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Subject: CUMMIN(G)S,COMYN'S/FAMILIES 72 Date: 29 Sep 1996 From: Subj: CUMMIN(G)S,COMYN'S/FAMILIES 9/29/1996 Date: 4/17/99 8:52:11 AM Central Daylight Time From: Chascum To: Chascum Subj: CUMMIN(G)S,COMYN'S/FAMILIES Date: 96-09-29 19:35:23 EDT From: Chascum To: DCMOMMY, LOT OF DIFFERENT INFORMATION FROM SOME WE havent heard from for a while good luck, several new names also, and thank all of you for your help charlie ----------------------- Subj: No Subject Date: 96-09-26 From: (Pat Chesney) To: Howdy, Cummings list folks, I'm still trying to find the parents of my great grandfather David Cummings who lived in Swifton, Jackson Co. Arkansas in 1880 or 90 to 1902 when he died and left my grandmother at age ten an orphan. She was raised by her Adam kinfolk on her mother Annie Brassait side of family. I copied the below family names from a small booklet on cemetary records in the area of Swifton which is still today a very small community of about eight hundred souls. My grandmother Bertha Ann Cummings was raised by her aunt Betty Adam Hutchinson. So the Hutchinson names are included also. My grandmother married a James Earl Rhodes so some Rhodes that were buried near by were included also in this list. The migration of the known ancestors in that area with my Cummings came from Minnesota down the river to Ark and from Evansville, Indiana area; also the Holden Adams and Delilia Brassait family migrated from New Orleans to Bienville La to Natchitoches La to Conroe, Tx and then up to Swifton, Ark. There were some Cummings early in Tex the Adams/Brassait family could have had connection to for Delila's sister Annie Brassait to met and want to marry David Cummings . A David Cummings in the Alamo was from PA. The records were burned in Swifton that would have helped me in the years they lived there. :( Sure glad of this list but so disappointed I've not been able to get further back. So please look over my names and see if anything rings a bell or you have any advice for me to help me find my David's parents. Thanks, Terri Chesney Cemetery Records of Jackson Co. Ark ed Jane Allen Goodwin VI Swifton and Vicinity p. 22 Arnold Cem Mary wife of H. Adams b. June 10, 1879 d. Jan 27 1901 ------ Mamie Adams (Estes) daughter of H. and Mary Adams b. July 15 1897 d. Nov 2 1918 (mother) Munroe -son of Mamie Estes b. Nov 12 1917 d. Nov 9 1918 (son) ------- Miss Faith Cummings 2 -11- 1920 (19) father A.C. Cummings bur W.C. (136) A. C. Cummings 8-4-1920 (232) --------- Rhodes, George T. farmer 12 -13 - 1920 father Robert Rhodes m Jane Sharp b. Ark (J. S. Rhodes) bur W.G. (295) --------- Frank Cummings b. Ohio m Florence Baker b. Ind. (265) Wanda Louise Cummings 7-28-1922 (1yr) ----------- Clyde Adams b. Tx Lennie Post B. Tx bur Barnes (294) daughter Thelma Adams 10-5-1922 (3) ------ Ida L. Hutchinson b. July 30, 1901 d. Dec 22, 1973 Mother J.W. "Will" Hutchinson -father b. Mar 18, 1897 d. Nov 13, 1975 ( This boy would have been three -five yrs old when Bertha was placed in Betty Hutchinsons household which is what she told me -there were two little boys there when she lived with them after her father died and left her an orphan.) ------ Hutchinson, John H. b. Sept. 4, 1865 d. Sept 23, 1938 Father Everett b. July 1, 1915 d. June 13, 1923 (son) This is the father/uncle that raised my grandmother and his son buried next to him must be the boy grandmother said died after eating raw peanuts around 9yrs of age. ---------- Joe Hutchinson b 1905 d. 1908 Ruby Hutchinson b 1907 d. 1907 infant son of J.H. and L.B. Hutchinson (Bertha said one of aunts sons died as a very young infant of whopping couch caught from the other children. She didn't mention about a three year old dying.) ------- Bettie wife of John H. Hutchinson b. May 6, 1877 d. Feb 25, 1960 ----------- Berry Hutchinson b. June 16, 1956 d. June 20, 1956 Since looking over my notes to send to this Cummings list I feel more and more my Cummings might have come from Ohio and PA area coming down the river to