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Copied from the Courthouse records of
Amherst, Bedford, Campbell, Loudoun, Prince William and Rockbridge Counties

The following are the abbreviations used to describe persons mentioned in the wills:

W= Wife D= Daughter S=Son B=Brother Si=Sister  FA= Father  M-Mother F=Will Filed SIL-Son IN Law-BIL Brother IN Law GF- Grandfather GS-GrandSon GD Granddaughter- C= Cousin FIL Father In Law NE-Nephew NI - Niece U= Uncle A =Aunt


Adams, Gabriel Adams,
Loudon Co, F 6/9/1761-W, Elizabeth, Bro William, S Phillip, 2 other sons not named.

Adams, Robert, Campbell Co, VA-Filed 5/6/1790
w, mary; Sons, Charles, Robert, Joel, William, John, James, George, Christopher, Edward; Dau, Polly, Penelope, Milley

Alexander, Archibald, Rockbridge Co, Filed 2/1/1780
Sons John, James, Samuel, Archibald, William, dau Jane

Alexander; William, Rockbridge Co, Filed 6/6/1797
W, Nancy, bro Archibald, Br Samuels Child, sister Jean; sons Archibald ,Andrew, John; dau, Phoebe, Peggy, Sally, nancy, Nancy, Betsy, patsy, SIL Edward Graham

Allen, Robert, Bedford Co, F 3/22/1773
Son Reynold, dau Betty, Anny, Lucy, SIL William A Handy

Allen,  Hugh- Rockbridge F 12/6/1796
W, jane; S, Joseph, John; d, Jane

Andrews, John Loudon Co, F 8/13/1770-godson Lewis Turner

Andrews, Moses-Rockbridge Co, F 9/7/1784
S, james, robert; d Mary Elizabeth, SIL Dugal Campbell

Anthony, Elizabeth-Campbell Co, F 9/19/1801
S, John; D, Lucy Jones, Elizabeth Cowan; GS, Charles, Abner, John A Anthony; gd Mary Menges, Sarah Bradford, Elizabeth Robertson

Arnet, Alex -Loudon Co, F 3/16/1770- W Ruth; S Samuel Arnet

Arthur, Wm-Campbell Co, F 8/7/1783-W, Ann; S, Barnabas; Benjamin Arthur Exec.

Ashford, Ann-Prince Wm -f 3/20/1734
S, John, Michael; D, Mary, Ann, Constance.

Ashford, Michael-Prince Wm -F 3/20/1734
S, John, Michael, Wm, Geo; D, Ann, Mary, Constance

Aubrey, Francis-Prince Wm-f 2/22/1741
S, Geo, Samuel, Richard, John, Thomas,Henry; d Sarah, & Elizabeth Nowland

Baber, Robert-Campbell Co, F 12/6/1786
W, jane; S, Wm, John, James; D, jane Farmer, Mary Perrin; gs Charles & Robert Perrin, gs Robert Heynes

Ball, Valentine-Amhurst-f 3/5/1770
W, Susannah; d Jane; mentions William, James, Lewis, John, Alice Wright, Sarah Bowman, Susan Haights, Mary Hargrove as legal heirs, but no relationship

Banister, William-Bedford Co- f 4/28/1767-S, Isaac, James

Banks, Gerrard-Amhurst Co, F 2/7/1780
S, Wm, Reuben, Thomas, Linn, Adam; gs Gerrard banks; d mary, Sarah, d Elizabeth Hume, Rachel Higgenbothum

Baughan, Aris- Campbell Co, - F 12/7/1786 S, Henry, James

Beaver, Thomas-loudon Co- F 10/8/1770
W, martha; S, Wm, Samuel, Thomas, Joseph, James

Beggs, Alexander -Rockbridge Co, F 3/7/1786
W, Sarah; S, Thomas, james; D, Jean, Martha, Margaret, Francis McBride, Agnes, Sarah, mary, Elizabeth; D Jean's child Sarah

Berkley, Elizabeth -Loudon Co, F 5/26/1772
S, John, Reuben; D Martha Hancock; gd Ann Linton

Berrisford, John - Amhurst Co, F 3/5/1763
W, mary; D, Jean, Francis, Siddey, Ann,. mary, Catrin, Margaret

Berry, william- Rockbridge Co, F 2/5/1793
S, James, Wm; D, mary, Margaret, jane

Best, John  - Loudon Co, - F 9/10/1770
W, martha;S, Thomas, james, John; D, Rachel

Bibb, Thomas- Amhurst Co-F 12/3/1781
W, Sarah; S, Wm, John, Henry, james, Martin; D, Temperance, Mary Gray, Francis harper, Elizabeth Nicholas, Anne Key, Barbara Cobb, Rachel Alass

Bicknall, William - Amhurst Co- F 5/7/1781
S, Samauel, William Jr, Thomas, john, Micajah;  D,Ruth, Anna, Mary Ann

Bolling, Edward- Chesterfield Co, F 10/1/1770 Amherst Co
Br Thomas, John, Robert, Archibald; Si, Ann, Sarah Taxe, Margaret Bland; C, Eldridge Bolling

Booth, Robert - Loudon Co, F 3/12/1760
S, John, James; D, Ann; SIL William Chambers; D, Jane Stump; SIL Thomas Stump; GD Elizabeth Stump, Vialleton Chambers

Botts, Joshua- Prince Wm Co-F 3/5/1781
W, Frances; S, Wm, Thomas, Benjamin; D, Susannah

Boulware, Jesse - Amherst Co - filed 7/7/1777
W, Elizabeth; S, Wm; D, Sally; GD Rhoda Ryan and her mother Rachel

Boyls, Chas- Rockbridge Co, F 9/2/1783- W, rebecca

Bridges, Wm - Prince Wm Co- F 4/23/1744- S, William; D, Mary

Bronough, Samuel- Prince Wm Co - F 6/22/1741
S, Francis, thomas; Br Jeremiah, David; FA, Jeremiah

Brooks, Wm- Campbell Co F -F 6/5/1788
S, Wm, Nettson, James, Starling; D, Margaret

Brown, Wm- 3/2/1782-Residence South Carolina
W, Patience; S, Elijah, Willey S, Samuel S, Hereh; D, Pracious, Mergan

Brown, James- PRince Wm Co - F 11/4/1782
W, Elizabeth; S, Robert, james, Suebulon; D, Betty

Bryan, Wm - Bedford Co F 2/22/1764- W, mary; S, Wm, Elijah

Bryan, John - Campbell Co F 10/9/1799
S, Wm, Andrew, Morrison, John; D, mary, Margaret, Agnes, Katrine, Jean Davis.

Buchanan, Joseph  - Prince Wm Co - F 2/26/1738
W, Elizabeth; S, John, Joseph. Hoanie, Wm, Geo; Br, Geo, Joseph

Buchanan, James - Rockbridge Co, F 6/6/1797
James Bell GS of Victor Bell, Jerry Bell, son of Victor Bell; Mary Neagle

Buford, Thomas - Bedford Co - F 11/28/1774
W, Ann; S, John, Wm,; D, nancy

Bullock, Richard- Prince Wm Co - F 3/24/1739
W, Susannah; S, Thomas, Richard; D, Rachel, Sarah

Burson, Benjamin - Loudon Co F 10/10/1769
W, Anne Roberts; FIL Owen roberts, All my children, (no names)

Burton, Jesse- Campbell Co - F 12/3/1795
S, John, Alexander, Wm, Robert, Jesse; D, Sally, mary, Patsy; Br Phillip

Bush, John - Bedford Co - F 1/24/1774
W, martha; S, Phillip, Darkish; D, Millie, Ann, Susannah, Elizabeth, Francis, Mary, Margaret jackson

Cabell, Wm - Amherst Co F 6/6/1774- S, Nicholas

Caffrey, John - Campbell Co F 10/7/1790
W, Elizabeth; S, William, Charles; D, Sally, Ealnor, Winney Willcocks

Callaway, George- Bedford Co F 1/25/1773
W, Milly; D, Betty

Campbell, Henry, - Amherst Co F 12/7/1772
W, Charity; S, John, Aaron, Joel; GS Henry Cashwood

Campbell, Neil,- Amherst Co F 3/3/1777
S, Catherine Brough of Perth Scotland; Children of Catherine Brough; natural Daughter of Elizabeth Campbell, alias Ballou; Tobitha Ballou

Campbell,George, - Amherst Co F 5/5/1777
W, Margaret; S, John, Archibald, George, Edley, Thomas; D, Catherine, Elizabeth, Margaret, Ruth

Campbell, Patrick,- Rockbridge Co F 4/8/1778
W, Ann; Br, John, James; BIL James Weir

Campbell, James,- Campbell Co, F 6/4/1789
S, Wm; D, Jennet, Margaret

Campbell, Douglas- Rockbridge Co F 4/8/1795
S, Joseph, Dencan, james, Alexander; D, Mary; SIL John Farley

Candler, Daniel  - Bedford Co, F 5/27/1766
W, Hannah; S, John, Wm, Zedekiah, Ballard; D, Elizabeth, Cathry, Elloner

Cardiff, Miles- Rockbridge Co F 12/2/1794- D, Sarah

Carson, John -Bedford Co- F 5/25/1762
S, John, Thomas; James Carson, exec.

Carter, Charles - Amherst Co F 12/1/1766
S, Dale, Charles, John; D, Susannah, Elizabeth

Caruthers, Samuel - Rockbridge F 10/5/1779
W, Rebecca; D, Esther; Br Robert, James, John; Si Rachel

Caruthers, Robert - Rockbridge Co F 4/3/1781
W, Ann; S, Wm; D, Margaret, Phillis, Esther, Hannah, nancy

Cash, Howard, - Amherst Co F 10/6/1772
W, ruth; S, Benjamin, robert, Stephen, Joel; GS Howard Cash s/o Joel; D, Elizabeth, Ruth, mary Ann, Susannah, Mary Lively, Ann Powell, Sarah Manze

Cash, Benjamin,- Amherst Co Fi 2/2/1777
W, nancy, children not named; robert Cash Exec.

