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Thanks to all of you for your help, remember you are the ones that make this work and without your help it will not work ............. thanks again for your help hope this finds everyone well Charlie ---- the purpose of this list is to get you all talking to each other and to be able to hopefully share that information with the rest of us about this Family's name regardless of how it is spelled or is in direct relationship to each other and to help all/each other in putting the pieces together in our search for their own lineage of the CUMMIN(G)S/COMYN'S FAMILY ,........... If you don't want to be on this list tell me... -------- A word of warning. All data here is a compilation of many researchers efforts. Not all the data here is documented or referenced so it would benefit you and/or anyone you share this research with to verify this data before accepting it's authenticity ........ Please Do not let this deter you from submitting undocumented data as even unproven data can lead you in the right direction and someday might be proven. just try to let every one know that it is not documented ... thanks Charlie ------------- let me know if you are getting double messages / also if you want to reply to some's e-mail on this list and there is no ( ISP ) behind the name just add AOL.COM to the name, --- A SPECIAL THANKS : Charlie's Cummin(g)s/Comyns List Archives are made possible by the efforts of Denny Shirer ( who also maintains them for all of us/you ... THE CUMMIN(G)S/COMYN'S LIST ARCHIVES, can now be found at: ----- Descendants of Isaac Cummings of Ipswich/Topsfield, Massachusetts. ------- Visit Patrick S. Cummins Site, Researching Descendants of Cummin(g)s, Hamilton, Kraft, Smith, Stover, Lewallen, and Pennell families. ------- Subj: Cummins Reunion Date: 6/16/03 5:01:31 PM Central Daylight Time From: Rewob4414 To: Chascum Hello Charles, I am not sure that Doug and I have all the e-m address of all the Cummins Cousins that may be receiving the Cummins letter you send out, so could you insert a message, something like this, To al the descendants of Joseph and Lydia Fleming Cummins that are receiving this Cummin(s).Comyn's/ Family Letter and have not received and E-M letter from Gene Bower or Doug Harper and would like to attend a Cummins family reunion in June 2004, please get in touch with Gene at, he will answer you and fill in the details of the when and where. ------- Subj: Re: CUMMIN(G)S,COMYN'S/FAMILIES - 6 / 1 - 1 Date: 6/10/03 7:09:11 PM Central Daylight Time From: Jammers4 To: Chascum Cummins from Ireland: I am researching John J. Cummins (born in 1881)....who came to San Francisco, Ca. in 1907 from Galway Co., Ireland. (The town of Oranmore) He married Ellen Fitzgerald and had 3 daughters. (Their married names were Gargano, Schroth, and Roberts)..... He died in 1953 in San Francisco, Ca. Thank you for any help! Theresa Foley Roberts ------- Subj: A note of thanks Date: 6/10/03 10:13:04 PM Central Daylight Time From: To: Hi Charlie, Just a quick note to say thanks. A couple months ago I found your site by accident while searching for a G_G_G_G_G Grandfather, James Lloyd Cummins, and because of that search, found a cousin that I never knew about. (Jean Cummins Chulak.) So thanks very much! Keep up the good work. I'm still looking for information about James Lloyd Cummins. He is just a small footnote on our family tree, and the only information I have on him is that he had 2 wives and 19 children. Oral history passed down has it that he immigrated from Scotland in the late 1700's. If