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Subject: CUMMIN(G)S,COMYN'S/FAMILIES 69 Date: 14 Sep 1996 From: Subj: CUMMIN(G)S,COMYN'S/FAMILIES 9/14/1996 Date: 4/17/99 8:51:26 AM Central Daylight Time From: Chascum To: Chascum Subj: CUMMIN(G)S,COMYN'S/FAMILIES Date: 96-09-14 20:08:14 EDT From: Chascum To: DCMOMMY, HELLO not a lot, AOL has been malfunctioning,as well as it has just been really slow.. thanks again so much for your input,and please do not get discouraged if you dont find what you are looking for right away, i still havent found mine, ,but have learned a lot about the people that shared this name with us,and have met others that are just neet people looking for simular information , thanks again just remember without you it cant work charlie --------------------------------------------------------------- Subj: Re:CUMMIN(G)S,COMYN'S/FAMILY'S Date: 96-09-11 10:31:04 EDT From: TIM HOCK I have the following CUMMINS: Elizabeth, daughter of Matthew CUMMINS, married Squire HOCKERSMITH (or HOCKENSMITH) 10 Jan 1818 in Franklin Co., KY. Isaac, son of Matthew and Elizabeth CUMMINS, married Saida HOCKERSMITH (born 1808) 29 Oct 1823 in Franklin Co., KY. Eliza (born 1804), daughter of John CUMMINS (son of Matthew and Elizabeth CUMMINS) married Daniel HOCKERSMITH 4 Feb 1830 in Franklin Co., KY. Can you identify and amplify any of these people and/or their ancestors and descendants? -------------------------------------------------------------- Subj: Re: CUMMIN(G)S,COMYNS/FAMILIES Date: 96-09-10 09:41:34 EDT From: GAMayne To: Chascum Every time you messages come I hope that I will find my family. As yet I can't find any connection to my Cummings family, but I'll keep reading and live in hope! Has anyone ever heard of Jeremiah Cummings? b. Cork, Ireland ca 1820; imm. to ME ca 1840; m. Deborah Tracy; d. drown in NY harbor 1864 (lived in Columbia Falls, ME was merchant seaman). Had sons John and Embert, plus others. Sons resided in Haverhill, MA. Grandson Earl Russel Cummings; b Haverhill 1890 removed to California had son Jack Cummings; b. 1916. Georgia Mayne (nee cummings) -------------------------------------------------------------------- Subj: THE CUMMINGS OF CUTLER Date: 96-09-10 12:30:52 EDT From: BNJ4417 To: Chascum CC: CHASLAR Reference: HISTORY OF THE CHEROKEE INDIANS AUTHOR: E.STARR PAGE 25 . Starting with 3rd paragraph In 1729 ,Sir Alexander Cumming , of England was led, by a dream of his wife's to undertake a voyage to America with the object of visiting the Cherokees. He sailed on September 13 th , arrived in Charleston on December 5 th , and on March 11,1730 began his journey to the Cherokee country. (and on) June 5th,1730 he landed back in Dover , England -with seven Cherokees. In a letter from South Carolina bearing date of June 12th and published in the Edinburgh Weekly Journal of September 16 , 1830 Sir Alexander was accused of having defraude the settlers out of large sums of money and other property by means of fictitious promissory notes. He did not answer these charges and his chimera collapsed . The Indian delegation was loaded with presents by the government and returned to Charleston. (Among his schemes , was one for paying off eighty millions of the national debt by settling three million Jewish families in the Cherokee mountains to culivate the land , and for relieving the American colonies from taxation by establishing numerous banks and a local currency , but he could foind no one to take his schemes seriously. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Subj: WARD CUMMINGS Date: 96-09-10 14:58:40 EDT From: DEC405 To: HuckLor CC: Chascum Ward Cummings being a strange name, had me sit up several weeks ago. I am not sure if I made you a msg or not--had it in mind, got involved with myself and CUMMINS. Anyway it being a strange first name--back in 1963 in Pearl Harbor there was a Commander Ward Cummings in command of the USS Carpenter (DD ??). He went on to command another DD and I forget the name, but was involved in some flap on a deployment to the western Pacific-must have been about 1965 +/-. He went on to become a Rear Admiral and was killed in an civil aircraft crash in North Carolina about 1968. There was an Asst Sec Defense (International Security Affairs) in the same aircraft. If you are interested you could rattle the cage of the Bureau Of Naval Personnel and they might give you something--such as his home town. His wife's name Lil --I think. All a long time ago. I am an idiot with names-have hard time with my own. R/ DEC405 ---------------------------------------------------------- Subj: "Randolph's Leap" or The Battle of the Lost Standard Date: 96-09-11 18:54:48 EDT From: CHASLAR To: Chascum,, Pammy43324 CC: CHASLAR >From the "Scottish Notes And Queries", Vol. VI, 3rd Series, August 1928, by D. J. F. Campbell, F.S.A. Scot. This is not to be confused with the Battle of the Standard (August, 1138), when David I of Scotland was signally defeated at Northallerton by the English under the Bishop of Durham. The Battle of the Lost Standard was but another of the family feuds which were so common in the olden days, and was engaged in between the Cummings of Dunphail and their near neighbours, the Morays of Darnaway. A spot on the Findhorn, near Dunphail, is still pointed out as "Randolph's Leap," which is one of those curious perversions of history. It was not Randolph's Leap, but "Cumming's Leap," and was accomplished during the skirmish which came about in this way, and is known as the Battle of the Lost Standard. The Cummings, hotly pursued, were retreating before the forces of Randolph, Earl of Moray. They got to the banks of the river Findhorn, which barred their way. That in itself would not have been an unsurmountable object, as the river was not wide, but they found large numbers of the enemy facing them on the opposite bank, and they were at the same time being harrassed by more of the enemy on the rear. They were thus penned in on all sides and their position was desperate. The Cummings attempted to swim, the river, but before they could get a footing on the opposite bank, they were cut down. They were reduced to their last half-dozen men, and, as a last hazard, young Alistair Bain Cumming threw his banner among the enemy, and called out "Let the boldest keep it." In the scramble that took place among the Morays to obtain possession of the coveted prize, he and five of his companions leaped over the river and made good their escape to the cave of Sligannan. Their freedom was only short-lived. Bloodhounds were put on the trail and they were soon discovered by the Morays. They refused to surrender and could have held their natural fort against much superior numbers until hunger would have put an end to their siege. But Moray was not disposed to waste any time towards that end, and he ordered his men to fill up the entrance to the cave with heather, bracken and branches from the trees and set them alight, so that the pungent smoke would penetrate the cave, hoping by that means to compel them to surrender. But surrender was not in the blood of the Cummings. They buried their heads in their plaids, and died by suffocation, thus preferring to meet their doom by what they regarded as