Cash,  Robt- Amherst Co F 5/6/1782
W, Tamsey; S, Samuel, Barnett; D, Sophia, Francis, Parmela

Champe, John - Louson Co F 11/8/1763
S, Thomas, John; D, Julia, Amm, Elizabeth Jone; gs John Jones

Chapman, Joseph- Price William Co F 10/20/1736
W, mary; S, Joseph, John; D, mary, Sarah, Vilata, Elizabeth

Childress, Benjamin- Amherst Co F 10/2/1775- Wife, not named, S, Royal

Chilton, George -Loudon Co F 4/9/1771
W, Ann; S, Thomas; D, Sarah Rossell

Clinton, Martha- Loudon Co, F 10/1/1772
S, Thomas, Mark; D, Sarah, nancy

Chinn, Christopher,-Loudoun Co, F 8/13/1770
B, Charles; NE, Christopher, John; B, Elijah; NE, Rawleigh; NI Elizabeth; C, rawleigh Dowman

Chinn, Elijah - Loudoun Co, F 3/11/1771; S, Rawleigh, Christopher; D, Elizabeth

Christian, James-Amherst Co F 9/3/1781; B, John, George

Clark, James -Campbell Co, F 12/13/1802
B, William, Bowling; S, Thomas, William, Micajah; D, Elizabeth, Judith, Lucy, Polly; NE, Jacob Clark; NE, James C Moorman

Clements, Jeremiah- Amherst Co, F 6/20/1803
W, mary; D, Joice, Mary Tamble; S, James, Francis, Stephen, Jesse, John, William

Clerk, Wm - Amherst Co, F 7/7/1777
FA, Wm; U, Henry of Henrico Co, VA; brothers and sisters (not named)

Cloyd, David,  - Rockbridge Co - F 10/6/1789
W, Elizabeth; S, Andrew, David, james, Joseph; D, martha, Polly, Betsy, Margaret, Sinthey

Cloyd, David - Rockbridge Co, F 4/4/1792
S, james, David, Michael; GS David; D, Sally, Betsy, Elizabeth McDowell, margaret Templeton; GS, David & james Templeton

Cloyd, Eliza- Rockbridge Co, F 2/7/1797
S, Joseph, David, james, Andrew; D, Cynthia, Margaret, Martha

Cobbs, Charles- Campbell Co, F 1/13/1800
S, john, Charles. Caleb, William W, Jesse, Samuel D, thomas; D, Frances Rodgers; GD Ann Rodgers, Frances Cobbs; GS, Wm Rodgers

Cock, George-Campbell Co F 1/14/1802
S, jack, Thomas, William; D, Elizabeth Talbott, Jemima Gilbert, Mary Kent, Sarah Kent, nancy Stith, Rebecca Marshall

Coleman, Richard, - Loudoun Co, F 2/14/1764
W, Elenor; S, James; D, Elizabeth Brewer, Mary Masterson, Jemima Hurst

Coleman, John- Amherst Co, F 9/7/1778
W, Elizabeth; S, thomas, Samuel, John, James; D, nancy, Betsy, Mary (infant)

Combs, Andrew- Loudoun Co F 3/14/1774
W, mary; S, Joseph, Andrew, John, Mailon, Israel; D, Rebecca

Conn, Hugh- Loudoun Co, F 6/22/1772
S, Hugh, Josiah, Cogan; D, Ruth

Cooper, James, - Rockbridge Co, F 8/7/1781
W, Jean; S, John, Thomas, James; D, Agness

Cooper,Henry,- Prince Wm Co - F 12/2/1781
W, Sarah; S, Richard, Benjamin; GS Spencer, Ezekiel, Jesse; D, Sarah Johnson, Elizabeth Russell, Celia Russell

Cooper,.Wm- Rockbridge Co F 6/4/1782- wife and 3 children, no names

Cornwell, Chas- Prince William Co F 11/5/1781
S, Geo, Ezekiel, Francis, Charles; D, mary, Lydia, Ann Collie, Suzey Able

Cottrell, thomas- Amherst Co F 5/2/1763
W, Susannah; S, thomas, Gilbert, Wm; two other sons not named.

Coulter, James- Rockbridge Co, F 3/2/1784
W, margaret; S, Michael; D, Elizabeth Wardlaw; SIL , Wm Wardlaw; D, Agnes Stell, Mary Wardlaw, Sarah paxton, Jannet Logan; GS, James Moore; GD, Janet Moore

  Cox, Edward- Amherst Co F 10/2/1780; W, margaret; D, Clary Cox

Cradle,Mildred - Campbell Co, F 12/4/1794
D, mary Timberlake; SIL Charles Timberlake; D, Eliza Key, Mildred Kitcham, Martha Stearman, Nancy Jones, Frankie Bailey, Kesiah Huston

Crawford, David, -Amherst Co F 9/6/1762
S, David, John, ; D, Rhode, Eliza, Judith Terry, Lucy Champness; D Martin's children

Crawford, David, Amherst Co, F 8/4/1766
S, Wm, Charles, Joel, David, nathan, ; Son John's son Peter; D, Smith, Susannah, Sarah, Anne, mary

Crawford,William- Rockbrdige Co F 6/3/1783
W, mary; S, Geo, Wm, John; D, Eleanor, Isabelle, Mary, Elizabeth

Crook, Lepheniah- Prince Wm Co F 3/1/1779;W, Molly; B, Absalom

Culton, Robert- Rockbridge Co Filed 12/4/1781
S, james; GS Robert, Hugh; S, Alex, robert, Joseph, John; several daughters not named.

Dagg, Thomas- Prince Wm Co F 12/8/1778
W, Clara Powell; BIL Wm Powell; S, John, Robert

Dale, Robt- Prince Wm Co F 1/3/1779; W, Elizabeth; B, Thomas; D, Lillie

Daniel, Peter- Campbell Co, F 4/13/1801
W, mary; S, richard, Peter, Wm, John;D, Lucy trent, Sarah Dansy, Jemima Hinton

Dann, John-Campbell Co, F 10/4/1787; W, Margaret; various children, not named

Daulton, Timothy- Bedford Co, F 4/24/1775- wife and children, not named

Davis, Margaret, Loudoun Co, F 12/13/1757; B, John

Davis, Sarah,- Loudoun Co, F 5/8/1759;
B, John; NI, Rachel Davis; SI, mary Wright, Elizabeth thomas; NI Sarah Plachney

Davis, Nathan  -Loudoun Co, F 8/14/1770
W, mary; B, John, Enoch; SI Mary Evans, Ann Matthews

Davis, John - Amherst Co F 3/6/1780
W, Elizabeth; S, Phillip, Wm, Bemjamin, Jesse; B, David; D, Hannah

Davidson, William- Rockbridge Co F 9/3/1793; W, Elizabeth; B, John

Davies, Hugh,- Rockbridge Co, F 10/4/1786
W, Frances; S, james, Hugh, John, Nathaniel, Robert, Josiah; D, nancy, Mary, Rosannah thompson, Jennett Doak

Davies, Hugh- Rockbridge Co, F 10/4/1786
M, Frances Davies; FA, Hugh Davies; B Robert, james, Nathaniel, Josiah Davies; S, Nancy Davies

Davies, Thomas, Rockbridge Co, F 6/3/1794; wife Mary

Davison, David Mosby, Campbell Co, VA F 4/4/1793 ; F, Edward

Davison,Edward Campbell Co, VA F 6/5/1794
W, Agnes; S, Mosby, Edward, Charles; D, Sarah; GS, John R Davison; SIL James Vest; 5 other daughters not named.

Davsion, Alex- Campbell Co, VA F 4/14/1800
S, John, Samuel, Alexander; D, Jean, Elizabeth. Susannah, Isabelle, Margaret, nancy, Rechel, Agis, mary

Dawson, thomas - Amherst Co, VA F 11/5/1770. Decedent from Johnson Co, NC
W, mary; B, William; BIL John Carter; six children in North Carolina by a former wife.

Deakers, Thomas- Prince William Co, VA  F 4/23/1744; Fried, John Wright

Dearing, Edward -Campbell Co, VA F 8/4/1791
S, John, james, Anthony, William, Robert; D, Ann, Rosannah

Debell, Wm- Prince Wm Co- F 3/27/1738
W, margaret; S, William; B, Joseph

DeHaven, Abrham -Loudon Co, VA F 4/8/1771
W, Robotta; S, Jacob, Isaac; D, Robotta, Sarah, Ann, Hannah, Elizabeth

Depriest, John-Campbell Co, VA - F 10/14/1799
S, Nathaniel, Charles, Samuel, Austin; D, Molly

Dickson, James- Campbell Co, VA F 4/6/1786
W, Susannah; S, Thomas, James, Moses, Wm E; D, Elizabeth, Sarah

Dickson, james-Rockbridge Co, VA F 6/6/1797
S, Patrick, Samuel, James, Robert T; D, Agnes

Dixon, Thomas-Bedford Co, VA- F 2/27/1770
W, Ann; S, John, George

Dixon, Thomas-Rockbridge Co, VA f 9/6/1796-Friend Henry McClung

Dodson, David- Prince Wm Co, VA f 7/23/1740
W, Amoy; B, Thomas, George, Groonham, Abraham, Joshua, Elijah

Douglass, Robt- Campbell Co, VA f 9/4/1794
S, james, Joshua; D, Nancy; B, Achilles, Billy, Robert

Dougherty, Anthony-Rockbridge Co, VA F 4/3/1792-W, Mary; S, Jacob; D, Rebecca

Doyle, Edward-Prince Wm Co, VA F 4/27/1741
W, Priscilla; S, James, Edward; D, Elizabeth

Drakefoot, Richard -Prince Wm Co, VA - F 5/25/1741
W, Ann; S, John; D, Elizabeth, Mary

Drinkwater, John- Campbell Co, VA f F 5/6/1784
W, Sarah; S, John, Samuel, Emanuel; D, Mary

Dunlap, Robert- Rockbridge Co, VA F 3/5/1782
W, Mary; Eldest Son William Dunlap; S, Alexander, John, Robert; D, Ann, Margaret, Mary, Agnes

Dyel, Wm- Loudoun Co, VA - F 5/12/1766
W, Elizabeth; S, james, Leonard, Wm, Geo, Josiah; D, Ann, Tabitha, Sarah, Nancy, Rebecca, Litta

Eakin, James - Rockbridge Co, VA F 10/5/1785
W, Esabell, two sons two daughyters not named.