anyone has information about him, and is willing to share it, please contact me at: Thank you again, John A. Cummins ------ Hello again Charlie, When I wrote last night, I was tired and not thinking as clearly as normal. I put down late 1700's for James Lloyd Cummins..... It was the late 1600's... or early 1700's. Sorry about that. Anyway, here is more information on my line. I hope you can open it. It's a PDF file. There are a couple of date errors..... Helen Cummins died April 23, 1990. Her maiden name was Thompson. Andrew Judd Cummins died in Dec. 1976. Thanks again, John ------- Subj: Cummins in Indiana 1816 - on Date: 6/11/03 7:56:18 AM Central Daylight Time From: Thecomyn To: Chascum Paul: Saw your note on Charlie Cummin(g)s site. I have Indiana Cummins in that time period, some still missing. Please take a look at my Cummin(g)s family genealogy site at and let me know if anything looks interesting. Regards, Pat Patrick S. Cummins Clan Comyn Please visit our family genealogy site at Researching CUMMIN(G)S, HAMILTON, KRAFT, SCOTT, SMITH, STOVER, LEWALLEN, and PENNELL families. Patrick S. Cummins Clan Comyn Please visit our family genealogy site at Researching CUMMIN(G)S, HAMILTON, KRAFT, SCOTT, SMITH, STOVER, LEWALLEN, and PENNELL families. ------ Subj: Apple House Date: 6/11/03 11:29:11 AM Central Daylight Time From: To: Hi Charles. I have a quesion for you. Can you tell me if the Apple House Cummins in Terre Haute IN. is related to John Cummins? I have always wondered. I shop everyonce in a while in Terre Haute and have been in the Apple House several times. Enjoy your web page. Thanks Charlotte G. Price ------ Subj: The Penn Run Cummins Date: 6/11/03 2:12:08 PM Central Daylight Time From: To: I have some information sent to me by Mary McCaulley of Louisville, KY. This is her line. I'll share what I have, I'm sure she wouldn't mind. My discussion with Mary began with a search for additional info on Moses Cummins the early Texas surveyor. He is part of this family as are Ebenezer and William Cummins who were attorneys in Camden, Quachita, AR. Moses came to Texas from KY in February 1829. He was born in Kentucky County, VA, now Jefferson Co, KY (confusing). He married Ruth Ann Griffith on 23 Oct 1804. Frances G. Trimble ------ Subj: Asas, Presleys, etc. Date: 6/11/03 5:55:09 PM Central Daylight Time From: To:,, Dear Adrea and Earl. ....Andrea 1st. OK. I don't remember exactly what all you needed but here goes. The original Asa I have was born in 1746 in VA. His parents were Moses Cummings and Whinny Lattimore. He had a brother Moses born in 1760 or there abouts who had a son named Presley and one named Nelson. This 1746 Asa had a son Asa born in 1780 or 85 and a son Moses. The 1760 Moses had a son Presley born in 1781 in VA and a son Nelson. This Presley married Katherine Glasscock and had sons named Nelson Harrison and possibly one named Presley and Nelson may have had two sons, also named Presley and Nelson. The 1781 Presley's son Nelson Harrison was married 4 times and the only child I know of at this time was named John P. The 1780 Asa was married 3 times and had 19 children. He had a son Asa III, born in 1822, a Presley born in 1816 in KY and a Nelson born in 1846. He also had a daughter named Martha who married a Levi Murphy. The 1816 Presley married Mahala Cummings (a suspected relative) who was the daughter of a William Cummings and a Julie Anna or Juliana. They had an Asa and a John Presley among several other children. The 1822 Asa married Julia Ann Reynolds. I don't show any Nelson/Presley/Asa names amongst their children. The 