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Thanks to all of you for your help, remember you are the ones that make this work and without your help it will not work ............. thanks again for your help hope this finds everyone well Charlie ---- the purpose of this list is to get you all talking to each other and to be able to hopefully share that information with the rest of us about this Family's name regardless of how it is spelled or is in direct relationship to each other and to help all/each other in putting the pieces together in our search for their own lineage of the CUMMIN(G)S/COMYN'S FAMILY ,........... If you don't want to be on this list tell me... -------- A word of warning. All data here is a compilation of many researchers efforts. Not all the data here is documented or referenced so it would benefit you and/or anyone you share this research with to verify this data before accepting it's authenticity ........ Please Do not let this deter you from submitting undocumented data as even unproven data can lead you in the right direction and someday might be proven. just try to let every one know that it is not documented ... thanks Charlie ------------- let me know if you are getting double messages / also if you want to reply to some's e-mail on this list and there is no ( ISP ) behind the name just add AOL.COM to the name, --- A SPECIAL THANKS : Charlie's Cummin(g)s/Comyns List Archives are made possible by the efforts of Denny Shirer ( who also maintains them for all of us/you ... THE CUMMIN(G)S/COMYN'S LIST ARCHIVES, can now be found at: ----- Descendants of Isaac Cummings of Ipswich/Topsfield, Massachusetts. ------- Visit Patrick S. Cummins Site, Researching Descendants of Cummin(g)s, Hamilton, Kraft, Smith, Stover, Lewallen, and Pennell families. ------- Subj: CUMMINS, O'BRIEN in Ireland Date: 3/28/03 5:42:27 AM Central Standard Time From: WSULLIVW To: Chascum Looking for information/connections John CUMMINS/CUMMINGS b 1823 Ireland m Ellen O'BRIEN/O'BRYAN b 1825 Ballindangan, Glanworth, Co Cork. Raised their family in Tredegar/Rhymney area of Wales before settling in NEPA (Scranton area). Walton J. Sullivan at Paternal - SULLIVAN, COLEMAN, CUMMINGS, O'BRIEN, BOLD, BLACK, BRENNAN, CAFFREY, CAVENEY, CARROLL, CAVANAUGH, COLLINS, CORBETT, COSTELLO, CROWE, DISKIN, DOBBINS, DONEGAN, FARRELL, FEE, GABRIEL, GIBLIN, GORMAN, GERRITY, GREP, HUTCHISON, JENKINS, JENNINGS, LAW, LYNCH, MANLEY, MC ALOON, MC GEHEE, MC GREEVEY, MC NALLY, MC DONNELL, MC DONALD, NIEMANN, O'CONNOR, ORMSBY, PHILBIN, PUCCIO, REGAN, ROLAND, SALERNO, SHEA, SHIELDS, STAFFORD, STANTON, STEINHAUSER, WALTON, WEISS, PA-Old Forge, Dunmore, Minooka, Taylor, Scranton, Carbondale, Hawley, Mt. Pleasant, Pittsburgh; NY-Kingston, New Amsterdam; Wales-Rhymney, Tredegar; Ireland-Co Mayo, Co Sligo ------ Subj: Re: CUMMIN(G)S,COMYN'S/FAMILIES - 3 / 3 - 2 Date: 3/28/03 7:39:31 PM Central Standard Time From: To:, Dear Cousins, I really need some help with the Cummings line. Joseph Cummings was married to a Mary Elizabeth ? Their Children were Basil Cummings born March 11, 1843 in Tuscumba, Franklin County, AL. Died June 13, 1931 in Carlyle, Clinton County, IL. Married Melissa Jane Tomlin, John Cummings born June 28. 1847 in Franklin County AL., Died November 6. 1926 in Carlyle, Clinton County, IL. Married Rachel Allen and Almira Meyers, William Cummings born about 1850 in AL. also found them Census 1860 Florence Launderdale AL., 1880 in Beoul, Twp. Franklin County MO., 1900 in Carlyle, Clinton County, IL. I do believe that Joseph's wife Elizabeth was married later to a Liet and a Snider. I can't find out anymore on Joseph except family said they came from Ireland and was in Toledo, Ohio. Sure hope there is someone who may have something on one of these people. Thanks a lot. Mary at ------- Subj: Re: CUMMIN(G)S,COMYN'S/FAMILIES - 3 / 3 - 2 Date: 3/28/03 8:32:35 PM Central Standard Time From: Oddville50 To: CC: Chascum, Mary My ancestor Joseph Cummins had a son by the name of Joseph, Jr. but he married Nancy Adams and was in Northern Kentucky. One of our family went to Meridianville, AL but he never went anyplace else after moving