Edge, John- Prince Wm Co, VA F 6/26/1738
Kinswoman Etz. Maguire, friend Rachel Spiller

Edmondson, Wm, -Rockbrdige Co, VA F 2/5/1782
S, William, Robert, John; D, Isabell, Ann, Mary

Edmondson, James- Rockbridge Co, VA F 3/4/1783
W, Agnes; S, David; D, Jean, Sarah; GD, Elizabeth Tedford, Agnes Tedford, Sarah Tedford

Eger, George- Bedford Co, VA F 10/22/1765
S, John, James, George, Thomas; D, janet, Mary, Agnes

Elder, joseph -Campbell Co, VA F 9/8/1800
W, mary; S, Joshua, David, James, John, Jeremiah; D, Polly, Betsy; GD Winifred Biggs

Ellies, Robrt- Loudoun Co, VA F 10/13/1766
W, mary; S, Elias, Japsa, Robert, Samuel, Edward; D, mary, Ruth, nancy, margaret

Elliott, John, - Amherst Co, VA F 3/7/1768
W, Ann; James Elliott of Balto Co, MD

Elliott, Wm - Rockbridge Co, VA F 7/7/1795
S, james; GD William

Ervin, Edward- Rockbridge Co, VA F 10/4/1796
W, Rosannah; S, John; D, hannah

Erwin, Robt - Rockbridge Co, VA F 9/1/1789
S, Robert, Benjamin, Edwin, Jonas, Joseph; D, hannah

Ethell, John- Loudoun Co, VA F 5/12/1766- W, Winifred

Evans, John, Loudoun Co, VA F 11/9/1767
W, Elizabeth; S, Wm, Richard, Griffith, David, Joshua; D, mary Ramsay, Anna Thomas

Evans, Elizabeth- Loudoun Co, VA F 3/9/1772;
S, William, Joshua; D, Anna Thomas, Mary Gardner; DIL Mary Evans

Evans, John-Loudoun Co, VA F 8/13/1770
W, mary; S, Wm; D, mary, Catherine, Sarah, Chrsity Perrie, Amy Henderson

Evans, Price,- Loudoun Co, VA F 10/9/1770
W, Sarah; S, Jonathan, John, Oliver, Sarah, Mary; D, Ann Robson; SIL Sylvanus Robson; D, Eleanor Smith; SIL James Smith, Jr

Evans,Joshua, - Loudoun Co, VA F 11/9/1773
B, Wm, David; S, Ann's son Wm Thomas

Evans, Thomas,-Amherst Co, VA F 9/5/1774
S, Benjamin, Charles, Thomas, William; D, hannah

Evans,Isaac- Rockbrdige Co, VA F 9/5/1786
S, John, Abraham; D, rachel, Rebecca, Elizabeth Martin

Everhard, Jacob- Loudoun Co, VA F 2/8/1771; W, Rebecca; S, Jacob; D, Charlotte

Ewing, Charles-Bedford Co, VA F 7/24/1770
W, Martha; S, Wm, Robt, Samuel, Geo, David, Caleb, Charles; D, Mary, Martha

Farron, Abram - Prince Wm Co, F 2/27/1743
W, Sibell; S, Isaac, John; B, William; D, Lydia, Elizabeth

Fishback, John- Prince William Co, VA F 3/19/1734
W, Mary Doterty; S, John, Henry, Harmon, Frederick; D, Catrin Rutton, Elizabeth Fishback; C, Jacob Fishback

Foley, Mary -Prince Wm Co, VA F 3/5/1781
S, Henry, Isaac, Jacob; B, Benjamin Cooper

Foote, Richard- Pr Wm Co, VA F 5/3/1779
W, margaret; S, Richard, William, Catherine, Elizabeth

Foster, Wm- Prince Wm Co, VA F 7/5/1779; W, Ella

Fanklin, Owen- Campbell Co, VA F 4/5/1795
S, Benjamin, Isaac M; D, nancy

Freeland, James - Amherst Co, VA F 5/7/1770; Wife's son Robert Williams

French, James- Pr Wm Co, VA F 5/3/1743
W, Elizabeth; S, Wm; D, mary Ann

Frier, James- Loudoun Co, VA F 9/10/1771
S, Daniel, Robt; D, Hannah, Phoebe; Geo Killgore, uncle of Robert; Robert Muir, uncle of Daniel

Fugua, Raplh- Bedford Co, VA F 7/24/1770
S, Joseph, John, Wm, Thomas, Ralph, Henry, Isaac; D, martha, Ann, mary Robinson, Elizabeth Stovale, Susannah Richardson

Funk, Peter- Campbell Co, VA. F 7/17/1796; W, Sarah

Furbush, Wm-Amherst Co, VA, F 4/1/1782
W, Sally Stratham; S, William,; B, John, Robert; D, Molly; BIL John W Haden; BIL Charles Stratham

Furst, John Loudoun Co, VA F 8/10/1774
S, Christian, Peter; D, Elizabeth

Garrett, Robert-Campbell Co, VA F 7/1/1794
W, Julianne; S, John, Henry, Robert; D, Julienne

Gay, Henry, - Rockbridge Co, VA F 4/6/1779
W, martha; D, Ann, Martha; GS Henry Gay; SIL John Freasher; GS John Thompson; GS David Moore; D, Rebecca Glespay; GD, Martha Glespay

Gay,Jane, - Rockbridge Co, VA- F 11/7/1780
S, Robert, Samuel; D, martha; SI, Hannah, Mary

Gay,Martha, - Rockbridge Co, VA F 5/3/1785
D, Elizabeth, Ann, martha, Rebecca Glespay; D, Jennet; GS Henry Gay; GS Henry Gay Gileson

Gay,Robert - Rockbridge Co, VA F 4/5/1791
W, Sarah; GD Agnes Keagher; GS Robert, Archibald Keagher

Gibson, Jacob, - Pr Wm Co, VA F 5/21/1735
W, jane; S, Jacob, Abraham, Isaac; D, Ann, Mary Parker, Sarah Lambeth, Jane Turner

Gibsob, James- Bedford Co, VA F 2/26/1765
S, Randall, James, Joseph, John, Archibald; D, Elizabeth Candler, Catherine Hale, Hanner Cook

Gilbert, Samuel, - Bedford Co, VA F 10/28/1776; W, martha; S, Benjamin

Gilbert, Henry,- Amherst Co, VA F 5/4/1778
W, mary; S, Thomas, Richard, Henry, George, John, Ezekiel, Josiah, Maurice; D, Anne, Mary gaines w/o Daniel Gaines

Gilbert John Wyatt - Amherst Co, F 9/3/1781
W, Sally; S, George; D, Sally, Mary W, Anne Stark Gilbert

Gillenwaters,Thomas- Amherst Co, F 3/6/1780
W, martha; S, Elijah, Joel

Gilmore, John, - Rockbridge Co, F 1/7/1783
W, Eleanor; S, James, John; five daughters not named.

Gilmore, James- Rockbridge Co, F 1/7/1783
W, martha; S, John, Joseph, Wm, Samuel, D, Agnes, Eleanor, Isabell, Mary Foster

Goff, john- Amherst Co F 3/7/1763
W, Anne; S, Joseph, John, Leonard; D, Elizabeth

G(C)oley, Thomas- Amherst Co, - F 9/7/1767; B, Abrmahm Nally; Si Sarah Crawford

Good, John- Bedford Co-F 7/23/1771
S, William, Abraham; GS James Good; S, Robert, John; GS Thomas Good; D, Elizabeth Cox, hannah Bennett, Ann Risdon, Iowah Sevier

Goode, John -Bedford Co- F 7/24/1775
S, Thomas, John; D, Sarah, Judith, Nancy Fowler

Goodwin, John- Loudon Co, F 9/14/1769
B, Amos his wife Sarah, his dau Rebecca, his dau martha; B, David, his son samuel

Gorham, Sanford -Loudoun Co, F 6/25/1773
W, Ann; S, Lamkin, William, Harving

Gosling, John, - Pr Wm Co - F 8/26/1740; W, mary; S, Simon; D, Mary Calvert

Gosling, Simon- Pr Wm Co - F 5/28/1744:W, Jane; B, William

Goulden, Samuel - Campbell Co, F 10/6/1785
W, Elizabeth; S, Archibald, William; D, Kesiah, Ann E, Lucy, Patty

Gouldman, Edward-  Bedford Co- F 12/26/1774
B, Richard, Robert, Francis, Thomas; GD Mary Gouldman

Graham, Martha - Rockbridge Co - F 6/7/1796; D, Anne

Green, John- Bedford Co, VA- F 9/25/1775
W, Betsy; S, james, Barnabas; D, Tabitha

Gregg, John - Pr Wm Co - F 4/25/1743; W, Eliza; S, John; 5 dau not named

Greshon, James- Pr Wm Co - F 6/25/1744
D, mary, Eliz Morris; SIL Thomas Morris

Griffin, Rueben - Amherst Co - F 9/1/1777; B, John his son Thomas

Grigsley, John - Rockbridge Co - F 6/3/1794
W, Elizabeth; S, James, John, Charles, William, Joseph, Elisha, Reuben' D, Frankie, Martha, Elizabeth, Sarah Welch, Jane Paxton, Rachel McNutt

Gumes, Nicholas - Loudoun Co, - F 6/9/1766
S, Nicholas, Phillip, Edmund, William; D, Nan, Betts, Sarah Lay; GS William

Guthrie, Robert- Rockbridge Co- F 4/7/1789
W, Esther; S, John, Richard, Robert; D, Phoebe, mary Sarah; GS John King

Hager, Henry Pr Wm Co F 3/28/1737
W, Catherinep; GD Anna Fishback, Eliz Fishback, ; GS Henry Fishnack, John Fishback; GS John Hoffman; GD Agnes and Anna Hoffman

Hague, John- Loudon Co, F 8/10/1767
W, Ann; S, Francis, Samuel, Jonah

Hairston, Samuel, Campbell Co - F 4/5/1782
B, Robert; Bro Andrew's three dau Priscilla, Susan and margaret; B Robert's three sons, George, Peter and Samuel; NE, Phillip Phillips

Hairston,Andrew-Campbell Co, F 6/6/1782
W, Elizabeth; S, peter, Hugh; D, Susannah, Ellenor, Margaret, Precilla, Elizabeth, Tensey, Kitteren

Haith,William(Heath)- Bedford Co F 4/24/1775
W, martha; S, Thomas; D, jane Lane, Elizabeth Manly, Eleanor Burgess, Mary Christian, Sarah Cunningham

Hamilton, Thomas, Bedford Co- F 9/28/1772
W, Esther; S, Richard, Thomas

Hamilton,Robert-Rockbridge Co- F 1/1/1788
W, Margaret; S, William, Joseph, Archibald; D, Miriam, Margaret, Jannet, Mary Erwin

Hancock, Scarlot-Pr Wm Co - F 3/23/1740; W, Ann; S, John; D, Ann

Hansbrough, Wm -Amherst Co F 9/6/1779
W, Keziah; S, Caleb, Wm, John, James, Samuel, Peter; D, Sarah, Charlotte, Rachel Key, Elizabeth Ball

Harden, mark-Pr Wm Co - F 5/21/1735
W, Mary; S, John, Martin, Mark, Henry; D, Ann, Alice, Martha

Harding, Groves -Amherst Co, F 4/2/1782
S, Harding, Edward; D, Betsy, Sally, Lucy

Harris, Samuel,-Loudoun Co F 3/14/1764
S, William, david, Joseph; D, Ann

Harris,Wm,-Campbell Co- F 1/3/1793;S, Isiah, William; D, Betty

Harris,Arthur-Campbell Co, F 4/8/1799; S, Arthur

Harrison, Battaile, Amherst Co F 10/7/1776
W, Frances; S, Reuben, John, Richard, James, William; D, Frankie, Betty Tinsley

Harrison, Cuthbert -Pr Wm Co - F 2/7/1780
SI, Frances Harrison, Ann Harrison, Leth Harrison, Elizabeth Scott, Sarah Harrison; GF, Thomas Harrison

Hart, Martin- Campbell Co F 2/4/1790; GS William H walker; GS Je?mes Walker

Hart, Valentine-Rockbridge Co F 7/3/1792
S, Leonard, Moses, Benjamin, Valentine

Harte, Wm- Campbell Co, F 7/6/1786
W, Martha; S, John, D, Keziah, Sarah Walker, Mary Roberts

Hawkins, Wm -Campbell Co F 12/5/1793
W, Mary; S, Littleberry, Joseph, William; D, Milly Hicks; Robert Hawkins, Exec.

