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Notes from "Grace" (Mary Grace) Hydeman Horton
John & I were blessed to be able to visit with Grace Hydeman in her later years. These are the notes which John jotted down.
-written about August 1977-

Regarding her father, Jacob Peter Heitman:

Family Name Heitman when Jacob Peter Heitman came to USA in 1877. Came with Brother Andrew. Met grandma Heitman (Catherine Maud Grace) in Princeton, ILlinois. Married 1878. Moved to Ida County, Iowa, where he obtained 80 acres on homestead deal.
They moved to Newell (20 acres) when a cyclone destroyed their Ida house and hogs. Grandma Heitman [Hydeman] said she could see the top of the corn when house was picked up.
They moved to Red Oak, Iowa, when 'Grace' was age 10. Her mother wanted family to move to Shenendoa (a college there), but her father obtained a job with Green Bay Lumber Company.

The surname [Heitman] was changed to Heidman when Peter & Catherine [Katy], were married, and changed to Hydeman when family moved to Red Oak.

Regarding her mother, Catherine Maud Grace Hydeman:

Born in Brewster, Maine. Her father [James Grace] owned a shoe store, but he died when she was young. Her mother [Anna Maria Sheedy Grace] remarried and moved to Wisconson when Catherine Maud Grace was 7 yr. old.

Her mother (Catherine Maud Grace) took up with the Methodists and according to her (she liked to tell stories) her mother and a Catholic priest shoved her in an oven when she was 16 y.o. when she would not drop the Methodists, and she burned all her hair off, and it came back a different color. This was done to scare her. She left home and a banker lent her the money to go live with a family in Princeton, Illinois. She was their housekeeper when she met grandfather.

According to obit. in Hydeman Bible, George Heitman, an older brother, came over in 1870 with a wife, and settled in Princeton, Illinois until his death, when his widow remarried. This must be why Jacob & Andrew came to Princeton when they came to America.

Grandma Hydeman (Catherine Maud Grace) was quite a controlling person. When angry at Jacob she would go out to the outhouse & sit for hours until Peter would beg her to come in. She would be "sick" quite often and story is Peter had her put in Cherroke State Hospital on one occasion.