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Subject: CUMMIN(G)S,COMYN'S/FAMILIES - 11 / 2 - 1 Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2001 20:09:35 EST From: ------- Thanks to all of you for your help, remember you are the ones that make this work and without your help it will not work ............. thanks again for your help Charlie ---- this purpose of this list is to get you all talking to each other to hopefully share that information with the rest of us about this Family's name regardless of how it is spelled or is in direct relationship to each other and to help all/each other in putting the pieces together in our search for their own lineage of the CUMMIN(G)S/COMYN'S FAMILY ,........... if you dont want to be on this list tell me... -------- A word of warning. All data here is a compilation of many researchers efforts. Not all the data here is documented or referenced so it would benefit you and/or anyone you share this research with to verify this data before accepting it's authenticity ------------- let me know if you are getting double messages / also if you want to reply to some's e-mail on this list and there is no ( ISP ) behind the name just add AOL.COM to the name, --- Subj: A SPECIAL THANKS : Charlie's Cummin(g)s/Comyns List Archives are made possible by the efforts of Denny Shirer ( who also maintains them for all of you ... THE CUMMIN(G)S/COMYN'S LIST ARCHIVES , can now be found at: -- TRY THESE OUT / --------- Subj: Re: CUMMIN(G)S,COMYN'S/FAMILIES Date: 11/11/01 From: (Christy Wayne) Thank you for the wonderful resource. I am a beginner but find myself truly fascinated by this kind of research. For your information I am second generation Canadian (British Columbia) on the Cummins side. I was born Christie Cummins and have traced back to my gggrandfather Charles who died in Liverpool June 18, 1863. I believe the line goes back further: to Alexander Cummins, born 1749 and even further to his grandfather Alexander, who, it is said, was Sir Alexander, M.P. I am going to search historical records to investigate the accuracy of this information, written in family notes attached to pictures. If my limited knowledge can be of any assistance please let me know. Kind Regards Christy Wayne ---- Subj: Colorado Payback search results Date: 11/11/01 From: Not sure if anyone is interested in this so sending just in case. Thank you! THE GREAT COLORADO PAYBACK DATABASE you can search the data base , there are several cummings and cummins and various other spelling of the name in there -------- Subj: Re: Cummings/Hillman of Papineau Que. Date: 11/12/01 From: Dotemorris Hello Charlie, Just like Pete Duncan (recent posting) I too am looking for CUMMINGS of Papineau, Quebec. It's possible Pete Duncan and I are related, but we need the "facts". !! :) I am seeking any information on: Catherine CUMMINGS -b. 15 Sept 1789- father Stephen CUMMINGS mother - Sally DAVENPORT Catherine CUMMINGS married (where?) 22 March 1810 - possible St. Angeliuqe, (Lochaber area) Quebec. I have been able to find quite a bit of data on John HILLMAN (through various contacts in the last year) however, cannot find anything on my CUMMINGS line. Appreciate any help you can give or any of other "Cummings" listers. Thanks in advance. Dorothy E. Morris Whitby On. Canada. -------- Subj: Re: CUMMINS, Alexander b. 1821 PA>IL>KS Date: 11/12/01 From: (Lorene Fort) This is my first time on this list. Here is the family I am searching for: Alexander CUMMINS, born 1820/1822 in Pennsylvania; died 4 March 1903 in Kansas. Alexander was married before 1849 in Pennsylvania to an Elisabeth (maiden unknown), born about 1823 in Pennsylvania; died 28 June 1891 in Kansas. They were in the 1850 census in Westmoreland, Pennsylvania; moved to Shelbyville, Shelby Co, Illinois; moved again in 1867, this time to Johnson Co, Kansas (1870 census). Then them moved again to Miami Co, Kansas (1875 census), this time to settle down and stay. Their children were: Hutchinson CUMMINS, b. 1849 PA; Clarinda R. FURGASON, b. 1850 PA; Ida R. WHITFIELD, b. 1851 PA; John CUMMINS 1852, PA; Hugh CUMMINS, b. 1857 IL; Alexander M. CUMMINS, b. 1859 IL; Elisabeth (CUMMINS), b. 1861 IL or PA?; Antoinette, (CUMMINS), B. 1863 IL and