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 AKA Walnut Grove
 AKA North Lewisburg Cemetery


Source: Champaign County Cemeteries VOL I I Compiled 1955 Urbana Chapter DAR. Copied by Mrs Edgel Lutz, & Mrs Carl Pooler. Posted with permission of Urbana Chapter DAR. Located in Rush township in the town of North Lewisburg.  

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NOTE concerning DAR readings from Karen Heber:
DAR was tasked with certain things to identify.  They normally did not write down children, infants or single individuals.  Their objective was married people and those who served in the military.  That is why many of the readings differ so drastically from other readings done later.  However, some of the DAR representatives “read the whole cemetery”.  Again, they did not use interment or lot records and were subjective at their writings. Please be aware there are dozens of inaccuracies and dis-information from these readings.
 Names have been added to this list from Linda Ellis who personally walked the cemetery. Those names or dates listed with an (*) were added or corrected by Linda. She can be contacted at

AUDAS, Martha wife of Wm died Sep 8, 1846  aged 37y3m2d
AUDAS, Wm   Dec 5, 1800 - Mar 31, 1867
APPLE, Harrison, Co, H 66th Ohio Inf  Co H 66th OVI died 10/11/1885* (GAR Briney Post #293)
APPLE, Wm   Co, H 66th Ohio Inf  died 7/3/1872 *
ATCHINSON, Hannah  Jan 7, 1812 - Jan 21, 1873 oss/w Epps
BELTZ, Charles E  died Oct 14, 1872 aged 5y6m21d
BELTZ, Wm H died Dec 6, 1874 aged 10m9d
BERRY, Delmore, son of J.D. & S.E. died June 11, 1883 aged 23yrs oss/w Jane Stokes
BISHOP, Emma F dau of H. & M. A. died Feb 6, 1865 aged 1yr23d oss/w Spain
BISHOP, Henry died April 25, 1880 age 49yrs2m oss/w Spain
BISHOP, William A son of H & M.A. died Sep 2, 1863 aged 7y7m26d oss/w Spain
BOWER, Elisabeth, wife of Frank died May 9, 1881 aged 20y10m2d
BUSH, "Little" George, son of H. N. & L died Jan 11, 1881 age 6m3d *
BUTCHER, Ella Inez, dau of J.M. & Nancy died Jan 31, 1857 aged 1y5m3d*
BUTCHER, John  1816-1891
BUTCHER, Nancy J  1823-1898 (oss/w John)
BUTCHER, J.M. died Dec 1, 1865 aged 28y ** See below
CALLENDAR, Anna  died April 21, 1867 aged 23y (Nee Butcher)
CALLENDAR, Hannah, wife of J. I. died July 20, 1879 aged 56y8m15d
*CALLENDAR, Mary E dau of John I & Hannah died 5/1/1864 aged 6y 6m 4d
CHAPEL, D. died April 18, 1869 aged 51yrs
CHAPEL, Julius, son of A. & J. died Dec 1, 1863 aged 16y 5m 7d
CHAPEL, Miles A, son of D. & M. died Mar 22, 1867 aged 22y11m18d
*CHAPPELL, Charlie, son of G.W. & A.A. died Mar 31, 1887 aged 20days (stone inside iron fence)
COOKSEY, Catharine, wife of J.H. died Sep 26, 1872 aged 49y10m9d (39-10-9)*
COWLES, Ettie Bell , dau of S.B. & N.L. died June 19, 1869 age 5y1m29d
EATON, Martha, wife of Silas   no dates, stone broken off where dates appear. died 1891 aged 69y*
ECKLES, James died May 20, 1871 age 28yrs 17d*
EPPS, Amy A  Aug 27, 1839 - Jan 3, 1879 oss/w Atchinson
EPPS, Laura J, dau of  N.F. & L.E. died Mar 30, 1876 aged 4y11m5d oss/w Atchinson
EPPS, Willie, son of A.M. & J. died Mar 26, 1872  9m1d*
*EPPS, Charlie  4/5/1862-10/13/1874
*EPPS, Guy oss/w Atchinson 2/17/1867-4/15/1871
EVANS, Amos, son of Charles E & F.J. died Jan 20, 1875 aged 10y10m21d
*EVANS, Charles E Co "C" 132nd Reg OVI 3/26/1839-5/10/1888
EVANS, Emma K, dau of Charles E & F.J. died June 27, 1879 aged 12y1m21d
FISHER, Isaiah, son of L.  Oct 30, 1872 - July 18, 1873
