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Subject: CUMMIN(G)S,COMYN'S/FAMILIES - 5 / 1 - 1 Date: Wed, 15 May 2002 21:38:27 EDT From: ------ hope you all had a nice mothers day, i have some e-mail that i can not post in this one but will be in the next one Thanks to all of you for your help, remember you are the ones that make this work and without your help it will not work ............. thanks again for your help Charlie ---- this purpose of this list is to get you all talking to each other and to be able to hopefully share that information with the rest of us about this Family's name regardless of how it is spelled or is in direct relationship to each other and to help all/each other in putting the pieces together in our search for their own lineage of the CUMMIN(G)S/COMYN'S FAMILY ,........... if you dont want to be on this list tell me... -------- A word of warning. All data here is a compilation of many researchers efforts. Not all the data here is documented or referenced so it would benefit you and/or anyone you share this research with to verify this data before accepting it's authenticity ........ Please Do not let this deter you from submitting undocumented data as even unproven data can lead you in the right direction and someday might be proven. just try to let every one know that it is not documented ... thanks Charlie ------------- let me know if you are getting double messages / also if you want to reply to some's e-mail on this list and there is no ( ISP ) behind the name just add AOL.COM to the name, --- A SPECIAL THANKS : Charlie's Cummin(g)s/Comyns List Archives are made possible by the efforts of Denny Shirer ( who also maintains them for all of us/you ... THE CUMMIN(G)S/COMYN'S LIST ARCHIVES , can now be found at: ----- Descendants of Isaac Cummings of Ipswich/Topsfield, Massachusetts. ------- try this one out it really has a lot of information on Conjecture on the Cummins family in England and New England / USA -------- , and many thanks to Steve Lawson> for letting me post this on our list CHARLIE ------ Subj: Ward Cummings Date: 4/29/02 3:57:09 PM Central Daylight Time From: DEC405 To: Chascum Couple of years ago I made a reply to somebody asking about a Ward Cummings. Therefore, that msg should be in the Archives. There could not be too many people with that name. There has to be a connection. Anyway, I was in the same Destroyer Squadron with Cdr Ward Cummings in 1964. He became a Capt and then, I think, a Rear Adm. He died in a commercial aircraft crash in NC sometime in the 1970s. I knew the details at one time, but water flows. If HuckLor wants to know more, get on the USN Web page and start turning the rocks. R/ DEC405 ------- Subj: WARD CUMMINGS Date: 96-09-10 14:58:40 EDT From: DEC405 To: HuckLor CC: Chascum Ward Cummings being a strange name, had me sit up several weeks ago. I am not sure if I made you a msg or not--had it in mind, got involved with myself and CUMMINS. Anyway it being a strange first name--back in 1963 in Pearl Harbor there was a Commander Ward Cummings in command of the USS Carpenter (DD ??). He went on to command another DD and I forget the name, but was involved in some flap on a deployment to the western Pacific-must have been about 1965 +/-. He went on to become a Rear Admiral and was killed in an civil aircraft crash in North Carolina about 1968. There was an Asst Sec Defense (International Security Affairs) in the same aircraft. If you are interested you could rattle the cage of the Bureau Of Naval Personnel and they might give you something--such as his home town. His wife's name Lil --I think. All a long time ago. I am an idiot with names-have hard time with my own. R/ DEC405 ------- there is a whole lot of cummins info in this , if you care to research it charlie ..... Subj: Re: Cummins Surname, Marion Co., OHIO Date: 4/29/02 11:25:13 AM Central Daylight Time From: (Bonnie) To: Dear Cummins newsletter: I will have to UNsubscribe to the Cummins newsletter for the summer but will be back in the Fall. Thanks! Here are some Cummins records I found while searching for my own relatives. MARION COUNTY, OHIO DEATH RECORDS VOLUME ONE, A-E 1867-1880 found in search engine at CUMMINS SURNAME: CUMMINGS, William H. s/o I.B.