Hays, Andrew-Rockbridge Co - f 5/2/1786


Henderson, James -pR wM cO - f 9/26/1737; TO HIS FRIEND jEFFREY jOHNSON

Herndon, David- Campbell Co - F 9/3/1795

Hickman, John- Rockbridge Co, F 3/2/1784; BR, Adam

Higgs, Truman-Pr Wm - F 12/2/1782; wife and children, not named.

Hogan, Thomas-Pr Wm Co - F 3/1/1779
W, Elizabeth; S, Thomas, William, Daniel;GS Thomas Hogan; D, Mary, Elizabeth, Sarah, Charlotte

Hollingsworth, Isaac-Loudoun Co F 11/13/1759
w, rACHEL; s, jONAH,; D, Ann, Lydia, Phebe

Hollogain, John-Bedford Co - F 11/23/1772; W, mary; S, Patrick; B, James

Holmos. John-Pr Wm Co - F 3/24/1739
W, mary; S, james, Christopher, Edmund

Hopewell, John -Loudoun Co, - F 6/9/1766
W, Hannah; B, Thomas; children, not named.

Houston, Mary- Rickbridge Co F 10/1/1793
S, John, ; D, Elizabeth, Esther (deceased-her heirs); D, Margaret, Mary, Ann

Hudnall, Thomas -Pr Wm Co, - F 7/28/1740
W, Winnoy; S, William; B, Joseph

Hull, Thomas- Rockbridge Co- F 12/1/1781
S, james, Thomas, Archibald, Robert

Humphrey, Thomas -Loudoun Co F 4/8/1771
C, Sameul Shreve, James Shreve, Massey Shreeve

Hunter, Alexander, -Bedford Co - F 3/22/1786
S, Alexander, James, Samuel, ; D, Betty

Hunter, John- Campbell Co, F 6/7/1796
W, (former husband Jere Early); S, Benjamin, John, Alexander, Robert, James; D, Elizabeth

Hurr, Thomas- Pr Wm Co - F 11/19/1735; W, Elizabeth; S, Thomas, Wm

Hutcheson, Wm, -Campbell Co- F 10/3/1793;
W, mary; S, John, William, David, Samuel, Marshall; D, Betsy, Polly, nancy, Hannah Baldwin, sally Wilkins

Hutchinson, John- Pr Wm Co- F 3/6/1780; S, James; B, Robert; Witness, Banjamin Hutchinson and William Hutchinson

Hutton, John -Loudoun Co- F 3/9/1772
W, Sarah; S, John, Joseph, Thomas; GD Sarah Hutton

Irvine, Wm, -Bedford Co - F 2/26/1767; wife and children, not named.

Irvine, Christian, -Bedford Co - F 7/26/1769
S, david, William; D, Elizabeth; GD Elizabeth Irvine

Irvine, Wm(Dr.) of Lynchburg-Campbell Co - F 5/5/1796
B, james, Alexander, SI, Jane; SI Mary and Elizabeth in Ireland

Irving, John -Campbell Co - F 4/7/1791
W, Margaret; S, John; D, Elizabeth

Isle, Henry- Loudoun Co - F 6/9/1761
W, mary; S, William; wife's sister Jean baty

Jackson. Lovell, Loudoun Co, VA Filed 6/8/1767
William Bell, Elizabeth Bell, Ann Batts all of New Castle England

Jackson Francis, Prince Wm Co, filed 1/7/1782
S, Samuel, Francis, gs Billy Jackson; Dau Elizabeth, Constant, Susannah, Ann, Jennie Feilder, SIL William Feilder

Jackson,Wm., Prince Wm Co, filed 4/5/1785 wife Elizabeth, son Lewis

Jamison, John, Rockbridge Co, filed 9/7/1790 wife barbara; S, James, John; D, Catherine, Jean; SIS I L Mary Carlock, MIL Cathern Carlock

Jameson, Wm, Rockbridge Co, filed 6/6/1797 wife Rachel; S, John, William, Robert; D, Phoebe, Peggy Armstrong

Jenkins, John, Loudoun Co, filed 6/18/1773; D Elizabeth Perry, Ann Gibbs

Jenney, mary, Loudon Co, filed 5/13/1760; D, Sarah Tinkler, Margaret Donahue, Rebecca Jenney, Mary Fouch, Jean McDowell, Ann McDowell

Jenney, Mary, Loudoun Co, filed 8/1/1767; S Mahlon; D Ruth, Mary, hannah Brook; SIL James Brook

John, James, Loudoun Co, filed 9/15/1767 wife mary, dau Mary Phillips

John,Mary, Loudoun Co, filed 11/9/1767 dau mary Phillips, SIL Thomas Phillips

John, Thomas, Loudoun Co, field 9/11/1769 wife Martha; S, Jenjamin, John, Thomas, Daniel; D, mary, Sarah, Hannah, Dinah

John, Thomas, Loudoun Co, field 1/14/1771 D Jane Cox, Rachel Reynolds, Harriett Matthews, Mary Harris; SIL Samuel Harris

Johnson, Benjamin, Bedford Co, VA filed 11/22/1768; W, mary; S, James, Wm, Christopher; D, Elizabeth, Rachel

Johnson, John, Loudoun Co, filed 8/13/1770; W, mary; S, Smith, Bayley; D, Mary Chaney

Johnson Wm.Amherst Co, filed 11/5/1778; M Ann Johnson; B, Phillip, Snelling; SI Mary, Frances

Johnson, Jesse, Campbell Co, F 4/14/1800; W, Sarah; S, Stephen, John, Jesse Jr, Daniel; D, Synthia, Precilla, Magdalene, Locky Martin, Nancy Walker; SIL Charles Martin

Jones, Wm., Loudoun Co, F 5/13/1771; S, James, joshua; D, Mary Griffith

Jordan, Thomas, Prince Wm Co, F 3/6/1744; Sm John; GS Thomas, Grancis; two daughters

Jordan, Chas, Campbell Co, F 9/6/1787 ; W, martha

Karr, James , Campbell Co, F 12/7/1786, Wife; Brother Robert

Keys, Roger Rockbridge Co, F 3/14/1781; W, Sarah; S, Benjamin, John; SIL Thomas Haman

Kippers, Wm Amherst Co, F 11/6/1769 wife----; S, John; Sarah Clark

Kirk, Wm Loudoun Co, F 6/13/1774; D, Elizabeth, Rachel, margaret, Mary Hughes; GD Elizabeth Reynolds

Kirkpatrick, Chas Rockbridge Co, F 6/2/1795; W, Agnes; S, John, Charles; D, Elizabeth; GD Mary

Koin, Nicolas Prince Wm Co, F 3/25/1740 wife Sarah, D, Anne

Lackey, Wm Amherst Co, F 6/6/1772; W, Eve; S, John, Exec, James lackey, Andrew Lackey, Samuel lackey

Lacon, Francis, Prince Wm Co, F 5/28/1744; W, Jane

Lamaster, Richard, Amherst Co, F 6/3/1776; Br, Abraham, Ralph; M, Ann Lamaster

Lapesly, Joseph Rockbridge Co, F 4/1/1788; W, Sarah, S, Joseph, John

Lapesly, Joseph, Rockbridge F 2/2/1792; M, Sarah, B, John

Lane, Wm. Carr, Loudoun Co, F 12/10/1770; W, Anne, S, Prool, Carr; D, Sally

Law, Michael Rockbridge Co, F 9/7/1784; W, Rebecca; only D, Mary; reputed Dau, Jenny

Lawson, Marmaduke, Prince Wm Co F 4/25/1743; Elizabeth Cole; GD Mary Gregg

Lawson Jonas Bedford Co F 9/24/1771; S, David; GS David, John, William

Lee, Ambrose Amherst Co, F 11/16/1764; S, Frank, William; D, Elizabeth, Jean, Lucky, mary

Leeson, Samuel- Campbell Co, F 6/6/1783; W, mary; S, John, Micah

Lendrum, Wm-Prince Wm Co-F 6/3/1782; D, Elizabeth tate, Mary Wilson

Lillard, Martha -Prince Wm Co F 2/20/1734; S, Marcellus; D, Sarah Lillard, Mary Littlejohn

Linn, Adam Bedford Co, F 3/24/1772; W, Isabelle; S, Adam, james, Joseph; D, martha Craig, Agnes Young, Mary Carson

Little, Joseph- Rockbridge Co, F 2/6/1787; W, Mary; S, Joseph; B, David; D, Margaret Littel; Dau Elizabeth, her husband Robert, her son Robert, her son james; SI Elizabeth in Ireland, SI Margaret in Ireland.

