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Subject: CUMMIN(G)S,COMYN'S/FAMILIES 27 Date: 23 Mar 1996 From: Subj: CUMMINGS OF RHODE ISLAND&MASS.VERMONT AND NY Date: 96-03-17 20:15:37 EST From: Barrymor To: Chascum Chascum--Please post this Cummings query. Thanks for all your work on this Cummings Connection Board. Seek information on the following CUMMINGS FAMILY: STEPHEN (5), Abraham Jr.(4) Abraham(3) John (2) Isaac(1) STEPHEN b. 28 Dec 1736 in Attleborough, Mass. He moved to Coventry, RI in 1755 after his father's death, to be near his two brother. In the special 1774 R.I. census he is listed as having 9 children. In 1778-79 along with his brother JOSEPH, moved to POWNAL, Vermont. On 11 Oct 1780 he entered service for 15 days in Capt Nathaniel Seeley's Co. of Alarm men & in Col. Samuel Hendrick's and was on payroll of the Alarm Co. that marched with Capt Benjamin Bates & was on payroll of the Alarm co. in POWNAL, Vermont. A Private Capt. Gorton's Co., Col., Lippits reg. Sept. 1776 No record of his applying for a pension. He owned and sold land in Bennington Co., Vermont He was in OTSEGO Co. NEW YORK by 1800 to 1810 when we lose him. Possibly married about 1757. In 1808 in a venue for land he names his wife as MARY_____________?; hE WOULD BE 74 YEARS OLD IN 1810. Issue: only children know: all born in COVENTRY, Rhode Island JACOB PARKER CUMMINGS b. 4 Apr 1763 ELIZABETH b. ca 1765, ELIJAH b. ca 1767, STEPHEN b. ca 1772/3 (possibly a PELEG CUMMINGS is of this family line as he follows the family finally to Newsted area, Erie Co., New York. If there is a CUMMINGS Historian out there--I would sure like to hear from you. Thank you -------------------------thanks for the references-- can any one add to these-?--- ----------------------------------------------------- Subj: Isaac Cummings of Topsfield, MA, Date: 96-03-17 21:33:52 EST From: (Kay Elliasen) To: Lately people have been sending in information about Isaac but few are sending in the sources of their material. I have found information on Isaac in the following books: 1. Cummings Genealogy Isaac Cummings 1601-1677 of Ipswich in 1638 and some of his Descendants by Albert Orin Cummins, Argus and Patriot Printing House, Montepelier, Vermont: 1904. 2. The Cummings Memorial, A Genealogical History of the Descendants of Isaac Cummings and Early Settler of Topsfield, Mass:1903 compiled by George Mooar 3. Isaac Cummings of Topsfield and Some of his Descendants, by Marietta Clark, Topsfield Historical Society:1899 4. The New England Historical and Genealogical Register. Isaac Cummings of Essex County, Massachusetts. by John PlummerVolumne 529, July, 1991 5. Essex county court probate records. All of these sources give sketchy information on Isaac (1601-1677) some sources repeat information from others. Many questions are unanswered.. 1. What is the name of his wife? source? 2. What ship brought him to this country? 3. Where did he come from? Country of birth and port of departure. Kay A. Elliasen --------- Subj: CUMMINGS, Horatio Nelson Date: 96-03-17 23:19:05 EST From: (Sandra Harris) To: Ken from the NorCal Research Group told me to contact you re: my research for Horatio Nelson CUMMINGS. He was in Sacramento and West Sacramento in the 1880-1900 time period. Had land that he sold to the railroad (Don't know which one). He married Catherine JOHNSON PECK TAYLOR. He died before she did and not in CA but in Mass. I can't find any obituary on him in Sacramento and I haven't gotten anything from Mass (but I haven't tried). I am typing this `off the top of my head' so if you think you could give me some help I will get some exact dates on the man. He was a fruit grower according to the city directory entries I found on him. BTW, Catherine came to CA via Oregon with her husband, Job PECK. Job died in West Sacramento and then she married