Evansville, Indiana and then on down to northern ARk. Anyone with Cummings roots in Ohio or Pa that wants to write me about their family I'd love to hear from them. Also I found a William Cummins in the cemetary missing the g. So also like to hear if the Ohio Pa group has any Cummins. Also remember there was a David Cummings in the Alamo from PA. I have his middle initial somewhere if needed. Thanks for any help. Terri Chesney -------------- Subj: Re: CUMMIN(G)S,COMYN'S/FAMILIES Date: 96-09-26 19:08:29 EDT From: DBorgia103 To: Chascum Please remove me from the Cummings mailing list. I've enjoyed my mailings but have reached the overwhelmed point. Thank you. ------ Subj: Jane Cummings Mavor Date: 96-09-26 20:12:31 EDT From: PresMavor To: Chascum Jane may be a great grandmother of mine. She was married to a James Mavor who (James) died at West Port, Dysart Nov.21 1898. I'm looking for names of their children. Henry C. Mavor in particular. Regards, Pres Mavor ----------------------------- Subj: English Origin of Isaac Cummings Date: 96-09-27 From: (MaryAnn Comings) To: Sorry - I mistyped your address From: MaryAnn Comings> Subject: English Origin of Isaac Cummings To: To 'Barry's Isaac List': There has been a lot of discussion about the 'Scotish origin' of Isaac Cummings, our ancestor. A fairly recent article in NEHGR seems to point to and English origin for him from the Essex/Suffolk region - probably descended from Stephen COMYNG, who was of Essex in 1273. I thought that you all might be interested in this data which may contradict the 'Scotish origin' theory. In addition it seems to confirm that the name of his wife was ANNE & not Mary or Maria as reported elsewhere. >From NEHGR, Vol 145, Jul 1991, pp 239-240, 'Isaac Cummings of Essex County, Massacheustts' by John Plummer of Waterbury, CT. (Barry HAD said that he was trying to get this John Plummer to come & talk to us at the Family Reunion next year) "Immigrants to New England in the 1603s, such as Isaac Cummings, nearly all came from England. Moreover, Isaac's fellow settlers of Watertown & Ipswich, Massachusetts came predominantly from Suffolk and Essex. A search of the Family History Library's International Genealogical Indexes for those two counties brings to light (FHL microfilm #560,909) an Isaack COMMEN who had children exactly matching those of the immigrant. He was of Mistley, Essex, with is right on the Suffolk border. Also of Mistley was Henry Kimball who came on the Elizabeth in 1634 and lived in Watertown, MA. "It seems clear that Isaack COMMEN of Mistley was the immigrant. He disappears from the records there just before appearing in Watertown, MA, where he settled among great numbers of his fellow countrymen, even townsmen. His three children baptized in Mistley exactly match American records. The spelling COMMEN is in line with the American variations. . . "Isaac must fit in somehow with the CUMMINGS family of Essex and Suffolk. No others are found in Mistley, however. There was Stephen COMYNG of Essex in 1273 (Charles Wareing Bardsley, 'A Dictionary of English and Welsh Surnames', Baltimore, 1967, p 198) when Isaac Cummings' claimed ancestors were still in Scotland. . . "The following is based mainly on Linzee (The History of Peter Parker & Sarah Ruggles of Roxbury, Mass, by John William Linzee, pub 1913) and on FHL microfilm #560,909, a transcript of Mistley parish register. The original register appears not to have been filmed. "Isaac CUMMINGS was born in 1600/1601, according to a deposition dated 27 March 1666 (Essex Court Files, 2:90) or in 1602/3 per a deposition of 25 March 1675. He died at Topsfield, Massachusetts, between 8 and 22 May 1677 (from probate records). He married ANNE ____, probably in Essex or Suffolk, England by 1628, as his first known child was baptized at Mistley in early 1629. "Isaac and Anne appear in the Mistley parish registers fro 20 May 1629 to 22 Feb 1634/5. The following year he appears in Massachusetts in 'an early entry by the town clerk of Watertown, where his name appears in the records of land