1846 Nelson married Mary Kimball. No Asas or Presleys or Nelson listed for them either. OK. The Presley of 1816 who married Mahala Cummings born in 1823 had yet another Asa Jackson born 1843 who married Mary Massey and Laura Redix and had yet another Asa. The John Presley I have no information on. I have some birth records for an Asa J. and a Mary showing the birth of a male child in 1878 and a female child in 1880. Possibly some of this couples children but I am unsure of this, tho' they definitely had a daughter named Josephine born in 1880. The information I have on their Asa's dob was incorrect but he would fit into the 1878 time line. HERE is where I come in. The 1780 Asa was my ggggrandfather. His 17th or so child was Francis Marion Cummings was born in 1837 and married Nancy Caroline Brannon. They had a John Asa (Acey) who was my gggrandather and also a Presley whom I think died at a year of age. Most of these people were born in VA, then KY until the 1830's then marriages and births start showing up in IL. There are still several Presleys and I think a couple of Asas that I have no idea where they fit in. I am assuming they are probably descendants of the primogenitor Moses or his sons Asa, etc. HOWEVER, there were also two other, possibly unrelated (but I doubt it) Cummings lines living in IL in the mid 1800's sooooooo.... Now for Earl, he was asking me about William Cummingses. I have a William Cummings born in 1804 in KY. He was the son of a John Cummings and the father of the Mahala who married the above mentioned Presley and he was probably living in IL in 1821 as his father was known to be there at that time. He had brothers named Thomas, John, Samuel, and sisters named Malinda and Marenda and two sisters whose names I don't have. He married a lady named Juliana or Julie Anna and they had Mahala, Sarah, John, Mary, Thornton and William F. who was born in 1848. The 1816 Presley mentioned above married Mahala or Mahalia Ann and they had sons Asa Jackson, James Polk Knox, William W., Oscar Newton, Stephen A. Douglas and John Presley and daughters Elizabeth Julia and Mahala Ann. Willam W. was born in 1847 and married Sarah J. Jones and died in 1908. Asa Jackson married Mary Massey and Laura Redix and had sons Thomas P., William W., Asa Jr., Rufus, Curtis H., and Arnold Christopher and daughters Louise, Clara, Irene, Josephine and Theodosia. This William W. was born in 1870 and is too late for what you are looking for I believe. I am not sure this will help you find your people but it might help you eliminate some. This is only what I have compiled from several different sources. In cases of conflicting information, I either took the majority vote or I listed the options. I still have, however, HUGE piles of information stuck into notebooks that have not yet made it into the compilation. I am also sending this letter to Chascum, maybe one of them is a relative and has something to add. OK Chascum readers. Any of you know any of these Cummingses? Have more details, dates, spouses, kids, etc.? "Cousin" Roxanne Cummings ------- anyone out there that can help with this --- charlie Subj: LtCol Dave Cummings Date: 6/12/03 2:00:07 PM Central Daylight Time From: To:,, Gentlemen, My name is Major Brian M. Kennedy, I am a Marine Cobra pilot returning from the war in Iraq via the long slow boat (USS Saipan). I wanted to take a moment and thank you Mr. Cummings for your son's initiative and forward-thinking. He was and continues to be a hero of mine that I have never met; but in the lore amongst cobra pilots, he remains a giant to us. Older Majors