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Notes from Darleen Louise Hydeman Bischel
-written May 19, 1967-

The Pierce's
Jessie Fogg Pierce, M.D.*1
Mary Ann Baker *2
        1) Melissa Evangeline Pierce
        2) Dorotha Pierce *3
        3) Millard Filmore Pierce *4
                Married Ella Belle Johnson *5
                        1) Edith Belle Olivia Pierce -->Darleen's mother
                        2) Gertrude Louise Pierce
                        3) Jennie Pierce
                        4) Raymond Pierce
                        5) Leonoir Pierce (Wuethrich)
        4) Louise Mahetibel Pierce
        5) Jennie Pierce (Rowen)

The Pierce family (my branch came from New Canaan, New Hampshire.
On the Pierce family side we are descended from a brother of President Franklin Pierce who [the brother] was a college president at the time. The President of U.S.A. was a banker. A third brother went to Alabama and founded a community of communal property-industry, etc. It is gone but the town of "Fairhope" is descended from that start. President Theodore Roosevelt's mother was a cousin of the Pierce's. There is said to be a lot of money in the Pierce family---but I don't know them.

*1 - Jessie F. Pierce was an M.D. He had a farm S. of Des Moines, Iowa, which he sold to U.S. Government. They put Ft. Des Moines on his farm. The officers' club was the old home. He bought another farm NW of the city and the city grew around it. Now it's almost downtown. I remember the house - black walnut woodwork and a wide banister to slide down when no one stopped me.

*2 - Mary Ann Baker was my great grandmother. She was in a girl's school in Princeton, Illinois, and got sick. The doctor called was Dr. Pierce. They were married that next summer - after she had graduated. It was the first and only school for girls west of Alleghany Mts.

*3 - Aunt Dora had a dress salon in Providence, Rhode Island. She made the wedding dress for President Wilson's first wife. She was a dear friend of the wife of the man who invented the speed-o-meter. Guess they had a fabulous home and estate.

*4 - Millard Filmore Pierce, my own grndfather, was an educated man and a telegrapher. He was taken to Washington, JD.C., to be the private operator of the President of U.S.A. as he could be trusted. He was killed when lightning struck the wires and down to him. No protection as now. I was 1 yr. old when that happened. He would sit in his chair and hold out his cane which I would hold onto. He taught me to walk that way - walking around his chair.

*5 - After my own grandfather died, grandmother remarried (5 years later) a Dr. William Azel Cook. He was a Presbyterian Minister and an explorer and missionary to Brazil. He spent 17 yrs. there altogether. He was a wonderful man and a wonderful grandfather to us. He wrote a book.

Clara Kimball Young, an early time movie star, was a Johnson and cousin of my grandmother.


The Hydeman's

My father Willard Hydeman (he changed the Willis) was started to be an M.D. at Creighton in Omaha but failing eyesight stopped him. He was with the Green Bay Lumber Company 58 years. He was runner-up for Iowa State golf champion several times, never quite made it.

My mother, Edith Pierce Hydeman, was a concert pianist and later a teacher on the faculty of Highland Park College of Music in Des Moines. She gave her first concert (a Chopin concert) on her 16th birthday. She taught for 30 years.
A distant college [cousin?] of my mother was Olive Pierce. She was an R.N. and a pharmacist. She had the pharmacy at Cook Co. General Hospital for many years. She traveled all over the world.

My brother Millard J. Hydeman is a D.O., doctor of osteopathy, lives in Bismarck, North Dakota. He is a fine violinist and tenor. Sings in the Masonic Glee Club and plays in Bismarck Little Symphony. He is also a fine golfer as won the Missouri Valley Open on year, while still in his teens.


Miscellaneous Notes

Aunt Jenny only one of girls that married. She married Abraham Lincoln Rowen -a drummer in Finny's band (very famous). He was known as Uncle Ham - teased Dorothea, so changed legally to Dora, but he continued to call her Dod.
Uncle Ham - Farmer (small scale) for a while, then sell-->little town buy newspaper-->tired etc.

Dr. Cook - 2nd husband to Ella Belle. Buried a little town north of Springfield. Had a church there. Died of pneumonia.

Ella Belle [Johnson/cook] - went back east to live with kids. They would not send her west to be buried next to Cook.

Jocob Peter Heidmann was a contractor & builder. Many of the lovely homes & buildings in Red Oak were his work. For a time he owned and operated a tile factory making beautiful tiles to trim fireplaces etc. When they were first married he farmed for some years in Buena Vista, CO.(?)

The Hydemans were all Lutheran except grandmother Catherine M. Grace - she was Methodist. (but not much rubbed off on her.)
When grandpa Hydeman died the family arranged for the Lutheran minister to officiate. Unknown by the children Grandpa had called the Methodist minister. They met at the door of the house going in. It was settled that the Lutheran, who knew him, gave the sermon, etc., & the Methodist gave a prayer.

When Willard Nellis Hydeman married Edith Pierce, he left the Lutheran church and she left the Methodist and they joined the Presbyterian.

Edith Pierce was a concert pianist.

Catherine Carr [Carroll?] & Willard Nellis Hydeman had no children.

Cardinal Gibbons (head of CAthoic church @ 1 time) was cousin of Catherine Maud Grace.

Jacob Peter Heidman - Left Germany during Chicago fire - went through there, saw smoke. Was 20 or 21. Came over to keep from going into Army. Mother died when 3 yr. old. Stepmother took care of 1st wife's(!) mother. Was wonderful. Went to school in Denmark.

After Grace was born Darleen's parents & kids went up in a tornado with home.

Jacob Peter Hydeman [Heidman/Heitman] - 2 brothers killed in war & came to U.S. to avoid draft.

Katie's father died when she was young. Stepfather was a shoe manufacturer in Sheboygan, Wisconsin.

Grandpa Hydeman [Jacob Peter Heitman] born by candlelight in Denmark, & died Methodist Episcopal Hospital in Omaha, Neb. - by candlelight due to tornado.