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Located in Concord township, east of Crayon. Source: Champaign County Cemeteries VOL I Compiled 1955 Urbana Chapter DAR. Copied by Mrs Edgel Lutz, Mrs Carl Pooler, Mrs John Summers, Mrs Nelson Stallsmith and Mrs Charles Russell. Posted with permission of Urbana Chapter DAR. (West or east beginning on North side)
NOTE concerning DAR readings from Karen Heber:
DAR was tasked with certain things to identify.  They normally did not write down children, infants or single individuals.  Their objective was married people and those who served in the military.  That is why many of the readings differ so drastically from other readings done later.  However, some of the DAR representatives “read the whole cemetery”.  Again, they did not use interment or lot records and were subjective at their writings. Please be aware there are dozens of inaccuracies and dis-information from these readings.

BATES, Rutha wife of David died Dec 11, 1854 aged about 75 yrs
LOWRY, Mirah died Mar 18 1865 aged 12y9m9d
ADAMS, Isaac son of L & Susan died Jan 6, 1855 29y8m21d
ADAMS, Mary dau of L & Susan died Feb 19, 1852 aged 31y10m8d
GRIFFIN, Mary A died Mar 13, 1862 69yr
ADAMS, Susan wife of L. died Sep 1, 1860 aged 60 yrs
GATOR, Mary L dau of J & M.A. died June 21, 1868  8m3d
GATOR, Margaaret A wife of J. died July 19, 1886 52y1m19d
BUNKER, Freman, Co C 13th Ohio Inf
CLARK, Marques died May 18, 1851  78y 2m
CLARK, Mary wife of Marcus died Nov 21, 1820 aged 42y2m22d
HALL, Randolph son of J & S died Sept 3 1827 aged 2y5m25d
HALL, Angelinah dau of J & S died Sept 23, 1827 aged 1m2d
HALL, Levi son of J & S died June 8, 1832 aged 1y5m19d
HALL, Walter son of J & S died May 28, 1839 aged 1y6m4d
HALL, Philena dau of J & S died Nov 4, 1847 aged 1y5m7d
HALL, John Wesley, son of J & S died in Danville KY Mar 24, 1863
member OH 45 Reg 19y15d
HALL, Judith, dau of John & S died June 8, 1863 aged 21y2m21d
HALL, Sallie, wife of John born Aug 29, 1805 died July 25, 1869
HALL, John born Mar 19, 1798 died May 15, 1877
BOWEN, Pelina wife of james died June 28 1837 aged 26y8m
KISER, Elijah born Dec 12 1819 died Sep 12, 1901
KISER, Elizabeth J born Dec 8, 1825 died Mar 2, 1905
KISER, C H born Jan 4, 1850 died April 13, 1895
KISER, Jacob K died Feb 22, 1882 aged 35y5m29d
KISER, John K died mar 30, 1855  9m17d
KISER, Carson died Feb 27, 1848 aged 22d
KISER, Abraham S, son of B.W. & J.A. died June 14, 1866 1y23d
KISER, Annie M G dau of B.W. and J.A. died April 1, 1872  5m15d
KISER, Jacob died Nov 16, 1845 50y2m19d
KISER, Catherine wife of Jacob died April 17, 1877 aged 77y17d
KISER, Rheuhanna died May 15, 1888 aged 55y1m10d
KISER, Julia Ann born Oct 8, 1841 died Mar 7, 1876  aged 34y5m1d
KISER, Benjamin W 1835-1918
FORD, Sallie F  1861-1864
FORD, J Harry - Lodge # 253  1860-1886
SMAIL, Nancy E 1859-1891
WILSON, Mary , wife of J. died June 9, 1884 aged 69y6m9d
WILSON, James S died Aug 27, 1881 aged 70y2m22d
SMAIL, Samuel died April 29, 1887 aged 63y9m19d
KISER, William, son of W.C. & Mary 1897-1899
CLARK, Matilda died June 3, 1879 aged 58y2m19d
CLARK, Reuben died April 1, 1884 aged 88y11m28d
CLARK, Lemuel died June 17, 1862 aged 37y1m4d
HUMPHREYS, Nancy DAVIS, dau of John & Mary died April 1880 aged 30y
HUMPHREY, Mary, wife of John died Feb 2, 1834 aged 68yr
CLARK, Mary, wife of Reuben died Oct 13, 1855 aged 57y10m19d
DANIEL, John died May 7, 1849 aged 75y11m11d
TIPTON, Thomas died Oct 7, 1841 aged 111. He was a soldier of thr Rev
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