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Located in Harrison township southwest of Springhills

Source: Champaign County Cemeteries VOL I ICompiled 1955 Urbana Chapter DAR. Copied by Mrs Edgel Lutz, & Mrs Carl Pooler. Posted with permission of Urbana Chapter DAR.
 NOTE concerning DAR readings from Karen Heber: DAR was tasked with certain things to identify.  They normally did not write down children, infants or single individuals.  Their objective was married people and those who served in the military.  That is why many of the readings differ so drastically from other readings done later.  However, some of the DAR representatives “read the whole cemetery”.  Again, they did not use interment or lot records and were subjective at their writings. Please be aware there are dozens of inaccuracies and dis-information from these readings.


 BLUE, Isabella S, wife of Samuel  1825-1905
 BLUE, Samuel 1822-1864
 BULL,  Frances 11/14/1856-4/17/1861 "Oh such is the kingdom of heaven" d/o Francis & C Bull
 CLARK, Mary E, dau of J.M. & M.A. died April 15, 1862 age 2yr
 CLARK, John M 8/22/1860-5/12/1861
 COOKSTON, Lucy M dau of E.J. & J. died Sep 15, 1881 age 8y11m
 COOKSTON, Stella M  died Sep 19, 1890 aged 14y9m10d
 COULTER, Newton E, son of J.S. & M. died mar 1, 1854 age 3y 7m 12d
 COULTER, Mariah B 5/12/1861-6/8/1863 d/o JS & MA aged 2y26d
 COULTER, Mary J E died 2/25/1858  aged 3y 4m 10d d/o JS & MA
 COULTER, Virginia E died 3/3/1858 aged 1y 7m 9d d/o JS & MA
 COX, Mary, wife of John died July 30, 1867 age 65y6m1d
 CUMMINS, Mary, wife of Simon died 1820 aged 66y7m8d
 CUMMINS, Simon died 2/18/1879 aged 68y 5m 14d
 DICKERSON, Elisha died 9/19/1859 stone broken and missing bottom piece
 DICKERSON (unknown, probably Eliza) died 6/17/1853 aged 26y 8m d/o E & S stone broken, top missing
 DRAPER, Louie E died 8/11/1876 aged 1y dau of FM and MJ
 ELLIS, Abraham died 12/25/1871 aged 75 y
 ELLIS, Sarah died 2/19/1872 aged 70y 11m 4d  oss/w Abraham
 FUSON, Matthew, son of L & M. died May 24, 1861 aged 5y
 FUSON, Wm Jesse , son of L & M. died June 1, 1861 age3y
 GRAYBEAL, Dexter , son of Wm & E.E. died mar 2, 1870 age 8m
 HARBOUR, Clarence B son of G & M.J died May 14, 1877 age 2m
 HARBOUR, Effie, wife of John  1829-1906
 HARBOUR, Infant Son oss/w Clarence b/d 11/16/1874 s/o G and M J
 HARBOUR, John Civil WarVeteran, 1824-1864
 HARBOUR, Sarah J., dau of John & Effie died May 15, 1861 aged 13y11m3d
 HARBOUR, John F died 7/15/1861 10y 24d believed to be son of John and Effie, stone broken
 HARBOUR, unknown son died 5/30/1861 stone broken with age poss son of John and Effie
 HILDEBRAND, Daniel - Co A, 113th Ohio Inf  (no dates)
 HILDEBRAND, Lerna, dau of Daniel & Sarah died Dec 25, 1880 aged 2y 10m17d
 HOFFMAN, Climenia Alice died 12/23/1857 d/o J & M aged 2y4m19d
 KISER, Joseph, son of Benj L & Martha J. died April 15, 1853  age 3m
