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Subject: CUMMIN(G)S,COMYN'S/FAMILIES - 9 / 1 - 1
Date: Sat, 25 Sep 2004 12:42:52 -0400 (EDT)

Thanks to all of you for your help, remember you are the ones that make this work
and without your help it will not work ............. thanks again  for your help
  hope this finds everyone well    Charlie    

the purpose of this list is to get you all talking to each other and to be able to hopefully share that information with the rest of us about this Family's name  regardless of how it is spelled  or is in direct relationship to each other and to help all/each other in putting the pieces together in our search for their own lineage of
the CUMMIN(G)S/COMYN'S FAMILY ,...........
If you don't want to be on this list tell me...
A word of warning. All data here is a compilation of many researchers efforts. Not all the data here is documented or referenced so it would benefit you and/or anyone you share this research with to verify this data before accepting it's authenticity ........  
Please    Do not let this deter you from submitting undocumented data as even unproven data can lead you in the right direction and someday might be proven.    just try to let every one know that it is not documented ...        thanks   Charlie
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Subj: Anyone Researching?
Date: 9/1/04 9:21:06 AM

>From Mary Ann Davis I rec'd messsage re a Crawford-Jackson line.  It appears that there was a John Jackson, brother to Andrew Jackson, Sr., father of the Presidend. He married Elizabeth Cummins July 4 1755 in Cecil Co, MD. She was born January 8, 1729 in London, England. Second son Thomas Jackson born in Buchanan, WVA.  John and Andrew Sr. had brother named Samuel Jackson who is also found in Fayette County, PA records.  Is anyone researching Cummins-Jackson?

Frances Trimble
Subj: Re: CUMMIN(G)S,COMYN'S/FAMILIES - 8 / 1 - 1
Date: 9/1/04 9:46:45 AM

My wife and I are planning a trip to Scotland next year and going to stay in Moray and Aberdeenshire for a week. We will be visiting most of the Comyn’s castles, Elgin Cathedral (built by Elizabeth Comyn) and hope to stop in Forres to see the Cumming family still residing there. If anyone has any advise or requests on where we should go or if anyone needs pictures of certain places, please respond.

Scott Cummings

Subj: Re: CUMMIN(G)S,COMYN'S/FAMILIES - 8 / 1 - 1
Date: 9/1/04 12:02:25 PM
From: Jammers4
To: Chascum

Hello!   I'm still searching for more information on  my Cummins family from Galway, Ireland area (Ordmore?) ....    John J. Cummins came to San Francisco, CA. in about 1907.....several of his sisters followed over the next 4 to 6 years.  My grandmother married Martin Gerald Foley in San Francisco.  Thanks for any help.
Subj: Cummings in Sapulpa Ok. Dir 1914-1930
Date: 9/1/04 1:44:57 PM

Hi Charlie & Everyone, I copied this information from a book that the Library put together from old books.  I'm still searching for information on my Grandparents,etc. Spencer,Wyatt,Patrick (Pat),Gincy,Margaret Hinson,Bessie Ivey,etc.,John L,John James, etc. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks Betty ( mom is Flossie Cummings Manley Russ)
SAPULPA, OK 1914, 1918, 1922, 1924, 1926, 1928, 1930

