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Kenton Memorial Cemetery


The Kenton Memorial Cemetery is located on the old Samson Talbot farm, southwest corner of Section 1, Concord Township, two miles west of the Urbana city limits, on Millerstown road, running due west.

The plot of ground was donated in 1810, to the surrounding community by Samson Talbot, the second permanent set- tier of Concord Township (1802). The cemetery itself is rather small, being some one-hundred feet long, and only about fifty feet in width. The grounds are fenced in with iron railing. Barbed wire has been stretched between the rails, thus keeping out livestock and other large animals that might prove destructive. In the center of the burial ground is a large red marble me- modal monument that was erected by the present immediate families, whose rela­tives have been buried there.

The inscriptions upon the marble markers can be read without much trouble, and taking into consideration that most of the graves are over one-hundred years old, the place is not in such a bad condition.

Within the cemetery axe buried the deceased of three principal families, the Kentons, the Arrowsmiths, and the Talbots. These families all settled in Concord Township at about the same time, and soon all became related through intermarriage.

There are several very historically interesting tombstones to be found in the little burial ground. From the standpoint of historical interest, the Kenton memorial Cemetery is one of the most valuable points of interest in Champaign County.

(From CCGS Newsletter Dec 2004 Vol 20 No 4, from WPA Writers Project J W Stoll, Editor Mar 13, 1941

Source: Champaign County Cemeteries VOL I Compiled 1955 Urbana Chapter DAR. Copied by Mrs Edgel Lutz, Mrs Carl Pooler, Mrs John Summers, Mrs Nelson Stallsmith and Mrs Charles Russell. Posted with permission of Urbana Chapter DAR. NOTE concerning DAR readings from Karen Heber: DAR was tasked with certain things to identify.  They normally did not write down children, infants or single individuals.  Their objective was married people and those who served in the military.  That is why many of the readings differ so drastically from other readings done later.  However, some of the DAR representatives “read the whole cemetery”.  Again, they did not use interment or lot records and were subjective at their writings. Please be aware there are dozens of inaccuracies and dis-information from these readings.

GIBBS, Hugh died Feb 2, 1866 aged 76yrs
EBY, Julia, wife of John died July 12, 1862  aged _____
KENTON, William died May 21, 1822  aged 85 yrs
ARROWSMITH, Warren, son of Miller & Celinda died July 30, 1812 aged 1yr
ARROWSMITH, Samuel son of Ezekiel & Elizabeth aged 3 yrs
ANDERSON, Vincent  Soldier in the War of 1812
TALBOT, Samson died Jan 5, 1846 aged 79y1m8d
TALBOT, Ann wife of Samson died Oct 9, 1829 aged 51yrs
CUSTAR, Arnold died Feb 14, 1860 aged 73y9m17d
CUSTAR, Elizabeth wife of Arnold died Nov 26, 1846 aged 57y6m6d
STRETCH, William died Jan 15, 1818
STRETCH, Jemima, wife of Wm. died _____ aged 67yrs
THOMAS, Mariah M dau of A & C died Aug 10, 1818 aged 10y9m13d
THOMAS, John C, son of J.S. & E. died Dec 10, 1850 aged 4days
SCHOOLEY, Mary E, dau of W & T, died Aug 11, 1832 aged 8 yrs
MURPHY, Martin died Sep 17, 1852
ARROWSMITH, Ezekiel died May 1, 1819 in the 79th year of his life
ARROWSMITH, Elizabeth, wife of Ezekiel died April 19, 1867 in 90th yr of her life
HALLER, William died Dec 2, 1880 aged 79y3m27d
HALLER, Sarah, wife of Wm. died Aug 3, 1835  aged 33y9m7d
HALLER, June, wife of Wm. died Aug 25, 1851 aged 38y 11m 18d
KENTON, Jonathan died July 12, 1840 aged 22y11m8d
KENTON, Susannah died Sep 13, 1858  aged 64y3m0d
KENTON, Mark died May 6, 1851 aged 63y4m11d
McVAY, Asa M died May 2, 1855 aged 26yrs
McVAY, Cephus died May 18, 1854 aged 49yrs
WADE, James H son of John & C died Mar 29, 1849 aged 14yrs
TAYLOR, John R, son of Samuel died Jan 15, 1843 aged 24y11m28d
PHILLIPS, mary, dau of Elijah & Hannah , wife of James GILLESPIE d. July 14, 1826 aged 51yrs
CARAWAY, John died Jan 22, 1860 was in 82nd yr of his life
WIREMAN, Mary, born Oct 28, 1796 died June 28, 1865
WIREMAN, Benjamin F born Mar 24, 1799 died Aug 29, 1880
ARROWSMITH, Mason died April 9, 1880 in the 75th yr of life
ARROWSMITH, Margaret, wife of Mason died June 6, 1836 aged 26yrs
CHANDLER, Margaret, wife of Wm- widow of Goerge PURCEL d. Apr 19, 1855 aged 100yrs
OLIVER, Mildred, wife of Peter, died Aug 16, 1852  aged 98yrs
TALBOT, Samuel born May 30, 1810 died Sept 10, 1822
TALBOT, Demovil born May 30, 1810 died July 27, 1880
RUSSELL, Celia, dau of Samson & Jane KENTON born Aug 26, 1804 died Mar 3, 1893*
*Note of "wrong date" underlined.

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