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Miscellaneous Small Cemeteries
of Champaign Co, OH


CONNER CEMETERY - Located in Section 5 of Adams Twp. It is one quarter mile south of Snapp Road from the junction of Cemetery Road. It is landlocked.


COOK CEMETERY, Located in Mad River Twp East f Terre Haute
COOK, Anna, (IN Memory of) died 2/3/1828 age 32y


GEORGE'S CHAPEL CEMETERY - Located on a line between Sections 4 and 5, Urbana, Twp. On route 29 east of the town of Urbana on the north side of the road near the intersection of route 29 and 130B. The unfenced plot is within a farm field and most of the stones are broken. At one time this cemetery surrounded George's Chapel, one of the first churches in Urbana.
These are the readable stones-
 Campbell, Margaret, wife of I died 12-3-1848 age 34
 Hutchins, Ida. dau Mary died 12-28-1866
 King, George, son of John and Jane died 9-15-1843 age 6m
 King, John E, died 1849 age 32-2-9
 Leech, Joseph died 2-22-1843, age 45 yrs
 Miller, John (rest not readable)
 Neal, Susannah, dau of S & Susannah died 2-22-1837 age 4m
 Neal, Galhanna, dau S & S died 10-2-1938 age 6m
 Neal, Nelson W son C H and R died 1-28-1849 age 4-9-11
 Neal, Elizabeth, wife of Curtis died 2-14-1850 age 28-0-8

 Osborn, Ira B, son of James and Rachel
died 7-15-1845 age 2m 24 days
 Watt, Samuel son of Robert and Margaret died 2-6-1845 age 24 days

GRANDVIEW CEMETERY- Located in Urbana across from Oakdale Cemetery on state Rd 54 and has a mausoleum on it. Over the years, this mausoleum has been severely vandalized and has now become a safety hazard. The trustees of Urbana are trying to locate relatives or descendants of those whose bodies are in the mausoleum. They are making plans to tear it down either this spring or early next fall. Unless notified, those who are in the mausoleum will be buried in a plot in the Grandview Cemetery. The mausoleum hasn’t been in existence since 1968 when it was demolished.
OWEN, William 12/1/1885 age 49y
  OWEN, Mary, 1843-1939

HAZEL CEMETERY - On Ohio Routes 4 and 161 on Treacle Creek. Tombstones prior to 1900 read by DAR 1973.

HONEY CREEK BAPTIST CHURCH CEMETERY- North of the church on Elm Tree Road, one mile north of Christianburg, Jackson Township. Denise Kay Mahan Moore transcribed these stones. In this books she also includes  the Church membership records 1811-1894. The records also include deaths.  She has her books for sale. If you wish a look up (After you have not found the info in the database), you may contact me Sandi Koscak for  a look up. If you wish to purchase this book, contact Denise Moore. 1001 N Elm Tree Rd , St Paris, OH 43072  Recently Candy Gilliam walked the Cemetery and recorded the stones which include burials thru 2006. She has photos of the gravesites and will share if you contact her. Also can be found at FIND-A-GRAVE. Karen Heber also has this cemetery photographed through Oct 2016


HOPEWELL CEMETERY - Survey 5820 Union Township. Take route 29 from the town of Urbana to route 56; take route 56 to route 172. The cemetery is on the north side of the road back in a field. Although is is not used today it is fenced, but many of the stones have toppled over. There are numerous open graves where bodies have been disinterred and the graves left uncovered. Located on Brigner Rd
llison, Susan, w/o W died 8-5-1855 aged 51y1m28d
 Allison, Wilford, died 11-5-1867 age 68y7m4d
 Allison, Mary, w/o John born 5-13-1811 died 9-24-1880
 Allison, John, died 8-26-1865 aged 51y10m8d
 Alexander, Lydie, w/o Joseph O, died 6-5-1853 aged 24y0m29d
 Cummings, Mary, w/o L , died 10-2-1853 aged 57y0m16d
 Dellow, Joseph A died 8/-/1844 age 21y
 Downs, John N died   __17-1849 aged 33y7m14d
 Downs, Electry A died 1842
 Downs, Pearl dau of G W & Gordon died 8/10/1867, aged 60y1m17d
 Groves, Hannah, w/o John died 3-12-1844 aged 44y1m6d
 Groves, Henry died 3-23-1847 aged 19y ___m 11d
 Gordon, Pearl, son of G.W & M died 1-10-1865 aged 6m3d
 Gordon, Wichia, wife of John died 3/1/1841 aged 41y
 Harbert, J Druscilla, wife of J H, died 11-18-1847 aged 41y
 Laferty, Mary, w/o Saul  died 8-2-1848 aged 63y
 Longbreak, ____, son of A.L & D, died 3-19-1832 aged 1y8m7d
 McWilliams, Jonathan, son of C & T died 4/13/1861  (no age)
 Ott, John, son of Abraham and Nancy died 10-22-1849 aged 9y3mo
 Ott, John J born 5-5-1830 died 11-19-1869
 Ott, Sallie May, dau of J J & L D  (not legible)
 Poland, Jane, w/o Absalom, died 6-13-1852 aged 24y8m0d
 Stevenson, Peter, died 9-27-1856 aged 57y
 Thomas, Richard, died 12-9-1861 aged 21y5m0d
 Thomas, Effisette, dau of A B & L I b 1835 died 1/30/1859
 Washington, Arsing, dau of W & E died 1-10-1859 aged _y 7m 0d
 Washington, Nancy, d/o W & E died 12-18-1858 aged 15d
 Washington, Harriet, d/o W & E born 5-10-1849 died 5-22-1868
 Zoll, Archibald, son of J & C no markings
 Zoll, Catherine, wife of Jacob died 10-15-1860 aged 35y7m0d
 Zoll, Mary, wife of James (not legible)

