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Subject: CUMMIN(G)S,COMYN'S/FAMILIES - 5 / 1 - 1
Date: Fri, 28 May 2004 23:28:05 -0400 (EDT)

Thanks to all of you for your help, remember you are the ones that make this work
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the purpose of this list is to get you all talking to each other and to be able to hopefully share that information with the rest of us about this Family's name  regardless of how it is spelled  or is in direct relationship to each other and to help all/each other in putting the pieces together in our search for their own lineage of
the CUMMIN(G)S/COMYN'S FAMILY ,...........
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A word of warning. All data here is a compilation of many researchers efforts. Not all the data here is documented or referenced so it would benefit you and/or anyone you share this research with to verify this data before accepting it's authenticity ........  
Please    Do not let this deter you from submitting undocumented data as even unproven data can lead you in the right direction and someday might be proven.    just try to let every one know that it is not documented ...        thanks   Charlie
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Subject: Annoucement of a Cummins Family Reunion
Date: Tue, 4 May 2004 18:13:53 EDT

Here is an article about the Cummins Family reunion to be held in Effingham, IL on 19-20 June.  I would appreciate it if you would publish the article to allow members of the Cummins family around Pendleton, Harrison and Bracken County to plan on attending the reunion. 

Thank you very much. 

I have been posting items from the Falmouth Outlook on the Pendleton Co. Web Site on Rootsweb.  They have been well received and enjoyed by other researchers of Pendleton Co. Families. 

Douglas Harper
Colonel USAF Retired
2418 South Shore Dr.
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Cummins Family Reunion

A reunion of the descendants of Joseph Cummins and Lydia Fleming will be held in Effingham, IL at the Comfort Suites Motel, 1310 W. Fayette Ave., Effingham, IL,  on 19 and 20 June 2004.  The reunion will be a time for distant relatives from many parts of the country to meet each other and get better acquainted.  The first meeting will be on the morning of 19 June in a meeting room for the Cummins at the motel.  Saturday will be devoted to visiting and bringing the family history up to date and a visit to the Newton Library for genealogical research .  On Sunday everyone is invited to attend church services at the Cummins Church in Jasper County whose pastor is a Cummins Descendant.  The Hunt-Cummins Cemetery is right behind the church and many of the family members are buried there.  On Sunday afternoon a Dutch treat dinner is planned at a restaurant beside the Comfort Suites Motel in Effingham. 
Joseph Cummins married Lydia Fleming in Bourbon County, KY in August 1793 when the county was one of the largest in Kentucky.  They lived their entire married life at Antioch Mills which is now in Harrison County, KY.  They had thirteen children who lived to be adults and subsequently had  140 grand-children.  Eight of the thirteen children moved to Jasper and Edgar counties in Illinois in the mid 1800s while the other five stayed in Kentucky.  Since that time the family has spread to all parts of the country and have left the rural farming existence into all sorts of occupations.  Their children were:  Margaret Cummins Chapman, b. 20 February 1794; d. 20 September 1858, (Jasper) IL.; Robert Cummins, b. 1795, (Harrison) KY; d. 1844. ;  Joseph Cummins, Jr., b. 1798; d. 1848. ; William Cummins, b. 1800, (Harrison) KY; d. 1861.;  James Cummins, b. 1803; d. 1846, (Edgar) IL.;  Mary Cummins Agnew Manior, b. 1805; John Cummins, b. 25 December 1807, (Harrison) KY; d. 1891. ;  Josephus Cummins, b. August 1809, (Pendleton) KY; d. April 1888, (Harrison) KY. ; George Cummins, b. 08 August 1810, (Harrison) KY; d. 1892.; Sarah Jane Cummins Bales, b. 1812, KY; d. 1882.; Jackson Cummins, b. 1814, KY; d. 1877.; Fleming Cummins, b. 09 November 1817, (Pendleton) KY; d. 30 September 1890, (Harrison) KY.;  Moses Cummins, b. 24 April 1819, (Pendleton) KY; d. 27 September 1867.
All members of the Cummins family who are descended from Joseph and Lydia Fleming Cummins or friends of the descendants are invited to attend all or part of the reunion.  Those planning to attend at all are asked to contact either of the following with their name, location and ancestor by E-mail, phone or letter.  This information is needed for planning and to get family groups together.
  Eugene Bower, 10406 Tropicana Cir., Sun City, AZ 85351; 623-876-8975; rewob4414@AOL.COM  or Doug Harper, 2418 South Shore Dr., Biloxi, MS 39532; 228-388-3071; Oddville50@AOL.COM
Date: 5/1/04 7:13:55 PM Central Daylight Time