Charles CUMMINS, b. 1873 in KS. Also, have the 1880 census from Miami Co, Kansas. I would love to share whatever I have with relatives. Lorene Fort ------- Subj: Cummings Date: 11/15/01 From: Ladykdee Mississippi: I am looking for the parents of Mary M. Cummings born November 11, 1831, MS and died January 12, 1900. She married Benjamin Franklin Walker August 29, 1852 in Itawamba County, MS. Benjamin was killed in the Civil War, and Mary is buried at Kirkville Cemetery, Itawamba County, MS. Any information on her parents or siblings would be appreciated. Karen ( or -------- Subj: Joining List Date: 11/17/01 From: (Marnie) Hello, My gg grandmother, Elizabeth P. Cummings, was the wife of Albert Smith, and mother of Charles Henry Smith b. 18 Jun 1853 in Sidney, ME. She died on 3 Feb 1858 at age 22y. 7m. according to gravestone record in Cummings Cemetery, Augusta ME. Albert and Elizabeth were married 1 Jan 1851 in Augusta. {Augusta VR vol. 2, p. 124, 254]. Her siblings may have been Lucy, Otis and/or James. Family tradition refers to James as a US Marshall in Oregon. In the Sidney, ME area I've located the following, but have not been able to connect to any: >From History of Kennebec County[ p. 1039 pub. 1892] Talking about West Sidney: "James Shorey was the first trader, succeeded by:...Enos Cummings....and Jacob C. Gordon--the latter and Mrs. Albert Smith being the present traders." Enos Cummings was central in forming a revival of Second Baptist Church in 1843. A Thomas Cummings was postmaster in West Sidney in Jan 1852 AND There was an Asa Cummings b. abt 1774 in Hallowell, whose father was Samuel and mother was Elizabeth Fisher. AND John, Samuel and Solomon Cummings all came to the Augusta area in the late 1770s. John to East Winthrop, Samuel to Manchester and Solomon to Augusta. All 3 were the sons of Samuel4, John3 Isaac2,1. of Topsfield MA I'd love to .connect to or eliminate some of the above. I'm planning some research in Maine soon. I've searched the list archives. Thank you for maintaining both the list and the archives. Marjorie [Marnie] Harrison Oakes --------- Subj: William Cummings of Pownal Date: 11/18/01 From: JWoodw6761 I have a copy of a letter the Bennington Genealogy Library wrote to Mrs. R. C. White in 1964 listing William Cummings references in their library. It is a younger Wm Cummings than my ancestor, possibly his son: Elizabeth Cumming, born April 3, 1813, Dau. William & Elizabeth Cumming, died June 7, 1813, age 2 months. Buried in Old Bennington Cemetery. Elizabeth Cummings, married Matthew Enright, Feb. 18, 1896. Henry Cummings, List of Freemen, Sept. 7, 1819. Michael Cummings, Born - 1810, died May 11, 1892, age 82. Robert Cummings, Born 1801, Son of William & Elizabeth Cummings, died April 10, 1805, age 4 years, buried Old Bennington Cemetery, grandson of Alexander and Elizabeth Carson. Thomas Bartholomew Cummings, born Ireland, died June 3, 1949, age 88 years. Buried Old Bennington Cemetery. Willard F. Cummings, born 1820, died Cohoes, NY, June 21, 1886, age 66 yrs. William Cummings, Included in Bennington Census, year 1800, List of Freemen, Sept. 1, 1795.[This one could have been mine.} William Cumming, son of William & Elizabeth Cumming, died Oct 14, 1811, age 7 weeks. Buried in Old Bennington Cemetery. Grandchild of Alexander and Elizabeth Carson. William Cummings, died Aug 5, 1850, age 63. Killed in highway by a runaway horse. [I have this man's probate record; he died intestate and no children are mentioned; his wife was Sybel Haley. Mentions an Andrew Cummings who was paid for work done. Could be the same William mentioned above, with a new wife?] Betsy Cummings married Feb 4, 1816, Frederick Eddy of Woodford, VT. Zilpah Cummins married Henry Danforth of Woodford, VT, Jan 1, 1815. The William Cummins I am looking for had lived in Coventry, RI, lived adjacent to Abraham and Joseph Cummin(g)s in 1790, was deeded land by Joseph Cummins after he had moved on to Renssalaer Co., NY, in 1797, received a Rev. pension in 1823, and died in 1828. I believe his wife was Ruth Fisher and his daughter was Amy Cummings Houghton. The DAR records say he was born in England (?). Jane Woodward -------- Subj: Cummings family Date: 11/19/01 From: (Michele Shockley) Hi Charlie! My name is Michele Shockley (formerly Aleshire). I came across your genealogy page when I typed my maiden name into the browser, and I was thrilled and surprised to see my family line documented there. I have never studied my own genealogy, but I did notice that there are some errors and omitions that you might like to know about to make the information more complete and accurate. 