Frederick TAYLOR - who also died. Then she married Horatio Nelson CUMMINGS. My husband is related to the daughter of the PECK marriage, but I am interested in learning more about Horatio. You'd think with a name like that he'd be easily found, but I just could get a listing on him from the pioneer card file in the CA Room and it really didn't give much information. Well, I couldn't leave it at what I sent you. I went and dug up my notes and see I gave you erroneous data. I knew something looked wrong. Horatio Nelson CUMMINGS was born 30 Jul 1825 MA and died 10 Dec 1910 Mitchellville Jasper IA and he was buried there. He and his wife had been on a trip to his birthplace in MA. >From pioneer card: came to CA by steamer around Cape Horn in 1849 from MA. Educated in Mass. public schools In 1860 he was living in Placer Co with Nathan R. PECK and Mary PECK. Other details from pioneer card: He was a druggist, miner and horticulturist. He was a member of the First Methodist Church. He never took a drink in his life. He was the owner for sixty years of valuable waterfront property now used by the Oakland and Antioch Railway for terminal facilities. Information by grandson, Albert Laurence JOHNSON. His daughter (With Catherine JOHNSTON PECK TAYLOR) was May I. CUMMINGS. She married Albert M. JOHNSON who was the older brother of Hiram JOHNSON, Governor of CA. Now I feel better, I got the details straight. Sandra If you can help, let me know - Sandra in Sacramento ------------------------------------------------------------------- Subj: Cummin/Cumming/Cummings Date: 96-03-18 03:59:04 EST From: JasmineSpr To: Chascum Hi Charles, I am looking for info on two different lines, one mine, one my husband's. His ancestor was Molly Cummings who married James Barr. James was born Dec. 12, 1752 in Scotland and died Mar. 7, 1829 in New Hampshire. He was a Minute Man and also aLieut oin the Militia. He also was a member of the convention of 1776. They had a daughter, Nancy who married Thomas Donnell. I don't know anything else about Molly but would love to find anyone that does. The second line is mine. Her name is Jane Cumming. She was born in 1813 and married James Henry Broach (Brooch) on Mar 26, 1844 in Carroll Co. TN. Their childre were Adiaon, Jefferson, Susan, Sarah, Nancy, James, and Mary. I believe the children were all born in TN. James Henry Broach was born in North Carolina in 1804 and died in 1890. If this sounds familiar to anyone, please e-mail JasmineSpr. Thanks --------------------------------- Subj: Cummings/Currie Date: 96-03-18 10:37:41 EST From: WDurbin217 To: Chascum Anything on J.D. Cummings who married Henrietta (nee Currie) Ross (1861-1909). She had a daughter by first marriage, Henrietta Jeanette Ross (1893-1989). H. Currie married J.D. Cummings about whom nothing is known except he adopted H. Jeanette who took the name Cummings. Locale was St. Louis MO and Battle Creek Mich. ----------------------------------------------------------- Subj: Llewellyn family Date: 96-03-18 14:54:24 EST From: Fifi4092 To: RobtKay1 CC: Chascum Hi Bob: Would be happy to talk to you about my Llewellyn relations. My mother was Winnie Adelia Llewellyn born in Rockland, Ma. in 1891. She was one of seven. Her father was James Marcellus Llewellyn born in same town in 1866. I have more if you are interested. Grandpa Jim's father came from Ireland. Let me know what you want. ------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------ ------------------ Subj: CUMMINGS, Stephen b. 1736-Ma Date: 96-03-16 18:47:37 EST From: Barrymor See info on wife of (Mary?) of Stephen Cummings born 23 Dec 1736 in Attelboro, Massachusetts married about 1757 possibly Mary ? in Coventry, Rhode Island lived in Pownal, Vermont died 1810-20 of Ostsego County, New York. Please E: Mail to Barrymor AOL --------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -------------- Subj: Re:CUMMIN(G)S,COMYN'S/FAMILY'S Date: 96-03-16 08:58:59 EST From: JQueck This is a like shooting in the dark. I have no idea why my GreatGrandfather was named Cummins J. White - but it could be because his mother (who is unknown) may have been a Cummins. We think there is a connection to the Jackson line (Stonewall's mother). I am seeking parents for this Cummins James or Julius or Julian WHITE. He married a Mahala Jane BRIDGES of Harrison MO, they lived all over Iowa. She died in Marshalltown, Ia. He died 1928 in Sawtelle, CA - he was a Civil War vet. Have you seen anything along this line??? Gael c/o JQUECKaol.comm Oh, he was born in Homer, Licking Co., OHIO about Dec 4th, 1844. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ----------- Subj: Re: CUMMIN(G)S,COMYN"S/FAMILY"S Date: 96-03-12 21:37:56 EST From: JMorriss To: Chascum I'm still seeking information on an Elizabeth Cummings who was born around 1810 in GA. Her daughter, Alvenia, was reportedly born 1839 in Upson Co GA. Elizabeth married Moses Johnston about 1832. Other children included John, Benjamin, and Jason to name a few. They moved to LA c 1845. ----------------- Subj: Re:cummin(g)s,comyn's/family Date: 96-03-17 14:43:49 EST From: Nero6 My name is Alvin Cummins and my grandfather was named John Cummins and lived as a child in Marshall Co. W Va. He later moved to Wheeling and became an engineer on the B+O railroad. I would like very much to find out more about him from someone who can help. Thanks -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ---------- Subj: Re: CUMMIN(G),COMYN'S/FAMILY'S Date: 96-03-19 03:25:11 EST From: JQueck To: Chascum Wow!! are you ever a well connected person!! Well atleast you know lots of people who are interested in geneology. I can't add anything to what I read but it was sure FUN and interesting!! Please, keep me on your list to hear from the rest of the Bunch. I have been reading a book about 'Stonewall' Jackson, he had an uncle named Cummins in honor of a Gm who married a JACKSON. Do you have any information on this Elizabeth Cummins Jackson??? Is CUMMINS an 'unusual' name? I know WHITE is very common, makes it tough to find who you are looking for. Thanks for the letter! I enjoyed it!! LATER. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------- Subj: William Burrell CUMMINGS, Judge Date: 96-03-19 14:49:01 EST From: Elayembee To: Chascum William Burrell CUMMINGS, Judge, Van Buren County. Born, 10 May 1810, Van Buren Co., TN-in that part which was originaly a part of White Co.,TN. His father is Joseph CUMMINGS, Sr., born 1762, VA. Joseph Sr., moved toWhite C., TN in 1800. [NOTE: I've already sent you info on Joseph CUMMINGS, Jr., William B. Cummings brother] Joseph, Sr., emigrated from Richmond VA. He served with Gen. George Washington andwas at Yorktown when Charles CORNWALLIS (1738 - 1805); First Marquis and Second Earl of Cornwallis, signed surrender on 18 Oct 1781 and laid down arms at Yorktown on 19 Oct 1781. There were a total of 552 British casualties to 262 casualties for the allied (French and American) forces, according to entries in HISTORY OF TENNESSEE, WHITE, WARREN, DeKALB, COFFEE, and CANNON COUNTIES; illustrated [Originally published: Nashville, TN by: Goodspeed Publishing Co., 1882-1887] Reproduced from the 1887 edition located in the Knoxville Public Library, Knoxville, TN. Reprinted: Southern HistoricalPress, Inc., Greenville, SC, 1979, 1995, with new material provided by: The Rev. Silas Emmett LUCAS, Jr., Easley, SC. William married Martha (Mattie) Anne DENNEY, date unverified but prior to 10 Jan 1834 when their first child Gabriel Marion CUMMINGS was born. Mattie was born 24 Oct 1814, White Co., (later Van Buren Co.,) TN. Wiliam enlisted in the confederate Army at the beginning of the Civil