Hoffine's Sapulpa & Creek Co- Dir-1914
Cummings, Bert       lab                                                                     b 23 W Hobom
Hoffine's Sapulpa & Creek Co- Dir- 1918
Cumming, Annie Mrs                                                                         b . 618 S. Oak
Cummings, Bert             lab                                                                rms  205 Indep
Cummings, Bert G - C-                                                                      23 W. Hobson
Cummings, Ed ( Francis M ) ( Cummings & Egan )                          r 124 S. Water
Cummings, Egan ( Ed & JE ) live stock                                             13 E Thompson
                                  Hoffine's Sapulpa & Creek Co- Dir-1922
Cummings, A, Frank ( Ethel ) driver moder ldry                                rms 111 N. Poplar
Cummings, Earl H. ( Ruth ) brakeman                                                rms 317 S. Indep
Cummings, Fred ( Pearl )                                                                     b 1102 Cobb
Cummings, F Ray ( possibly Roy) ? ( Winifred ) mech                      rms 116 S. Indep
Cummings, Joe ( Dietha )                                                                     r 109 S. Burnett
Cummings, Louise        beauty parlor          206 E. Dewey                  b 142 S. Indep
Cummings, Percilla A, ( wid Geo)                                                        b 704 N. 8th
Cummings, Ruth Mrs.         Bkpr    1st National Bank                           rms 317 S. Indep
                                  Hoffine's Sapulpa & Creek Co- Dir-1924
Cummings, Annie                                                                                  b 708 N. 8th
Cummings, Earl H.  ( Ruth ) driver OG&E                                           b 303 E. McKinley
Cummings, Pearl G. ( wid Fred O.)  collector                                       b 1102 Cobb
Cummings, Ruth Mrs. Clk Clark Wasson                                              b 303 W McKinley
                                  Hoffine's Sapulpa & Creek Co- Dir-1926
Cummings, Earl ( Ruth ) appl OG&E                                                     rms Flynn Apts
Cummings, Forrest R ( Winnifred M. ) mech Sapulpa Chev                  r   423 W Lee
Cummings, Ruth Mr.   cashr   Wood-Owens                                          rms Flynn Apts
Cummings, Edith C ( wid E. J. ) clk         Frisco                                     b 119 N. Birch
                                  Hoffine's Sapulpa & Creek Co- Dir-1928
Cummings, Forest R. ( Winnifred ) mech          Ser Motor Sales             r 23 N. Poplar
Cummings, Priscilla A Mrs.                                                                      b 101 S. Burnett
Cummings, Ruth   bk pr                                                                            rms 14 ½ S. Main
Cummings, John B. ( Hope S. ) corp Okla Nat                                         r 14 W. Bryan
                                  Hoffine's Sapulpa & Creek Co- Dir-1930
Cummings, Anna ( wid G.W. )                                                                  b 5 S. Muskogee
Cummings, Ed ( Ethel )    farmer                                                               r 22 W. Taft
Cummins, John B. ( Hope) wks  Okla Nat                                                 r 410 S Poplar
Subj: Re: CUMMIN(G)S,COMYN'S/FAMILIES - 8 / 1 - 1
Date: 9/1/04 2:37:34
From: AMBgal
To: Chascum

I haven't ck'd this newsletter in a while, and I don't know what's what, but....

I have a Florence Belle Cummings 1890-1975, married to Eugene Callahan (O'Callaghan) 1885-1977.  Florence's father was, I believe, Joseph A Cummings (Abt 1855-bef 1900) who married Florence Osborne (abt 1854- aft 1880).  From what I understand, they were both born in Livingston, NY.

Other children of Florence Osborne and Joseph Cummings are:

Jennie 1881-1951 married Alfred Lathrop 1867-1930
Nellie 1892
Pearl 1887
James 1878-1979
Frank 1883
Albert Mason abt1872 (different marriage to Unk Mason)

That's all I know....any help here?  Any additional info I could work on?

Thanks in advance,  Alisa
Subj: William Riley Cummings
Date: 9/3/04 9:37:43 AM

Dear Cousins ,

                I've mentioned earlier that I have found my great grandfather
William Riley Cummings ( son of Joseph and Nancy Adams , son of Joseph
and Lydia Fleming ) in every census except 1860 and 1910 . Well , I finally
found him in 1910 ! He's living in Sevier Co. , Arkansas , Red Colony Twp.
He's there with wife Betty , and sons Earl , Edward , and Lovell ( the daughters
have all been married beforehand and no longer living at home ).

                  What's really interesting is that he is marked as a Civil War
Veteran . There's something scrawled above the check mark that looks
vaguely like Iowa , but I can't make it out.

                 There's no story in my family about him being a veteran , and it's
possiable that he was playing a prank or just hated census takers ( the
birthplace of his father is unmarked ! ) . Has anyone heard anything about
this ? I did find a D.A. Cummings in the Ogle Co. veteran roster which is
possiably William's brother Doc Anderson Cummings , but no William .