1- My middle name is spelled Renee (vs. Rene) 2- Marion Lorna Bailey had a second marriage to Mr. Jack Danforth, and he is not listed. 3- Heidi Aleshire and Hector Garcia have a child named Nicholas Garcia. 4- Mark Duffy was my first husband, and William Ralph Shockley is my second husband. 5- Ronald Ray Aleshire and Heather Boatwright have never been married. 6- Brian Aleshire had a first wife named Ellen Snodgrass. 7- Brian Aleshire and Ellen Snodgrass have a son named Jason Aleshire, who is not mentioned. This information may or may not be of interest to you, but I thought it might be useful to make the genealogy more complete. If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me. Thanks! --------- Subj: genealogy Date: 11/20/01 From: (WCommons) I sent the Commons Index and Generations by paste/copy and hope that is o.k. I don't know how you let people know that I have this material, but if you notify they in any way and they want it forwarded to them, I will be glad to do so. I always go through your materials to see if anyone ask for the Commons family. Keep it up and I will do it too.. Wanda (Hobson) Commons. It took me so long to learn this method of sending that I love to practice. God Bless you all and our GREAT United Sates. My brother was a Prisoner of War in '45 in Germany, so I really appreciate our country. --------- Date: 11/22/01 From: (Henry Doll) I have considerable information on a Cummings' line from William Cumming who was born in Hillsboro, Orange Co., NC 18/Jan 1759 and died in Greensboro, Guilford Co., NC on 18 Apr 1849. He is buried there reportedly. He was married to Anna Sedgwick Robinson. William reportedly had 8 children, but the sources I have, listed only 3. He was well-off enough to educate his children and provide a home large enough to give each of them their own room. He served in the Revolutionary War. One of his descendents, John Robinson Cumming (Sr.)migrated to Clinton County, KY, an area mid state on the border of TN. In fact, his land bordered the state line. He and some of his kin are located as the "single stone" cemetery in the Cumberland State Park, south of Burkesville, KY. Eighty acres of the park belonged to John. These mass grave was created when John and members of his family had to be exhumed from the Wolf River Area before the waters of Dale Hollow Lake covered the area. Other descendents are mainly around Albany, I am his 3-great granddaughter, through his son, John Robinson Cummings, John was married twice and produced 15 children. If I can be of some help to you please advise. In addition, I am searching for the ancestors of William. Cumming and his wife, as I mentioned above. Hoping to hear from you. I will forward what I have in the ways of names and resources as soon as I can. I am not a professional researcher either, but I have managed over the last 10 years to get my hands on information that proved credible and for the most part confirmed by living elders in my family. I admire your interest in helping the clan gain a greater sense of history and attachment. By the way, have you seen the wonderful picture of the Comyn stronghold in Scotland? This book is about Scottish Tartans. One is displayed alongside the picture. The name of this book is "Clans & Tartans of Scotland", by Iain Zaczek. It can be seen or purchased at most Barnes & Noble book stores. Thanks for your prompt reply. Sincerely, Dot Doll --- Henry Doll --------- Subject: My older cousin, I am looking for you born in Philadelphia 1958,59 Date: 11/23/01 From: Shaneejac Cummings- This is your mothers madien name. From the information (pieces of it) I put together, my aunt had you when she was about 17 or 18 years. She, against her will had to give you up. At that time she was sent/taken to Philadelphia to stay with another family with the last name of Pilgrim for nine months. After the nine months she was sent back to New York to live with her father and his live in girlfriend, Pauline Pilgrim.