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In Adams Township near the junction of State Road 29 and 245 east of Rosewood. It has become overgrown from lack of care, and Denise Moore indicates it was difficult to find the stones.  She has her books for sale. If you wish to purchase this book, contact Denise Moore. P O Box 752,  Gautier, MS 39553. This Cemetery was also transcribed in Champaign County Cemeteries VOL II by the Urbana Chapter DAR 1955. The following transcriptions were the ones that are NOT found by Denise and published in her book, but located by the DAR. )There were obviously many stones in 1955 standing that were not still there when Denise did her book.) NOTE concerning DAR readings from Karen Heber: DAR was tasked with certain things to identify.  They normally did not write down children, infants or single individuals.  Their objective was married people and those who served in the military.  That is why many of the readings differ so drastically from other readings done later.  However, some of the DAR representatives “read the whole cemetery”.  Again, they did not use interment or lot records and were subjective at their writings. Please be aware there are dozens of inaccuracies and dis-information from these readings.


UPDATE TO THIS CEMETERY (June 22 2010 Karen Heber)

The Haltermans are not the current property owners.  This is an inactive cemetery.  The cemetery is landlocked with a road crossing thru their property.  The land owners prefer to grant access across their property. This cemetery was cleaned up and the markers which were down on the ground were piled onto a large monument for easier mowing.  Since no one had a plat map and the markers piled in mostly one section it is impossible to identify where they are actually interred. For Halterman Cemetery there is a discrepancy at the actual ownership. There were a couple of deed transfers to different people of this cemetery over the years, so Karen may have to contact several descendants of the deed owners,  but she has not been able to currently identify who owns it as of 1-Jun-2010.


ARGABRIGHT, Joseph  1853-1912
BOWERS, John  1847-1901
BOWERS, Joseph  died July 14, 1868  aged 32y3m3d
BRICKER, Isaac  1828-1908
BRICKER, Martha wife of Isaac  1837-1904
CLARK, Sarah J, wife of Lewis died Nov 9, 1860  aged 37y4m15d
CLARY(?) Nancy, wife of John died Jan 20, 1865 aged 26y5m16d
COMER, Briant died Nov 20, 1861 aged 39y9m11d
CONNER, Amanda E, wife of J.R. died Sep 24, 1863 aged 24y5m6d
CONNER, Clara A, wife of Thomas died Nov 20, 1889  aged 78y9m10d
CONNER, John, son of T & Ruth died Sep 27, 1865 aged 23y5m13d
CONNER, Thomas died Aug 10, 1889 aged 80y11m6d
EATON, Mary, wife of Thos died June 26, 1873 aged 67y
EATON, Mary E, grdau of T & M EATON  died July 2, 1873 aged 16y
EATON, Nancy , dau of T & M died July 8, 1890 aged 68
EATON, Thomas died Apr 6, 1884 aged 82y (6?)
EATON, Wm S  1870-1919
EVERETT, Mary A, wife of J. died Dec 30, 1873 aged 63y8m18d
FORD, Rebecca, wife of Christopher died May 10, 1864 aged 31y
HALL, German   Jan 9, 1809 - May 28, 1890
HALL, James  June 11, 1843 - 1863
HALL, John died Sep 24, 1831  aged 9m
HALL, Leah, Mar 3, 1819 - April 11, 1900
HALL, Ruth  died June 17, 1868 aged 56y
HALTERMAN, Anna, dau of S & E. died 1856 age 2y
HALTERMAN, Eli  died Nov 8, 1855 aged 32y7m16d
HALTERMAN, Elizabeth, wife of George died April 2, 1838 aged 39y
HALTERMAN, Elizabeth, wife of S. died July 22, 1908  aged 80y8m12d
HALTERMAN, George died Jan 17, 1867  aged 73y6m6d
HALTERMAN, Mary, wife of Peter died Mar 25, 1870 aged 75y
HALTERMAN, Peter died Dec 6, 1855 aged 59y2m9d
HARNER, Elizabeth E, wife of Albert S & dau of Erastus & Grace MARTZ died June 8, 1877 aged 28y
HARRIS, Reuben  died Jan 9, 1865 aged 72y3m18d
HARRIS, Ruth died May 24, 1877 aged 86y9m4d
HUNT, Emeline  Feb 1, 1823 - Aug 31, 1908
HUNT, Isaac W  Mar 20, 1814 - Feb 24, 1893
HUNT, Julia, wife of John N died Feb 11, 1865 aged 37y
HOUSEMAN, Mary E wife of C.  died June 12, 1881 aged 36y7m16d
JENKS, Flora wife of Samuel died Jan 27, 1881 aged 23y2m17d
LOOKER, James A  1875-1903
LOOKER, Marion F  1866-1902
MARTZ, Gladys dau of N & Mary E. died June 20, 1874 aged 1y7m8d
MARTZ, Hiram L, son of F.J & N.A. died Sep 30, 1873 aged 1y
MARTZ, Temperance, wife of B.N. died Nov 23, 1873  aged 63y2m8d
McCROSKY, Levina, wife of Samuel  died Dec 1, 1890  aged 69y6m29d
McCROSKY, Samuel died Aug 29, 1882  aged 76y7m20d
McINTIRE, Rosanah  died May 15, 1890 aged 22y6m14d
NEWCOMB, Jane, wife of Joseph died Mar 28, 1856  aged 66y11m28d
NEWCOMB, Joseph died Feb 3, 1867 aged 84y4m22d
NEWCOMB, nathaniel  Aug 1, 1814 - April, 1844
OGDEN, John C  died Mar 4, 1879 aged 89y11m12d
O'NEAL, Margaret dau of T & M EATON died Dec 12, 1877 aged 49y
PICKERING, Jenny Lind dau of J.S. & E. died Feb 3, 1869 aged 8y1m11d
PINE, Josie Belle , dau of J.F. & C.R. died Aug 7, 1901 aged 19y
REED, Vandiver, son of V.G. & J died Sep 6, 1860 aged 2y9m21d
RITTER, Sarah Emily died Jan 7, 1874 aged 22y10m6d
SPENCER, mary J, wife of thomas died Aug 11, 1870  aged 22y
TERRELL, Alexander  June 12, 1820 - Nov 3, 1858
TERRELL, Huldy, wife of M. died Mar 1821  (no age)
TERRELL, James  Mar 1, 1819 - April 3, 1819
TERRELL, Margaret, wife of William  Aug 22, 1797 - July 11, 1860
TERRELL, Mathew  1777-1824
TERRELL, William  Jan 5, 1798 - Sep 9, 1888
WOOLEY, Tylee  died Oct 23, 1870  aged 78y8m3d

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