                 Oh well ! This has been a mighty rigorous search , William left
Iowa around 1901 and evidently moved to Wakeeney Kansas where daughters
Carrie and Gracie were married . Somewhere along the way Effie married
Earl Mock in Iowa around 1908 , and my grandparents were married in
Gentry , Arkansas in 1917. I looked in all those places as well as back in
Nodaway Iowa and couldn't find him in the 1910 Census .

                 FINALLY !   FINALLY !   FINALLY !

      I love it when a plan comes together !

                                                        - Cousin Mike
Subj: Searching
Date: 9/3/04 12:20:17 PM

Does anyone happen to have the e-mail address for, or can tell me what happened to, Ernest (Ernie) Cummins (Cummings)?  I had his address in Flagstaff, AZ, but he and Betsy moved, but he was still located in AZ.  I need to get in touch with him.  He used to have frequent entries on this web site.

Allan Holley
Subj: Joseph & Lydia Cummins
Date: 9/8/04 3:46:51 PM


I was wondering if you were still working on the Cummins tree.  Gene Bower sent me the address of a website or two regarding the Cummins families we are interested in, and I was just doing some checking to see if the sites were still in business.  Thanks for the update regarding your website.

I was writing up a synopsis of what I knew about my Cummins research and was lacking any information about the origins of the Cummins name and so posted the query you saw.

I somehow lost out on getting your regular Cummins e-mails over the past two years.   I just must not have updated you with the new addresses back when they first changed.

I doubt you recall, but I am doubly descended from Joseph and Lydia.  I am descended from William (who went to Illinois) and from George (who stayed back on the farm at Antioch).  Actually, I think I am descended from James instead of William, as Gene Bower's book lists it, as both brothers went to Illinois and had sons named George. I see from Gene's notes that he struggled with how to divvy up the Georges of the third generation, but his work is pretty sound.

I've been thinking of creating my own website as a means of sharing some things.  I attended the Cummins reunion in Effingham, Illinois for the first time this year, and took a rock that I found at the old Cummins homesite at Antioch, as well as some pictures of the log houses that once stood there, and everybody seemed to enjoy seeing them.  So I've been building some web pages around those artifacts, which I hope to have posted to the web sometime soon.

Does anybody else "out there" have any websites devoted to Joseph & Lydia's descendants?  I only know of one other besides yours.

Until later, take care.

Philip Naff
4716 Andover Square
Indianapolis, Indiana 46226-3119
Subj: Coumans of Co Cork
Date: 9/16/04 9:58:56 AM

Hello to Sue, Monica, Carol, Carissa, Carol Robert etc.  This arrived
yesterday and it makes a Coumans, and County Cork and County Carlow
connection. Please help in any way and wirte Juanita. Thanks Gabe

From: "juanita johnston" <>
Subject: Coumans of Co Cork
Date: Wed, 15 Sep 2004 23:46:24

Hello Gabriel

Thank you for putting that item in RootsWeb concerning Thomas Coumans b.1795 in Co Cork.

I am a direct female descendent of a Mary Coumans probably born around that time and I am wanting to find out where and when or anything at all about her.  I have inherited her Mitochrondrial DNA!

Thomas interests me because though Mary had children in Co Carlow and Co Kilkenny to her husband Robert James Keyes, we have been told that she also had one child that we know of, William John Keyes in Co Cork in 1826.  His baptism there hasn't been located yet.

Mary's husband was a Road Contractor and they seemed to be quite a mobile family.

Is there anything you can offer to guide me in my search?  Which parish in Co Cork were your Coumans attending?

I am working with a group of cousins, preparing for a Healy Family Reunion in Dalby, Qld, Australia in February next year.  My job is to write the book on the Healy-Keyes family.

All the best, I look forward to hearing from you,

Juanita Johnston
Subj: Charles Cummings' Obituary
Date: 9/16/04 9:29:03 AM

For those of you who don't get the newspaper's here is the obituary of Charles' that was in the Alva Review newspaper.  The Winfield Paper had some errors so they are rerunning that one, but the information on here is correct. 