( we called her Auntie P). MY Grandmother never knew what went on,she was living in Barbados with my mother and my other aunt. Our family is originally from, Barbados West Indies. You should be 43 / 44 years old. Our Grandmother is going to be 82yrs old in December and would like to see you, we all would. My name is Jackie and I can be contacted at 614-527-8832. When our grandfather died he made a comment a baby my aunt had and took the secret to his grave. We / I want to find you. I Love my aunt and we will Love you just the same. Please contact me. While living with the Pilgrim family,in Philly and N.Y. your Mother,my Aunt was treated VERY BAD. -------- Subj: Col. George W. Cummins Date: 11/25/01 From: Newspaper Article The Cecil Whig, Elkton, 1891: Cecil Co., MD Cecil County, Maryland. Saturday, February 14, 1891 There has been considerable talk in Smyrna since the death of Col. George W. Cummins, over his last will. Mr. Cummins owned eight nice farms besides considerable town property. Upon his death his will disclosed the fact that he had left it all to his wife, his two daughters and a nephew. To his wife he bequeathed the home farm and stock in fee simple and his town property; to each of his daughters he left three farms for their life time with a floating indebtedness of about $25,000 and to his nephew, a son of Mr. A. G. Cummins, a farm. His sons Walter and George he has cut entirely off. -------- Subj: Family Ties Date: 11/25/01 From: MasonRETREAT Dear Charles, I am writing on behalf of a Dorothy (Cummins) Durfey. She is wondering if you might be her brother. Her mother was Verna Ruth Cummins at 66 Road in Hannibal, New York. She had 16 children and they have spread throughout these united states. Thank you. Kaye (Her son's girl friend) ------- Subj: Re: cummins Date: 11/28/01 From: (Tammy Jacob) I know some of them lived and live in Falmouth. Cora died in 12-31-1959 everyone called her Mayme. everyone in their family had nicknames that they went by. I realy dont know to much about her Tammy I'm tring to find info on my grandfathers family his name is Clifford Gillespie. his father was Ryan and mother was Cora cummins also known as Mayme. she died in Pendleton co. on 12-31-1959. any info on them would help. this is as far as i can get Here is some more things I have found about theCummins that people have E-mailed me but Im not sure if they are in my family or who they are. I cant find anything because everyone went by another name. But thank you for helping Winnie (this may be a nickname) Cummins James Gilbert Baird An Uncle Andrew Jackson (Jack) Baird That Cora moved in with after her mother died Jesse Cummins born in 1892 in Kentucky his gravestone in the Moscow Ohio cemetery and died in April 1905 Jackie Dawson Cummins and a brother someone called Ollie Tammy ------ Subj: Gillespie-Cummins Date: 11/29/01 From: Rewob4414 To: Hello Tammy, Charles sent your e-m inquery on to me, as my cousin and I did the genealogy on our Cummins family, and there was a couple of marriages between our Cummins and Gillispies, but none that you mentioned, I don't know where you live, but if you were to go to the Library in Falmouth, Pendleton Co. Ky, they have our Cummins genealogy book the title of which is, "Joseph Cummins Family 1793-1995 look on page 645, that is where you will find when Norma Louise Gillispoe married James Lang Cummins and the names of there children. In the late 1700's and early 1800's there were several Cummins families in Pendleton and Harrison Counties. They may have been related, but as of now we haven't been able to verify this, as you may know there are several Cummins and Gillispie family still there, Also there is a Pendleton Co. Genealogy Society, the address at the moment escapes me but the Falmouth Library knows what it is. May I suggest that you contact them. Also the County Clerk of Pendleton Co. has great records of marriages that sometimes also includes the names of the parents of the couple getting married. If you write them---never ask for a marriage license always ask for marriage records.