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Grafton Cemetery


Located in Jackson Township on Old Troy Pike, two miles north of Thackery on the south borderline of Section 3, Jackson Twp, (SE of St Paris) on about one acre of ground. The first burial is unknown due to the fact that many of the old markers have gone to pieces. However, old persons acquainted with the cemetery state that they remember markers dating back as early as 1814. The cemetery is in excellent condition and several new burials are made every year. It is one of the few private community cemeteries of Champaign County that still remains active. (microfilmed & microfiched by FHL)

This cemetery was also directly related to a church.  The Grafton Methodist Episcopal Church.  This Church was organized in 1838, with members mostly from the Grafton Family.  The land for the church and the cemetery were donated by the Grafton family

Source:Champaign County Cemeteries VOL I I Compiled 1955 Urbana Chapter DAR. Copied by Mrs Blanche Johnston, Mrs Carl Pooler, and Mr and  Mrs Charles Russell. Posted with permission of Urbana Chapter DAR.
NOTE concerning DAR readings from Karen Heber:
DAR was tasked with certain things to identify.  They normally did not write down children, infants or single individuals.  Their objective was married people and those who served in the military.  That is why many of the readings differ so drastically from other readings done later.  However, some of the DAR representatives “read the whole cemetery”.  Again, they did not use interment or lot records and were subjective at their writings. Please be aware there are dozens of inaccuracies and dis-information from these readings.


ALLEN, Benjamin P son of Eli & Elizabeth 1/4/1853 15d
DORSEY, Charles (Rev War Soldier) 7/14/1811 53y
FAULKNER, Dr J 10/15/1861 32-1-11
GAINES, Margarette dau of M.T & Ann 11/18/1852 1y
GRAFTON, Amanda 9/26/1859 30-10-20
GRAFTON, Amos C 12/13/1851 33-10-23
GRAFTON, Ezra ( Co G 66th OVI) 5/19/1862 25-5-20
GRAFTON, Hester, wife  of Thomas 12/18/1838 76y
GRAFTON, Isiah 2/24/1859 28-9-29
GRAFTON, Jethro 12/27/1860 21-2-11
GRAFTON, J L W 1/2/1876 71-9-12
GRAFTON, John D 2/24/1870 27y
GRAFTON, Margaret H, wife of Thomas J 4/15/1890 86-8-6
GRAFTON, Mary 6/10/1874 67y
GRAFTON, Thomas (Rev War Soldier) 8/12/1851 91y
GRAFTON, Thomas B 5/5/1858 24-5-5
GRAFTON, Thomas J 6/28/1864 58y

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