there from KY. His father had died in the Civil War. We have that family traced and none of the names you have fit any of them. Sorry that I cannot be of help. Doug Harper Biloxi, MS ------- Subj: 1880 census Date: 3/29/03 8:02:06 AM Central Standard Time From: To:, Hi The 1880 census is now on-line Kathi ------- Subj: RE: CUMMIN(G)S,COMYN'S/FAMILIES - 3 / 2 - 1 Date: 4/1/03 12:06:53 PM Central Standard Time From: To: HI, BEEN A LONG TIME SENDING AN EMAIL TO ALL THESE PEOPLE LOOKING FOR CUMMINGS FAMILIES. STILL LOOKING FOR ANY THING ON MY GGGRANDFATHER ADOULPHOUS TURNER CUMMINGS. AN. MY M.Y INFORMATION IS GREATLY APPRICATED. MY NAME IS CHARLES W. CUMMINGS. EMAIL ADDRESS, SUPERBEE49EXCITE.COM THANK YOU. ------- Subject: Re: Joseph Cummins Date: Tue, 1 Apr 2003 20:34:42 EST From: To: CC:, In a message dated 4/1/2003 4:26:03 PM Central Standard Time, writes: > Dear Mr.Douglas Harper,I came across your address in a pendleton co.,Kentucky query.I'm sorry to intrude,but I was hoping you could help me.I understand that you had help to write a book called the "Cummins Family 1793 to 1995". This is about the descendants of Joseph Cummins and Lydia Fleming ( who were married 1793). they had 13 children, one of whom was also named Joseph (b.abt. 1798). What I would like to know is this: what source lists the children of Joseph Senior and Lydia Fleming? How can I document that my great,great grandfather Joseph Cummings is the son of Joseph Cummins? By the way, has anyone ever considered that the family name might be Cummings, not Cummins ? All of Joseph and Lydia's children had the last name Cummings By the 1840 Census (Fleming,George,Jackson, Joseph,etc.). George said his father Joseph came from Maryland.There is a Joseph Cummings in the 1790 Maryland Census,but not in any later ones.According to the Bourbon Co. marriage list,there was a Joseph Cummings married to Lydia Fleming in 1795,and this is when Joseph first appears on the tax list (Bourbon Co.,Kentucky).It is quite common to pronounce Cummings as Cummins (I even do it),and that's how it would have been written. Anyway, thanks, Michael Cummings. Michael The court records of Pendleton Co. shows all thirteen children of Joseph Cummins and one of them was Joseph Cummins (Jr.) He also had a son by the name of Josephus who is my ancestor. The record is on file as Pendleton Circuit Court Package 71 and the document was dated 4 Oct 1836. We have always looked for people by the name of Cummins and Cummings to no avail. One of the descendants named the children of his second wife with the name Cummings. I speculate that his wife did this to distinguish her children from his first wife's children. What age bracket is the man in the 1790 Maryland Census and where was this man located? We have never been able to find Joseph Cummins or Lydia Fleming associated with any other family members or from any other state. I am sending this to Gene Bower who shows as the author of the book you referenced that I helped on and he may have more comments. What is your line from Joseph Cummins Jr.? Charles Cummins called me after I saw him on line and send word that I had heard from you. He wanted to get your phone number since he is better talking on the phone than typing. As you can see I am sending my answer to Gene Bower and Charles Cummins. Charles gave me your address when we talked. Doug Harper -------- Subj: William Riley Cummings and children. Date: 4/3/03 4:08:36 PM Central Standard Time From: To: Howdy Eugene, this is Mike, I got your e-mail.My great grandfather William Riley Cummings left Nodaway Iowa sometime before 1910 (I can't find him in the 1910 census anywhere,and really like to know where he wandered off to !). By 1917 him and his son Frankie Edward Cummings (my grandfather) were living in Gentry Arkansas,where grand-dad married grammy (Myrtle Garret). They moved to Wakeeny Kansas in 1921,where Dad says Aunt Grace and Carrie were living.In William Riley's obituary it says that Lovell Cummings was living in Holly Colorado, but I haven't been able to find him in the 1920 or 1930 census.Ellie who was married to Ray Mock (Dad said he was an FBI agent) was living in