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Located in Adams township northwest of Springhills.

Source: Champaign County Cemeteries VOL I I Compiled 1955 Urbana Chapter DAR. Copied by Mrs Edjel Lutz, Mrs Carl Pooler and Mrs Charles E Russell. Posted with permission of Urbana Chapter DAR. NOTE concerning DAR readings from Karen Heber: DAR was tasked with certain things to identify.  They normally did not write down children, infants or single individuals.  Their objective was married people and those who served in the military.  That is why many of the readings differ so drastically from other readings done later.  However, some of the DAR representatives “read the whole cemetery”.  Again, they did not use interment or lot records and were subjective at their writings. Please be aware there are dozens of inaccuracies and dis-information from these readings.

CAMPBELL, Lettice died July 5, 1842 aged 96yrs
CHESTER, Amos died June 16, 1884 aged 69y6m3d
CHESTER, infant son of N. & E. died June 29, 1869 (no age)
CLAY, Thomas E   died July 3, 1852 aged 27y10m10d
CORNELL, Mary  died Feb 29, 1844 aged 21y
CRETCHER, Margaret M  wife of Benjamin  died Aoct 16, 1868 aged 39y7m27d
CUMMINS, Charles W son of B.M. & S. E.  died April 5, 1878  aged 8m
CUMMINS, Claude, son of M.L. & F. C. died Nov 7, 1883   (no age)
CUMMINS, Elizabeth, wife of B.M. died Mar 3, 1881 aged 29y1m23d
CUMMINS, George W, son of T. & B. died Sep 29, 1865 aged 23y7m7d
CUMMINS, Rebecca, wife of T  died Feb 2, 1886  aged 77y3m5d
CUMMINS, Thomas died July 14, 1871  aged 63y11m21d
FIELDER, Charles died Aug 28, 1823 aged 45y2m29d
FIELDER, James died Aug 11, 1877 aged 72y6m20d
FIELDER, Matilda, wife of James died Aoct 23, 1870 aged 64y
FLEMING, mary died April 8, 1858 aged 60y3m21d
HAMER(?), Collins, son of W.M. died Sep 30, 1847 aged 18y10m23d
HAMER, Elisa Ann CURL died Mar 2, 1903 aged 77y8m11d
HAMER, Elizabeth, dau of Wm & E.A. died Aug 23, 1860  aged 5y7m29d
HAMER, Elizabeth, wife of Joseph b Oct 28, 1828 d. Nov 23, 1904
HAMER, John, son of Wm & E.A. died May 26, 1853 aged 11m
HAMER, John T, son of J & E., died Nov 24, 1869 aged 4y4m7d
HAMER, Joseph L, son of Wm & E.A. died Augf 22, 1851  aged 2y8m20d
HAMER, Joseph   Dec 5, 1830 - July 24, 1899
HAMER, Margaret, dau of Wm & E.A. died Aug 15, 1851 aged 10m
HAMER, Margarett, wife of Wm  died Feb 28, 1871 aged 73y3m14d
HAMER, Margery   July 21, 1829 - April 29, 1897
HAMER, Mary E dau of W.M., wife of C.S. D. SHAUAN died Aug 10, 1879 aged 28y4m16d
HAMER, Matilda, dau of Wm & E. A died Sep 4, 1860 aged 4y
HAMER, Sarah J, wife of D.  died Mar 31, 1864 aged 24y11m23d
HAMER, Washinton  Mar 12, 1820 - Mar 12, 1898
HAMER, Wm, son of J. & E.  died Feb 16, 1855 aged 2y
HAMER, Wm, died Feb 14, 1863  aged 73y
HAMER, William died April 18, 1885 aged 63y5m20d