--- In the past years I have found they were very co-operative people. Sorry I can't help you more. Good Luck in your search--it takes patientces and time. Gene Bower ------ Subj: Genealogies Date: 11/29/01 From: DEC405 This from the Philbrook Family Site: I thought I would pass this along. According to this site there are 109 "genealogies" that have been identitied by the Salt Lake Family History Library. I came across this in an article in a genealogy society newsletter. The site has a listing of all of the fraudulent genealogies. The site is R/ DEC405 ----- Subj: Fw: CUMMINS, Alexander b. 1821 PA>IL>KS Date: 11/29/01 From: (Lorene Fort) Here is the family I am searching for: Alexander CUMMINS, born 1820/1822 in Pennsylvania; died 4 March 1903 in Kansas. Alexander was married before 1849 in Pennsylvania to an Elisabeth (maiden unknown), born about 1823 in Pennsylvania; died 28 June 1891 in Kansas. They were in the 1850 census in Westmoreland, Pennsylvania; moved to Shelbyville, Shelby Co, Illinois; moved again in 1867, this time to Johnson Co, Kansas (1870 census). Then them moved again to Miami Co, Kansas (1875 census), this time to settle down and stay. Their children were: Hutchinson CUMMINS, b. 1849 PA; Clarinda R. FURGASON, b. 1850 PA; Ida R. WHITFIELD, b. 1851 PA; John CUMMINS 1852, PA; Hugh CUMMINS, b. 1857 IL; Alexander M. CUMMINS, b. 1859 IL; Elisabeth (CUMMINS), b. 1861 IL or PA?; Antoinette, (CUMMINS), B. 1863 IL and Charles CUMMINS, b. 1873 in KS. Also, have the 1880 census from Miami Co, Kansas. I would love to share whatever I have with relatives. Lorene Fort ------- Subj: Cummings bios. Dubois Co., IN From: CHARLES C. CUMMINGS was born March 3, 1826, in Tennessee. He is a son of Andrew and Sarah (Johnson) Cummings, who were the parents of nine children, our subject being the youngest and the only one now living; the rest died of consumption. The parents were natives of Tennessee, where the mother died. The father moved to Dubois County, Ind., near Huntingburgh, and died very suddenly on his way home from that place. He left a wife and three daughters, our subject being his only son. Charles C. was raised by Berry T. Goodman, who married his sister. He was an excellent man and a first-class citizen. Charles was married, at the age of twenty, to Nancy Hobbs, a daughter of Hiram Hobbs, one of the very first settlers of Dubois County. They have seven children, all now grown. After marriage Mr. Cummings worked until he had accumulated $25. He then borrowed $25 more from his brother, and entered forty acres of land. By industry and attention to business he now owns 1,080 acres of splendid farming land. He has given each of his seven children eighty acres of land, and yet has 520 acres, well stocked, and under good cultivation. His children's names are Thomas, Hiram, Woodson, Nancy Jane, Andrew, John and Maze. He is a Democrat in politics, all his sons being the same. He and wife are members of the Christian Church. "HISTORY OF PIKE AND DUBOIS COUNTIES, INDIANA" CHICAGO: GOODSPEED BROS. & CO., PUBLISHERS. 1885. Jefferson Township JOHN CUMMINGS, fifth son of Charles Cummings, was born February 6, 1857, in Dubois County, Ind. He was raised at home on his father's farm, and received a common school education. At the age of twenty-two years he began working for himself. February 26, 1879, he was married, and began his wedded life on a farm, which was presented him by his father. he has continued farming since that time, and now owns eighty acres of good land. He married Mrs. Alice (Brown) White, of Newton Stewart, Orange Co., Ind., the result of this union being two children: Benton D. and Dessie May. Mrs. Cummings' parents were natives of Maryland and Indiana. Her relatives now live in Orange County. Mr. Cummings and wife are members of the Christian Church. He is a Democrat, and his brothers and father are the same. He was elected trustee in the spring of 1884, and now holds that office. "HISTORY OF PIKE AND DUBOIS COUNTIES, INDIANA" CHICAGO: GOODSPEED BROS. & CO., PUBLISHERS. 