 LONG, Benjamin died Nov 22, 1858  aged ____
 LONG, Nancy, wife of Benjamin died July 23, 1863  aged 87y1m15d (Has two stones)
 LONG, Sarah Ann died 7/20/1868 aged 32y9m16d wife of Thomas B Long
 McALEXANDER, Florence L, dau of D. & M. died Sep 14, 1878 age 3m
 McALEXANDER, Etna J, dau of D. & M. died Sep 10, 1879 age 10d
 McALEXANDER, Maryetta, wife of David died Sep 14, 1879 age 26y10m11d
 McALEXANDER, infant son b/d 9/27/1855 son of James & Naomi
 McALEXANDER Olive Carrie died 9/1/1877 aged 6m 27d d/o D & M
 McINTIRE, Alfred died June 12, 1865 aged 33y
 McINTIRE, William H W died 2/12/1881 aged 5m 25 d son of D W & A
 MELHORN, Edgar died 8/25/1864 aged 1m 6d son of  ? ?  cant read initials
 PINE, Charles Wm died May 18, 1889 aged 26y10m7d
 PINE, Harriett J, wife of C.W. died Mar 30, 1895 aged 70y26d
 PINE, James Theodore, son of William & Maria died Jan 31, 1861 aged 5y3m21d
 PINE, Joseph W died 2/10/1889 aged 20 days son of J F and ?
 PINE, Mary E, dau of James & Nancy died May 30, 1881 aged 5y3m21d (check this)
 PINE, Nancy wife of James diee Nov 12, 1870 aged 84y1m13d
 PINE, William  1817-1879
 PINE, Maria, wife of William  1829-1893
 RATEW, Mary died April 22, 1858 aged 75y3m25d
 ROOP, Henry, son of George & Mary died Sep 27, 1857 age 6y
 SARVER, Charles E, son of S.C. & B.A. died Sep 14, 1867  age 9m stone broken
 SLAGLE, Hannah, wife of David died Mar 7, 1873 aged 75y
 SMAIL, Harriett, dau of Wm & M.C. of VA died Sep 21, 1863 aged 28y2m12d
 SMITH, Phoebe  8/13/1829- 10/13/1904 oss/w Solomon Smith
 SMITH, Solomon  11/10/1824-1/2/1904
 STAYMAN, Jacob  July 5, 1796 - Oct 29, 1876
 STAYMAN, Mary, wife of J.  June 25, 1798 - May 27, 1879
 TERRELL, Alfred died 12/9/1861 son of Timothy & Nancy aged 22y 8m 24d
 TERRELL, Barbra A died 6/12/1861 aged 2y9m12d dau of T & SJ Terrell
 TERRELL, Charlie stone broken
 TERRELL, CHarlie H aged 2m 3d died 9/256/1866 son of E P & H
 TERRELL, Cleo Pearley, dau of E.F. & M.J died Aug 3, 1878 age 2m16d
 TERRELL, David P died 6/19/1860 aged 1m son of E P & H
 TERRELL, Elanson Foster 7/2/1851-11/9/1893 son of T & N
 TERRELL, Levi T  May 26, 1826 - Jan 5, 1881
 TERRELL, Mary Etta died 6/6/1861 aged  1y5m10d dau of T & SJ
 TERRELL, Mathew - War of 1812 - died Jan 20, 1859  aged 67y5m13d
 TERRELL, Milton C, son of Timohty & Nancy died July 10, 1863 aged 22y1m19d
 TERRELL, Nancy 4/28/1809-11/30/1887
 TERRELL, Sarah E , wife of W.H. died May 18, 1881 aged 34y3m15d
 TERRELL, Sarah, dau of T & N. died July 29, 1852 aged 20y8m16d
 TERRELL, Susanna, wife of Wm died June 27, 1878 age 73y7m
 TERRELL, Timothy died Oct 17, 1881 aged 84y3m19d
 TERRELL, William  died Aug 14, 1871 aged 77y6m11d
 WILDER, Samuel died Jan 30, 1857 aged 50y1m10d
 WILDER, Joseph died 8/18/1860 aged 7m16d son of C & L J

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