HAMMOND, Submit, wife of N. died Aug 31, 1867 aged 64y VIEW 2     Submitted by Barbara Henry
HAMMOND, Nathan, died Feb 1, 1850  aged 18y
HINES, Franklin P died April 18, 1877 aged 21y1m25d
HURST, Christian died Feb 8, 1895 aged 76y9m26d
HUSTON, James  died Nov 29, 1872 aged 79y4m25d
HUSTON, Mary, wife of Paul died Oct 7, 1872  aged 71y1m26d
HUSTON, Paul  died April 13, 1868  aged 81y9m12d
HUSTON, Samuel  died Dec 31, 1883  aged 73y
KENT, Joseph died Feb 19, 1881  aged 83y6m11d
KESSLER, nathan, son of C.E. & S.C. died Aug 24, 1851 aged 3y7m3d
KING, mary A, wife of Christian died Feb 17, 1849 aged 20y8m2d
LEACH, Ellen, wife of John died July 24, 1864  aged 75y9m6d
LEACH, John died Dec 6, 1860 aged 68y11m5d
LEACH, John F son of J & A died Aug 19, 1866 aged 1y1m9d
LEACH, Mary, wife of Sam died May 24, 1852 aged 60y11m24d
LEACH, Rosana died Mar 17, 1850 aged 29y
LEE, Mary, wife of Wm died Aug 6, 1822 aged 52y
LEE, Samuel died Oct 23, 1853  aged 58y
LEE, Susan , wife of Wm died March 1830  aged 42y
LEE, William died Aug 31, 1844 aged 80y2m17d
MACKEY, Jane wife of Wm T died Aug 7 1854 aged 29y5m28d
MARSHALL, Elisabeth, wife of Hugh died April 19, 1879 aged 70y
MELHORN, Hester died Dec 26, 1879 aged 86y
MELHORN, Margaret, wife of Michael died mar 8, 1887 aged 85y11m6d
MELHORN, Mary, wife of Rudolph died April 23, 1889 aged 35y
MELHORN, Michael died Nov 8, 1873 aged 87y
MELHORN, Rudolph   Jan 12, 1837 - Mar 8, 1906
MELHORN, Sarah, dau of Hester died July 1, 1870 aged 48y
MOOTS, Artenecy, dau of Charles & Mary died Aug 26, 1836 aged 14y
MOOTS, Charles, son of Conrad & Comfort died Jly 9, 1846 aged 8m
MOOTS, Charles died Dec 30, 1828  aged 35y3m5d
MOOTS, Comfort, wife of Conrad died Sep 26, 1846 aged 26y
MOOTS, Mary, wife of Charles died Nov 12, 1836 aged 42y
NICOLS, Benjamin died Jan 7, 1857 aged 72y
NICOLS, Mary, wife of Benjamin died April 28, 1840 aged 68
POLK, Sarah J, wife of Robert died Dec 17, 1858 aged 36y2m25d
REX, Minnie, dau of A.G. & E.V. Sep 11, 1896 5m
SHAWAN, Carrie A, dau of C.S.D & M.R(?) died Aug 1, 1879 aged 4y7m11d
SPELLMAN, Catharine, wife of Wm died Aug 23, 1851 aged 24y6m23d
STEWART, Charles died Aug 9, 1836 aged 42y11m26d
STEWART, Cora M , dau of M.K. & M. C. died July 28, 1875 aged 11m
STEWART, Joseph died July 27, 1871 aged 53y11m16d
STEWART, Mary, wife of C. died Nov 4, 1877 aged 81y
STEWART, Mary A, wife of Jos. (Jas.?) died July 2, 1849 aged 31y7m27d
STEWART, Samuel died Aug 15, 1851 aged 11y2m7d
STRAYER, Elisabeth Catharine, dau of D. & E. died Sep 18, 1831 aged 11y
STRAYER, Emiline, wife of Nicholas died Oct 19, 1839 (age not readable)
STRAYER, Samuel D, son of J & D.A. died Aug 7, 1851  aged 1y
WALKER, John died Nov 2 1862 aged 72y11m2d
YODER, Jonathan D died Nov 14, 1896 aged 53y5m13d


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