1885. Jefferson Township Subj: D.Cummings bio. Lawrence Co. IN DAVID CUMMINGS, a native of the county in which he yet resides, was born November 20, 1823, a son of Malakiah and Susan (McBride) Cummings, who were natives respectively of Virginia and Tennessee and old pioneers of this county, their advent within the State's borders being in the year 1815. David was reared amidst the pioneer scenes of his native township, remaining with his parents until he attained majority. Elizabeth, daughter of Moses and Mary (McPike) Faubion became his wife October 13,1842, and to their union twelve children have been born, named: Nancy C., James W., one that died in infancy unnamed, Dinah M., Mary M., Susan E., Enoch J., Lottie (deceased), Jackson W., Kittie L., George M. and David S. James W. was one of Lawrence County's heroes who went to battle for the Union during the late war. He was captured and died a death of great suffering at Andersonville. Mr. Cummings is a successful farmer, the owner of 150 acres of land, a Democrat in politics and both he and wife are honored members of the Christian Church. Data Entry Volunteer: Diana Flynn "" Subj: g. cummings bio Newton Co. INDIANA Bio Newton County, Jefferson Township. From A History of Warren, Benton, Jasper & Newton Counties, 1883. G.A. CUMMINGS was born July 31, 1840, in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, and is a son of William and Jane C. (Kennedy) Cummings. When our subject was eleven years old, he moved with his parents from Pennsylvania to La Salle County, Illinois, where he spent his boyhood days until the war, when he enlisted in the Thirty-sixth Illinois Regiment August 17, 1861, at Newark, and was ordered into camp at Aurora September 24, when the regiment was sent to Quincy, and thence to St. Louis; at the latter place they drew arms, and were sent to Rolla, Missouri. There the real soldering commenced, under that old drill master of the Thirty- sixth Illinois, Col. Nicholas Greusel. From this time until discharged on expiration of service, he saw pretty rough times. From August 1862, till spring of 1864, was under Sheridan, and to be under him meant business; he was in the fight of Pea Ridge, and fought with Sigel; from this department was ordered to Corinth Mississippi, to watch Beauregard: "we watched day and night, and when the rebel General left, Halleck's grand army followed sixteen and one-half miles; would have gone further but it was berry season, and we stopped to gather them. Thence we were sent, under Sheridan, to Cincinnati, to check Gen. Kirby Smith; thence were ordered to Louisville, Kentucky. We left Louisville, under Gen. Buell, after Gen Bragg." He was in the battle of Perryville, and under Rosecrans at Stone River and Chickamauga; under Grant at Mission Ridge; under Sherman at Resaca, Adairsville, New Hope, Kenesaw Mountain, Peach Tree Creek and Jonesboro. He resumed farming in Grundy County, Illinois, in 1867; in 1876, moved to his farm in Newton County. In connection with farming, he is engaged in breeding Poland-China recorded swine. Submitted By Gerald Born email: ----- Subj: Uriah and Isaiah Cummings bios. Perry County Indiana From: URIAH CUMMINGS, a son of Uriah Cummings (see sketch of Isaiah Cummings), was born in Perry County, Ind., July 24, 1814. He was reared at home, receiving only a limited education in youth. At the death of his father he assumed control of the home farm, buying the shares of the remaining heirs to the estate. April 17, 1832, he married Mary Ramsey, who died October 24, 1840, having borne him four children, only one of whom is now living. April 29, 1841, he was joined in marriage with Maria Sandage, a daughter of Thomas Sandage, and to their union were born ten children. Two, Margaret M. (wife of Allen Groves), and Alexander W., are now living. Mrs. Cummings died December 29, 1880, and he chose for his third wife Ellen (Yates) Stevens, whom he wedded August 23, 1881. Mr. Cummings has passed his entire life upon the same farm. He is known throughout the township as an honest, upright man, and is highly esteemed by all who know him. He is a member of the Universalist Church, and his wife of the Catholic Church. In politics he is a Republican, and was formerly a Whig. "History of Warrick, Spencer and Perry Counties, Indiana - Tobin Township" by Goodspeed Bros. & Co. - published in 1885 ISAIAH CUMMINGS, one of the native ioneers of Perry County, was born February 19, 1823. He