Lockhart, Thomas Rockbridge Co, F 5/6/1783; W, margaret; S, Charles

Logan, Wm, Rockbridge Co, F 10/4/1791; W, Elizabeth; S, John, William, Thomas, David; D, mary Lawrence, Ann Houston; Son John's son Hugh; Son Thomas' son Hugh; D marys sons Hugh Lawrence

Long, Thomas, Loudoun Co, F 3/11/1765 ; Esteemed friend James Long

Love, James- Rockbridge Co, F 6/5/1792; S, Thomas; GD Margaret, Susannah

Lovell, Thomas Loudoun Co, F 8/8/1774; W, Elizabeth; S, John, thomas, D, Frances Moss; SIL Wm Moss; D, Hannah Stevens; SIL Robert Stevens; D, Martha Lovell; GS Thomas N Watson

Loving, Wm. Bedford Co, F 9/22/1767; S, Henry, John; D, Patty, Catty

Lusk, Robert- Rockbridge Co, F 3/13/1778 : c, Robert Williams, David McKee; John McKee's sons

Lutrell, Simon-Prince Wm Co, F 4/6/1779; W, Jean; S, Robert, Simon

Lyle, Daniel, - Rockbridge Co, F 8/3/1784; S, james, Robert, David, John

Lyle, James- Rockbridge Co, F 9/6/1791; W, hannah; S, Joseph, Archibald, James, John, Matthw; D, Elizabeth Peggy, Esther

Lyons, John- Amherst Co, F 7/1/1765; W, Rachel; Richard Tanulty Lyons

McCalpin, Robt-Rockbridge Co, F 6/1/1790; W, Ann; S, William, John; D, Nancy McCalpin, Lizzie Keith; SIL Michale Wolf, David Little, John Robertson

McCalpin, Robert, Rockbridge Co, F 9/6/1791; W Elizabeth; S, Robert, Joseph, james, John; wifes brother Joseph

McCampbell, Andrew -Rockbridge Co, F 1/3/1786; S, John, james, William, Robert; four faughters

McClung, Henry, Rockbridge Co, F 5/4/1784; W, Easter; S, james, Samuel, William, henry; D, Margaret, Esther

Mc Clung, Wm, Rockbridge Co F 5/4/1784; S, james, John; SIL Samuel Lyle; GS Thomas McClung

Mc Clung Thomas- Rockbridge Co, F 5/3/1785; S, henry, William, James; D, Agnes Gray

McClung, William-Rockbridge Co, F 2/4/1794; W, jane; S, James, Samuel, jane, Mary, Nancy, Elizabeth

McClure, Alexander, Rockbridge Co, F 2/2/1790; W, martha; S, Halbert, James, Nathaniel, Samuel; D, Martha, S, John, D, Susannah

Mc Clure, Samuel,Rockbridge Co, F 5/4/1779; W, mary; S, Samuel, Alexander, William; D, Elizabeth, Ann, Hannah, mary Ratliff, Jean Elliott, Agnes Campbell

Mc Clure, Wm - Rockbridge Co, F 11/1/1785; W, Jean; S, Alexander, james, William, Samuel; D, Agnes, Sarah, Mary

McColm, Patrick- Rockbridge Co, F 11/2/1784; S, james, John; D, Margaret McCrokle; GD, Patrick, Nathaniel and William McCorkle; D, Catherine McClure; GD Jenny McClure

McCorkle, John- Rockbridge Co, F 8/7/1781; W, rebecca; MO Mary; S, Alex, Samuel; B, Samuel

McCormack, Wm, Bedford Co, F 10/23/1775; W, Agnes; S, John, David, William, Jesse, Sucy, nancy

Mc Cormack, James- Rockbridge Co, F 4/7/1789; W, Elizabeth; B, Hugh; B William now in Down, Ireland; two daughters

McCown, John- Rockbridge Co, F 8/5/1783; W, Agnes; S, Malkin, James; GS Moses, John; D, Agnes Sloat, Mercy Blache

McCulloch, Thomas-Rockbridge Co, F 2/5/1782; D, Agnes ; S, John; SIL Wm Murphy; GD Elizabeth Camp, Janet Campbell; GS Thomas and Samuel McCulloch

McCutchan, Wm  W- Rockbridde Co, F 7/7/1789; W, janet; B, james, Robert, Samuel, John; Roberts son William; Samuels sons William

McGeach, Thomas- Loudoun Co, F 3/13/1769: B, John, Joseph, William, james; SI, Jane, Eliz, Ann

McGrew, Chas -Loudoun Co, F 10/18/1765; S, james, John, Charles, Robert; D, Elizabeth

McIlhaney, John- Loudoun Co, F 5/10/1773; W, Rosanna; S, Thomas, James, John; D, Rachel, Hannah, Mary McCarny

McKee, James,-Rockbridge Co, F 4/26/1778; W, Lydia; S, William, Samuel, John, Robert; D, Alice, martha, mary

McKee, John,- Rockbridge Co, F 3/8/1780; W, Esther; S, Robert, John, William; D, Agnes

Mc Kee, John, Rockbridge Co, F 4/2/1792; W; Rosanna; S, John, James, Robert, William, David; D, Miriam Mc Kee, mary Wise

McMath, James- Rockbridge Co, F 4/1/1794;W, Susannah; S, William; D, Sarah, Jenny, Mary, Susannah, nancy.

McMurtree, James- Bedford Co, F 3/24/1772; S, Samuel, Wm, James, Joseph

McPherson,Alexander-Amherst Co, F 12/1/1766; W, Susannah; D, Sarah Allen; GD, elizabeth Allen

Maffit, Thomas- Amherst Co, F 5/3/1779; W, Elizabeth

Mann, Barbery- Campbell Co, F 9/7/1786; D, Ann Johnson, Frankie Craie, Unity Budlis, mary Mason; SIL John Crain

Maples, Richard- Bedford Co, F 2/28/1774; S, Samuel; D, Lucy Alley

Marcy, Chas- Loudoun Co, F 3/13/1759 cousin Sarah Noding

Marlin, Steven- Amherst Co, F 8/7/1769; W, Anne; S, John, Gideon, Sherod, Stephen, Martin; D, Elizabeth Gregg, Mary Ann Smith; Wm Martin Exec.

Marr, John- Prince Wm Co, F 5/28/1744; W, Elizabeth; S, Christopher; John, son of Daniel Marr

Marshall, Wm - Campbell Co, F 8/5/1784; W, Ann; S, Daniel, Wm, John, Darris, David; D, patsy, Betsy, Michel Black, nancy Dudgeon

Martal, Joseph- Loudoun Co, F 4/8/1771; W, Rachel; S, james, Samuel, Joseph, Robert; D, mary, margaret, Rachel, Susannah

Martin, David, Amherst Co, F 3/2/1767; M Jennet Martin of Donegal ireland

Martin, James,- Amherst Co, F 3/6/1775; S, Azariah, Amariah, Obadiah, William, David, John, James; SIL William Gerritt

Martin, David,- Rockbridge Co, F 10/6/1789; W, Jean; S, John, James, Willaim, Robert; D, Ann, Jenny

Martin, Ralph,- Loudon Co, F 6/22/1772; W, mary; S, Wm, Maetin, Joseph, John, Thomas; D, Ann Homan, Sarah Castleberry, Mary Eaton; SIL Thomas Anthony

Martin, Robert- Campbell Co, F 10/6/1785; W, Sarah; S, Samuel, james; D, Betsy, Sary, Dianer, Ann, Susannah, Mary Farthing.

Mason, John, - Campbell Co, F 1/7/1796; B, Martin; SI Elizabeth Prible, Mary mason, Margaret Powers.

Mason, John Sr- Campbell Co, F 10/6/1796; S, John; GS Jesse

Matthews, Gregory- Campbell Co, F 9/1/1791; W, Sary; S, John

Mears, John- Rockbridge Co, F 4/3/1787- B, Hugh

Mehundro, Ann- Loudoun Co,  F 9/13/1763; S, William Remey

Metcalf, John S - Campbell Co, F 12/11/1797; B, Vernon, Thomas; SI Elizabeth, Ann

Meyrick, Griffith-Loudoun Co, F 4/8/1771; S, james, John, Thomas; D, Susannah

Middleton, Jane - Loudoun Co, F 9/14/1767; D, Lettice, hannah; SIL Joseph Brow; GD Milly Brow

Milam. Thomas-Bedford Co, F 3/27/1775; W, mary; Solomon Rush

Millard, John- Prince Wm Co, F 9/17/1735; W, mary; SI Mary Fishback

Miller, Alexander, - Amherst Co F 6/6/1782; W, Martha; S, nathan, Andrew, Alex; D, mary

Miller, John,- Loudoun Co, F 5/8/1769; W, Cathren

Mills, William Amherst Co, VA F 8/4/1766; W, mary; S, Wm, Jesse; D, Anna, Miley, Sarah Watts; S, Thomas' children, Ambrose and Elizabeth

Mitchell, Thomas, Amherst Co, F 10/5/1767; S, Charles, Joab; D, Elizabeth, Nancy

Mitchell, John- Rockvriadge Co, F 2/2/1790; W, margaret; S, William, Thomas; D, Hannah

Mitchell, Daniel,- Bedford Co, F 9/25/1775; W, mary; B Robert

Mobley, Samuel - Loudoun Co, F 10/10/1769; W, Mary; D, Susannah Fouch,: D, Mary Aubery

Monrow, Geo- Loudoun Co, F 6/13/1769; W, Phyllis; D, Rosamond, Sarah

Montgomery, Michael Sr -Amherst Co, F 3/7/1768 W, Margaret; S, Michael, Thomas, James, John; D, Abigail, Elizabeth, Sarah

Moore, Wm- Amherst Co, F 2/2/1767; S, James, Aaron, John; D, Sarah Toney

Moore, David,- Rockbridge F 9/2/1783; W, mary; S, David, William, Andrew, Samuel; D, Isabelle, Sarah, Mary. Jennet

Moore, William- Campbell Co, F 9/2/1790; S, Thomas, William, D, jane; D, Leuss Rhodes

Moore, William- Rockbridge Co F 9/6/1791; S, John, William, Quinton, Samuel; D, Jane, Mary, Margaret

Moore. Andrew,- Rockbridge Co, F 10/4/1791; S, Samuel, William; D, Mary- two other daughters

Moorman, thomas,-Bedford Co, F 11/25/1766 W, Rachel; S. Pleasant, Charles, Andrew, Zachariah, Micajah; D, Mary Johnson, Agatha Johnson, Rachel Goggin, Cilley Moorman

Moorman Silas,- Bedford Co, F 3/31/1777; W, Sallie; S, Jacob, Pleasant; B, Charles, Andrew; D, martha

Mooreman Achilles,-Campbell Co, F 12/1/1785; W, Elizabeth; S, Jesse, Charles, Andrew, William

Mooreman, Zachariah,- Campbell Co, F 7/1/1789; W, Elizabeth; S, Henry, Thomas, Samuel, Zachariah; D, Rachel, Lucy, Agatha Johnson, Molly Johnson. Mildred Johnson, Anna Candler