like myself pass along what has become our lineage. We claim ourselves as lucky descendants by sharing what your son taught us. We still brief and employ the things he taught Cobra pilots many years ago. I fought with a happier heart knowing my wingman always had room for all of us and wounded or not, we were coming with the remaining aircraft. Wounded got you the cushy front seat.....although my squadron did not have to use this tactic. I saw a portrait or print years ago when I was a 2ndLt of your son's heroic action. I have told Marines of it, yet have not been able to locate it anywhere. Any information you have would be greatly appreciated, I would be proud to hang any and all information regarding this hero in the ready room of HML/A-167 and HML/A-269. In some way, I hope we made him and all our other fellow Marines proud. God Bless, Major Brian Kennedy USMC HML/A-269 MAG-29 II MEB USS Saipan NIPR: SIPR: ------ Subj: Fwd: cummings Date: 6/13/03 3:02:08 PM Central Daylight Time From: Rewob4414 To: Oddville50, Chascum Hello Candy, I have read you inquiry, but I feel sure that I can not help you as I have no knowledge of any Cummins/ Cummings with the names you have Counties of the States they lived in at some Gernealogy Library and that might give you the clues you need to fine the right cinnections. Good hunting. ---- Forwarded Message: Subj: cummings Date: 6/11/03 6:27:32 AM Central Daylight Time From: To: Hi, I am Candy Bettendorf, my mother was Marjorie (Cumings) Peters. Our family came to the Neenah, Wisconsin area around 1850. My great-great grandmother Thankful, married an Owens, and her daughter from a first marriage (Charlotte Billings), married my great-grandfather, Howard Cumings. My grandfather's name was Jerameel Cumings. I am wondering who your ancestors are, and if we can come up with any matches. Good hunting! Candy Bettendorf ------ Subj: Cummins/Dahm Date: 6/15/03 2:28:28 AM Central Daylight Time From: To: Hi, I added a query to your list when I subscibed to the newsletter. Mainly, I am working on my CUMMINS/DAHM family that lived in Moultrie Co., ILL. Mary Pearl CUMMINS [b1885-d1941] m Peter Joseph DAHM [b1870-d1924]. Mary Pearl and Peter lived in Sullivan and Decatur, ILL. Her father was James M. CUMMINS [b1846 in Jefferson Co., KY -d 1926 in Macon Co., IL] m Sophia E. Johnson [b1848 in KY -d1919 in Moultrie Co., IL]. His father was James CUMMINS[ b1790-d1850 in Jefferson Co., KY] and he married Rhoda Lockhart [b1802-d 1853 in Jefferson Co., KY]. His father was Cornelius CUMMINS [b1750-d1830 in KY] and he married Mary Thompson. I am interested in finding siblings for Cornelius and parents for he and his wife. I have much info on the DAHM family after Peter and Mary Pearl. I would be happy to share. Thanks for asking and thanks for the web-site. Mary ------ Subj: Re: Cummings Date: 6/17/03 8:10:30 PM Central Daylight Time From: Brenda2go1 To: Chascum Hi be glad to tell you what I know. Peter R. Cummings born July 26, 1957 he died Oct. 14, 2001 his parents were Rocert C. Cummings and Bernice E. (Brigham) cummings. gary (Petes brother ) dies a year or 2 ago but another brother richard (Dick) cummings and his wife Patty live in Pittston Maine If I can be of any more help please drop a line brenda ------ Subj: Gideon Cummins Date: 6/17/03 9:30:25 PM Central Daylight Time From: MITCHAMR To: Chascum Hi, I am still searching for my William Cummins, born 1785 in Fairfax County, VA. but so far have not found anyone who seems to know any of his relatives. I have a Gideon Cummins listed in the Ohio Federal Census who married Sarah