& G.J. d Feb 28, 1854 Aged: 2y 8m 15d Marion Old Cemetery (55) Marion, CUMMINS, Hugh d Jun 13 1842 Aged: 55y 2m 8d Mounts (75) Pleasant, CUMMINS, Jacob Bovell d Aug 21 1904 Aged: 59y 8m 1d Mt. Olive (38) Green Camp, CUMMINS, James d May _ 3 1842 Aged: 35y 10m Mounts (75) Pleasant, CUMMINS, John d Jun 20 1858 Aged: 23y 8d Mounts (75) Pleasant, CUMMINS, Jonathan Co. A. 82nd OVI Pleasant Liberty (78) Pleasant, CUMMINS, Mary w/o William d Jun 17 1881 Aged: 56y 10m 26d Mounts (75) Pleasant, CUMMINS, Mary d/o E. d Nov 11 18*36 Aged: 34y 7m 12d Mounts (75) Pleasant, CUMMINS, Nancy w/o Hugh d Sep 3 1827 Aged: *3*3y Mounts (75) Pleasant, CUMMINS, Polly 1850 - 1924 w/o Jacob Mt. Olive (38) Green Camp, CUMMINS, Sarah w/o Hugh d Feb 24 1839 Mounts (75) Pleasant, CUMMINS, Susannah w/o James M. d Feb 9 1846 Aged: 18y 5m 20d Mounts (75) Pleasant, CUMMINS, Wilda May May 1 1878 - Jun 20 1889 Mt. Olive (38) Green Camp, CUMMINS, William d Mar 14 1860 Aged: 40y 2m Mounts (75) Pleasant , the following FROM / THE HISTORY OF MARION COUNTY, OHIO 1883 - By Leggett, Conaway & Co. T. S. CUMMIN, (Marion Township) one of Marion's old retired merchants, was born in Perry County, Penn., June 13, 1834. His father, Dr. William Cummin, was twice married, and was the father of six children, viz., T. S. (the subject of this sketch), Mrs. Rebecca J. Beatty, Mrs. Margaret S. Leonard (of Marion, Ohio), Hon. H. H. Cummin (President Judge of the Twenty-ninth Judicial District, Lycoming County, Penn.) and Mrs. Mary A. Watson, all of Williamsport, Penn.; and R. I Cummin, merchant, of Dayton, Ohio. Earl in life, Mr. Cummin the subject of this sketch, began the career of a clerk at Duncannon, Penn., and followed it for six years; in 1855, he came to Marion and after clerking a short time for J. S. Reed & Co., he became a member of the firm of Johnson, Uhler & Co., which succeeded the former firm. He remained a partner till 1874, when the firm diasolved; but Mr. Cummin continued in the mercantile business up to the spring of 1880, when, on account of ill health, he was compelled to retire. He was a successful merchant, and was identified with the public interests of the town. He erected, in 1872-73, his residence on East Center Street. which is the most expensive residence in Marion. In 1881-82, he erected the Cummin Block, an imposing three-story brick, on the corner of Main and South streets. Mr. Cummin was married on the 24th of September 1867, at Wooster, Ohio, to Miss Lavinia R. Hart, a daughter of William and Prudence Hart. Mr. Hart died in Juniata County. Penn., in 1855, an in 1867 his widow moved to Wooster, Ohio, where she now resides. Mrs. Cummin was born in Juniata County, Penn., July 26, 1843. Mr. and Mrs. Cummin have one daughter -Winifred. They are both consistent members of the Presbyterian Church. . JOHN E. LEONARD, (Marion Township) deceased, was born in Nassau, Germany, December 12, 1834. When nine years of age, he came with his parents, John and Mary Leonard, to America, who located for awhile in Mansfield, Ohio, then in Coshocton County, Ohio. He passed his youth at Mansfield, when thirteen engaging as clerk in a large establishment. In 1857, he moved to Marion and entered the drug trade under the firm name of Bruck & Leonard. About 1860, he bought out Mr. Bruck and continued the sole manager till death. October 10, 1861, he was married to Margaret S. Cummin, daughter of Dr. William and Margaret (Steele) Cummin, of Liverpool, Penn. Their union was blessed with three children-Mary M., Edward T. and Margaret S. Mr. Leonard commenced in life a poor boy, but through industry accumulated a good property, consisting chiefly of a business block on Main Street and his residence with several acres of ground on South West Street. He was a member of the Presbyterian Church, to which he contributed liberally, and of the Masonic order. His death took place December 6, 1870. Mrs. Leonard and her family are members of the Presbyterian Church. . CUMMINS, WILLIAM, one of the leading farmers and stock-growers of Auburn Township, Crawford Co., Ohio, was born in Indiana Co., Penn., March 28, 1834; he was brought up by his parents on a farm, receiving his education in the district school, until he became of age, when he took charge of a general line of merchandise, such as was kept in a country store, conducting