Wednesday September 15th, 2004

     Winfield, Kansas
Charles Cummings
Charles Russell Cummings, 84, of Winfield, died Sept. 14, 2004, at William Newton Hospital, following a short illness.

Services will be 2 p.m. Thursday at Miles Funeral Service. Burial will be in Highland Cemetery.

Friends may sign a register book until 5 p.m. today at the funeral home.

Memorials have been established with the William Newton HospitalAuxiliary and Hospice Care of Kansas. Contributions may be made through thefuneral home.

Cummings was born March 23, 1920, in Capron, Woods County, Okla.,to Olive Modesta (Cunningham) and Edwin Cummings. The family moved to Winfield in 1920.

On Oct. 3, 1941, he married Pearl Elizabeth Roberts in Winfield.

On Sept. 14, 1943, he entered the Army Air Force and was assignedto the 238th Army Air Force Unit. He attained the rank of staff sergeantas a top turret gunner and mechanic. After his tour of duty, he was honorablydischarged and returned to Winfield where he and his wife spent the remainderof their years.

For 35 years, he worked as a telephone repairman and installer forSouthwestern Bell Telephone Co. until retiring in 1981. He was a member ofthe Telecom Pioneers and the American Legion.

Cummings was well known for having given more gallons of blood to the American Red Cross than anyone in the county for many years. He was also a volunteer with the William Newton Hospital Auxiliary and received his 2,000-hour pin in 1998.

His wife preceded him in death.

Survivors include a brother, Frank Cummings, Winfield, and two sisters,Margie Castle, Placerville, Calif., and Lois Favrot, Zionsville, Ind. |index|
Subj: Abraham and Martha(Cummins( Hoopes)Coatesville,Chester County,

Date: 9/24/04 7:21:57 AM

Mostly what I have right now are census records.  In 1850, Abram, Martha, son Amos and Ann were in East Fallowfield, Chester Co, PA.  In 1860, they were in Mission, LaSalle Co, IL, and in 187, they were in Esmen, Livingston Co, IL.  By 1880, Ann was gone, but Abram, with his new wife Harriet Anderson Crandall (m. 12/2/1879), and family were living in Odell, Livingston Co, IL.
Per the census records, I show the children as:
Amos b. 1849 PA
Sarah b. 1851 PA
Lorenzo b. 1853 IL
Josephine b. 1856 IL
Stephen b.1859 IL
Charles b. 1863 IL
Elizabeth b. 1864 IL
Martha b. 1866 IL
Marshall b. 1869 IL

Also, next door to them in 1860 was William Cummins, b. abt 1816 in PA, with his family.  In 1850, they were also in East Brandywine, Chester Co, PA, which is pretty much next door to East Fallowfield.
Thanks, Mary
Subj: 1817 list
Date: 9/23/04 4:30:19 AM