Hi!  I am new to the list and searching for info on Catharine Comins
(Cummins) b 1800 who married Anderson Danley in 1827 in NJ.  Her father was
Peter Cummins and mother was Gertrude/Charity Kerkhuff.  I know Peter was
son of Jacob who was son of Johan Phillips Comens.  If you have any thing on
this family I would love to hear from you.  (Do you know Catharine's maiden
name? Or do you know anything about Anderson Danley?)
Subj: George Washington Cummings
Date: 5/2/04 9:22:32 AM Central Daylight Time

Just an update on my search for my Cummings ancestors.

George Washington Cummings is the last of the clan I can trace.  He was born in 1796 in Va., came to Clark Co, Ky. a year later.
George married Elizabeth Pharis in 1819 in Clark Co., Ky. Information I have indicates Elizabeth was born in Ohio, but I haven't been able to prove that. Their son, Benjamin, my gggrandfather, moved his family to Camp Point, Illinois in the early 1850's.

George also married Malinda Pharis in 1840 and had a family with her.  They later moved to Hendricks County, Ind. where I believe he died around 1860.

If anyone out there knows of an Elizabeth Pharis, father John Pharis Sr., brother James, sister Malinda please let me know. 

If anyone knows of George Washington Cummings and where in Va. he might have been born, please let me know. Mav
Subj: Re: CUMMIN(G)S,COMYN'S/FAMILIES - 4 / 2 - 1
Date: 5/2/04 2:47:24 PM Central Daylight Time
From: Perky1940
To: Chascum

My dads parents were from New York around Ithaca.......
I purchased the book  The Descendants of John Comins (ca.1668-1751) and his wife Mary, of Woburn and Oxford, Massachusetts   and Windham County,Connecticut by Abbott Lowell Cummings...... It is a great book........
Priscilla Cummings Newman
Subj: no idea if any of this relates to message below...
Date: 5/2/04 6:32:13 PM Central Daylight Time

Elizabeth Sweatt married John Randolph Cummins in Ellis County, TX
Mary F. Sweatt married Allison Gray Cummins, also in Ellis County, TX
Could these people be related to the families below?  The marriages in TX
took place 1857/58.  This Cummins family was from NC>TN>TX
I ran across a site showing some of your research on the Cummings clan. My
great grandmother was Nancy Cummings Sweatt possibly from Robeson Co. Her
father may have been Elisha Cummings from the Alfordsville Twnsp of Robeson
Co. NC. Do you think you may any information on the Cummings of North
Carolina?   I know that Elisha was of Scottish descent and that he is buried
at Mt Elum Baptist Church in Clio SC. Any info that you can share would be
greatly appreciated.. Thank you
Subj: New Leads
Date: 5/2/04 7:11:55 PM Central Daylight Time

I have just run into so new Cummins relatives names.  I would like to lee if anyone out there has any inputs on this line.
Allan Holley

History of Nealy (Eli) Marshall Cummins:This history is as accurate as I can find out at this time.  He was known as “Eli” or  “Uncle Eli” to his kin in Kentucky, but in east Texas he was known as “NM.”  For clarity, I will refer to him as NM in this write up.  NM was born on March 2, 1841or 1845 in Memphis, Tenn.  NM was married five times.  The first marriage was to Margaret Conner on June 20, 1863 in Hawkins Co., TN.  The Hawkins County records have the name as Elias Comins.  In one report I have received, the first wife’s name is listed as Mary Conner. In papers that were found after NM’s death, the following names were found.  John Strunk of Tenn.: Emma McConnell of Ill.: Eddie McConnell of Tenn.: Becky Cummins of Tenn. along with the name of N. M. Cummins of Memphis, Tenn.  .  I have now been able to attach a face and some history to these names. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~New names In the 1880 census of Morgan, CO, TN., 2nd Civil Dist. ED #131, page 4-D.Dwelling 41, Family 41, Line 23.Emma is 12 years old.  There are two sisters younger than her in the house. Ely Cummins is 35 years old, a farmer, born in TN, as were his parents.Lucinda is 33 years old, born in TN, same as both parents.Same for the three daughters.Emerine [sic], 12.Becky D., 11.Maryety [sic], 8.Also in the house are the following:Johnson, Richard, 32 Farm Labor, born in TN, as were his parents.  Brother in law to the head of household.Johnson, Henry T., Nephew, born in KY, parents born in TN.  This is probably Richards’ son.I have not been able to connect John Strunk to the Cummins family, so far.
Subject: Cummings family
Date: Sat, 8 May 2004 11:12:18 EDT