Mooreman, Andrew, Campbell Co, F 6/2/1791; W, Judith; S, Achilles, Micajah, James; D, Mildred Clark wife of Thomas C; D, Judith Clark; D, Nancy, Lucy, Patsy and Eliz Moorman

Mooreman, Chas- Campbell Co, F 6/11/1798 W, Mary; S, John, William, James, Achilles, Abraham

Morgan, Thomas Bedford Co, F 5/23/1774; S, Lewis, Thomas, William, Samuel, Reace, Morgan, Mordicai; D, Mary, Rheaby, Raechel, Susanna D; Ann Kinsey, Elizabeth Vardman, Leatice Richardson, Hannah Inman

Morin, Joseph- Loudoun Co, F 3/12/1770 W, Molly; S, Joseph, David; D, Peggy her uncle John Metcalf; D, Katy, Nancy, Prudence

Morris, Ann, Prince Wm Co F 7/25/1743; S, William Murphy, David Maccoll, James Leatherland

Morris Daniel,- Bedford Co, F 11/24/1767; S, Ezekiel, Joseph, Daniel, John; D, Elizabeth, Mary, jane, Sarah

Morris, Samuel- Campbell Co, F 1/12/1801; S, John

Morrison, James- Amherst Co, F 11/7/1763 W, Rebecca; B, Thomas, John

Moss, John - Loudoun Co, F 4/12/1768 W, Francis; S, Wm, Thos,; D, Frances, Elizabeth, Hannah; D, Ann Talbot, Mary Lewis

Murrey, John- Prince Wm Co F 3/5/1783 W, Elizabeth; B, Hugh, William, Robert; SI, Elizabeth, Nancy

Nandiver, Geo -Loudoun Co, F 10/9/1764; W, Ann; S, Edward; D, Sarah, Tabitha, Amenthia

Nash, Enoch- Amherst Co, F 3/5/1781 W; Susannah; S, Enoch; D, Elizabeth, Ann; D, Louisa Dixon, wife of William

Neilly, Wm -Rockbridge Co, F 2/5/1782; W, hannah; D, Elizabeth

Nesbitt, Wm- Rockbridge Co, F 12/2/1794; W, Margaret; S, William, John, Andrew; D, Mary, Margaret, Jean, Elizabeth

Noals, Rodham -Pr Wm Co, F 9/27/1742; W, Lydia; B, Daniel, Christopher; SI, Frances Spence

Oglesby, Thomas, -Campbell Co, F 1/4/1787; W, Lucy; S, Richard; GS Thomas

Pglesby, Richard- Campbell Co, F 5/6/1790; W, Mary; B, Thomas; children not named

Oriar, Daniel- Prince Wm Co F 4/25/1737; W, Ester; S, John, Daniel; B, John; FIL Thorn

Overall, John- Pr Wm Co, F 2/28/1743; B, Nathaniel; S, John, Wm, ; D, Mary, Sarah, Bethalam

Padderson, Catheron- Prince Wm Co F 7/23/1739; S, John; D, Susan Going; SIL Alex Going

Page, John- Prince Wm Co F 5/28/1744; W, Elizabeth; S, William; D, Hannah, Sarah, Elizabeth, Grace

Parks, Wm, - Amherst Co, F 12/7/1778; W #1, Tabitha W#2 Mary; S, John, Martin; D, Sarah; Admin, Benjamin parks

Parks, John,- Rockbridge Co, F 9/3/1793; W, Rebecca; D, Margaret Steel her son John: D, Rebecca Evans her son Alex and her son Joseph

Parks Rebecca- Rockbridge Co, F 12/6/1796; D, Margaret Steel; D, Rebecca Evans; BIL Isaac Anderson

Pate, John,- Bedford Co, F 9/23/1767; wife, no name

Pate, Edward- Bedford Co, F 5/24/1768; W, Martha; S, Matthew, Anthony, Thomas, Jeremiah; D, Judith

Patterson, Matthew, Jr- Campbell Co, F 9/10/1798; S, Matthew

Paul, John- Rockbridge Co, F 9/1/1795; W, Mary; S, John, Andrew; D, Esther, Jean, Jinny

Paxton, john,-Rockbridge Co, F 4/3/1787; W, Mary; S, John, Joseph, William, James; D, mary, Hannah; SIL Samuel Houston; GS James, John and Robert Houston; GS John Paxton; GS John Lyle; GD Esther Lyle

Paxton, Thomas- Rockbridge Co, F 12/2/1788; W, mary; S Samuel, William, James, Thomas, Joseph, Hugh, David, Isaac; D, Sarah, Mary, Jean, hannah, Elizabeth

Peachy, Samuel,Jr- Prince Wm Co, F 11/1/1779; W, Ann;

Pendleton, Wm -Amherst Co, F 11/1/1779 W, Elizabeth; S, Benjamin, James, Edward, Richard, John, Reuben, William, Isaac; D, mary, Sarah, Frankie, Betta

Penn, Moses, - Amherst Co F 10/3/1774; B, George, Phillip, William, Gabriel; niece Pamelia, dau of gabriel; nephew George son of George; nephew Richard Lee; niece nancy lee

Penn William-Amherst Co, F 7/7/1777 B, George, Phillip, Gabriel, Abraham

Peyton,Henry- Prince Wm Co, F 8/6/1781 W, Margaret; S, Timothy, John, Thomas; GS Robert Peyton; D, Frances; D, Mary Mason and Metty Martin

Phelps, John- Bedford Co, F 2/25/1772; S, John, D, jane, Judith, Sarah, Ann, Mary, Betty

Phillips, Thomas Sr,-Loudoun Co, F 10/15/1766; W, Jeana; S, Jenkins, Thomas; B, Jenkin; D, Caroline

Phillips, Thomas - Amherst Co, F 7/6/1778; W, mary; S, Stephen, Thomas, William

Pollard, Francis- Bedford Co, F 7/23/1771 W, Betty; S, John, Thomas

Pool, Benjamin - Loudoun Co, F 9/15/1773 ; W, Rebecca; S, Israel, Joseph, Benjamin; D, martha, Elizabeth, Ann, hannah, Mary

Porter, Edward, - Loudoun Co, F 4/8/1771; W, mary; S, Edward, Daniel, Elias, John; B, William; D, Ann Murphy

Porter, Wm- Rockbridge Co, D 3/5/1782 W, Jean; S, John, William; D, Mary; D, Margaret Mitchell
*Note from researcher Rita Holmes

*William Porter Sr.'s Will should also show a daughter spelled Gean in his will as well as his wife's name as Gean.  His daughter Gean is mentioned as Gean Black.  This has led to a lot of erroneous family trees as showing that he married a Gean Elizabeth Black when in reality he married a Mackey. Gean, Jean and Jane are used intermittently in many wills of that time.  I am a descendant of Wm. Porter and I have copy of the original will which was published in the Porter History of Rockbridge County, VA book written by Mary E. Porter.  IF you would like me to send you what it contains, I would be more than happy to do so.
Will of William Porter's son, John Porter.  It was drawn March 18, 1794 and filed for probate
in 1805. Written across the bottom of the will is reference to a lawsuit by John and William Porter against Hannah Porter, John and his wife Jane, John Paul the elder and Mary Paul, John, Andrew, James and Hannah Paul, children and heirs at law of Nancy Paul , deceased.

Potts, David,- Loudoun Co, F 5/9/1768 W, Ann; S, Exekiel, Nathan, Jonas, Samuel, Jonathan, David; D, Susannah, Rachel, Rachel II; D, Mary Bogus; GD Christina Pearson

POTTS, Jonas- Loudoun Co, F 9/12/1768 W, mary; S, David, Samuel, Jonas, Edward; D, hannah, Elizabeth

Poultney, John; Loudoun Co, F 4/10/1759; W, Elanore; S, Anthony; D, Sarah, Mary

Powell, Richard, - Amherst Co, F 4/4/1774; W, Elizabeth; S, thomas, Edward, Wyatt, richard, John; GS James Powell son of John; D, Winnifred, Rhoda; D, Clary Woodroof

Powell. Moses- Campbell Co, F 9/11/1797; W, hannah; S, John, David

Prather, Jonathan- Bedford Co, F 6/22/1772; W, Catherine; S, Thomas, Jonathan, William, Isaac; D, mary, Elizabeth, Ann, Tabitha

Quarles, john,- Campbell Co F 1/7/1790; W, Sarah; D, Jane Talbot; Exec Sarah Quarles and james Quarels and William Quarles

QUARLES, William - Campbell Co, F 6/7/1790; brothers and sisters, not named.

Ramsey, Wm- Rockbridge Co, F 12/1/1789; W, jane; S, Samuel, James, William; D, Sarah, Elizabeth, Mary; D, Fanny Scott, Jane Lyle

Rawlins, Peter-Campbell Co, F 10/13/1800; W, Mary; S, Albin, Fleming; D, Martha Millner, Nancy Harrison

Ray, John, -Amherst Co, F 11/5/1764; S, james, William

Ray,Joseph- Bedford Co, F 5/26/1767; S, Andrew, John; D, Mary, Priscilla

Ray,Moses- Amherst Co, F 9/51768; S, William, Moses, Thomas, other sons and daughters (not named)

Read, Joseph,Loudoun Co, F 7/13/1762; W, barbery; S, Joseph, William, Reuben, Andrew, John; D, Elizabeth, Frances, Lettice, Ann; M, Ruth Reed; Thasseus Read s. of former wife

Read, John- Bedford Co, F 5/24/1773; S, William, Daniel, Jonadab, Thomas; D, Elizabeth Simmons

Redmond, Andrew- Loudoun Co, F 5/8/1764; W, mary; S, John, Andrew,; D, Elizabeth, Ann, Margaret, Sarah

Reeder, Joseph- Loudoun Co, F 10/8/1770; W, Elizabeth; S, William, Joseph, Daniel, David, Elijah, Jacob, Stephen; D, Margaret, Eleanor; D, Elizabeth Lake

Reeve, Geo- Prince Wm Co -F 8/2/1779; W, jane; S, William, James, Jesse, William; D, Susanna; D, Jemima Mooney; SIL Nicholas Mooney

Reeves, Mary- Prince Wm Co - F 4/2/1781; S, George Adams; niece Margaret Chapman

Reeves, John - Prince Wm Co - F 8/5/1782; S, George; D, Ann; D, Jemina Williams

Reid, Amos- Amherst Co, F 10/7/1765; D, Martha, Agnes, Florence, Sarah, Esher; S, Andrew; James and John Reid, attest

