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Muddy Run Cemetery


Located in Section 32 Salem Twp immediately south of the Logan County Line. Access is from Logan County, State Road 245 to Liberty Twp, road # 195 about one quarter mile from Route 245. Cemetery is completely overgrown with the majority of its tombstones no longer in an upright position. It has been a fair-sized cemetery at one time and there most likely were more stones than were found, however, inscriptions were transcribed from all legible tombstones. Inscriptions taken in Spring 1969.

Source: Champaign County Cemeteries VOL I Compiled 1955 Urbana Chapter DAR.
 Posted with permission of Urbana Chapter DAR.
NOTE concerning DAR readings from Karen Heber: DAR was tasked with certain things to identify.  They normally did not write down children, infants or single individuals.  Their objective was married people and those who served in the military.  That is why many of the readings differ so drastically from other readings done later.  However, some of the DAR representatives “read the whole cemetery”.  Again, they did not use interment or lot records and were subjective at their writings. Please be aware there are dozens of inaccuracies and dis-information from these readings.

From Ohio Genealogy Society Newsletter 1973 Summer Vol XIII No 2
In Muddy Run Cemetery, 1 mile southwest of the Corporation of West Liberty on Township Road 10 is said to be buried Margaret Moore, the white wife of Chief Blue Jacket. Early graves there are: John McBeth born 1730, Harpers Ferry, Virginia died 9/12/1830; Thomas Hays, born 1751 died 1831; Mary wife of Moses Coulter died 9/19/1831; Nancy Seward, daughter of Chief Blue Jacket died 1845


BAIRD, Catherine 8/28/1842 45-10-3
BAIRD, Robert 10/9/1841 35-1-8
Mc CONNEL, Catherine 6/3/1852 74-6-6
ENGLAND, Mary Ann wife of Isaac England 2/27/1837 in her 26th yr
CLAYTON, S B 3/14/1843 23y6d
WALL, Susannah E wife of Daniel Wall 8/11/1837 20y9d
CLAYTON, Ruhama, wife of J Clayton 5/13/1841 62-3-7
CLAYTON, John (inmemory) b near Harpers Ferry VA 10/10/1778 1/9/1835 56-2-30
CLAYTON, _____, son of J & E  (effaced) 9/8/1851 1m10d
CLARK, Robert M 10/11/1851 31-2-19
BAIRD, in memory of Thomas Sr 3/14/1844 in his 80th yr
CLARK, Catharine wife of Robert 9/11/1849 62y11m
BAIRD, John R 7/4/1846 57-9-2
CLARK, Richard 8/12/1814 in his 33rd yr
next stone effaced but same style & design as Robert Clark    
SHIELDS, D (effaced) 7/1/1826 45y
McBETH, Sacred to memory of Wm McBeth 3/25/1844 59-7-9
OWENS, William effaced  
KAVANGH, Rachel, wife of James 5/15/1839 36-2-18
next stone effaced, footstone has initial J.K.    
HANGER, Elizabeth wife of D G Hanger 4/3/1848 28-9-1
Mc _AIN, R  (partly effaced) 3/22/1849 52-10-8
KIRKWOOD, Thomas J son of Wm & S (Co G 66th OVI) 2/11/1863 27y16d
KIRKWOOD, William 5/26/1849 67y
KIRKWOOD, Mary & Wm H & Mariah E, children of Wm & Sarah 2/17/1831
Partly effaced
KIRKWOOD, ___  (stone broken) 9/3/1855 34y8d
KIRKWOOD, Margaret & Elizabeth, daus of Wm & Sarah effaced & broken  
McBETH, John 9/2/1830 nearly 100y
NILES, W H 12/8/1825 46-1-2
KIRKWOOD, David son of J & N 1/11/1833 1-8-20
KIRKWOOD, Martha J dau of J & N 9/29/1823 9m2d

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