Edwards in August of 1805 in Loudoun County Va. Gideon Cummins was born 1773 in Loudoun County, VA. and was listed in the same township and county as William on the Federal census in Ohio in 1840. I am grasping for straws trying to locate any family of my gggrandfather William who married Mary Myers of Loudoun County, VA. Thanks again Chas for all your wonderful information that you send all of us each month. Ruth Cummins Humphrey, yes this is name change from Mitcham to Humphrey as of May 3rd, but am still using old e-mail address.for now. ------ Subj: rayann cummins Date: 6/20/03 1:26:10 PM Central Daylight Time From: To: Hello there, I see you are looking for relatives over the internet. Are you related to Rayann Cummins? She used to live in Granbury, TX. Please reply if you have any information on how to find her. Thank you. Kristof Meyssen Spoorwegstraat 15 3665 As - Belgium fax: +32 2 611 41 54 e-mail: ------ Subj: The info you requested--John Cummins & Susan Harris Date: 6/20/03 3:23:47 PM Central Daylight Time From: Jeanchulak To: Chascum CC: Jeanchulak Dear Charlie-- I hadn't forgotten you! I was just having trouble figuring out how to send the information you asked for in a format you could both read and send on to the list. (Family Tree Maker does not make it easy!) Let me know if it is OK. I have given you three generations, down to my father, Andrew Adair Cummins, and have included just birth and death information. I have more, of course, if anyone wants it. Much of it is based on secondary (but personal) sources, so I caution everyone about passing it on, but I hope someone will find a clue to something. It was good to talk to you. I hope we will find a connection. Jean Chulak --- Descendants of John Cummins Generation No. 1 1. JOHN CUMMINS (JAMES LLOYD/LOYD) was born 16 Sep 1819 in KY, and died 3 Sep 1909 in Ft. Steilacoom, Pierce Co, WA. He married SUSAN HARRIS 26 Nov 1840 in/nearTerre Haute, IN, daughter of (MALE) HARRIS and (HARRIS). She was born 3 Oct 1822 in/nearTerre Haute, Vigo Co, IN, and died ca 6 Dec 1908 in/nearKelso, Cowlitz Co, WA. Children of JOHN CUMMINS and SUSAN HARRIS are: 2. i. ELIZABETH "BETSY" CUMMINS, b. 29 May 1841, Terre Haute, Vigo Co, IN; d. 1906, Admire, Lyon Co, KS. 3. ii. SAMUEL CUMMINS, b. 14 Jul 1843, Terre Haute, Vigo Co, IN; d. 4 Jul 1896, Burrton, Harvey Co, KS. 4. iii. SARAH M. CUMMINS, b. 21 Sep 1845, Terre Haute, Vigo Co, IN; d. Aug 1889, Newton, Harvey Co, KS. 5. iv. MARGARET E. CUMMINS, b. 16 Feb 1848, Terre Haute, Vigo Co, IN; d. Aft. Sep 1909. 6. v. EMMELINE "EMMA" CUMMINS, b. 27 Jan 1850, Terre Haute, Vigo Co, IN; d. 25 Apr 1927, Wichita, Sedgwick Co, KS. 7. vi. ANGELINE "ANNA" CUMMINS, b. 27 Jan 1850, Terre Haute, Vigo Co, IN; d. 3 May 1913, Wichita, Sedgwick Co, KS. 8. vii. JOHN WESLEY CUMMINS, b. 15 Jun 1852, Lee Co, IA; d. 14 May 1936, Wichita, Sedgwick Co, KS. viii. AMANDA CUMMINS, b. 19 May 1854, Lee Co, IA; d. 10 Aug 1857. 9. ix. DANIEL ASBURY CUMMINS, b. 18 Mar 1857, IA; d. 28 Jun 1915, Cowlitz Co, WA. x. BERTHA SUSAN CUMMINS, b. 21 May 1860, Ringold Co, IA; d. Unknown; m. JOHN PIXLEY, 1884; d. Unknown. xi. JAMES LEE CUMMINS, b. 18 Apr 1864; d. 19 Apr 1864. Generation No. 2 2. ELIZABETH "BETSY" CUMMINS (JOHN, JAMES LLOYD/LOYD) was born 29 May 1841 in Terre Haute, Vigo Co, IN, and died 1906 in Admire, Lyon Co, KS. She married MARTIN "MART" ANDERSON. He was born ca 1835, and died Unknown. Children of ELIZABETH CUMMINS and MARTIN ANDERSON are: i. BERTHA ANDERSON, b. ca 1863; d. Unknown; m. RICHARD SHIPMAN; b. ca 1860; d. Unknown. ii. FRANCES ANDERSON, b. ca 1866. iii. EMMA ANDERSON, b. ca 1869; m. JOHN BURNS; b. ca 1867. iv. MABEL ANDERSON, b. ca 1872; m. BEN SPADE; b. ca 1870. v. ADA ANDERSON, b. ca 1875. vi. WILLIAM "WILLIE" ANDERSON, b. ca 1877; m. CLEO WELMA WARREN; b. ca 1879. 