Reid, Adam- Rockbridge Co, F 2/3/1789; W, barbara; S, William, Daniel; GS Adam Reid; D, Ketran Wilson

Rentfro, Joseph- Bedford Co, F 3/25/1776; W, mary; S, James, Joseph, John, William, Joshua, mark; D, Susanna, Hannah; D, mary Jones

Rhodes, Moses- Loudoun Co, F 11/13/1769; W, mary; S, William, John, Thomas; D, hannah, Mary, Abigail, Ann, Elizabeth

Richards, Thomas- Cambell Co, VA F 2/7/1788; W, Barberry

Richardson, John- Campbell Co F 10/2/1788; W, Dorothy; S, George, John, Morgan, William; D, Sally, Jane, Mary, Judy, Elizabeth

Richardson, Jonathan- Bedford Co, F 3/27/1773; W, Anne; S, Jesse, Thomas, Amos; D, mary, nancy, Amy

Riley, Miles- Amherst Co, F 1/5/1778; W, Sarah; S, James, John; D, Elizabeth, Mary, hannah

Roberts, Richard- Loudoun Co, F 6/8/1762; S, Joseph, richard, John, William; D, Ann, Mary, Susannah; D, Ruth Green

Robertson, Henry - Loudon Co, F 11/15/1769; W, Jenny;

Robinson, John- Rockbridge Co, F 4/7/1789; W, Sarah; S, John, David; D, mary, Rebecca, Sarah, Jean, Hannah; D, Isabelle Kerr; GS David Edm ison

Rollin, John -Rockbridge Co, F 4/2/1794; M, Rebecca BOYLES; SI May Boyles; BIL Peter Higgins his D Rebecca Higgins

Rose, Henry- Amherst Co, F 3/1/1770- SI Susannah Lawson, Margaret Rose; B, Hugh, Patrick, Charles; Niece Caroline Rose d of bro Hugh; nephew Charles Rose s of bro John

Rosson, David- Campbell Co, F 9/2/1790; W, Ann; S, Ambrose, Samuel; D, Elizabeth, Susannah, Sarah, Ann; D, Mary Torrence

Rowland, Henry- Bedford Co, F 8/23/1773; W, Penelope; four children

Rucker, John - Amherst Co, F 9/4/1780; W, Ellenor; S, William, George, John, Isaac, James; D, Nelly, Betty, Sarah; D, Sukey Coward

Ruff, Jacob- Rockbridge Co, F 1/7/1795; W, Barbara; S, John, Andrew, Jacob; D, Sally, Betsy,; D, Kitty Hall

Russell, Robert- Campbell Co, F 9/1/1791; W, Ann; S, James, Robert; D, Elizabeth, Catherine, Milly, Eleanor; D, Mary Rowland (James); D, Ann Boaz; GD Tabitha Boaz; GS Robert Boaz; GS Pleasant Russell

Rust, Geo,- Bedford Co, F 10/23/1775; W, Ann; S, Jeremiah; D, Sarah Martin; SIL Sam Martin; D, Ann Hamack; SIL Daniel Hamack

RUST, Jeremiah- Cambell Co, F 6/7/1787; W, mary; S, George, Peter, David, Enos, Jeremiah, Isaac, Enoch; D, Ann, Elizabeth, Sarah, D, Rebecca Lewis

Salling, Geo- Rockbridge Co, F 12/2/1788; W, Hannah; S, Henry, george, John; D, Agnes; five other daughters not named.

Sanders, Phillip- Loudoun Co, F 10/10/1767; W, Elizabeth; S, William, Benjamin

Sandors, Elinor - Prince Wm Co- F 11/27/1739; D, Elinor Vilott; SIL Edward Vilott; D, Margaret Hyde, Elizabeth Hairs, Mary Sandors, Jamining Eldor

Santclare, Margaret- Loudoun Co, F 9/11/1764; S, John; D, Elizabeth Hampton, Mary Richardson; GD Rachel Morris; GS Benj Morris, Samuel Morris; GD Margaret Santclare; GS John Hawling

Sare, James - Rockbridge Co, F 7/6/1790; W, Elizabeth; S, William; D, Mary Baxter; D, Priscilla Gove

Scatterday, Geo- Loudoun Co, F 11/14/1768; W, Esther; S, John

Scott, James- Prince William Co F 10/7/1782; W, Sarah; S, John, Gustavus, William; GS Alex, s of Robert Scott; GD Sarah Scott, Catherine Scott; D, Helen Bullitt; SIL Cuthbert Bullitt; D, Christianna Blackburn; SIL Thomas Blackburn; D, Catherine Brown; SIL William Brown

Scott,John,- Campbell Co, F 9/3/1795; W, Elizabeth; S, Matthew, Pleasant; D, Patty; D, Amy Littlepage; D, Nancy Duffee, Sally Morton

Scott, Thomas- Rockbridge Co, F 1/3/1797; W, Sarah; S, Andrew, John, Harrison, William, Smith, Thomas; D, Sarah

Seale, Anthony- Prince William Co- F 11/5/1781; W, Ann; S, John, Anthony; D, Betty Brown; SIL William Brown

Seward, Nicholas - Loudoun Co, F 4/11/1763; W, Ann Lovell; FIL Thomas LOVELL

Shannon,Thomas- Amherst Co, F 8/1/1772; B, Thomas, Samuel; Cousin, Thomas Shannon; Niece, Sarah Crow

Shreve, Wm - Loudoun Co, F 4/13/1763; W, Catherine; S, David; B, James, Benjamin; SI Mary Shreve; SI Elizabeth Hulls; others not named

Simmons, Chas- Campbell Co, F 9/4/1794; S, james, Charles, John, Joseph, george, William, Peter, Reuben; D, Margaret Young, Sarah Standley

Simms, Jane- Prince William Co- F 5/7/1782; S, Charles; D, mary Pursell

Simos, Richard- Prince Wm Co- F 5/25/1741; W, mary

Simpson, Thomas, (carpenter)- Pr William Co, F 2/19/1734; W, Jane; S, William, Baxter, Thomas; D, Ann; D, Mary Woodard; GS Thomas Woodard; GD Ann Woodard

Simpson, Robt-Campbell Co, F 6/6/1782; W, Catherine; Robert, youngest son

Sinckler, Wayman- Loudoun Co, F 7/13/1762; W, Hester; S, Alexander, Isaac, Robert, George, Wayman; D, Elizabeth, Mary

Skeen, Robt - Rockbridge Co, F 1/7/1795; W, Mary; S, William, henry, Joseph, Robert, Martha; sister's son William

Smith, Bowker- Bedford Co, F 3/28/1768; W, Judith; S, John, Bowker, Guy, William, Achilles; D, Elizabeth

Smith, Caleb- Prince William Co, F 9/7/1778; W, Sarah; S, Jeziah, Nimrod, Aaron, Benjamin; D, Mary, nancy, Clary, Lettice, Chloe, Rebecca

Snyder, John (SNeider)- Amherst Co, F 12/1/1777; W, Elizabeth; S, John,;D, Elizabeth; D, Mary Aaron, Rachel Brown, Anna Jones; SIL George Cockburn

Snodgrass, Robt- Rockbridge Co, F 9/1/1795; W, Elizabeth; B, Samuel; S, Robert; D, Agnes, Elizabeth, ; D, Margaret Ervin; stepson James

Sparks, Wm - Prince Wm Co F 6/18/1735; W, mary

Spraggins, Wm- Campbell Co, F 7/10/1797; W, Frances; S, nathaniel, William, Jesse, James, Thomas; D, Fanny, Emila; D, Sarah Atkins

Spurr, James - Loudoun Co, F 8/12/1760; W, Judith; S, Richard; D, Judith

Stark, Wm- Loudoun Co, F 4/13/1772; W, Susannah; S, John, William; D, nancy, Elizabeth, Liner; D, Mary Minor, Susannah Cockrell

Stemon, Martin- Bedford Co, F 5/24/1768; W, Mary; S, Jacob, Martin, Henry; B, Alexander

Stephens, Giles- Loudon Co, F 9/13/1773; W, Else; S, Ephraim, Thomas, James, Giles, Edward; D, mary Cole; SIL William Cole

Stephenson, Edward- Amherst Co, F 10/6/1766; S, Robert, John, Edward, William, James; D, jane, Elizabeth, Mary, Margaret

Stinnett, Benjamin- Amherst Co, F 7/5/1773; W, Elizabeth; S, William, Benjamin; D, Susannah; SIL John Childress

Stone, Wm - Campbell Co, F 4/8/1799; W, Patsy; S, John, William, Christopher; D, Elizabeth, Susannah

Stovall, Geo, Jr, - Campbell Co, F 9/5/1782; S, james, Thomas, Joseph W, Brett; D, Elizabeth, Milly

Stovall, George- Campbell Co, F 12/7/1786; W, Elizabeth; S, Bartholomew, James, George; D, Martha, Anne; D, Rachel Turner

Stroud, Samuel - Loudoun Co, F 5/13/1765; W, Ann; S, Samuel; D, martha, Ann, Susannah; D, Phoebe Benson, Mary Potts; SIL JOnas Potts; Exec James Stroud, Samuel potts

Sturman, Valentine- Campbell Co, F 6/4/1789; W, Elizabeth; S, William; D, Ann; D, Elizabeth Watkins

Sudworth, Wm - Amherst Co, F 4/5/1762; S, james, William, Larnes; D, mary; D, Sarah Denny, Agnes Willobey, Charity tate, Elizabeth Ray

Suel, Margaret- Pr Wm Co, - F 2/1/1779; D, Sarah

Suto, Edward - Prince Wm Co F 6/25/1739; W, Elizabeth; D, Margaret, Mary

Tate, Henry- Campbell Co, F 9/3/1793; W, Sarah; S, Jesse, Charles, nathaniel, Edmund, Caleb; D, Sarah, D, Euphemia Rucke, Anne Anthony, Eliza Harris, Mary Davis, Tabitha Calloway; GS James Calloway; GD Eliz Calloway

Taylor, Henry, Loudoun Co, F 8/12/1771 W, Susan; S, Walter, Joshua, henry, John; SIL, Wm Collon; SIL Thomas Harden; SIL Notley Williams

Taylor, Chas- Campbell Co, F 4/14/1800, wife (no name)

Tedford, Alexander,- Rickbridge Co, F 4/4/1781; D, Sarah, B, John; Exec James and Robert Tedford

Tedford, David- Rockbridge Co, F 9/7/1784; W, Eleanor; S, Joseph, James; D, Agnes

Tedford, Robt - Rockbridge Co, F 4/5/1791; W, Sarah; S, George, james, Robert; D, mary; GD Sarah Tedford