grants, as receiving a grant of 35 acres in the earliest general land grants in 1636. . . . "The first four children are recorded in Mistley (FHL microfilm #560,909, item 2); surname CUMMINGS: i. ISAACK, bp 20 May 1629; buried at Mistley 23 May 1629 ii. JOHN, bp 9 May 1630; d at Dunstable, Mass 1 Dec 1700; aged 50 in 1679 (Linzee, 204-5, citing Essex Court Files 24:20); m. ca 1655 SARAH HOWLETT, dau of Thomas and Alice (French) Howlett b at Ipswich ca 1634/5, d at Dunstable 7 Dec 1700. iii. ISAACK, bp 17 March 1632(/3); d at Topsfield, Mass in June 1721; aged 63 in deposition dated 22 Feb 1696 (Linzee, 282, citing Essex Co. Deeds, 11:208); m at Topsfield, Mass., 27 Nov 1659 MARY ANDREWS, dau of Robert and Grace (___) Andrews, b at Boxford, Mass ca. 1640, d before 1712. iv. ANNE, bp 22 Feb 1634(/5); d at Enfield, Conn., 29 June 1689, as Ann, 'wife of JOHN PEASE Senr., aged about 55 yeres' (Francis Olcott Allen, The History of Enfield, Connecticut, 1900) v. ELIZABETH, b ca. 1637, probably in Watertown or Ipswich, Mass; d at Ipswich 9 July 1679 as Elizabeth, wife of JOHN JEWETT (Vital Records of Ipswich, Mass to the end of the year 1849, 2 vols, 1910) ---------- Subj: Re: CUMMIN(G)S,COMYN'S/FAMILIES Date: 96-09-27 From: Janblove To: Chascum CC: << From: (Mick McWilliams) >> In Mick's e-mail his first entry is for Thomas CUMMINGS, giving dates of service and promotion in Civil War, but no place (location) listed. Do you have this info, Mick? << From: TKANDR >> TKANDR asked for help on locating Ernest Lynnwood CUMMINGS. TKANDR, when you ask for help, it's a good idea to give time frame as well as names and location, because it makes a difference whether you are talking about 1850, 1900, 1950 or the present. Thanks, Jan ---------- Subj: cummings again.... Date: 96-09-27 From: HuckLor To: Chascum O.K... just so you'll have this name stuck in your head... WARD CUMMINGS ... WARD CUMMINGS... WARD CUMMINGS... WARD C.... let me know if the name comes up elsewhere... born 1819, died July 1878 in Montezuma, Cayuga County area of NY. Had wife Sarah Relfe, and daughter Emma Barbara Cummings who was born Oct 22, 1858. Now... to pass on info I found in a new book I got... it says: CUMMINGS, ISAAC, whose name is also written Comins and Cummins, was admitted freeman 1642, was an early proprietor of Watertown, and perhaps lived in Topsfield. A David Cummins d. at Boston, 12 Dec. 1690. Eighteen of the name, Cuming, Cumings, Cummens, Cumming, and Cummings, are on the catalogues of the N.E. colleges. WILLIAM, Salem 1637. now.. this doesn't really make sense to me... it must just be ramblings on of several of these early New England Settlers. Maybe it will hold a clue for someone.. you never know! Thanks! Lori ------------------- Subj: Cummings Date: 96-09-27 From: DLH617 To: Chascum Dear Charles: I have a Mary CUMMINGS m Thomas SULLIVAN, their son Thomas SULLIVAN married Mary SCALLY. Thomas (son) and Mary were in Fort Edward, Washington CO, NY for the 1830 census, and gone by 1840. I think that they went on to Perry CO., OH. There were not many Irish in Fort Edward besides these SULLIVANS and SCALLYS. May SCALLY was from County Sligo, in Ireland. Regards, ------------------ Subj: Re: CUMMIN(G)S,COMYN'S/FAMILIES Date: 96-09-27 From: Henry1398 To: Chascum Barry, we are missing you alot! You set many things into good motion. We want to continue. But, we need your guidance and leadership. Mary Ann is right, we all wish you well, and we look forward to your being back in our E-Mail World. Pete Cummings ------------------ Subj: Re: Cummings genealogy Date: 96-09-28 09:32:41 EDT From: (A. S. Mackey) To: CC: (Karen), (Charlie Cummings), (Betty Cummings Cook) On Sep 27, 1996 21:17:17, 'Kenny Cummings>' wrote: >I am looking for information on Moses Cummins or Cummings, born in Va. in 1746, died in 1803 in Garrard Co. Kentucky. >His wife was Elizabeth. He had a son Daniel Cummins or Cummings, born in 1765 in Va. Daniel was married to Poly >Dearmon. Kenny- A couple of leads from the Cummings mailing list... Enjoy! #1 Subj: CUMMIN(G)S,COMYN'S/FAMILIES Date: 96-09-22 From: (MR JAMES P DENNEY) To: Hi Charlie! How are you? I have an update on my Delilah Cummins who married Levi Denny in 1814: Her fathers name was Moses, and they were married in Level Green, KY. Does this link to any families you know of? Jim #2 Subj: cummin(g)s,comyn's/family Date: 96-01-27 From: Vourvop To: Chascum The DERMONS and the CUMMINS and ADAMS were connected but we don't know how possible relatives. DERMON, DEARMAN, DURMAN orphans lived with Nancy ADAMS in1850, B.G. CUMMINS in 1860 and Stephan CUMMINS in 1870 Milton Dermon was 25 years old in 1870 so he worked for Stephan, "who raised him". Stephan's father was Moses CUMMINS and mother Elizabeth. He was born in VA in 1781 and married Clarisey DERMIN June 11, 1801 They had 8 children - Wm.; John 1803;Sarah 1838; Delila 1808; Jones Cummins 1828. Also - Daniel Cummins born 1765,Son of Moses CUMMINS,Sr. and Elizabeth,married Polly Dearmon March 30, 1791 Elizabeth is a widow in 1850 age 28 with 400 acres in Rockcastle Co.,Kentucky. This is from my Mother in Florida. Karen #3 Subj: Cummin(g)s Date: 96-06-27 From: (Bettie Cummings Cook) To: CC: My ancestor is Moses Cummin(g)s born before 1765 VA with a wife Elizabeth. He came to Breckinridge Co., KY in 1803. His known children were Nelson, Harrison, Presley, Elizabeth, and a male who might be a John. The problem with my Moses is there was another Moses with wife Eliz some ten years older who came to KY a few years earlier and died in Garrard Co., KY 1804. The Garrard Co.KY descendants claim the same father for their Moses that I believe is mine. {I may someday have to eat that statement!] I am builting proof my Moses Cummins is the one in Fauquier Co., VA records and also named as son in the Estate Settlement of a Moses Cummins, Stafford Co., VA Liber S, 1780-1786, May Court 1785. The settlement names wife Winny Cummins, son Asa Cummins [the same who went to Rockingham Co., NC & then to Warren Co., KY], Daniel Ocain, William Wilson [who came to Breckinridge Co., KY with my Moses & died in adj Grayson Co., Ky leaving a Family Bible record], Tabitha Cummins, Sarah Cummins, William Cummins [was in Breckinridge Co., KY with Moses on the Tax list where his day Winny married. Wm & his son, Thorton. moved to Gallatin Co., IL where Wm died], Moses Cummins who received "carpenter's tools" [I think he's my Moses], and John Cummins. Unfortunately there's been a book published called CUMMINS ANCIENT, CUMMINS NEW that contains all kinds of erronous information on all lines except the compiler's own in Garrard Co., KY. There's going to be a lot of unhappy Cummin(g)s researchers with the wrong ancestor if they believe that book. I have nothing on the John in the above will. There are so many of them I hesitate to try to identify him. I have found nothing to indicate Isaac Cummins of MA is an ancestor of the Cummin(g)s in central & western KY. One reason is that was not an migration pattern that early. Another is the early descendants of Isaac seem to migrate out across the upper portion of the states around the Great Lakes. The book does pretty well about citing sources. However, I like solid proof for all the time and generations that come after the last chapter of the book and the western KY ones just don't match up. It appears some of the VA Cummin(g)s in KY may descend from Marylanders. That some VA Cummin(g)s in KY go straight out of VA to Europe. And there are some proven PA Cummin(g)s lines in KY that could go either way. Regards... ---------------- Subj: Cummings genealogy Date: 96-09-29 15:46:47 EDT From: (Kenny Cummings) To: Hi Charles Cummings: My name is Kenneth Cummings from Leitchfield, Ky. in Grayson Co. My Dad is Raymond Cummings. He has researched the Cummings Family and has some information on the Moses Cummings from Breakinridge Co. Listed below is what information he has: Moses Cummings born 1760 Fauquier Co. Va. Wife is Elizabeth. His children are: Nelson born 1785 Va, Presley born 1785 Va., Elizabeth, Aleatha, Nelson Cummings born 1785 