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Pisgah Cemetery


Location :Section 32 Union Twp; Route 236 at the junction of route 99 and 222A on the east side of the road. Although fenced, it is in poor condition and repair and is no longer used. Until about 1895 a church stood there which has since been torn down. According to a statement by Mr and Mrs Charles Blair, Urbana, members of this church, many of the bodies were removed about 1895. Many of the stones have been carried away in the past twenty years.
NOTE concerning DAR readings from Karen Heber:
DAR was tasked with certain things to identify.  They normally did not write down children, infants or single individuals.  Their objective was married people and those who served in the military.  That is why many of the readings differ so drastically from other readings done later.  However, some of the DAR representatives “read the whole cemetery”.  Again, they did not use interment or lot records and were subjective at their writings. Please be aware there are dozens of inaccuracies and dis-information from these readings.


AEYERS, James d --/26/1874  
CLARKE, Ellen Amanda, dau of J H & E 9/12/1867 6m2d
CLARKE, Job, son of Stephen & Hannah d 1/--/-- not readable
CLARKE, Hannah, wife of Stephen 10/28/1855 no age
CONKLYN, Susan consort of David 9/27/1840 24-8-27
CONKLYN, David 1/20/1852 38-10-3 (8?)
CONKLYN, Emily dau of J & E 12/24/1847 18mo
CONKLYN, Robert son of Jacob & Emily 1/18/1849 7da
CONKLYN, Mary Y dau of J & E 8/21/1851 7-7-9
EARNHART, Margaret F, mother, b1825 d1896
EARNHART, Morton G, father 1825 1905
GRIM, Mary wife of Henry & dau of George & Rebecca Kinsinger of Cumberland Co, PA 1/1846 26-7-0
HUFF, Andrew, son of John & Leannah 1/10/1838 9weeks
HELLER, Amos 4/10/1869 32-0-24
JONES, Mary 9/20/1840 62-11-14
JONES, William Raper, son of Mary Jones 9/1/1833 10mo 28da
JONES, infant son of T O & N E d5/7/1870 no age
KNADLER, Peter 7/14/1844 96-4-0
LYON, W G L 12/27/1877 21y
MINTURN, Nancy, wife of B 8/23/1847 67-6-14
MINTURN, Allen 4/1/1855 72-2-4
MINTURN, Esther, wife of Barton 7/30/1849 76y
MILLER, Ruham Jane dau of John & Blanchey 3/7/1836 7mo 11da
McCOLLUM, James (V Co B 32nd OVI) 4/24/1838 50y
QUINN, John 3/13/1876 51-2-3
QUINN, Elizabeth, wife of John 3/11/1857 31-1-30
QUINN, John D son of J & E 5/28/1856 10mo
QUINN, Eliza, dau of  J & M J 2/6/1877 9-10-25
QUINN, William son of J & M J 8/10/1864 3days
MORRISON, William P M A son of F & J 5/20/1846 12y
MORRISON, Mary E d1857 no age
REED, James d1857 71y
REED, John R son of J R d1848 3y
REED, Catherine, dau of J R d1848 5y
RIED, Martha A wife of James 3/1/1854 54-4-28
RIED, Charles W son of John and M A 7/1/1846 20mo 10days
RIED, Theodore P son of J R & M J 6/27/1848 2-9-11
REIGART, John B 10/--/1852 48-1-26
REYNOLDS,--- son of --- & E P 11/3/1851 2-3-0
STONE, Elenor 11/3/1845 3-1-0
STRAYER, Infant son of G W & S A d3/15/1853 no age
TURNER, John R son of  E & M 12/25/1851 12y
TURNER, James, son of E & M 12/21/1851 15y
TURNER, Margaret G wife of Alexander 3/5/1866 54-10-3
WILSON, James, wife Rezin, 8/19/1879 84-7-3
WILSON, Rozetta dau of Jane & Rezin 12/1/1849 25y
WILSON, Andrew, son of Peter & Sarah 1850 1-4-0
WHITEHEAD, Adena, dau of E B & R A 9/15/1849 1mo 15d
WREN, Samuel 7/31/1870 33-6-20
WHARTON, Samuel 8/--/1853 8m
WHITE, Emma dau of R & S 8/23/1863 1-2-11
WHITE, Jacob A, son of R & S 9/21/1863 1-4-2
WHITE, Rolleigh, son of R & S 2/2/1843 39-5-0
WHITE, -----, child of  R & S 8/30/1867 4-11-18

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