3. SAMUEL CUMMINS (JOHN, JAMES LLOYD/LOYD) was born 14 Jul 1843 in Terre Haute, Vigo Co, IN, and died 4 Jul 1896 in Burrton, Harvey Co, KS. He married JULIA A. DUGAN, daughter of (MALE) DUGAN and (DUGAN). She was born ca 1849 in Ohio, and died Unknown. Children of SAMUEL CUMMINS and JULIA DUGAN are: i. CORA B. CUMMINS, b. ca 1872, NE; d. Unknown. ii. MARGARET "MAGGIE" E. CUMMINS, b. ca 1874, NE; m. (1) CHARLES HEADY; m. (2) FRED DENIO. iii. CURTIS (JOHN C.?) CUMMINS, b. ca 1876, NE; d. Unknown; m. (1) ROSE STEPHENS; d. Unknown; m. (2) MINNIE POLING. iv. ALICE A. CUMMINS, b. Oct 1879. v. MAE CUMMINS, b. Bef. 1886; d. Unknown. vi. SUSAN CUMMINS, b. Bef. 1886; d. Unknown; m. GEORGE ROE; d. Unknown. vii. SAMUEL CUMMINS, b. ca 1886; d. Aft. 1966; m. (1) MAMIE PITTS; d. Unknown; m. (2) FRANCES (CUMMINS); m. (3) STELLA DEXTER. 4. SARAH M. CUMMINS (JOHN, JAMES LLOYD/LOYD) was born 21 Sep 1845 in Terre Haute, Vigo Co, IN, and died Aug 1889 in Newton, Harvey Co, KS. She married (1) JOHN WALTERS. He died Unknown. She married (2) JAMES EDWARDS. He was born ca 1843, and died Unknown. She married (3) MILTON WINTERS. He died Unknown. Child of SARAH CUMMINS and JOHN WALTERS is: i. JENNIE WALTERS, m. FRANK CASE. Child of SARAH CUMMINS and JAMES EDWARDS is: ii. FRANK EDWARDS, m. (1) KATHRYN WINTER; m. (2) ERMA THOMAS. Children of SARAH CUMMINS and MILTON WINTERS are: iii. CORA WINTERS. iv. NELLIE WINTERS, m. FRANK GLINES. v. ROZELLA WINTERS. vi. JOHN WINTERS, m. (1) JULIA YORKEY; m. (2) DELLA MCCARTY. vii. DORA WINTERS, m. (1) WALTER HOSKINS; m. (2) WYNN SOPER. 5. MARGARET E. CUMMINS (JOHN, JAMES LLOYD/LOYD) was born 16 Feb 1848 in Terre Haute, Vigo Co, IN, and died Aft. Sep 1909. She married THOMAS BREWER. He died Unknown. Children of MARGARET CUMMINS and THOMAS BREWER are: i. ORA BREWER, m. ELVA SPENCER. ii. EUNICE BREWER, b. ca 1870; m. ALBERT LILE. iii. EMMA BREWER, m. CHARLES ROSS. iv. JOHN BREWER. v. CHARLES BREWER, b. ca 1877; m. MAE WEIR. vi. MARGARET BREWER, m. ELLIS PURKE. vii. JESSIE BREWER, m. CHARLES BELT. 6. EMMELINE "EMMA" CUMMINS (JOHN, JAMES LLOYD/LOYD) was born 27 Jan 1850 in Terre Haute, Vigo Co, IN, and died 25 Apr 1927 in Wichita, Sedgwick Co, KS. She married ALBERT LENT. He was born ca 1848, and died Unknown. Children of EMMELINE CUMMINS and ALBERT LENT are: i. AGNES LENT, b. ca 1885; d. Unknown; m. (1) FRANZ HUTCHASON; d. Unknown; m. (2) LOUIS PRICE. ii. RALPH LENT, b. ca 1886; d. Unknown. iii. GRACE LENT, b. ca 1887; d. Unknown; m. JAMES EDWARDS; b. ca 1885; d. Unknown. iv. HARRY LENT, b. ca 1888; d. Unknown; m. LEATA CHAMBERS; d. Unknown. 7. ANGELINE "ANNA" CUMMINS (JOHN, JAMES LLOYD/LOYD) was born 27 Jan 1850 in Terre Haute, Vigo Co, IN, and died 3 May 1913 in Wichita, Sedgwick Co, KS. She married JAMES SHIELDS. He was born ca 1848, and died Unknown. Children of ANGELINE CUMMINS and JAMES SHIELDS are: i. SAMUEL SHIELDS, b. ca 1877; d. Unknown; m. LULA PRICE; d. Unknown. ii. GERTRUDE SHIELDS, d. Unknown. iii. SUSAN "SUSIE" SHIELDS, b. ca 1876; d. Unknown; m. ALBERT NIXON; d. Unknown. iv. LUELLA SHIELDS, d. Unknown. v. ALBERT "AB" SHIELDS, b. ca 1886; d. Unknown; m. LEE DAVIDSON; d. Unknown. vi. JESSIE SHIELDS, b. ca 1889; d. Unknown. 