the business about one year, when he disposed of the goods and went on the farm, where he remained one year, when he again engaged in business at Chambersville, Indiana Co., Penn., where he remained until Aug. 31, 1861. when lie volunteered in a military organization. Mr. Cummins ranked as Captain of the company, and was placed in the 14th Army Corps, commanded by Gen. Thomas. Capt. Cummins resigned his command about Aug. 1, 1863, returning home sick. He emigrated to Ohio in August, 1864, locating on the D. C. Morrow farm, where he now resides, on a beautiful site, consisting of 600 acres in one body, a portion of which lies in Plymouth Township, the balance in Auburn Township, Crawford Co. The Captain married Miss Mary J. Morrow Aug. 24, 1864, and by their union had nine children, five of whom are living, viz.: Core Elizabeth, David William, Joseph Dick, Julia Brown Mateer, Nancy Susan Clark. Mrs. Cummins was born Aug. 3, 1836, on their present farm; she attended school at Plymouth until she was about 18 years of age, finishing her education at Delaware, Ohio. Mr. Cummins was elected Treasurer of Auburn Township in April, 1877, and Land Appraiser in October, 1879. As a family, they incline to the Presbyterian Church, and are respected by all who know them. Mr. Cummins is an active, energetic man, taking an interest in all public affairs, and has an interesting family, in which he takes a fond father's pride. CUMMINS, WILLIAM, deceased. William, son of David and Mary (Trimble) Cummins, was born on the 5th day of February, 1809, in Indiana Co., Penn.; about the 9th year of his age, he removed with his parents to Richland Co., Ohio, his father having previously, in 1816, located a tract of land some five mires west of Shelby; his boyhood and early manhood were passed in assisting to hew out a home in the then unbroken wilderness; sixty years ago, the facilities for acquiring an education in this county were comparatively meager; but such as they were, the subject of this sketch made the most of, for, in after years, he showed a thoroughness in the branches then taught, and a familiarity with the forms of business, that made him a man of mark in the community in which he resided ; in speaking of his early struggles to acquire an education, he always gave great credit to Rudolphus Morse and Benjamin Griffith, two of the most accomplished teachers and beat-informed men of their day; upon arriving at his majority, he was elected Justice of the Peace, a position he held continuously until he removed from the township: the official business of that day wag largely in collections, and many who have since acquired a competency, will remember his large-hearted leniency, when they were struggling to get a start in life. In March, 1831, he was married to Jane, daughter of Abraham and Agnes (Wallace) Cahill, and the issue of this union was three sons and four daughters, to wit: Nancy, David, Abraham Cahill, George Wallace, Mary Eliza, Jane and Rebecca; Nancy, George W. and Mary are deceased. His wife died Dec. 17, 1853, and in 1855, he married Mrs. Matilda Dungan ; no issue by this marriage. About 1842, he united with the M. E. Church, and ever afterward was a consistent member, taking a deep interest in its welfare and prosperity. In politics, he was a Democrat of the old school, but love of country rose above party fealty, and he was among the first in Shelby, at the breaking-out of the late war, to insist that party lines should be obliterated until we had a united country. He was called to preside over the first war meeting held in Shelby, and among the very first held in the State, and always gave his time and money freely to further the cause of the Union and care for the families of the soldiers. In 1868, he removed to Tuscola, III., and purchased a tract of land, and gave himself strictly to its cultivation; the success that had followed him through life did not desert him here, and his business continued prosperous. Some five years ago his bodily health failed, and the infirmities of age coming on, compelled him to seek a quiet and retired life. He spoke frequently and without fear of his fast-approaching end. Though long expected, the final summons came suddenly to his surviving friends; he was stricken with paralysis