a more honourable death by their own hands rather than be suffocated like bees in a hive. When the smoke cleared away, the pursuers entered the cave and cut off the heads of the half-dozen dead men. The head of young Cumming was conveyed, not reverently, to his father's castle of Dunphail and thrown far over the castle wall, with the message, "Your son gave you meal, here's now beef for your bannocks." Some days previously, Alistair, and the men who died with him in the cave of Sligannan, succeeded, by the subterfuge of disguising themselves as farm labourers, to deliver a supply of meal to the beleagured garrison, and it was to that exploit that Moray alluded. It is said that the old chief, undaunted and unrepentant, tenderly kissed the blood-stained face of his son and sent back a message to Moray, "It is a bitter morsel you have given me to eat, but I will gnaw the last bone before I surrender." History does not relate whether he did or did not surrender eventually, but it would appear that an incident somewhat on those lines may have been a likely one, as, some few years ago, six headless human skeletons were unearthed near Dunphail at a place known as "Alistair's Grave." Whether they were those of Alistair and his men is, of course, only a matter of conjecture, and it is possible that only the number leads to the theory that they were those of the brave men who refused to surrender even against heavy odds. Incidents of that kind throw a lurid light on the neighbourly amenities of the past. Again, I hope this is of some interest Cummings enthusiasts. Chaslar.. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ --- Subj: Re: CUMMIN(G)S,COMYNS/FAMILIES Date: 96-09-14 16:17:06 EDT From: EdwPa To: Chascum Please remove . After over a year I still have not seen any connection in my Cummins...which surprises me since we have tracked back to the mid' 1700's..Thanks PE ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ----------- Subj: Cummins Date: 96-09-04 20:29:07 EDT From: Grlaforge To: Chascum CC: HuckLor Thanks for the information you forwarded to me. I attached a file of information about Christopher Columbus Cummins family in Texas Any additional information will be appreciated Roberta ---------------------------------------------- Henry Taylor Cummins family: HENRY TAYLOR (HUGH) CUMMINS Born May 10, 1831 - Missouri Died Oct 25, 1907 - Uvalde, TX WIFE - Eliza Sparks Born Feb 17, 1843 - Arkansas Died Jan 22, 1928 - Uvalde, TX CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS CUMMINS 1868-1953 Born Jan 3, 1868 - Hays County, TX Died 1953 - Uvalde, TX WIFE - Louisa Netherlin (married Aug 1888) Born Feb 13,1867 - Freestone County, TX Died 1958 - Uvalde, TX CHILDREN: 1. Ora May Cummins Married Guy Sanders 2. Emma Cummins Married Clay Hill 3. Azalea Cummins Married Clarence Noe 4. Clemmie Cummins Married Carlton Marsh 5. Beulah Cummins Married Penn Barber 6. Claude G. Cummins Married Pearl 7. John O.(Oliver) Cummins Married Kathleen Clark 8. Alonzo A. Cummins Married Estelle Brymer 9. C. Elmo Cummins Married Grace Taylor 10. Gervus Cummins Married Audrey CHILDREN OF CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS CUMMINS & LOUISA (NETHERLIN) CUMMINS I. ORA CUMMINS ElPaso,TX area Married Guy Sanders CHILDREN: A. Ava Lee Sanders- ElPaso, TX (Clayton Garret) B. Guy Sanders, Jr. -Whittier, CA (Virginia Stephens) 1.Sandra Sue Sanders-Whittier, CA (Bill MacArthur) a.Edward (Eddie) b.Ruth Ellen 2.Morris K. (Mike) Sanders-Castaic, CA a.Brent b.Gregory 3.Stephen Guy Sanders-San Francisco, CA 4.Melisa Gayle Sanders-Whittier, CA (Mr. Parker) C. Mildred Elizabeth