FISHER, John E, son of Jacob & Mary died Aug 11, 1876 aged 9y8m17d
FOSTER, Elisabeth Ann, wife of Dr. H.G. died June 10, 1855 aged 28y8m10d
FOSTER, Hannah C, wife of Dr. H.G died Mar 5, 1869  aged 30y7m17d
*FOSTER, Dr Henry 9/6/1815-3/25/1872* oss/w Robert L
*FOSTER, Robert L son of Dr H C 4/13/1851-10/21/1871 oss/w Dr Henry
GOOD, Mary E, wife of J.W.  Jan 21, 1845* - April 25, 1883 (1/21/1843)*
HOLYCROSS, Nancy wife of Wm died Nov 16, 1878  aged 66y1m15d
HOLYCROSS, William died mar 1, 1871 aged 63y1m12d
*HOLYCROSS, Infant son of D W and E N  died 8/6/1881 (?)  unreadable*
HUNTER, Mary M, wife of J.N.   June 3, 1838 - Sep 30, 1875
*HUNTER, Pearle A son of J F & M M  9/2/1875-7/31/1876*
JENKINS, Rosella, dau of I. & M. died April 18, 1879  age 7y11m28d
*JENKINS, JOnathan B son of J & F died 5/23/1869 2y3m12d
*JOHNSTON, B died 6/20/1875 63y2m23d*
*JONES, Loda (?) 1843-7/2/1872* Co "D" 13th OVI
KIRK, Hannah, wife of Levi died April 2, 1874 age 62yrs
*KIRK, Levi, 7/11/1817-10/21/1871*
LEISTER, Addie, wife of L.O & dau of C.W. & C.A.LOWE died July 26, 1879 aged 28y2m21d
*LOWE, Adaline  wife of O W 1828-1893*
*LOWE, O W 5/30/1821-12/2/1886*
LOWE, Charles J, son of O.W. & C.A.died July 7, 1871 aged 21y1m18d
LOWE, Eddie H son of O.W. & C.A. died Feb 8, 1869  aged 14y11m4d
LOWE, Willie, son of O.W. & C.A. died Sep 25, 1868 aged 8y11m12d
*LOWE, Clara B dau of O W & C A died 3/25/1866 3m25d*
McBRIDE, Elizabeth M  Aug 31, 1791 - Mar 17, 1872
*McBRIDE, Louisa 1794-1874*
McBRIDE, Mariah  Jan 3, 1794 - Feb 12, 1874
McBRIDE, Rhoda  Oct 2, 1778 - April 3, 1856
McBRIDE, Zilphan  Oct 26, 1806* - Sep 11, 1869 (10/26/1800)*
McCLUNG, Martha M wife of Isaac died Nov 20, 1873 aged _____ born 2/17/1846*
MEEK, Jasper A, son of J.F. & E. A died Nov 17, 1871 aged 1y11m29d
MEEK, Mary A, dau of J.F. & E. A died 1874 aged 1y11m29d*
*MEEK, Alley & Dolley children of (unreadable) on same stone  no dates*
MILLER, Edna M, dau of Jas T & Alice died Aug 1, 1876 age 4m15d*
MILLER, Etna M, dau of Jas T & Alice died July 24, 1876 age 4m 8d*
REAMS, William  Jan 16, 1810 - ____  no death date
*REAMS, Mary wife of William 10/2/1818-8/2/1876*
SHERRETT, Phebe Annie wife of Eli  Nov 22, 1848 - Sep 1, 1884*
*SHERRETT, Birdie B dau of Eli and Annie Phebe ossw/ Aaron and Adaline Winder 7/27/1872-7/1/1880*
SNUFFIN, William, son of L. & N. died April 5, 1881 aged 5y8m29d *(6y8m29d)
SPAIN, Emeline, dau of J. & M. died Sep 13, 1863 aged 21y5m19d* (21y5m29d)* oss/w Bishop
SPAIN, Joshua died Sep 30, 1877 aged 66y7m16d oss/w Bishop
SPAIN, Mary, wife of Joshua died April 5, 1865 aged 49y5m12d oss/w Bishop
SPAIN, Matilda wife of Joshua died July 22, 1872 aged 42y8m22d oss/w Bishop
*STOKES, Jane died 10/6/1884 aged 69y oss/w Delmore Berry*
TRIBBETT, William, Co H 11th Inf Cav died 9/28/1896 aged 68y *
UNDERWOOD, Frankie, son of John & Bell  died July 14, 1875* infant (8m7d)* (7/14/1876)*
WINDER, Aaron  Nov 9, 1808 - May 6, 1880
*WINDER, Adaline D wife of Aaron 4/28/1826-5/29/1898* oss/w Birdie B Sherrett & Aaron Winder
*unknown infant- Brother died 11/25/1877 *

**“Soldiers who enlisted from Champaign County, Ohio, for service in the Armies of the United States during the war of 1861-1865, who died or were killed in the service”

List courtesy of Champaign County Historical Society
J. M. Butcher, Captain, 30th Ind Inf, died at home, Dec. 1, 1865, of wounds and disease contracted in the service


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