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Notes from Darleen Maud Hydeman Gotobed

Kearney 8-3-1974
Some of this was sent to me - Millard Hydeman Son of Willard Hydeman. The Hydeman family bible was given to Will Hydeman, 1st son of Jacob & Katie Hydeman. My mother gave it to him when my father passed away - then when Will died his wife Catherin gave it to his son Millard and this early record was copied from that. Millard passed away and I suppose this Bible is in his son or daughter's possession [Charmayne's note: - in the possession of Dan Hydeman]. At his death 1973 he lived at Bismark, N. Dakota. I know nothing of his children - where they lived the last. I heard his wife was living in California.

One more note - When Jacob Heideman (my father) came from Denmark - and Katie were married - later on they changed the spelling of his name to Hydeman. Thought it sounded or looked more American. My father and mother both well educated - father could read, write & speak seven different languages and was an expert carpenter - taught in Denmark. Mother taught school in Prinston, Ill - When they were married the lived on a farm in Sac. Co. Iowa where three oldest Willard, Grace, Darl were born. Watie was born Buena Vista Co. & I in Red Oak Iowa. They also had a little boys born dead buried & Newell between Grace & Earl, one between Earl & Watie then one buried in Red Oak Cemetary where mother & father are buried.

Father Jacob Hydeman had a brother that came from Denmark before he did. He passed away early - left wife and two children but I know nothing about them. My mother did not like them - Andrew was his name [actually, was probably George Claussen Heitman] and wife Anna - I think but they and my mother did not get along together - but they are probably buried in Sac Co. Iowa or Buena Vista Co. Iowa.