is one of a family of four sons and seven daughters born to the marriage of Uriah Cummings and Sarah Lanman, both of whom were natives of the "Old Dominion". The father, when a youth, removed to Kentucky, where he married, and in 1809 or 1810 came to this county. He located on land entered by his father, Thomas Cummings, which is now known as Cummings' Bottom. About 1815 he built a saw and grist-mill on Poison Creek, known as Cummings' Mill, which he conducted until about 1829, when he returned to his farm and erected a store. This business he conducted until his death, which occurred July 30, 1831. When the county seat was removed from Troy to Rome he gave forty acres of land to the county upon which to erect the public buildings, with the condition that the land should revert to his heirs when the latter place ceased to be the county seat. Upon the removal of the county seat to Cannelton the heirs claimed the property, but by some technicality their claim was defeated. Isaiah Cummings remained at home until he was fourteen years of age, when he began the battle of life. He followed flat-boating, and worked on a farm for several years, and in 1847 taught a term of school. In May, 1846, he enlisted in the Sixth Regiment Louisiana Volunteers for the Mexican war, but before they reached the scene of hostilities the Rio Grande campaign was at an end, and the greater part of the regiment returned home. March 22, 1849, he married Nancy Butler, a daughter of Abel Butler, and located upon land previously purchased, where he has since resided. He now owns a farm of 140 acres of good land. February 20, 1870, his wife died, having borne him fourteen children, six of whom are living. They are William B., Isaiah, Ira G., James L., Julia F. (now Mrs. Henry Shoemaker), and Savannah J. (now Mrs. Samuel Hargis). May 20, 1873, he was married to Sarah (Elder) Bullard, a native of Perry County. Politically, Mr. Cummings is a Republican, and previous to the formation of that party was a Whig, having cast his first vote for Henry Clay. He is a member of the Masonic fraternity and of the Universalist Church. His wife is a Catholic. "History of Warrick, Spencer and Perry Counties, Indiana - Tobin Township" by Goodspeed Bros. & Co. - published in 1885 Titus Cummings Perry County Indiana Biography CAPT. TITUS CUMMINGS, a merchant of Cannelton, was born in Tobin Township, Perry Co., Ind., September 19, 1830. He is one of eight children born to Josiah and Sophia (Thrasher) Cummings, who were among the earliest settlers in the county. Titus received but a limited education such as the primitive schools of his day afforded. He was raised on the farm until seventeen years of age. At that age he began flat-boating on the river, and followed it for twelve years. At the end of that time he began clerking for Samuel Hargis, at Derby, where he remained four years. Succeeding this for four years he followed trading on the river in company with George Elder. In 1853 he located at Cannelton in the merchandise trade with Dennis Grissom. At the end of twelve months, upon his father's death, he returned to Derby. From that date he followed trading and boating until the outbreak of the war. A militia company called the Union Greys was organized. Soon afterward most of the members volunteered in the United States service, and he was first lieutenant. That place he held until after the battle of Chickamauga, where he was wounded and there promoted to the captaincy. He was compelled to resign on account of his wound, and he was appointed military conductor on the Louisville & Nashville Railroad. Upon resigning his captain's commission he returned home. That was in 1864, and he formed a partnership with M.B. Burnett which lasted until 1868, when he was elected county treasurer. For five years he sold goods at Hancock Mines in Kentucky, and then returned to Cannelton, where he has ever since been in trade. Catherine M. Adkins became his wife September, 1856, by whom he is the father of six children, only four now living. He is a member of the Masonic, A.O.U.W. and G.A.R. societies. "History of Warrick, Spencer and Perry Counties, Indiana - Troy Township & Cannelton" by Goodspeed Bros. & Co. - published in 1885 ---- (END)