War. He raised and partly equiped a Company of men who elected him Captain. TheCompany became part of the Fifth Infantry Under Colonel Ben HILL. When hewas discharged, his son, Gabriel Marion CUMMINGS became Captain of the Company. William was admitted to practice Law, 1868. He served as Justice of the Peace, Clerk of the Circuit Court and Judge. There is more. I have information forthe parents of William's wife and more throughthe BURNETT surname back to 1611. William died 22 Oct 1884 at Big Forks, Van Buren Co., TN and is buried at the CUMMINGS Chapel, Van Buren Co., TN near CUMMINGSVILLE, TN. Children of Judge William and his wife are: 1. Gabriel Marion CUMMINGS, m. Martha L. MORGAN 2. William Jasper CUMMINGS 3. Martha CUMMINGS 4. Lucinda E. CUMMINGS, m. Isaac Clinton MORGAN a physician and brother of Martha L. MORGAN who married Gabriel. 5. Joseph D. CUMMINGS, m. Jane FRASER (at least 10 children) e.g., Alice I., Mary A. C., Pattie L. (died infancy), Hannie (Hannah), Daisy I., Sarah E., Effie L., and Malachi Gooding CUMMINGS. 6. John L. CUMMINGS 7. Mary J(ane) CUMMINGS 8. Sarah A(nne) CUMMINGS 9. Margaret (Maggie) A. CUMMINGS, m. E. S. HASTON. After Maggie's death he married #2 Cleo BRADY, daughter of Col. Hugh James BRADY, q.v. 10. Azalie CUMMINGS 11. Budge CUMMINGS 12. Malachi A. CUMMINGS There is quite a bit of readily available information about Colonel Hugh James BRADY and his military career (marriages) and relationship to other historical BRADY's. Charlie, I've summarized most of this information. I hope you may find it somewhat useful. Sorry about the compressed material forwarded earlier. Although I believe the information is correct, as always, double check names, places and locations as well as any dates provided. Paul ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ----------------- Subj: Re: CUMMIN(G),COMYN'S/FAMILY'S Date: 96-03-19 18:22:11 EST From: DALE 9to4 To: Chascum CC: DALE 9to4 I am still looking for anyone who has a connection with a Joseph Tarpley Cummings. He was a planter around Sumter, South Carolina and married Sarah Rebecca Watts . Joseph was age 25 in the 1850 census and Sarah was 20 in the same census. They had 13 children . There names were as follows: Thadeus, Euphemia, Magnes, Lena, Burness, Joseph T. Jr., Lizzie Eugenia, Johannah, Mary Eugenia, Paul, Charles, John, and Frances(Fannie) I also know that Joseph Tarpley Cummings was a member of the South Carolina 23 Infantry ( Hatches Regiment Coast Rangers) in 1861. My grandmother was Daisy Green and her mother was Lizzie Eugenia Cummings who married Thomas Louis Green. Any lead would be aprreciated. Keep up the good work ---------------------------------------------- ---------------------------- Subj: Ohio Cummins Date: 96-03-19 20:35:21 EST From: To: Hello Mr Cummins, I was refered to you by Ray Cummins of Toronto, Ontario.My father-in-law, Harry Welby Cummins, currently 100-years-old, was born in Pioneer,Williams County, Ohio, located in the far NW part of Ohio. From 1919 to 1973, Harry lived in Bellevue,Ohio near Sandusky. His father was Charles Cummins, also born in Williams County in 1872. Harry's grandfather, James Cummins was born in nw Ohio around 1842 or earlier. James married Jane Evans in Wayland,Ohio. We cannot locate any earlier information.If you have any idea or other, including the geographical origin of the Cummins, please let me know. During all my travels overseas, I encountered numerous Cummins people only in Ireland, especially in Mayo, Cork, and Killarny Counties. Waitig to hear, Jack Kaufman MD 2148 N. 74 Wauwatosa, WI 53213 --------------------------------------------------------------------- Subj: Re: MB: CUMMIN(G)S,COMYN'S/FAMILY'S Date: 96-03-19 23:16:39 EST From: MoiraWritr To: Chascum How overwhelmed I am with all the wonderful information you have sent to me!!! How