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Clark County Deed Abstracts 1845-1848


Heirs of TUNIS MILLER to Matthew ANDERSON - 4-8-1847; $1800; part north part SW1/4 Section 20, Township 5, Range 10 - James B. McKinnon and Elizabeth his wife late Elizabeth Miller of Logan Co., Ohio; Abraham Trout and Catharine L. his wife late Catharine Miller; and Amanda Miller all of Clark Co.; heirs of Tunis Miller dec'd who died intestate - Volume X, page 69

 Reuben SHELLABARGER, et al to John BEARD - 4-17-1847; 40 acres part SE Section 11, Township 3, Range 8; part of Section 6, Township 3, Township 3, Range 8 and W1/2, SW1/4 Section 36, Township 41 Range 3; $2400. - Reuben Shellabarger and Elizabeth, his wife, Thomas Johnston and Elizabeth, his wife, Martin Shallabarger and Elizabeth, his wife, ail of Clark Co.; land belong­ing to the estate of Ephraim shellabarger, deed. - Volume X, page 75

David COWAN and others to Nicholas MOORE - 9-14-1847; lots #202 and #203 in Mill Run - David Cowan and Jane, his wife, late Steel; John Gowdy and Ann, his wife, late Steel; Robert Gowdy and Elizabeth, his wife, late Steel; all of Clark Co:; Thomas Stevenson and Mary, his wife, late Steel, Thomas Gowdy and Nancy, his mil late Kirkpatrick; Edward Reid and Margaret, his wife, late Jane Kirkpatrick; all of Greene Co., Ohio; being heirs pf William KIRKPATRICK and Sarah, his wife, late Sarah STEEL who died intestate being heirs of James STEEL, deed, who died in Clark Co. leaving a will by he devised to his five heirs, to-wit:- Jane, Elizabeth, Ann, Mary And Sarah. - Volume X, page 372

David J. CORK and others to Jacklen BARRINGER - 5-20-1845; Lot 51 in Dion - Davi J. Cory and Martha, his wife of Henry'Co., Ohio; David J. Smith and Sanyo his wife; 'David Cross and Rhoda W., his wife; Samuel E. Stafford and Malissa, his wife; Jane Cory; Joseph V. Cory and Martha, Ilia wife; all of Clark Co. - Volume X, page 192

Nathan NEER, et al. to Andrew B. RUNYON - 2-25-1846; $500.; E1/2  SE ¼ Section 21, Township 6, Range 10 - Nathan Neer and Mary Ann his wife; Enos Neer, Sr. guardian of Joseph Hill Neer and Hannah Neer minor heirs of Amos Neer, dec,d; Mary Neer widow and heir of Jonathan Neer, decld; all of Clark Co. and Michael Couchman and Elizabeth, his wife, of Champaign Co., Ohio; all heirs of Amos Neer, decoct. - Volume 34 page 100

John LAMAN and Rachel, his wife, formerly SIPE of Tippecanoe Co., Indiana; Power of Attorney to Joseph SIPE of Clark Co. - 1-27-1846; all their inter­est in lands of Francis SIPE, deed, father of said Rachel. - Volume X,page /70


Nancy NEER to Nathan NEER - 3-17-1847; release of dower interest. - Volume X, page 115


Heirs of Samuel McINTIRE to Joseph McINT1RE - 9-27-1846; N1/2 Lot 91 in Springfield - Reuben Merriweather and Rachel, his wife, of Clinton Co., Ohio; William T McIntire and Mary, his wife; John S. McIntire and Esther, his wife; James Fleming and Sarah, his wife; James W. McIntire; Amariah McIntire; and Margaret McIntire; widow and heirs of Samuel McIntire, dec’d. - Volume X, page 183. -


Joseph McINTIRE and Maria, his wife to John Mc1NTIRE; 7-8-1847, W1/3 of N 1/2 Lot 91 in Springfield. - Volume X, page 163


Abraham RUNYON in his own right and as assignee of Andrew-BUMGARDNER from President United States - 5-4-1815; SW ¼  Section 20, Township 6, Range 10 - Volume X, page 551.