Lapairie Illinois,Earl was in Illinois,and the boys from the first marriage were in Iowa.Edward and Myrtle had six children,Uncle Neil who passed away 1991 ( I can't remember Aunt Lois maiden name-Dunn maybe?),Aunt Marie who married Jake Mai (they moved to california and had a son) (Neil and Marie were born in Ark),Fern Dean (dad said she died in a tank as a child - 1920s. I think it was a livestock watering tank), Aunt Faye (her husband Leroy Clews died recently), my Dad Gary, and then there was one smothered by a cat ( SIDs maybe ?). I'm sending all this stuff to Doug Harper who can forward it on ( I just learned to use the computer a few months ago, please excuse my e-mail, I still don't know how to make paragraphs,etc.). I had told Doug about a possiable suspect I had for Joseph Cummin(g)s. There's a Joseph Cummings in the 1790 Maryland Census (Washington Co.),who looks to be in the right age catagory,and he isn't in any of the later censuses (1800,1810,etc.).Now, you're familiar with the story of George Cummings right ? How Joseph was susposed to have come to Kentucky as a small boy ? Well, if Joseph was born in 1746,or even 1766, there ain't no way.The first Kentucky settlement was Harrodsburg, in 1775, and there wasn't but three settlements until 1778. I figure that Joseph had to come to Kentucky as a grown man. But as to the Joseph in Maryland, I don't know, you have any info on him? I have to run now, out of time,sorry, Mike. -------- Subj: CUMMINGS Bio Date: 4/3/03 6:04:20 AM Central Standard Time From: WSULLIVW To: Chascum > > Surnames: Cummings, Caffery, Neiry, Eagan, Barrett > > History of Tama County, Iowa; Springfield, Ill.: Union Pub. Co., 1883. > > In 1859, Thomas Cummings, in company with his four sons, became a > settler of Buckingham township, coming from Pennsylvania. The father, and > son Anthony, lived here until the time they died, and two sons, Martin and > John are still residents of the township. They were prominent factors in the > development of this vicinity, and sketches of each are here presented. > Thomas Cummings, deceased, was born in county Mayo, Ireland, in 1794. > He was married in 1821 to Miss Mary Caffery, also a native of county Mayo. > They were blessed with seven children, six of whom grew to manhood. The wife > and mother died in Ireland, in 1848. In 1852, Mr. Cummings joined three of > his sons who had come to America some years previous. He settled in Luzerne > county, Pennsylvania, where he lived until 1859, then came in company with > his sons, to Tama county, Iowa. He settled in Buckingham township and there > lived until his death, which occurred in December of 1866. > His eldest son, Anthony Cummings, deceased, was born in county Mayo, > Ireland, April 27, 1822. His education was partially acquired in the public > school, and afterwards completed by six terms at a select school in his > native parish. In 1848, he emigrated to America. The ship landed him at > Quebec and he remained in Canada until August of the following year, when he > crossed over to the United States, and located in Luzerne county, > Pennsylvania. There he was employed by a Pennsylvania coal company as weigh > master. In 1850, he sent sufficient money to Ireland to enable two of his > brothers to join him in America; two years later, the three sent back money > that their father and two remaining brothers might cross the ocean. In 1850, > Anthony's employers opened a union store and selected him to take charge of > it. His marriage with Miss Ann Neiry occurred in 1851. During 1859, in > company with his father and three brothers, he came to Iowa for the purpose > of making a permanent home. They settled in Tama county, buying land on > sections eleven and fourteen, of Buckingham township. Until 1860, they all > lived together in a log house, on section eleven. However, during that year, > they erected a frame house on the same section, and into it his father and > two brothers moved. The subject of this sketch continued to live in the > pioneer log cabin until 1861, when he removed into a frame house which he > had built on section 14. Three years later he erected another frame