In a message dated 5/7/2004 8:52:58 PM Central Standard Time, Doriswardrip writes:

I am a descendant of Columbus Piney Cummings, b 1844, d 1932 Grayson Co, Ky, his father was Presley Cummings, 1817-1885 and Columbus siblings included: James M Cummings 1842-1914; Henry b 1843, d unknown; and others who either died young or were female, so no Cummings name carried over from them.

Presley Cummings father was Nelson Cummings, b 1785 in Va, d 1844 in Ky.  This Presley had brothers Andrew (who has descendants at Evansville, IN), Nelson 1811; Harrison 1819 (who I believe is buried at Rosine, Ky); Shelby 1825; John 1839.

I was just wondering if your Cummings family comes off any of these lines from Virginia and Grayson Co, Ky.

Please reply to


There seems to be no connection of our two lines of Cummins based on the names you have.  Unfortunately our oldest ancestor is Joseph Cummins who married in KY in 1793 and we have never been able to find but one brother, William.  William's line died out soon after William died.  We have no parents of Joseph or his wife, Lydia Fleming, so we are at a standstill on earlier generations. 
I am sending this on to the Cummins net for others to see and maybe give you some help.
Doug Harper
Subj: Cummins Family Question
Date: 5/10/04 6:16:12 PM Central Daylight Time

Hello, my name is Rick Gray and I am researching the Kennedy family. My family intersects with the Cummins line several times in Maury County, Tennessee. My great-aunt married Brown Thomas Cummins.

Anyway what I am writing to you about is on your website for you archives you listed that you had corresponded with a lady who was writing about the William Reece Cummins family here. There is also a listing of several Cummins burials in Maury County on your website too. Anyway I would love to be able to get in contact with this lady if possible. I have her grandmothers name listed as Lovie Bell Kennedy according to cemetery records and she lists it on your website as Lovie Bell Holt Cummins. I would love to find which is right.

Any help with this would be great.

Subj: Cummins
Date: 5/11/04 3:26:11 PM Central Daylight Time
From: Topsey 8491
To: Chascum

Hi Charlie,

A lady named Pat suggested that I write to you. Do you by chance have an Oscar Cummin's in your line? I know he was in Sedgwick County Kansas. I have no idea who he married, but I do know his mother was Addie Stark-Cummins-Abbott.

I looks like he was born October 1889, in Kansas. On the 1900 census for Sedgwick Kansas, it says his father was from Colorado. I know nothing about his father, no name, or marriage record.

I do have Oscar's obit, He died December 3, 1962, at the Veteran's hospital at Fort Lyons Colorado. It says his address was 2207 N. Waco, not sure if that was Colorado or Kansas. The obit was in the Wichita Eagle, December 3, 1962. The obit, says be was born in 1888, in Wichita. It also says he resided in Kansas until he entered the hospital in Colorado, in 1937.

It lists no wife, but it says he has two daughters, Betty and Tommy

Hope to hear from you,
Subj: Cummin[g]s,Comyn's/Families
Date: 5/11/04 2:26:43 PM Central Daylight Time
From: Rewob4414
To: Chascum

Kenneth Allen Cummings age 70, born in Washington, MO. Oct. 3, 1933 died May 3, 2004, Preceded in death by his parents Floyd J. and Lily Josephine {collins} Cummings, three brothers Donald Gene, Robert Harrison,  and Floyd Curtis [Bioll] Cummings. Surviivors daughters Patricia Jean, Carol Ann, sons Ronald and Roger. . Burial in National Memorial Cemetery, Phoneix, AZ.

