. I am sure there are lots more that need to be added to the tree in my data base. We have a number of the Turner family in our data and several come to the Cummins reunion held in Jasper Co. IL each year. At least we have had it for the past few years. I will put the disk in the mail tomorrow, 16 July 1998. Doug -----------