house on > the same section, to which he made additions and in which his widow now > lives. Of his family, there are nine children living: Thomas, Mary A., Rose > D., Francis, John, Kate, Eunice, Albert and Lizzie. His widow owns five > hundred acres of land, all of which is under improvement. Mr. Cummings > enjoyed the confidence and respect of his community and held several offices > of trust in the township. He died at his home in Buckingham township, Tama > county, on the 16th of April, 1883. Mass was celebrated by Rev. Father > O'Brien, in the Catholic Church at Lincoln, Black Hawk county, this State. > The funeral sermon was preached by Rev. Scallan, of Waterloo. The deceased > was a member of the church at Lincoln, and was buried in the Catholic > cemetery at that place. > Martin Cummings, son of Thomas Cummings, was born in county Mayo, > Ireland, in 1830, and was there raised to agricultural pursuits. In 1852, > Mr. Cummings came to America, landing at new York city on the 4th of July. > He went from there to Luzerne county, Pennsylvania, where he was engaged in > mining one year; then went to Illinois, where he was employed laying track > on the Rock Island railroad and later on the C.A. & St. L. railroad. In > 1855, he started for California. He left New York city march 5, went by way > of the Isthmus of Panama and arrived in San Francisco on the 28th day of the > same month. He followed mining in California until November, 1858; then > returned to New York; thence to Luzerne county, Pennsylvania, where he > remained until January, 1859. At this time he came to Tama county, Iowa, > with his father and brothers and located land in Buckingham township, where > he now lives on a finely improved farm. Mr. Cummings was married, in 1865,to > Miss Jane Eagan, who has borne him eight children: Mary J., Catharine E., > Thomas, Rosa A., Margaret, Elizabeth, John J. and James M. > John Cummings, fourth son of Thomas Cummings, was born in Ireland, > March 4, 1853. Mr. Cummings made his home in his native country until 1850, > when he came to America and joined his brother Anthony in Luzerne county, > Pennsylvania, where he engaged in mining near Scranton. Here he remained > until 1854, when he went to Illinois and engaged in laying railroad iron > near Joliet. In the spring of 1855, Mr. Cummings went to New York city, from > whence he started to California by way of the Isthmus. There he followed > mining until the fall of 1858, when he returned to the Eastern States. In > 1859, in company with his brothers, he came West and located land in > Buckingham township, Tama county, Iowa, on sections 11 and 14. He now lives > on section 11 and like his brothers has been very successful as a farmer, > owning four hundred acres of improved land. Mr. Cummings was married, in > 1870, to Miss Hannah Barrett, a native of Ireland. They have been blessed > with seven children: Mary, Ann, Ellen, Barbara, Kate, Thomas and Eunice. > > Cathy Joynt Labath > Irish in Iowa > -------- Subj: John Cummins Date: 4/5/03 7:31:17 PM Central Standard Time From: To: Sent from the Internet (Details) Hello, Found this on the internet doing some research on previous owners of my farm. A John Cummins at one time owned my farm on the Ohio Indiana State line road in Fort Recovery, Ohio. I beleive that he was a civil war veteran, and a schoolteacher/Minister?? I will let you know any additional information that I find. Thanks, Tim Olding Subj: Cummins/Cummings Date: 97-08-10 23:43:28 EDT From: (Avalon L. Cummins) Reply-to: To: (Charles Cummins) Hi Charles, I would like to be added to your newsletter list if possible. I have two Cummins lines I am following, the first is Bourbon Co., KY to OH, to IL and IA... John Cummins Sr., & Jr. John Cummins Jr., moved to OH then in 1819 on to Sangamon Co., IL. Two of his sons William and Thomas moved on to Wapello Co., & Mahaska Co., IA in 1846 & 50. The second Cummins Family.. I know very little about. (blank) Cummins b. IN married Sarah (blank) b. OH. They had 4 children William 1834; Roda 1838; Eliza 1842; John Jan 1846; All b. IN... The father died (where/when)? Wife Sarah was remarried by 1850 and