and only survived a few hours; he left a widow and four children to mourn his loss. He was the father of David Cummins, of Shelby, and A. C. Cummins, of Mansfield, who were with him for several days prior to his death. The I. O. O. F., of which fraternity he was an honored member, performed the last sad rites at his obsequies. --- 936 - BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHES. Thus passed to the better world beyond, one who filled more than an ordinary space in the affairs of his time, and, dying, left to his children the priceless legacy of an honored and honest name. CUMMINS, DAVID, SR. (deceased), was born in Rockingham Co., Va., on the 28th day of February, 1782, and removed with his parents in 1790, to Indiana Co., Penn., where he grew to manhood; he was a soldier in the war of 1812, and belonged to a regiment that was raised for the defense of Baltimore; in 1816, in company with Andrew Dixon, Sr., a widely and well known pioneer, he came to Richland Co., and purchased a tract of land on the Tiffin road, some eighteen miles distant from Mansfield, now a part of Auburn and Vernon Townships, Crawford Co., and shortly thereafter removed his family to that place ; Mrs. Dixon and himself assisted William Green in building the first log house in all that country round about; he was married in 1803 to Mary Trimble; the issue of this marriage was two eons and four daughters; his first wife dying in 1824, he married Rebecca Hoblitzell, by whom he had one daughter, the late Mrs. Thomas Mickey, of Shelby ; the children by his first marriage were George, William, Eliza (married to Hon. R. W. Cahill), Jeannette (married to Robert Cook, of Wayne Co., Ohio), Mary (married to Andrew Dixon. Jr.), and Nancy (married to James English); George Cummins married Caroline Hoblitzell, and William Cummins married Jane Cahill ; David Cummins, Sr., was a man of great physical endurance, remarkable for his energy and decision of character; he was of Scotch-Irish parentage and possessed many of the best qualities of both nationalities. In religion, he was a Presbyterian of the old school, and rigorously observed and carried out the teachings and tenets of his favorite church; he was emphatically a pioneer in all that the word imports, and had the will and the physical power to hew a home out of the then unbroken wilderness, and was largely instrumental in assisting all of his children to secure a fair start in life; he died Dec. 26, 1866, at the same old homestead that he selected for his home a half-century before. . MARION COUNTY, OHIO CEMETERY INSCRIPTIONS - C NAME INSCRIPTION CEMETERY TOWNSHIP CUMMINGS, William H. s/o I.B.& G.J. d Feb 28, 1854 Aged: 2y 8m 15d Marion Old Cemetery (55) Marion CUMMINS, Hugh d Jun 13 1842 Aged: 55y 2m 8d Mounts (75) Pleasant CUMMINS, Jacob Bovell d Aug 21 1904 Aged: 59y 8m 1d Mt. Olive (38) Green Camp CUMMINS, James d May _ 3 1842 Aged: 35y 10m Mounts (75) Pleasant CUMMINS, John d Jun 20 1858 Aged: 23y 8d Mounts (75) Pleasant CUMMINS, Jonathan Co. A. 82nd OVI Pleasant Liberty (78) Pleasant CUMMINS, Mary w/o William d Jun 17 1881 Aged: 56y 10m 26d Mounts (75) Pleasant CUMMINS, Mary d/o E. d Nov 11 18*36 Aged: 34y 7m 12d Mounts (75) Pleasant CUMMINS, Nancy w/o Hugh d Sep 3 1827 Aged: *3*3y Mounts (75) Pleasant CUMMINS, Polly 1850 - 1924 w/o Jacob Mt. Olive (38) Green Camp CUMMINS, Sarah w/o Hugh d Feb 24 1839 Mounts (75) Pleasant CUMMINS, Susannah w/o James M. d Feb 9 1846 Aged: 18y 5m 20d Mounts (75) Pleasant CUMMINS, Wilda May May 1 1878 - Jun 20 1889 Mt. Olive (38) Green Camp CUMMINS, William d Mar 14 1860 Aged: 40y 2m Mounts (75) Pleasant . ------ Subj: Cummins in Oregon Date: 5/1/02 1:32:30 PM Central Daylight Time From: (Kenneth Tessendorff) Reply-to: To: Hello, I have recently discovered that the five daughters of James Cummins and Polly Ann Man moved from California to Oregon in 1876. All the girls were married in Oregon. On the marriage certificate of Sarah F. Cummins and L. M. Archambeau (14 Jul 1878, Douglas County, Oregon), it says that the marriage took place at the home of Wm. R. Cummins. I am not aware that the girls had an relatives named Cummins in Oregon and wonder whether this Wm. R. Cummins is a relative. I would appreciate hearing from anyone who might know anything about