Thank you Juanita and Thank Joan for me! The William Sargeant family is on
that list as well as the Keyes. William Sargeant and his wife founded the
Shakespeare Inn in Perth County, Ontario in 1832. Perth County, along with
Bruce County, was all part of Huron County, Ontario until 1849. The William
Sargeant's were Church of England(Ireland) and their village in County Cork
is listed in a contemporary article written in the 1830's about "Avon" as
the village was called before it's name was changed to Stratford(as in
Stratford on the Avon in England).The River in Ontario is called the Avon
now. There is still a Shakespeare Inn there since the original founding in
1832. It is also now home to the largest Shakespeare Theatre and Festival in
Canada.It adjoins Huron and Bruce County, Ontario and is the county seat. My
great great grandmother, Jane Sargeant, became a catholic when she married
John Coumans. Her brother or nephew, Thomas Sargeant who married Maragret
Anglum, and farmed along with William Sargeant and his family also became a
Catholic.They were on adjoining farms in North Easthope, Huron County,(now
Perth County), Ontario until about 1852-53 when they sold that farm and
bought 800 acres to split among their seven children and themselves in what
is now Chepstow. They were attending St. Peter's Catholic church in
Goderich, Huron County,(the county capital), Ontario in the late 1830's and
throughout the 1840's and early 1850's until the opening of Bruce County for
settlement. This is all at a time when Catholics in Ireland by law could
still not own more than 2 and one quarter acres. You can really see why we
left for a better world! By the way, Goderich, Ontario(which I also visitied
on June 10, 2004 with my brothers Peter and Joseph) is the sister city of
Bay City, Michigan. This is where I grew up(it is about 350 miles away, and
in another country), but it is on a direct line(west) of the map from
Cheptow, Ontario.Simon Coumans and his wife and family lived there and died
there in 1910. He was buried out of St. Mary's(of the Assumption) which is a
half a block from my family home at 409 North Henry St. Bay City, Michigan
which I just purchased with my brother Peter on Sept 1, 2004.We will use it
as a summer home.Both of my parents were buried out of St. Mary's, Bay
City(Dad died December 23, 1975, and mother FEb 29, 2004). They are buried
at Calvary cemetery on the Kawkawlin River on the outskirts of town. The
first Sheridan of my family, Patrick Sheridan(married Ellen O'Brien on April
10, 1855 at ST. Peter and Paul's, East Jefferson Street, Detroit,
Michigan--150 years ago like your Healy's),my great grandfather, was the
first person buried in Old St. Patrick's cemetery in August 1867 with his
son, Thomas E. Sheridan. Simon Coumans and his wife are buried in this same
Cemetery. Ellen O'Brien Sheridan, his wife born, CastleRoberts, Townland of
Adare, County Limmerick, Ireland in 1831, died July 10, 1900, is buried at
St. Agatha's in Gagetown, Michigan. This is closer to the Sheridan family
farm which is located in Fairgrove, Michigan about 20 miles from Bay City-2
miles from Gagetown. Elisabeth Coumans, sister of Simon Coumans, and wife of
Patrick Toohey Jr,(married Sept 9, 1856 in Guelph, Ontario, diocese church
at the time for Chepstow, Ontario)is buried there along with the O'Brien
brothers, Tooheys and Coumans. The same architect came from Chepstow and
designed and built the magnificent St. Agatha's church there and the
cemetery is attached to it. It is a site to behold! Gabe

Subj: 1817 list
Date: 9/22/04 5:09:36 PM

Hello and Thank you thank you thank you. If you look at the Protestant
family lists you will see the names of Matthew Sargeant with 3  and William
Sargeant with 2. These are intending to leave the counties of Wexford  and
Carlow by November 1817, but not leaving until Spring of 1818. Further, not
all left, but others were were joined by other family members.  In 1837,
John Coumans left with his wife, Jane Sargeant and five of their now born
children from New Brunswick. They had been in New Brunswick since 1819
according to the petition of January 1827.  When they left,they moved to
Huron County, Ontario to North Easthope,Ontario. The 1842 Tax Assessment has
John "Cummins"( and this is our family, with 8 members(the last son Thomas
was not born until February 1843) living on 100 acres on Lot 39, Concession
1. Next to him was living, Thomas Sargeant, on 200 acres with a total of 6
members in his family. However, William B. Sargeant, had just died and is
listed as living in Huron County, according to the Surrogate Court Records
of Wills and Estate Files for 1842, File # 16(OS1), 1842. All these
Keys(Keyes) family members(listed as Protestant and one Catholic family
also) for this Spring departure of 1818 from Counties Carlow and Wexford
convince me that they sailed with Coumans familiy members. Thomas Sargeant
was attending mass at St. Peter's Goderich with his wife, Mary Anglum.
William Anglum was on 100 acres on Lot 88, Concession #1 with three family
members in 1842.  Next door to John Cummins on Lots 40 and 41, Concession #1
was Thomas Sargeant on 200 acres. I will try to get the wills file, but I am
sure it will mention by great great grandmother, Jane Sargeant, who lived
next door. Thomas Sargeant is either her brother or her nephew, and William
Sargeant is also.Thomas Coumans of Nova Scotia had left the Port of Wexford,
just as Carol Coumans had said a record had been found. I think we are
really finding the family now. I can't believe it. Gabe

Subj: Re: 1817 list
Date: 9/24/04 5:00:08 PM

Thanks for keeping me posted on these findings. The site providing the 1817
list of Protestant families intending to voyage to Canada in spring of 1818
is quite something.