living in Clinton Co., IA.. Having moved to IA in 1849.. Thank you for listening. Avalon ------- Subj: CUMMINGS-O'BRIEN early 1800s Date: 4/6/03 12:27:45 PM Central Daylight Time From: WSULLIVW To: Chascum Looking for information/connection O'BRIEN/O'BRYAN family from Ballindangan, Glanworth, County Cork. Ellen O'BRIEN c 1825-1890 married John CUMMINS/CUMMINGS c 1823-1888 Ireland (think maybe born in Co Mayo) not sure if they were married in Ireland or in Wales. While in Tredgar/ Rhymney Wales they raised their family. Daughter Ellen CUMMINS/CUMMINGS 1845-1927 m Patrick SULLIVAN 1842-1903; Michael 1853-bef 1934 m Mary SHEA 1860-1934; Richard 1857-1941 m Maria MAHADY 1868-1905; Andrew 1849-? m Mary SULLIVAN 1865-?; John 1862-?; Honora/Nora 1862-1883 m James SHEA 1856-1932; Catherine 1864-? m Samuel COLEMAN 1856-1926. The CUMMINGS-O'BRIEN family first settled in NY area and then moved to the Scranton, PA area where most of them lived in the Taylor borough of Scranton. Ellen O'BRIEN had a sister Margaret who immigrated to the Boston, MA area. An add that was placed by Ellen (O'BRYAN) CUMMINGS in 1875 her address as Taylorsville PO Luzerne Co PA. She was looking for her sister Margaret (O'BRYAN) CHUSIC (CUSICK/CUSACK) of Ballydangan, Co. Cork who came to US 16yrs prior and had settled in Massachuetts. 2nd Ad names her as Margaret (O'BRIEN) CHUSIC and names her husband as William, her home as Ballydonegan, parish of Glanworth, Co. Cork and coming to the US 18 or 19 years previous is sought by her sister Ellen O'BRIEN CUMMINGS. Please contact Walton J. SULLIVAN at ------ Subj: Possible information on geneology Date: 4/7/03 7:40:17 PM Central Daylight Time From: To: CC: Hi, I was surfing the internet, looking for information on one of my ancestors (James Lloyd Cummins) when I came across the entries that you all had placed a few years ago. My Grandfather was John Wesley, my Father, Andrew Judd Cummins, and two Aunts Ella and Faye. I was wanting to let you all know that Ella has our Family tree with James Lloyd Cummins as a foot note at the bottom. His oldest son is in the center of it. It is a spoked wheel type tree with each spoke representing a different branch of the family. Ella is in her 90's now, and hard of hearing, but is still sharp as a tac. She is living in Seattle, Wa. (I'm not sure of the exact address, but it's on S.188th St. and the zip code is 98188. She doesn't have a computer.) I'm not sure but I think we might be cousins. I know that Jean Chulak is a cousin, but don't know how to reach her. If this reaches you, please feel free to write back, I'd love to hear from you, and maybe compare notes. Sincerely, John A. Cummins ------ Subj: Re: John Cummins Date: 4/8/03 1:13:38 PM Central Daylight Time From: Thecomyn To: JeanCMB In a message dated 3/30/03 11:07:49 PM Eastern Daylight Time, JeanCMB writes: > Chascum: > I was just reviewing the newsletter and in the one dated 8-13-01, it looks like you wrote that your John Cummins was married to Judith Warwick and went either to Dearborn County or Shelby County, Indiana around 1820. Is this true? If so, we really do have a tie-in. > Jean Cummins Bischoff ----- Subj: Cummins family Date: 4/11/03 6:20:47 PM Central Daylight Time From: To: Charles, I'm looking for information on Ambrose Cummins of Bourbon County, Ky., who married Eveline Fugate d/o Martin Fugate & Hannah Robinson of Bourbon and Pendleton Counties about 1848. I think he had been married previously to Sarah Gregg of Bourbon County. Ambrose was a chair maker and later a carriage maker. Have you anything on him at all? Gary D. Gardner(270) 766-5043 Fax(270) 766-5048 ------- Subj: Obit: Bernice Cummins (nee Jackson) Date: 4/11/03 9:41:03 PM Central Daylight Time From: To: source: Post-Tribune Gary, IN deceased: Bernice Cummins (nee Jackson) age: 88 born: Feb. 22, 1914 place of birth: Merom, IN died: July 23, 2002 place of death: Michigan City, IN -------- Subj: Cummin[g]s.Comyn's/Families Date: 4/14/03 12:50:10 PM Central Daylight Time From: Rewob4414 To: Chascum Helen Cummins, 88, of Glendale, AZ., died April 6, 2003 Services at Holy Cross Cemetery, Avondale, AZ., April 17th 2003. (END)