Dennis Cummins, age 56, of Overgaard AZ. age 86, died May 3, 2004 at the Messinger Payson Home..  Member of S.A.L. Squadron 86..

Marlin Lee Cummins age 71, of Queen Creek, AZ. died May 5. 2004. Services will be held in Colorado Springs,  CO.
Subj: Cummins/Cummings
Date: 5/17/04 7:38:35 PM Central Daylight Time

Hi Charles My Name is Rick Cummings my father was Clyde Irving Cummings b.7-29-1917 in MS His Father was Irving Cummins b.1897 d.3-24-1918 in Benoit MS that is in Bolivar MS, his mothers name was Evie Sara Cummins b1899 in Kosciusko, MS d.1983 in Porterville CA.( her last married name was Ingram) Irving and Evie were married in Ackerman,MS on Sep.29,1914. (both we found out were married cousins) Irving was from Isaac Stanford Cummins and Nettie McDaniels Cummins and Evie was from Richard D. Cummins and Mollie Massey of Attala Co. MS. I wood like to be put on your mailing list who ever is looking for either side of this family. Our Family Tree goes back to William and Emily Cummins of NC and my GGgrandfather Willis W. Cummins of Attala Co. MS, b. 1821 d.1907
Viola Cummings
Cummings, Viola, 96,    retired hairdresser and homemaker, died Thursday, May13, 2004. Visitation Monday 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Hillside Funeral Home, East.Funeral Service Tuesday 10 a.m. Immanuel Lutheran Church, 909 S. Market.Survivors; sister, Elvira Michalk of Corpus Christi, TX; nieces, Billie,Bobbie; nephews, Dale, Jon; great-nieces, Gaylene, Kylie; great-nephews,Aaron, Wayde. Memorials to Immanuel Lutheran Church and Hospice Care of Kansas.
Published in the Wichita Eagle from 5/16/2004 - 5/17/2004.

Subj: Edith Olive Cummins, John Cummins, Henry Cook
Date: 5/20/04 6:41:15 PM Central Daylight Time

John Cummins born about 1816 and Susan born about 1826 both born in Illinois married.  One of their children was Olive Edith Cummins born abut 1848 in Illinios.  She married Henry Cook 3 Oct 1872 in Champaign. Illinios.  Henry was born in Swadlincote, England 6 Dec 1846.  She died about 1932 in Los Angeles, CA and Henry died 23 Jun 1895 in Great Bend, Kansas.  They had about 6 children that I know of.  One of them was Mary Jeanette Cook born 30 Apr 1884 in Great Bend, Kansas and died 18 Jan 1951 in Veronia, Oregon.  She married George Edward Nichols about 1905 in Newburg, Oregon.  They had about 8 children.  Would love info on any of the Cummins family, Cook family or Nichols family!  Thanks..Linda
Subj: Family History
Date: 5/21/04 8:51:46 PM Central Daylight Time

Hello.  I found your email addresses when doing a family Google search.  Like many, I am working on my family history and our two families connected in Saginaw, Michigan.   Philander Cummings married Mary Daugharthy (my great-great cousin) 14 Mar 1880.  Her father was Orrin B. Daugharthy the brother of my great-great-great grandfather George Bradley Daugharthy.  My question is do either of you know any details of Plilander and Mary such as children, occupations, death, burials...?    Any information would be much appreciated!
Marchitia G. Cummings

Cummings, Marchitia G., 57, died Tuesday, May 25, 2004. Service 2:00 P.M., Friday, Downing & Lahey Mortuary East. Survivors: husband, Robert Cummings, Sr.; step-sons, Robert Cummings, Jr., Furman Cummings and Kerry Cummings; step-daughters, Brenda Willard, Lil Guthrie, Sarah Glasscock, Mary DelaGauza; sixteen step-grandchildren; twenty-two step-great-grandchildren; mother, Marjie Bowen; brothers, Leon Bowen and Tom Bowen; sisters, Patsy McCarthy, Charleen Radich, Mary Jo Haidor, Vicki Mosqueda, Donna Sweeney and Kathy Millershaski.
Published in the Wichita Eagle on 5/27/2004.