Thomas STIMPES and wife to Hiram L. RUNYAN - 3-3-1848; all interest as heirs of Abraham RUNYAN in S1/2 SW1/4 Section 20 Township 6, Range 10; Volume X, page 552.


Nathaniel BUNNELL Jr. and Susannah tia wife of White Co., Indiana to Hiram RUNYAN - 12-10-1847; undivided 1/9th of all real estate of Abraham RUNYAN, deed; Volume I, page 553 ---


Peter L. RUNYAN and Mary his wife of Clark Co. to Hiram L. Runyon  - 9-25-1844; undivided 1/9th part of estate of Abraham RUNYAN, dec’d Vol 1 page 554


John W. RUNYAN, et al to Hiram L. RUNYAN - 1-29-1848; John M.. Runyan -and Rachel' his wife of Champaign Co. Ohio; Sophia Runyan; Henry Runyan and Rachel his wife; Samuel Wright and Esther his wife; Andrew B. Runyan and Matilda his wife; Archibald McKonkey and Lydia his wife. James McMillice and Ann Sophia his wife; all of Clark Co.; our undivided interest in estate of Abraham RUNYAN, late of Clark Co., deed; Volume X, page 554

 Heirs of Simian KIRKPATRICK to George MaCULLAH - 12-13-1847; John Kirkpatrick, Susan Kirkpatrick, James Kirkpatrick and Malina his wife,  Stephen R. Martin and Nancy his wife, John Kirkpatrick Jr. and Mary Ann his wife and Daniel Pittenger, al of Del aware Co., Indiana; John H. Ellis -and Phebe hie wife,   Robert Kirkpatrick and Susan

his wife. heirs of Susan Kirkpatrick; all right, title and interest to estate of Hebert LAYNE of Clark Co., which said Layne in his last will devised to Susan Kirk­patrick and her heirs being 1/6th part - Volume Y, page 248

Heirs of Richard BLOXSOM by Sheriff to Samuel HOWELL - 4-8-1847; Mary Warner of Clark Co. filed her petition in the Common Pleas Court against Gideon Bloxon, James Bloxs­m, Ann S. Morgan wife of Jonathan Morgan, Elizabeth King wife of John King, Maria Westfall wife of Albert Westfall, Sarah Scott wife of Charles Scott, Eliza Bloxon, Mary Bloxon, Nancy Bloxon, Ann Man wife of John Man, Mary Van Brunt wife of Thomas Van Brunt, George Bloxon, Elizabeth Montgomery wife of Samuel Montgomery, Richard Bloxon, Catharine Bloxon, Christian Bloxon, William Gill, James Gill, lavina Baker wife of Miller Baker, Unity Johnston wife of Richard Johnston, John Johnston, Gideon Johnston, Harriet Seller wife of Albert Seller, Maria Johnston, Nancy Johnston, Ara­bala James, Pamela and William H. Johnston; demanding partition of real estate; land described as border on north by Ann Blazon's land, on east by Mary B. Warner's land, on south by Xenia and Columbus pike and on west by Chillicothe and Dayton road being 75 acres - Volume Y, page 297

REEDER Heirs to Enos REEDER - 9-13-1848; Part of tract #5957 sold by Charles THOMP­SON to Jacob REEDER, deed; John Reeder and-Mary his wife of Clark Co., Henry Har­rington and Hannah his wife of Greene Co., Ohio; Isaiah Jones and Mary his wife of Madison Co., Ohio; James M. Reeder and Sarah his wife of Clark Co.; George W. Lohr and Sarah F. his wife of Madison Co., Ohio; Ann Reeder, Trusdale Reeder, Russel B. Reeder and Amanda Reeder of Clark Co. - Volume Y. page 400