8. JOHN WESLEY CUMMINS (JOHN, JAMES LLOYD/LOYD) was born 15 Jun 1852 in Lee Co, IA, and died 14 May 1936 in Wichita, Sedgwick Co, KS. He married (1) ELIZABETH ELSIE WOODS 4 May 1873 in Nemaha Co, KS, daughter of ANDREW WOODS and SARAH BROWN. She was born 24 Jan 1854 in Jackson Co, IA, and died 6 Jun 1903 in Cowlitz Co, WA (near Kelso). He married (2) MARY AXTELL Aft. 1903. She died Unknown. He married (3) MARTHA ENDRES Aft. 1904. She died Unknown. He married (4) HANNAH HOUGH Aft. 1905. She died Unknown. He married (5) AMANDA KINTZ Aft. 1906. She died Unknown. Children of JOHN CUMMINS and ELIZABETH WOODS are: i. SAMUEL ASBURY CUMMINS, b. 7 Jul 1874, Nemaha Co, KS; d. 27 Apr 1956, Eugene, Lane Co, OR; m. (1) MAE AUGUSTA HOWELL, 24 Feb 1897, Wichita, KS; b. 19 Dec 1874; d. 23 Dec 1970; m. (2) HELEN (CUMMINS), 21 Mar 1946, Lane Co, OR. ii. JOHN WALTER "WALTER" CUMMINS, b. 21 Nov 1876, KS; d. 13 Oct 1934, Clovis, Curry Co, NM; m. GRACE M. JUDD, 21 Jan 1907; d. Aft. 1944. iii. ARTHUR BENJAMIN "BEN" CUMMINS, b. 23 Apr 1879, KS; d. ca 1939; m. HETTIE WHITE; d. Unknown. iv. ANDREW ADAIR "ANDY" CUMMINS, b. 20 Oct 1887, Mitchell Co, KS (near Cawker City); d. 12 Sep 1967, Ann Arbor, Washtenaw Co, MI; m. GRACE ELIZABETH DEVER, 18 Jun 1915, Jackson, Jackson Co, MI; b. 7 Oct 1889, near Leon, Butler Co, KS; d. 7 Jul 1977, Ann Arbor, Washtenaw Co, MI. v. LEONARD LAWRENCE CUMMINS, b. 22 May 1892, KS; d. 9 Jun 1941, Winfield, Cowley, Co, KS. 9. DANIEL ASBURY CUMMINS (JOHN, JAMES LLOYD/LOYD) was born 18 Mar 1857 in IA, and died 28 Jun 1915 in Cowlitz Co, WA. He married MARY ELLA DODGE ca 1883 in prob. KS. She was born Apr 1865 in WI, and died 20 Mar 1909 in Cowlitz Co, WA. Children of DANIEL CUMMINS and MARY DODGE are: i. DOLLY CUMMINS, d. Bef. 12 Jul 1900. ii. CHARLES H. CUMMINS, b. Nov 1885, KS; d. Unknown; m. EVA AULT; d. Unknown. iii. IDABEL B. "IDA" CUMMINS, b. 10 Jul 1887, KS; d. Unknown; m. LUTHER B. HOLDER; b. Bef. 1894; d. Unknown. iv. ELRIC CUMMINS, b. May 1895, WA (prob. Cowlitz Co.); d. Unknown; m. AGNES COLE; d. Unknown ------- Subj: The Cummings/Croxford connection Date: 6/20/03 6:03:00 PM Central Daylight Time From: Jwc1870 To: Chascum CC: Jwc1870 I read the e-mail amrondees sent you on the subject. I`m James William Cummings b 1960, my parents were Donald Ernest Cummings b August 17, 1927, Dixmont, Me- died July 30, 1988, Dixmont, Me where He was married December 24, 1955 to Marjorie May Condon b 1939- dau of Wilfred Leroy and Roxie Anna (Miller) Condon; Donald was the son of Arthur Warren Cummings b 1899-d 1960 m Dec 25, 1920 to Julia Maria Croxford b Feb 1, 1901, Dixmont, Me- d March 25, 2002,Dixmont. dau of (Frank) Ernest and Jennie Grace(Garland) Croxford. Arthur`s lineage in breif runs Warren Albert, Gustavus Ingraham,Joseph S Esq.,Eleazer, Eleazer ( from Nottingham West, NH to Kennebec river valley, Me in 1760 with wife Martha (Brown) who had taken administration on his estate in 1757 whilst He was an Indian captive and thought dead), Eleazer, Abraham , John , Isaac (only in England, John, app. John) ------ Subj: Descendant Cousins of my Grandparents John Jackson Sr. and his wife Elizabeth Cummins Date: 6/21/03 10:34:20 AM Central Daylight Time From: Dear Hello cousin Charles! Would it be possible for a Jackson to join your website,please? I would greatly appreciate the privelidge. Thank you for your consideration. Lionhearts. I would like to hear from my Cummins cousins from the union above. I am the grandson of Richard Jackson b. 1505 at Killingswold Grove,Yorkshire,England,father of Anthony Jackson,GRANDFATHER OF:7TH U.S. President; Andrew Jackson ; John Jackson Sr. ; David Edward Jackson ; John Jackson Jr. ; and C.S.A. Major General T.J."Stonewall" Jackson. Apparently the Cummins was the better half of grandfather John`s family, Thank