a Wm. R. Cummins that lived in Douglas County, Oregon in 1878. On the marriage certificate for Martha Cummins and William Anderson (27 Nov 1900, Douglas County, OR), Blanche Cummins was a witness. I don't know who Blanche Cummins was and would be interested in any information about her. Thank you for your help. Ken Tessendorff San Carlos, CA -------- Subj: Re: CUMMIN(G)S,COMYN'S/FAMILIES - 4 / 3 - 1 Date: 5/1/02 8:42:02 AM Central Daylight Time From: AMBgal To: Chascum I'm sorry, but did we ever figure out if my Cummings relate to all yours? I don't want to be clutter for your list if not.... Florence Cummings (1890) married Eugene Callahan (1885). Florence's parents were Florence Osborne (abt 1859) and James or Joseph Cummings (abt 1855) resided in Livonia, NY. Other children: Jennie (1881), Nellie (1892), Pearl, James (1878), and Frank. Thanks for your time, Alisa --------- Subj: Cummings/Hale Date: 5/2/02 2:33:17 PM Central Daylight Time From: Dee Amis 1 To: Chascum Seeking relationship between the following: Loudon Co VA Tithable list show a Cabel Haele's taxes were paid by Malacki Cummings 1765. James Hale's taxes were paid by Malacki Cummings in 1771 & 1773. Jonathan Cummings paid James Hale's taxes in 1774. Malicky Cummings paid Isaac Hale as a member of his household in 1771. All were in Shelburne Parish. James Hale b c1751 PA/VA md 1773 Polly Anne Cummings b c1755. Parents of both haven't been identified. Thank you, Dot -------- Subj: CUMMINS DNA TESTING Date: 5/3/02 7:55:49 AM Central Daylight Time From: Thecomyn To: Chascum Is anyone aware of a Cummins line (or other group) that is doing DNA testing for genealogical purpose? I would appreciate any information and contact. Thank you. Patrick Cummins Fairfax, VA Researching Cummins, Hamilton, Kraft, Smith, Stover, Pennell, Lewallen --- Subj: John Cummin(g)s, Westmoreland Co., PA, b. 1755 Date: 5/3/02 10:18:07 AM Central Daylight Time From: Time to repost my own stonewall. Looking for anything on my John Cummin(g)s, who was born in Westmoreland Co., PA, abt 1755. Married a Martha, attended the nearby Tyrone Church in Fayette Co., left PA in 1816 with Martha, daughters. Lucinda, Margaret, Mary, sons William and John, for Franklin Co., IN. Old John died in IN in 1828. Appreciate any contact info. Pat Patrick Cummins Fairfax, VA Researching Cummins, Hamilton, Kraft, Smith, Stover, Pennell, Lewallen ----- any one know where this book may be available to buy charlie THE CUMMINS FAMILY IN AMERICA (book by Janet Sutherland Aronson, 1999) ------- Subj: Authors Date: 5/3/02 9:24:56 AM Central Daylight Time From: MITCHAMR To: Chascum Dear Chas: Still searching for William's birthplace, mother, father, sister and brothers. Your report dated 4/28/02 on page 6 referred to some information published by Francis Funk and Tom Barnes about some brothers that emigrated from Scotland. How do I locate these books? Possibly there could be a connection to my William . Thanks in advance and you are doing a terrific job. Ruth Cummins Mitcham .. Subj: Frances Funk Books From: You can get both of her books (#1 & #2) through your own library, if you will have them check online for a library that will lend them out. I had my library check, and in a couple of weeks they called me saying a library in Tennessee had sent them over for my use for two weeks. One point, there are a lot of people who have questioned the research in the "Cummins Ancient, Cummins New" books so be sure to double check things. Good luck. Patrick Cummins Fairfax, VA Researching Cummins, Hamilton, Kraft, Smith, Stover, Pennell, Lewallen ---------- Subj: RE: CUMMIN(G)S,COMYN'S/FAMILIES - 4 / 3 - 2 Date: 5/4/02 11:12:04 AM Central Daylight Time From: (Audrey Annable Franklin) To: I would very much like to find information on Jehiel Annable married to Sarah Jane Cummings (below) and who their children were. Audrey 1 Samuel Cummings b: October 06, 1684 in Chelmsford, MA d: 1718 .. +Elizabeth Shedd m: January 14, 1707/08 ....... 2 Jerahmel Cummings b: October 06, 1711 in Groton, MA d: October 25, 1747 in Hollis, NH ............+Hannah Farwell ................. 3 Jotham Cummings b: December 29, 1741 in Hollis, Hillsborough, NH d: April 14, 1809 ......................