Heirs of Henry SEITZ, Sr. to Isaac Miller - 4-15-1848; $2800.; part SE1/4  Section 6, Township 4, Range 9, 100 acres; Isaac Seitz and Elizabeth his wife of Illinois, Andrew Seitz and Mary his wife, Jacob Seitz and Mary his wife, Jacob Beard and Catharine his wife, Mary Seitz widow of Henry Seitz Sr., deed - Volume Y, page 58


Benjamin CARMAN’s Heirs to William DEATON and James LEFFEL - (not dated); recorded 9-3-1847 ; part NE1/4 Section 35 Twp 3 Range 10 - Samuel Carmin and Anna his wife; William Carmin and Rhoda his wife, of Delaware Co., Indiana; Elijah Carmin and his wire ; Lewis Carmin 'and Jane his wife- John  Carmin and Sohpia his wife, Thomas Buckles and Mary his wife late Carmin, Henry Long and Elizabeth his wife late Carmin, Richeian and Eliza his wife tab.. Carmin, Samuel Heaton and Nancy his wife late.Cannin, Sarah Priest widow of Jeremiah Priest,,deold, late Carmin,.and Soothi Carmin; heirs of Benjamin Carmin dec’d, late of Clark Co. - Volume X, pate 129

Ruth TOWN’S  Heirs to James S. HALSEY - Power of Attorney - 1847; E1/2 W1/2 SE1/4 Section 16, Township 5, Range 8 .Nathan Town,  Joseph Galloway and Fanny his wife, Ephraim Scarlett and Lucinda his wife ,'all of Noble Co., Indiana; Reuben B. Perry and Sally his wife, Emanuel Wineland and Delecta his wife and James Town; said Sally Perry, Delecta Wineland, Lucinda Scarlett and James Town being only children and heirs of Ruth Town , late of Clark Co.,- Volume X page 272

James M. SLOAN, guardian to. James TURNBELL- 11-11-1847; Lots 22,And 23 in town of Harmony - James M. Sloan guardian of James Sloan; Jr., heir of Alex­ander Sloan, dec’d. - Volume X, page 408

 Thomas  NAUMAN, at al. to. Samuel HARSHBANGER:- 11-13-1847 ; SE1/4  Section 27, Township 4, Range 10 - Thomas Nauman and Catharine his wife, Samuel Baker and Mary his wife; John Baker and Christena  his wife, Henry Baker  and Veronica his wife., David Baker and Elizabeth his wife, Jacob Rust 'and Elizabeth his wife, john Roller and Rebecca his wife, all of Clark Co. - Volume X, page 410


Heirs of Israel  MARSH to Joseph LAYBOUR 9-1-1847; in-lots 18,19, & 20 Pleasant township in Israel Marsh's plat Of town  of Catawba - Andrew Ward and Sarah his wife, Noah Marsh and Eliza his wife, of Madison Co. Ohio; ­Lemuel Hunter and Nancy his life. Susannah Marsh and Samuel Marsh of Clark Co; ....Volume X,.page,442

Heirs of Henry COSLER to John DERREN = 12-1-1847; part. SE ¼  Section 28, Town­ship 4, Range 8 -Mary Cosler widow of Henry Cosler Clarke Co.. Martin Cosler and- Lewis Cosler of LaSalle Co., Illinois; Michael Leffel and Elizabeth his wife of Miami Co., Ohio; Jacob Drake and Catharine his wife, John M. Cosler and Elizabeth his wife, James M Cosler and lavenia his wife; heirs Of Henry Cosler, dec’d. -Volume X, page 514

Jer. WARDER and Children to William  M. COOPER – 1848 part NW1/4  Section 29, Township 5, Range 9, Springfield Twp. Jeremiah Warder -and Ann A. 'his wife and the following persons, children of said Jeremiah and Ann; John A. Warder and Elizabeth B. his wife of Hamilton Co. Ohio, Edward H. Cumming and Sarah his wife late Warder of Knox Co. Ohio, Charles S. Rannelle and Mary his wife late Warder of St. Louis, Missouri; George A., William,  James T,, Benjamin H. and Elizabeth A. Warder..- Volume X, page 555

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