kind of you to take the time to compile it all, and believe me, it may be of great use if I discover a connection! Just as a history buff though it was very interesting! I copied it for my files and left it on my Incoming mail list, so I could respond at my first opportunity. That was fortunate as you needed it back, and it was my pleasure to be able to forward it to you again. Perhaps you can also share the info with another flailing fledgling such as myself, at another time. Thank you also for sending today's mail from ArchersHpe. I will be writing something to that person tomorrow in hopes any connection will surface if there is one. I have not been online for very long, but I have already been so pleased at the way people rush to help one another with their inquiries. I feel like I belong to a warm, friendly club! Thanks for helping me to feel that way. Also, just to let you know, I am travelling to Ireland, Scotland & England in August for the very first time, and hope to have this puzzle solved before I go, so my trip will be greatly enriched! Good luck in all your endeavors in the future! If I can ever be of help in any way please let me know. And, if I do find a connection with the Comyns, I will let you know right away! Thanks again SOOOO much!!! Moira ----------------------------------------------------- From: ArchersHpe To: MoiraWritr CC: Chascum May be able to help with Carmine in VA. Do you have any info that may link here in the late 1700's? If so, will be glad to share data that I have. Origin believed to have been in Maryland but have not been able to confirm. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ --- Date: Tue, 19 Mar 1996 12:27:00 PST From: "Joanne A. Mello"> Subject: DORSEY, CUMMINS/CUMMING - KY Is anyone researching a DORSEY family in KY? I have a Mary Ann DORSEY, daughter of Capt. S. DORSEY of KY. Mary Ann married in 1841 to Dr. James CUMMING. I'd like to hear from any DORSEY-CUMMING/CUMMINS researchers. Mary Ann & James Cummins lived also in IL and Amador County, CA. Joanne A. Smith Mello (in old Hangtown, Placerville, CA) ------------------------------ Tue, 19 Mar 1996 15:54:00 EST From: Micki Jones <> Subject: Charles WHITE -- Cedar Rapids IA I am looking for information about the Charles White family (see detail below) in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Charles worked for 60 years at the Wilson Packing Plant in Cedar Rapids. Any information on the parents or any descendants of Charles WHITE would be greatly appreciated. Micki Jones 1 Charles Cummings WHITE b: March 13, 1854 in Marietta OH d: Sept 3, 1941 in Cedar Rapids IA +Mary Jane McLaud -- b: Oct 19, 1871 in Janesville WI d: Dec 18, 1945 in Cedar Rapids IA m: 1888 in Cedar Rapids IA you may have them on your list i do not know Linda ----------------------- KTessend has some information on this one ------------------------------ Subj: CUMMING - DORSEY- AMADOR COUNTY, CA Date: 96-03-20 03:44:26 EST From: (Joanne A. Mello) To: Chas: Here's a little CUMMING info I abstracted from a HISTORY OF AMADOR COUNTY (CALIFORNIA). (neglected to get date of publication, etc.) Dr. James Cumming b. TN 10 Feb 1813, graduated Transylvania U. of KY. Practiced in Decatur, IL, then to Peoria, IL 1836. On 17 Jan 1842 married to Miss Mary Ann DORSEY dau of Capt. S. Dorsey of KY. No children living. Was an inventor. Was an Army surgeon Ft. Cumming named in his honor. I'd be interested to know if anyone is researching this CUMMING and/or DORSEY families, especially the DORSEY line. One of my Cummins ancestors was named DORSEY CUMMINS. Also, do you know where FT. CUMMING is? Probably in KY? All for now. Joanne A. Smith Mello (in old Hangtown, Placerville, CA) ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Subj: Cummins History Date: 96-03-20 22:49:42 EST From: CMAJAY1 To: Chascum I was