+Anna Brown b: October 23, 1744 m: April 27, 1763 d: November 08, 1829 ...........................4 Henry Cummings 1768 - 1820 b: November 05, 1768 in Grafton Cty, NH d: August 05, 1820 ................................ +Jane Merrill m: January 23, 1794 in Plymouth, Grafton, NH d: April 25, 1851 ..................................... 5 Henry Cummings b: November 1794 in Plymouth, Grafton, NH .......................................... +Sally Cheney b: April 08, 1798 ............................................... 6 Sarah Jane Cummings b: Abt. 1820 .................................................... +Jehiel Annable b: January 22, 1817 in Groton, Grafton Cty, NH m: 1840 in Grafton, Grafton Cty, NH d: in East Haddam, Middlesex Cty, CT ......................................................... 7 Henry Cummings Annable b: January 23, 1842 in Grafton, Groton Twp, NH ......................................................... 7 Girl Annable ......................................................... 7 Girl Annable ............................................... 6 Lucy Ann Cummings .................................................... +Otis Hall ............................................... 6 Caroline Cummings b: April 10, 1824 .................................................... +John Brooks Fairbanks m: July 04, 1843 d: February 06, 1891 in Natick, MA ............................................... 6 Annette Cummings ....................................................+Unknown Edgerton ............................................... 6 Hannah Cummings .................................................... +Unknown Abbott ............................................... 6 Elizabeth Cummings ....... 2 Samuel Cummings b: March 06, 1708/09 ....... 2 James Cummings b: July 14, 1713 ....... 2 Lennard Cummings b: 1714 in Dunstable, MA d: Abt. 1758 in Londonderry, NH ............ +Jane Unknown ................. 3 Jane Cummings ................. 3 Mary Cummings ................. 3 Elizabeth Cummings ................. 3 Jerahmel Cummings b: September 23, 1749 in Nottingham West, NH ...................... +Deborah Kendall m: April 30, 1771 ................. 3 Rachel Cummings ................. 3 Silas Cummings Descendants of Daniel Pescod 1 Daniel Pescod 1810 - 1840 b: 1810 d: Bef. 1840 .. +Elizabeth S. Annable 1815 - 1904 b: October 03, 1815 in Winchester, Ontario, Canada m: 1836 d: March 15, 1904 in Cornwall, Ontario, Canada ....... 2 Annie Pescod ....... 2 Lydia Pescod ....... 2 Girl Pescod ............ +A. D. Cummings I mainly research Annables and the families that intermarry with them. I though someone might be interested in A. D. Cummings. Audrey (Audrey Annable Franklin) ------- Subj: Cummings Date: 5/7/02 12:25:50 PM Central Daylight Time From: MainFlor To: Chascum Hi, Though someone might have use for this information or like to look at the site. I find it quite an interesting site. Lynde in Maine St. Mary's Church, Kirkdale, Liverpool Marriages extracted from LDS film #1545938covering the period from 4th October 1874 to 11th December 1883 CUMMING, Andrew 27Nov1882 TIPTON, Eliza CUMMING, Mary Ann 18May1881 FINDLEY, Anthony CUMMINGS, Mary 02May1883 SWIFT, Thomas CUMMINGS, Samuel 25Dec1875 MERRIN, Elizabeth (nee MERRICK) CUMMINGS, Samuel 29May1882 EATON, Jane CUMMINS, Ellen 17Oct1883 SHERVY(?), William English Names from the 17th Century which is taken from -------- Subj: Cummin[g]s,comyn's/Families Date: 5/8/02 3:10:55 PM Central Daylight Time From: Rewob4414 To: Chascum For those that might be interested; Ronald P. Cummings, 88, of Prescott, AZ., passed away May 2, 2002 at the Arizona Pioneers Home, Arizona . Ruffner Wakelin Funeral Home, Prescott, AZ. Wilson C. Cummins, 80, of Apache Junction AZ., passed away May 3, 2002 Arrangements by Mesa Heritagw Mortuary. No other information on the above two items. ------- Subj: Re: Stephen CUMMINGS marr. Sally DAVENPORT Date: 5/8/02 9:54:06 PM Central Daylight Time From: Dotemorris To: Chascum Hi Charlie and all Listers, fellow "geany's... .. Hope that someone has my ancestors in their database:- Stephen CUMMINGS (born? unknown, died ? unknown ) married c. 1787 - to - Sally DAVENPORT born 2 July 1771 possinbly in New York U.S.A. - They had daughter Catherine CUMMINGS born - 15 Sept 1789(? unknown ) Would very much like to find data on Sally DAVENPORT's