Just to recap  . . . so these are the people on the list who have surnames
that may connect them to our family:

1. Possible relatives of John Couman's wife Jane Sargeant:
Matthew Sargeant - 3 passengers
William Sargeant - 2 passengers

2. Possible relatives of the husband of Anne/Mary Cummins - a possible
relative of John Couman's:
James Keys - 2 passengers
George Keys - 5 passengers
Thomas Keys - 6 passengers
Richard Keys - 3 passengers
John Keys - 3 pasengers

3. Possible relative of Simon Couman's (son of John Coumans) wife Mary
Farrell and her father Lewis Farrell:
Edward Farrell - 7 passengers

I also looked at the list of Roman Catholics intending to sail in 1818
( )
and found a few more possibilities:

James Farrel - 4 passengers
William Farrel - 4 passengers
Thomas Farrel - 7 passengers
William Farrel - 4 passengers
Francis Farrel - 3 passengers
John Farrel - 10 passengers

Hannah Keys - 3 passengers

At the moment, however, it doesn't seem as if anything is set in stone.
Really, we don't know if these people did sail, and likewise we aren't even
certain of the connection to our family if they did. It is interesting

   =) Carissa
Subj: "Tu es Petrus"
Date: 9/23/04 11:08:49 AM

Hello Carol and Carissa, I think we are finally on the road to the discovery
of the roots of the Coumans family in Canada, the United States, and
Australia.  I think that the spelling was done as"Coumans" as sort of a buzz
word of the family of this line from county Carlow that left on the Spring
1818 crossing to Quebec. This was to assist themselves in finding their
particular branch of the Coumans family. It is working 186 years later!!
Carol, what is the birth year for your Thomas Coumans? I know he was older
than John Coumans, who on his death record says aged 72. He died in Aug 8,
1867 in Chepstow, making his birth in 1795. I also think that there are two
separate woman(either sisters, or an aunt and her niece, who are Coumans,
who either came to Canada, or their children did).(These are the
Keyes/Coumans).There is also a Thomas Hennessy on that 1817 list(this is
Jeanne Luschtel's family, I bet, that she has been trying to find). Also
there is a William Whalen on that list(both of these are under the catholic
perspective emigrants). It looks like to me that Peter Cummins',(From the
Bible, Christ said, "Tu es Petrus" and upon this rock I will build my
church, real name was "Simon", but from then on he was referred to as Peter.
The Vatican in Rome was built directly over the grave in the cemetery that
held the bones of St. Peter, who had been crucified up side down in Rome(Quo
Vadis--tells of that martyrdom). St. Helen of the true across, mother of
Emperor Constantine,(early 300's A.D. and the first Christian Emperor of the
Roman Empire) mother looked for, among other things, the grave of St.
Peter.(It was probably just to keep her busy and out of his way). She was a
Chrisitian before he was, and found the True Cross in Jerusalem, and both
the place for the burial of Christ and his birthpalce in Bethlahem.Chruches
were built over these sites, which for the most part had Roman temples on
them. She had him build the present site of St. Peter's in the Vatican
directly over the grave of St. Peter.  This grave, under the Main Altar of
St. Peter's in Rome, in the crypt, was found again and confirmed as being
St. Peter's in the last 50 years. The present St. Peter's was built starting
with Pope Julius II, with the dome by Michelangelo, after demolishing the
old church built by Constantine. To pay for this, indulgences were sold and
given to contributors, and this led to the catholic priest, Martin Luther,
starting his whole 96 Thesis complaint etc. and the Protestant revolution
began in Germany.King Henry VIII in England went against Luther, and wrote
how incorrect he was.(For this he was given the title, Defender of the
Faith--the Catholic Faith!!) However, when he wanted his divorce from
Catherine, who was the daughter of Ferdinand and Isabella(the same one who
sold her jewels to pay for Christopher Columbus' voyages to the New World),
the Pope refused to grant it. Henry VIII had received a dispensation from
the Pope to marry Catherine(called of Castille and ARagon) who had first
married Arthur, brother of Henry VIII. When Arthur died, Henry VIII to
secure his right to the throne(and I tell you all those Tudors were
nightmares!!!), had to get a dispensation from the Pope to"marry his
brother's widow". (There is an admotion against this in the Bible). Henry
VIII was granted this, but when he had no "male heir that lived from
CAtherine", he got his mistress, Anne Boleine(raised by the Irish family of
the Ormonds) and divorced Catherine, married Anne, started the Church of
England,and began the massive assault on all things Latin and Catholic in
both England and Ireland(along with Scotland and Wales, and France).The
result of all of this was the attacks and closing of all the monasteries of
Ireland, along with England, Scotland and Wales, the burning of all Latin
books(everything practically was in Latin), the confiscation of all Catholic
churches and schools in every village, city, town, you name it. For us,in
Ireland, it was a nightmare that lasted for centuries and is still occuring
to this day.  It looks like Peter(Simon) Coumans of Ullard, County Carlow,
in Myshall parish, had at least two children,(brothers named Thomas and John
Cummins). On Nov 10, 1800, he secured a lease for 71 plus acres based upon
the "life of his two sons, Thomas and John Cummins" and a Thomas
Whelan.These were probably his youngest sons, and he may have had another
son Peter Cummins leasing the place in 1853. In 1853, this Pilsworth
Whelan(the grantor of the lease) must have died and the lease was to be sold
by Thomas Whelan(perhaps another Thomas Whelan, since the sale refers to
Thomas Whelan still living, aged about 60). The sale says John and Thomas
Cummins are dead. However, when one considers that this is just at the time
when the Great famine in Ireland is still raging--where over one and one
half million would starve to death between 1845-1855, and over two million
would emigrate to Canada and the United States and Australia--the search for
Thomas Cummins and John Cummins would be the least of their worries.  The
lease was still good based upon the life of Thomas Whelan who was still
alive and obviously still in Ireland. Notices put in Canada papers looking
for Thomas Cummins or John Cummins would not have been noticed by our
branches going by their 'buzz spellings" of "Coumans". The Keyes family also
adopted this "Coumans" spelling to show their relation to the other brothers
ofPeter Cummins of Ullard and Myshall. We need the Embarkation records of
1818 from the Port of Wexford. You were right CArol about your Thomas
leaving Wexford. This is truely exciting 186 years after the event. GAbe
Subj: The Story of the Coumans' 
Date: 9/25/04 9:15:58 AM Central Daylight Time
From: SSerfecz
To: Chascum