reading a message out on the message board that indicated you were the "keeper of the flame" for the various Cummins lineages. I was wondering if you might be able to point me towards some info. I'm trying to build on some research my uncle did a few years ago. I'm looking for additional information on a line that starts with ZACHARIAH CUMMINS B. 26 JAN 1830 OLDHAM CO, KY His father was: THOMAS BRAHAN CUMMINS B. c1800 FAUQUIER CO. VA M. 1 FEB 1827 OLDHAM CO, KY to JULIA STARKS I think his father was ZACHARIAH CUMMINS B. 10 OCT 1766 FAUQUIER CO. VA M 17 DEP 1795 FAUQUIER CO. VA to LYDIA BRAHAN If this line has already been traced back and is out there somewhere, I would like to find it to complete my records. Any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! jay cummins ------- Subj: CUMMIN(G)S,COMYN'S/FAMILY'S Date: 03/21/96 To: CMAJAY1 THIS LINE GOES 1, WILLIAM---2,ALEXANDER,---- 4 SIMON--10, JOHN--- 33--ZACHARY OR ZACHARIAH, ----THOMAS B. ------- THIS IS out of frances funks lineage, i will give you her address, i think information will give you her phone# , and i will add you to our mail list, if you decide you dont want to be on mail list just let me know thanks charlie ------ Frances Funk, whose mother was a Cummins, published two volumes of a book titled _Cummins Ancient, Cummins New_ which include Zachariah and his ancestry back through Alexander Cummins, born Dec 10, 1677, and his father William Cummins, St Stephens Parish, Northumberland County,Virginia. these following names and addresses are in frances book also zachary born 10 oct 1766(zachariaha) ancestor of robert lee choate / terry litvan. robert lee choate and terry litvan have voluminous files on this family ROBERT LEE CHOATE , 274 prospect drive, leesburg virginia 22075 Mrs L J (terry) LITVAN, Jr, 1215 fairbanks drive, carmel indiana 46032 keep in mind i know that frances funks address is correct the other two are out of frances book that was printed in the late 1970's may not be, but if you will get in touch with her, she will help you out For more information you might try Frances Funk 4405 Turnberry Drive Fredericksburg, VA 22408 Good Luck! charlie ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -------------------------------------- ----------- Subj: Cummings Date: 96-03-21 19:43:39 EST From: BerylH2644 To: Chascum CC: Pegg one Hi Charlie ! Thanks for all you have sent me. Tell Pegg One, that I am looking for Cummings in Sumner co TN, also...... I have a Enoch Cummings , born in KY, who moved to TN (Sumner co). He m.Levilla ?....They had a daughter, Rebecca, b1842 in Sumner co TN. She married a Silas or Syrus Hinton b 1844. Their daughter Augusta b.1879 in Sumner co. TN, is a G grandmother to my Children. I need info on the Cummings family in KY that Enoch comes from. Keep em coming Chas, Bea Henry BerylH2644 ------- From: Diemakr To: C D Larson CC: Chascum I read your e-mail regarding Cummings and New York.I have just started to research my Cummings line. I don`t have very much. All I have is the following: --- My father`s name was Milton James Cummings and was born on 5/24/1922 in Rochester, New York. --- His parents were Milton James Cummings and Anna Agnes Finn. They were married in Kings County, New York on December 30,1920. I don`t know where they lived after they were married. I`m guessing that they lived in Rochester, New York when their first son (my father) was born.They had two more sons who both died as infants.Thomas Raymond b. Aug. 17,1923, died Feb 16,1924 and Richard Bernard Cummings b. Sept. 20,1926, died Oct. 30,1926. I was told that they both had died from ear infections (complications). --- My grandfather was born on April 25, 1898 in Baldwin, New York.He died on July 25 1940. I don`t know who his parents were because like I said, I just got started. My father did not talk about