lineage - and - especially Stephen CUMMINGS !! They are my 5 x great maternal grandparents. Sally DAVENPORT had a sister - Jemima who married a Joseph GILBERT -- Hope this is enough data for someone to "link" to my tree. Greatly appreciate hearing from anyone that has the birth, marriage and death data for Stephen CUMMINGS & Sally DAVENPORT and their daughter - Catherine CUMMINGS who married 1810 to John HILLMAN (poss in New York as well) Their first child was born June 12 1809 ?possibley in Quebec.Can. Thanks in advance for any help, suggestions or information. Cheers and have a Good Day. Dorothy E. Morris Whitby On. Can. -------- Subj: Cummings Date: 5/11/02 6:29:11 PM Central Daylight Time From: MainFlor To: Chascum Hi Cummings searchers, Thought someone might be interested in this site. It is still in the works. Lynde in Maine Sharon, CT AHGP CUMMINGS, CUMMING Abraham, farmer, age 23 & ____, age 27, had son _______, b Oct 14, 1866 Eunice, m William R THOMAS, May 2, 1841, by L W Bissell, J.P. George E, son Abner, farmer, age 29 & A, age 25, b Feb 24, 1864 Miles H, son Abraham, age 24 & Maullie, age 18, b Jan 30, 1860 William, colored, age 26, b Sharon, res North East, N.Y., m Louisa QUARTERS, age 28, colored, b Troy, N.Y., res Amenia, N.Y., Nov 25, 1859, by E S Stoddard, J.P. The vital records at this site are from the Barbour Collection of Vatal Records as found at the State Library in Hartford, CT. Coraline Brown is working on this, and will be added as they progress. These cover the years 1738 to 1867. Vital Records Surnames starting with A & B Vital Records Surnames starting with C Vital Records Surnames starting with D to F Vital Records Surnames starting with G to H Vital Records Surnames starting with I to M Vital Records Surnames starting with N to R Vital Records Surnames starting with Vital Records Surnames starting with Vital Records Surnames starting with Rav. War Honor Roll for the town of Sharon, CT Those who served in the Civer War from Sharon ------ Subj: Fw: Membership Date: 5/13/02 5:53:31 AM Central Daylight Time From: (Laurie Kehoe) To: To all the descendants of Asa Cummings of Fauquier County Virginia, son of Moses. If you can link to him with proof, you are now eligible to apply for DAR membership. Asa and his brother William were listed as signers of legislative petitions from 1776 to 1781 in Stafford Co. VA and according to the attached email, that qualifies him as DAR. For the children of Asa, son of Asa, does anyone have any proof of that link? I have census records listing them as next door to each other in 1820 Logan Co. KY census and information that Asa Jr. married in Logan Co. but nothing mor ------- Subj: Cherokee Date: 5/12/02 11:37:16 PM Central Daylight Time From: (Jerry Cummings) To: ( Charles - I've posted a couple of times before and I surely enjoy getting your newsletter - this time I'd like to ask the subscribers how many Cummings' have Cherokee blood. I am descended from Jacob Cummings (Cummins?) who married a Catherine King - these people were my great grandparents. Catherine was said to be Cherokee. Catherine was probably not her real name as it was pronounced "funny" and sounded more like Carthena. My grandfather looked like a Cherokee and many Indian ways were part of his life and were passed on to my father. I say Cherokee, but that includes the larger Cherokee family - one elderly aunt says that her father was Chickasaw. These people were from Mississippi, Arkansas, Tennessee - I hope to connect to other "Indian" Cummings'. Jerry Carson Cummings -------- Subj: Charles Cummins Date: 5/14/02 9:53:29 AM Central Daylight Time From: (Teena Hintz) To: Hi Charles, Is there any chance that you might be Charles Cecil Cummins? And you mother was Dianne Lee Wadelow? If so, please get in touch. If not, sorry to trouble you and good luck with the reunion! Teena Hintz --- Subj: Charles Cummins Date: 5/15/02 6:02:37 AM Central Daylight Time From: (Teena Hintz) To: Hi again Charles, The Charles Cummins I seek was born in California in 1948. His parents were Dianne and Cecil Cummins. I have SSDI information that Cecil may have passed. (17 Dec 1923 - Jul 1968). This Charles Cummins and I would be related through his mothers family. He also has another brother and two sisters. ------ (END)