Va. Wife is Mary Polly Brown born about 1790 His Children are: Andrew 2-18-1809, Mahula 1813, Presley 11-11-1817, Harrison 3-24-1819, Elizabeth, Minerva, Shelby 01-16-1825. Presley Cummings born 1785 Va Wife is Catherine Glasscock. His Children are: Nelson Harrison 1811, Mahala, Eleanor, Nancy, Permelia, Elijah 1818, Letitia, William P. 1828. Nelson Harrison born 1811 Wife is Mary Gregory One of His Children was John P Cummings born about 1829 This is the end of your family ancestors. My Dad got some of this information out of Breakinridge Co. and form Betty Cummings Cook in Evansville, In. Her e-mail address is Betty is a ancestor of John P. Cummings. My Dad says he thinks there was two Moses Cummings both with a wife named Elizabeth which came out of Fauquier Co. Va. If you would like to get together and compare more information please contact us . My Dad's side is as follows: Moses Cummings born 1746 Va. Wife is Elizabeth Daniel Cummings born 1765 Va. Wife is Polly Dearmon William Cummings born 1805 Wife is Delila Tombs(Toms)(Tomes) John Cummings born 12-22-1832 Ky. Wife is Hannah Anderson Bluford T. Cummings born 06-15-1867 Ky. Wife is Lucitta M. Justice Enos Cummings born 03-15-1907 Ky. Wife is Donna Bell Embry Raymond Cummings born 01-01-1929 Ky. Wife is Aline Decker Kenneth R. Cummings born 07-18-1949 Ky. Wife is Peggy Kiper Kenny ------- Subj: new e-mail address Date: 96-09-28 From: (Milton L. Campbell) To: Charlie: Sorry I didn't send this earlier. My address has changed from to Please keep me on the Cummins list. Thanks Les Campbell ------- Subj: Cumming Date: 96-09-28 From: BerylH2644 To: Chascum Hi Charlie ; Here are a few Cumming, I came across. These are emigrants from Scotland to America 1774. They are copied from a loose bundle of Treasury papers in the Public Record Office, London England. Port Greenock----List of passengers on 13 May 1774---Ship George--- Archd. Bog, master James Cumming 19 From Strathspey to New York Alex Cumming 29 " " William Cumming 52 " " Isobell 48 Margaret 28 Barbara 26 Margery 23 Isobell 19: " Alex 14 Katherine 12 John 10 Katherine Cumming 10 " John 16 Donald Cumming 45 Elspa 41 Mary 10 " Alex 9 Peter 7 John 2 1/2 Margery 1 Mary Cumming 6 " John Cumming 34 " Mrs. Cumming 24 Port of Stranraer----to New York 16 May 1774 Ship Gale of Whitehaven----Henry Jefferson, master John Cumming 26 from Air is a taylor These people come because of high rents and want of employment at home. Some saying they cannot get bread for their family. (A sad commentary on the times).!!!! Hope this helps someone, ------------ Subj: CUMMINGS, Samuel Andrew Date: 96-09-27 From: RHSCARB Does anyone have information about Samuel Andrew Cummings, probably born in the 1820s, possibly in Massachusetts? He married Mary Weld or Mary Wells. They lived in Wabaunsee County, Kansas in the 1850s and/or 1860s. He may have served in the Mexican War, and/or the Civil War (Union Army). Their children included Henry Cummings and Hannah Elizabeth Cummings. ------- Subj: MB: CUMMIN(G)S,COMYN'S/FAMILIES Date: 96-09-28 From: Glenman13 To: Chascum My Great grandmother is Bertha Cummings and still is living...She was married to John Cummings in Rhine GA...Please reply if descendants ---------- Subj: Lamar Cummins Date: 96-09-29 16:34:20 EDT From: BNJ4417 To: Chascum on page 312 "A CHRISMAN/CHRISTMAN GENEALOGY" I find ANNA ELIZABETH CHRISMAN VIII (Jacob I, Jacob Jr II , Jacob III, Hugh IV , Hugh Jr V , Bertram Vi , William B. VIII , and Katherine ,nee Ebinger) b. Bryan , Williams Co., OH ,31 Mar.1915 : md. Williams Co., OH . 1 Dec. ,1940 to Lamar Cummins , son of Ward Cummins , and Mary , nee Kuttler . Chidren , 1. Jill Ann Cummins IX b. 1941 2. June Laree Xummins IX b. 1944 , twin 3. Jean Marie Cummins IX b. 1944 , twin 4. Joan Kay Cummions IX b. 1946 For more info on the Chrisman Line contact me at ; I still haven't found MARY CATHERINE CUMMINS b. May 10,1885 , d. March 16,1904 m. to JAMES CONLEY father was BRANSON CUMMINS mother MARY ANN. Bill Whitford Portland OR -------------------------------------