Westside of Elm Tree Road, south of Old Troy Pike; S23 T3 R11. Jackson Twp, Southwest of St Paris (microfilmed by FHL)

 WELLS, Captain William, US Soldier War of 1812  d 9/7/1843 age 75y
 HUDDLESTON, William , Sr died 8/24/1822 about 55y

 IDLE, John died 11-24-1878 97y10m9d
 IDLE, Mary, wife of John died 1-12-1842 age 57y8m11d
 IDLE, Elizabeth, dau of John and Mary died 8-26-1828 aged 21y8m24d

JAMES CEMETERY- Urbana City (@1850-1856)
Near SW corner of Hagenbuch and Oakland Streets. (Old lot 500) on a knoll about 500 ft NW of the old greenhouses of Murphy & Sons. Bodies were removed to Oak Dale Cemetery in 1856

LYONS CEMETERY is situated in section 14 of Johnson Twp. A topopgraphic map "Saint Paris Quadrangle, Ohio -Champaign County, 7.5 Minute Series" places this cemetery in the curve of the railroad, about mid way between Ward Road and Smith Road. This is the family plot of Christian Lyons. The graveyard is landlocked.

MILLER CEMETERY Located in the northwest quarter of Section 32 Concord Twp. It is on the north side of the Miller-Eris Road, one-half mile east of Millersport. It is fenced and overgrown.

MILLER, John T d 9-21-1870 aged 82y3m26d
MILLER, Barbara, wife of John Miller died 7-2-1871 aged 80-11-14
COMER, Elizabeth, dau of B & B A died 10/17/1843 age 14d

South of Carysville in Adams Twp.  Located to the east of State Road 235 amid a grove of trees.  (Southwest part of Section 29) 17 miles northwest of Urbana. It is about nine acres in size.
 It is nicely located and well kept. Many graves have been moved from the Mt Pleasant Cemetery to the Rosedale Cemetery. Denise Kay Mahan Moore transcribed these stones
. She has her books for sale. If you wish a look up (After you have not found the info in the database), you may contact me Sandi Koscak for  a look up. If you wish to purchase this book, contact Denise Moore. 1001 N Elm Tree Rd , St Paris, OH 43072 . Karen Heber has photographed this cemetery through Oct 2016 and has compared the stones with plat maps and interment records. Please contact her for photo and info on her new book. See SOME at FIND-A-GRAVE

RUSK CEMETERY is located in section 22 of Johnson Twp, along the border of Adams Twp. The graveyard is a plot of the John Rusk Family.

SNAPP CEMETERY-no longer exists, having been moved or lost- Shown on 1874 atlas on land of Rhinard Snapp's heirs, Fueston Road, north of Runkle Road; S11 T3 R11

STEINBERGER-LOCKARD CEMETERY located in Mad River Twp south of Westville
LOCKARD, Mary Ann dau of William and Elizabeth LOCKARD d 5-12-1849 14y4m24d
 STEENBARGER, George, son of Elias & Nancy died 4-1836 aged 3y
 STEENBARGER, Harrison, son of Elias & Nancy died 12-1845 aged 5mo
 STEENBARGER, Emily, wife of Elias died 2-25-1847 aged 31y
 STEENBARGER, Elias died 4-30-1847 no age

THOMAS CEMETERY- no longer exist, having been moved or lost- Shown on 1874 atlas on land of W. R. Thomas, east of Rhodehamel Road, north of Old Troy Pike; S9 T3 R11.

The Saint Paris Quadrangle, Ohio- Champaign County, 7.5 Minute Series of 1961 indicates that this cemetery is located in Section 1 of Johnson Twp. Other sources indicate the plot might be located in the adjoining section of 31 in Concord Twp. Acreage in both of these section were owned by Lemuel Norman. The graveyard is probably the Norman Family Plot.

An abandoned cemetery located in Adams Twp. ON Sept 19 1982 this cemetery was copied by Stanley and Catherine Guey, Mary Mahan, and Denise Kay Mahan Moore. Denise has her books for sale. If you wish a look up (After you have not found the info in the database), you may contact me
Sandi Koscak for  a look up. If you wish to purchase this book, contact Denise Moore. 1001 N Elm Tree Rd , St Paris, OH 43072

WARD CEMETERY Located in Johnson township, on Snapp Road, east of the defunct landing strip in Section 16. The site and the surrounding area are now in the possession of the State. The cemetery was the family plot of James and Mary Ward.


WILKINSON CEMETERY - On 24 March 1849, Asahel Wilkinson deeded a  one acre plot to the Trustees of Adams Twp to be used as a graveyard. This cemetery is located in the north west corner of the south east of Section 14. It is landlocked. 

WINN Cemetery Urbana Twp (@1822-1848)
3/8 mile North of County Line Road on West side of Prairie Road

WOLF Cemetery (1830-1850)
about 3/5 mile South of Rt 54 and 1/4 mile East of Prairie Road


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