you, Lionhearts. ------- Subj: Descendant Cousins of John Jackson Sr. and his wife Elizabeth Cummins Date: 6/23/03 7:28:45 PM Central Daylight Time From: Do you have any links to a Josephine or Josephene Jackson born in PA probably around 1845-1855???? We know her father was named John Jackson but have been unable to find any further info. There is nothing on the other than the marriage to John Walker Cummins in Latrobe PA (We don't even know how they met, He was living in La Porte Indiana at the time!) or on his death certificate or even his Civil War Pension, Nothing! Their Grandson (my grandfather) told my mother and I we were related to Stonewall Jackson but no links past the above mentioned John Jackson have been found. My Grandfather was actually born Francis Connett but was adopted by his grandparents when his mother Frances Cummins died giving birth and his father apparently disappeared. Any help on providing links or info on our John Jackson would be greatly appreciated. We have looked for almost 5 years now and the above is all we have. Dave Miller ------ Subj: Descendant Cousins of my Grandparents John Jackson Sr. and his wife Elizabeth Cummins Date: 6/24/03 11:31:23 PM Central Daylight Time From: Like you I have run into a brick wall trying to locate my great great grandfather William Cummins, born 1785 in Fairfax county Virginia. No records per the Library of Virginia are found for a birth or marriage of him. On the burial card at Reber Hill Cemetery in Pickaway county Ohio where he & his wife are buried it states wife to be Mary, no last name, born 1793 in Loudoun County Virginia. However on one of the death certifcates of one of their sons it states her name as Mary Myers. They came to Ohio around 1809 because he had 100 acres issued to him on April 11, 1809 from the land office at Chillicothe Ohio. I have no middle name, but this is why maybe we will connect somehow. One of his sons Francis Marion that married Harriet Coil went west in 1887 and through one of his great grandson's sent me memoirs of Francis 's daughter which referred to William as John. So maybe my William was William John or John William, he had sons with both names. A lot of information, no facts. In the memoirs it states that the family originated in Flanders. Did you or have you ever heard the name Gideon being a relative? I have sent for a marriage certificate for him, I believe him to be a brother to my William. Not much hope here, sorry, but at least now you can look in another direction None of the intermarriage names click with descendants of William.... Ruth ------ Subj: Cummins Date: 6/25/03 12:12:36 PM Central Daylight Time From: DEC405 To: Chascum For the Newsletter. Need some help on the line of W. J. Cummins. I think his father was Moses H and mother Teresee A b 1850 TN. Think he lived in Nashville, TN. Also Maj. Hirum F. Cummins. Born Paris, KY in 1818. Lived in Paris, TN, married Eliza Stevens. This data from a newspaper obit that does not tell me paper name or city. R/ DEC405 Cummins/Sarasota ----- Subj: Delphia Ballarad Cummins Date: 6/25/03 3:24:54 PM Central Daylight Time From: To: I am trying to verify that Delphia Ballard married Robert Cummins about 17 They were residents of Monroe County,WV. I need a photocopy of an official document such as a marriage certificate or a death certificate. Delphia Cummins died c1800 and Robert was married the 2nd time to Dicie Gibson on 26 Jul 1812. I have seen this information on the website, but must have proof and internet information is not acceptable. I would appreciate any information you can give me. (END)