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Charles Champie

Charles Edward Champie I

The First Champie

See Charles and Elizabeth.

Biography: Charles Champie, Texas Pioneer
The story Charles' life and how the Champies came to be.

Family Chart: Charles Champie I
See all Charles' children and family stats.

Charles' 1833 baptism record from Quebec.

Copy of Charles and Elizabeth's marriage record, which Elizabeth used to apply for her widow's pension in 1904.

Charles' Census Records:
Charles came to the US from Quebec in 1847, and died in 1903. These censuses provide a snapshot of family life every ten years during that time.

1850 Census
Charles (18) as a young man living with his parents.
1860 Census
Charles (26) is married to Elizabeth (listed as 17, though she was only 15) and living next door to his mother-in-law and her second husband. Ham Griswell the farmhand is rooming with the young couple.
1870 Census
Charles (37) and Eizabeth (24) now have 5 kids, and Ham is still with them. They are still living next door to Elizabeth's family.
1880 Census
Charles (47) and Elizabeth (35) have 9 children and are living in Kendall County. The eldest child, Charles II, has left the nest. Elizabeth is pregnant with their 10th child, James. The 1880's will be sad years for them; they will lose 3 children.
1890 Census
Unfortunately, the 1890 census burned up in a fire and is lost forever. :(
1900 Census
Charles (67) and Elizabeth (54) are back in Menard county and are living with their three youngest children, the last. Elizabeth birthed 14 children, 11 of whom survived to adulthood.
Additional Censuses Listing Elizabeth Champie:
Elizabeth outlived Charles by 31 years, so she was around for 2 more censuses.

1920 Census
Elizabeth is living with her daughter Eva (Martha Evaline Champie) and son-in-law Edwin L. Martin.
1930 Census
??? Still looking...

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