Tedford, Alexander- Rockbridge Co, F 2/5/1793; W, mary; S, James, Robert, William, David, Alexander; D, Jean McKee

Tennell, Francis- Pr Wm Co, F 9/1/1779; W, margaret; S, John, Francis, benjamin, John; D, Mary, Jemima; D, Eliz Gerrard; D, Charity Douglas

Thomas, Evan, - Loudoun Co, F 11/8/1757; SIL John POTTS

Thomas, Cornelius,- Amherst Co, F 10/2/1775; S, John, Norborn, Thomas; 3 daughters

Thomas, Geo- Prince Wm Co F 2/5/1781; W, Eleanor; SI, nancy Thomas; SI, Betty Latheram

Thompson, Wm,- Bedford Co, F 5/4/1763; S, Samuel, William, Thomas; D, mary

Thompson, Edward,- Loudoun Co, F 5/14/1774; S, Israel; D, Sarah, Jane; D, Prudence Wood; SIL Jesse Wood

Thompson, John- W, Margaret; S, John, Andrew, Mathew, William; GS David Thompson, John Thompson; GD Margaret Thompson; D, Esther Phair, Eliz Gill, Jane Mitchell

Thompson,.James- Rockbridge Co, F 4/8/1795; W, Elizabeth; S, Thomas, D, Mary, Rebecca

Timberlake, Phillip - Campbell Co, F 10/13/1800; W, Betty; S, Pleasant; B, John; D, Sally, Mollie; D, Nancy Johnson

Tobbs Daniel- Pr Wm Co, F 6/26/1742- W; Charlotte; S, Daniel, Sterling, James, William , George, Fusbee; D, Charlotte, Hannah hartley, Margaret Atwell

Tobin, James - Loudoun Co, F 5/9/1774; W, Esther; S, George, Thomas, Joseph, Robert; Mary, Lydia, Ruth, Naomy, Rosanna; D, Sarah Masterson

Todhunter, John- Loudoun Co, F 4/8/1771; W, mary; S, John and other children

Trafford, Charles Cecil- Rockbridge Co, F 2/5/1782; to James Leggett

Trigg, William- Bedford Co, F 2/22/1773; W, mary; S, Stephen, William, Daniel, John, Abraham; D, Nancy, Locky

Trimble, John Rockbridge Co, F 8/21/1783; W, mary; FA, James, MO, Sarah; B, Moses, Alexander, Isaac; S, james

Trimble, Wm- Rockbridge Co, F 12/2/1794; B, Alexander; sisters dau Agnes McClure

Tucker, Matthew- Campbell Co, F 6/2/1796; W, Esther; S, Josiah, Jesse, Joseph, John, Isaiah; D, Eady, Mary Ann, Sarah, Seena; D, Betty Ann Hurt

Turner, Richard,- Bedford Co, F 6/27/1769; S, james, Jesse; D, Ann, Prudence; D, Mary Leftwich

Turner,John- Campbell Co, F 2/4/1796; S, Caleb; SI Sally Turner; D, Betty Owen and her three children

Tyler, Anne- Loudoun Co, F 6/13/1769; S, John, Charles, Benjamin, William, Spence; D, Susannah, Sarah.

Vachur, Joseph Rockbridge Co, F 2/6/1787; S, John, Christopher, Robert; D, margaret, Jean, Ann, Rebecca; GS Nathaniel Vachur; GD Jean, Mary and margaret Stevenson.

Vaughan, Cornelius- Amherst Co, F 9/3/1781; W, Anne; B, John; SI, Ann Edwards; SI Margaret Edwards

Wade, Pearce, Amherst Co, F 3/5/1770; W, Elizabeth; D, Susannah, Elizabeth

Wade, Jeremiah-Bedford Co, F 9/28/1772; children (not named)

Walker, John, Prince Wm Co F 3/28/1737; Heirs of robert Walker; Heirs of james Walker

Walker,Robt,- Bedford Co, F 3/24/1767; Wife Agatha; S, Elijah; D, Sally; D, Judea

Walker, Alexander, Rockbridge Co, F 9/7/1784; W, janet; S, Alexander, Joseph, David; D, Jean, Ketrane

Walker, Alexander, Rockbridge Co, F 5/4/1785; W, Jean; S, Joseph, John; D, Eleanor, Rebecca; cousin Joseph Moore

Walker, Samuel- Campbell Co, F 6/5/1788; S, William, Thomas, Charles, samuel; GS William Walker s/o Samuel; GS Richard Walker s/o Samuel; GS james Walker s/o Samuel; D, Mary, Elizabeth, Sarah

Wallace, Adam,- Rockbridge Co, F 7/3/1781; Bm Samuel; B, John

Wallace, Andrew,-Rockbridge Co, F 7/3/1781- SI, janet, Susannah; B, Samuel; GS Andrew Wallace; M, martha; B, Adam; BIL John Gilman

Wallace John,- Rockbridge Co, F 1782; S, James, Robert; D, Rebecca

Wallace, Samuel- Rockbridge Co, F 4/4/1786; W, Rebecca; S, james, Andrew, William; D, Elizabeth, Martha; B, John

Wallace, Peter- Rockbridge Co, F 9/5/1786; W, martha; S, John, Samuel,; D, Jean, Susannah; D, Eliza Gilmore

Wallace, William- Rockbridge Co, F 1/5/1796; B, Samuel; SI, Frances, Martha; sister Margarets son William; Nephews James and William Branford

Ward, Mark - Campbell Co, F 9/3/1795; W, Molly; D, Patty Holland; GS Richard holland

Warren, John- Amherst Co, F 7/5/1769; S, John; D, Elizabeth Whitell

Watkins, Thomas - Bedford Co, F 7/26/1773; W, mary; M, Elizabeth; B, George; SI Elizabeth; Wifes three sons, Robert, Benjamin and William Hall

Watts, William- Campbell Co, F 2/12/1798; W, Mary; S, Edward; B, John; several daughters

Weaver, John - Campbell Co, F 8/4/1785; W, Judith; S, Matthew W, Samuel J, William W

Webb, Cuthbert- A,herst Co, F 11/2/1778, Res Albermarle County; W, Mary; B, Theodorick; children not named

Weir, Robt, Amherst Co, F 7/6/1772; W, Martha; S, John; D, Elizabeth; BIL Thomas Ball

Weir Hugh, Rockbridge Co, F 8/3/1779; S, Jonathan, James, Abraham, George, Hugh, John, Joseph, Samuel; GS Samuel Weir; D, Jean Cunningham, Margaret Montgomery, Mary Walker, Susan Buchanan, Elizabeth McCutcheon

Weir, George- Rockbridge Co, F 11/6/1781; W, Jean; S, Thomas; other children not named

Welch, Nicholas- Bedford Co, F 7/21/1768; W, Mary; S, Nicholas; FA, Nicholas; D, Mary

West, William - Loudoun Co, F 11/13/1769; W, Mary; S, Charles, Thomas; D, Ann Peyton; GS Francis, Wm, Craven Peyton; GD Margaret Peyton; GD Elizabeth West, d/o Thomas

Whiteside, Moses- Rockbridge Co, F 6/2/1795- W, Margaret; S, Thomas, John, Moses, james, Samuel; D, Rebecca, Margaret, Mary

Whitledge, Wm Prince Wm Co F 8/5/1782; SIL Caty Allen; D, Frances Overall; GS, Wm, Bartholomew, Harrison, Thompson, Nathaniel, John, Thomas and Robert OVERALL; GD Fannie, Caty, Sally Overall; D, Libby Grant; GS John, Daniel and William Grant; GD mary grant; SIL William Coppedge; GS Baldwin Coppedge; GD Frances and Overall WHETLEDGE

Wigginton, James- Loudoun Co, F 8/12/1766; W, Sarah Bottes; M, Sarah Wigginton; MIL Libucah Bottes; BIL Aaron Bottes; B, John Wigginton; S, Benjamin and other children.

Wilcher, Joseph Amherst Co, F 5/6/1782; W, Barbary; S, John; D Sarah

Wilcoxson, John- Loudoun Co, F 6/11/1765; W, mary; M, Agnes; D, Elizabeth; wifes son John Howling

Willabee, Hugh- Amherst Co, F 6/5/1769; W, ___; Witness, Charity C Willabee; Witness, Sarah J Willabee

Williams, Jonas Jr- Pr William Co, F 4/23/1744; W, Ann; S, David, Jonas, James

Williamson, Robt - Campbell Co, F 11/4/1784; S, Robert; Deboricks, David, Archibald; D, patty, Elizabeth; GD Nancy Tweedy; SIL John Tweedy

Wilson, Mathew,- Bedford Co, F 5/5/1771; W, mary; S, Robert, Thomas, matthew, James, John; D, Martha, Elizabeth, Mary; D, Margaret Litfox; D, Jane Mescher; D, Sarah Mescher

Wilson,Henry, Pr William Co, F 7/6/1778; S, Russell, Archibald, Jeremiah; D, Agatha Smith; D, Elizabeth Wiginton; SIL Benj Wiginton

Wilson,Seth- Rockbridge Co F 2/2/1790; W, Martha; S, David; D, Lettice Bell (widow)

Whitley, Moses- Rockbridge Co, F 4/1/1788: Mother; B, Thomas, Samuel; SI, Ann

Winsor, Christopher- Pr William C F 9/17/1735; S, William Thomas, Christopher; D, Ann, mary, Sarah, Jane

Wintzel, Adam - Loudoun Co, F 11/24/1772; W, Elizabeth; D, Asam Wintzel and other children

Witt, John- Amherst Co, F 3/4/1782; W, Lucy; S, Abner, William, Elisha, George, Littleberry, John; D, Lucy

Womack, Alexander - Campbell Co, F 4/1/1784; W, martha; S, Alex, Richard, David ; D, Jean; D, Ann Driscoll, Juda Richards, Martha RutledgeM Elizabeth Mason; GD Nancy Womack

Woods, Richard, - Rockbridge Co, F 6/23/1778- W, Jenny; S, Benjamin, Samuel

Woods, Samuel - Amherst Co, F 2/3/1781; W, Sarah; S, William and five daughters not named

Woods, James- Amherst Co, F 6/4/1781; W, Barbara; S, William; D, Mary, Margaret, Barbara, Elizabeth, Jane

Wright, Francis, Prince Wm Co, F 9/27/1742; W, Ann; children not named

Wright, Thomas  Bedford Co, F 8/23/1763; S, John, Joseph,  D,Elizabeth, Mary, Sarah, Dorcas, Abigail, Catherine

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