Sanders--ElPaso, TX (John Ludwig Hughes) 1.John L. Hughes, Jr--ElPaso, TX a.John III 2.Thomas Sanders Hughes-- ElPaso, TX (Sandra Gibson) a.Lindsay Gale b.Krysten Dianne D. Frank (Bill) Sanders (Josephine Howard) 1.Sharon Louise Sanders-Tempe, AZ (Mr. Cottle) a. Chantel 2.Dennis Frank Sanders--New York, NY --- II. EMMA CUMMINS-- Uvalde, TX area Married Clay Hill CHILDREN: A. Wanda Rene Hill --Barksdale, TX (Burnie Pope) 1.Clay -- Gonzales, TX a.Justin ---- III. AZALEA CUMMINS -- Uvalde, TX Married Clarence Noe NO CHILDREN ----- IV. CLEMMIE CUMMINS -- Uvalde, TX Married Carlton Marsh CHILDREN: A. Garvis Marsh --Uvalde, TX (Joan) 1.Thad Marsh -- Borne, TX (Darla) 2.Jack Marsh -- Temple, TX (Teri) 3.Toni Marsh Hull -- Uvalde, TX (Stan Hull) a.Allison b.Laura c.Troy 4.Matt Marsh -- Abilene, TX ------- V. BEULAH CUMMINS Married Penn Barber CHILDREN: A. Barbara Louise Barber Oney 1.Jade Oney Rivette -- Houston, TX (Jack Oney) a.Blair b.Bob B. Marie Barber Bright (Al Bright) 1.Melanie Bright 2.Melissa Bright C. Emma Claire Barber Smith -- Houston, Tx (Hollis Smith) 1.Wade Smith -- Houston, TX 2.Jason D. E. Penn Barber -- Dallas, TX 1.Chandler -------------------- VI. CLAUDE CUMMINS Married Pearl CHILDREN: A. Bonnie Jean Cummins Fielder -- Austin, TX (Parker C. Fielder) No children B. Bruce Wayne Cummins -- Riviera, AZ (Billie Mae) Three (3) daughters --------------- VII. JOHN OLIVER CUMMINS, Sr Born Aug 9, 1894 - Uvalde, TX Died Jan 22, 1942 - Bisbee, AZ WIFE - Fannie Kathleen Clark (Married Jul 7, 1917) Born Oct 24, 1899 Died Sept 24, 1990 CHILDREN: A. John Oliver Cummins, Jr.-- Tucson, A Z - by senders request (Bertha Wipff) B. Emma Charlene Cummins 1920-1971 (Paul Butler - James Gray) 1. Paul Lamont Butler--Redlands, CA by senders request (Virginia Hunt) a. Holly b. Heather 2. James Gary Gray -- Redlands, CA by senders request (Kathleen Baker) a. Kelly b. Scott C. Harold Vernon Cummins 1922-1942 D. Roberta Jane Cummins LaForge by senders request (George R. LaForge) 1. Fransi Kaye Laforge Dunagan Boston, VA 1952- (Tony Dunagan) a. Joseph Roy Dunagan -- Nashville, TN by senders request b. Sharee' Denae Dunagan-- Richmond, VA 1977- 2. Sally Ruth LaForge 1954-1972 3. Harvey Boyd LaForge -- Carpinteria, CA by senders request (Margaret Fox) a. Katie Elizabeth LaForge by senders request 4. Gary Wayne LaForge --by senders request -------------- VIII. ALONZO CUMMINS -- Reagan Wells, TX Married Estelle Brymer CHILDREN: A. Norene Cummins Nance -- Taft, TX (Bill Nance) 1.Bill -- Austin, TX a.Greg 2.Bob Nance -- Austin, TX (Susy) b.Clay Nance -- Taft, TX B. Barbara Ann Cummins Cave -- Austin, TX (Winston L. Cave) 1.Tom Cave -- Richardson, TX (Cindy) a.Drew b.Allison 2.Mike Cave -- Austin, TX (Ginger) a.Chris 3.Cathy Cave Cartwright -- Austin, TX (Jack Cartwright) 4.Carole Cave -- Austin, TX C. Al Cummins -- Nakuru, Kenya (Peggy) 1.Jim Cummins -- Austin, TX (Kathy) 2.Tim Cummins -- Ft Worth, TX (Kathy) ---------------- IX. ELMO CUMMINS Married Grace CHILDREN: A. Jonell Cummins Cristiani -- Midland, TX (Michael Cristiani) 1.Michael David Cristiani -- Midland, TX (Patton) a.Courtney Cristiani b.Paige Cristiani 2.Paul Cristiani -- Midland, TX (Dana) 3.Carole Ann Cristiani -- Midland, TX 4.John Douglas Cristiani Midland, TX B. Elmo Cummins, Jr -- .Waco, TX (Kitty Burk) 1.Chris Cummins -- Portland, TX (Cindy Hoffman) a.Carrie Cummins b.Christopher Cummins 2.Beth Cummins Warren -- Midland, TX (Bud Warren) a.Jeremy Jonathan Warren b.Joel Ryan Warren c.Jennifer Elizabeth Warren d.Gordon Chandler Warren ------------ X. GERVUS CUMMINS --Barksdale, TX Married Audrey (No Children)--------------