his family at all. I didn`t even know that he had had two brothers until a family friend had mentioned it while giving my father`s eulogy. --- My grandfather was quite a traveler. He enlisted in the Army when he was 18 yrs.old, served 3 yrs. and was discharged on May 2nd, 1919. I don`t have anything on what he did after he was discharged. I found a journel that he had started to keep in April of 1920. In the beginning of the journel he gives the name of J.E. Cummings of Roch- ester, N.Y. as the person to notify in case of an accident. (This gives me an idea as to find out who his parents were) He was not very detailed in his journel, but he did write where he went. He went to Erie,PA., Cleveland,Ohio, Akron Ohio, Garret, Ind. and Chicago. he notes that he started working for N. Food Products on Monday April 26th, 1920. He seemed to stay there until May 27,1920.He then writes that he " worked on Big "4" at Lindale, Ohio" (Big "4" ???) He left Lindale in June 1920. The next thing I know is he enlisted in the Navy in July of 1920. He was discharged in Aug. of 1921.I was told that he died while in a V.A. hospital in Batavia, N.Y. I don`t know if this will ring a bell at all.Thanks for letting me share this. I hope that someone reads this and can offer some help. I would think that the New York City area and probably more to the east is where I`m going to find alot of info. CHARLIE: Please distribute this as you do with all the other interesting mail. I have a feeling that once I find out something about my gg grandfather, I`ll be able to make a connection with some of the other Cummings` researchers. Thanks, Milton Cummings III ---------- Subj: Cummins Family Date: 96-03-22 00:32:47 EST From: K2ed To: Chascum I read your message on the bulletin board and I don't know if this will be of any use, but my grandmother, born in Scotland was of this line. Let's see if I can organize chronolgically like you did: Henry CUMINE b: 24 Jul 1796 in Dromore, Down Ireland married Agnes (Ann) Nancy HELLIS m:27 Nov. 1820 Down Ireland I can only find two children listed: Sarah CUMINE b:Sep 1826 Kilcoo, Down, Ireland and Robert CUMMINS b: 1833 Kilcoo, Down, Ireland Robert CUMMINS (CUMMINGS) married Catherine Mitchell in Kirkinner, Wigtown Scotland on 29 May 1855 they had four children: Robert CUMMING b: 1860 Wigtown Scotland Peter CUMMING b: 1863 " " William CUMMING b: 1869 " " Catherine CUMMING b: 1871 " " Then my line comes from William ......married Janet WRIGHT on 26 Jul 1898 these are my grandmother's parents, also from Wigtown Scotland. I'm not sure this is of any use. Hopefully it will be. Good Hunting! ------- Subj: Re: CUMMIN(G)S,COMYN'S/FAMILY'S Date: 96-03-23 08:46:22 EST From: JMorriss To: Chascum Does anyone know of any Cummings families in Georgia around 1800? Joyce ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------ Subj: Re: CUMMIN(G)S,COMYN'S/FAMILY'S Date: 96-03-23 16:54:38 EST From: DCumm6435 To: Chascum Charles I am a faithful reader of the abundant information you graciously provide. Thankyou for your efforts. You may recall my earlier inquiries: Charles Cummins b. 1806 in Ky, d. 1853 in Camden Co., Missouri. His siblings, we believe, included James b. 1798 and m. to Rutha Clinton; Darling b. 1809 and m. to Minervia; Harriett b. 1813 and m. to B. Clinton; John b. 1815 and m. to Permilia; and Henry b. 1818 and d. 1903. All appear to have been born in Kentucky. Charles Cummins was my g-g-grandfather. Although I keep watching I have not seen anything related to this line. If you have discovered anything I would be grateful to learn about it. Charles wife we believe was named "Frances" b. 1812 in Ky---same state as all of Charles siblings. Charles and Frances along with their friends, the Clintons, migrated to Missouri in 1835 or 36. Thanks for any help. D. Duane Cummins ----------