I was so pleased to have opened your email this morning.  Thank you so much.  The story of the Keys family connection--got me to investigate.  My mom used to say we were related to Francis Scott Keys (Star Spangled Banner) through my gr grandma.  I never searched his background till now.  In this site I not only found him but my Pennocks of New England and PA as well as John Penick of VA.  My great grandma said they were cousins.

Included in the file also was Daniel Veach (Veatch-- my gr grandmother was Doretta K. Veatch) born in Md., died in KY.  Zachariah Taylor, Pres. Taylor is in the line of  President James Madison m. to Dolly Payne Todd Madison.  My 4th gr grandmother was Sarah Taylor.

It gets better for me.  There was a mention of Henry IV becoming Catholic.  Henry the IV just happens to be the son of JOhn of Gaunt and Blanche of Lancaster (also known as the Duchess of Panik).  The Taliaferro family is in the lineage.  As is the Boone/Bohun line. Taliaferro became Taylor.  These families go back to the early Jamestown settlers including Ursula Woodcock/John Culpepper descent.  My great great grandmother was Medora Clark Woodcock.  Culpeppers married into the Clark family; through Jonathan Clark, ancestors of William Clark of the Lewis and Clark expedition.  Finally, Verlenda Taylor married Malachi Cummings, one of the forefathers of the major William Cummings line.

Thanks again, Charlie, ever so much.  Through you I was able to discover ancestors of my Pennock/ Veatch/ Woodcock/ Cummings, etc.--all in the same lineup.  Truly amazing.