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Kentucky Cemeteries Vol II All Name Index

When requesting the look up, please put "KY CEM VOL II" in the subject line. Since there can be more than one name buried in several cemeteries (Ie: John Smith), please specify the COUNTY they lived. Email

                 NAMES A- K               



Kakaris Lillian
Kannier J S
Kannier Vera
Karr Pauline
Karrick Catherine
Karrick Ida
Karrick Edward
Karrick Polly
Karrick Thomas
Kaufman Anna  
Kavanaugh Benjamin
Kavanaugh Lucy
Kavanaugh Missouri
Kavanaugh Sue B
Kaye Jane
Keach Mary
Keach J M
Keck Alfred
Kelling Allice
Kelling J G
Kellough Ona
Kelsay Eliza J
Kelsay Mary E
Kelsay O M (Dr)
Kemper Edward
Kemper J F
Kemper Mary
Kemper R H
Kemper William S
Kendall Edith
Kendall Elizabeth
Kendall John A
Kendall Mary
Kendall S H
Kendall W
Kendall Sada
Kennedy James
Kennedy Lavinia
Kennedy Martin
Kenzie Anna
Kenzie David M
Kephart Elias
Kephart Jacob
Kephart Lucy
Kerkey Nancy
Kerkey William
Kidd Nannie E
Kidwell Gabriel
Kidwell James
Kidwell Janet
Kilgore Francis  
Kilgore J Dudley
Kilgore Joseph
Kilgore M
Kilgore Samuel
Kimball Arthur
Kimball Mary E
Kinder Elizabeth
Kinder James
King Florence
King Thompson
Kinkade Evaline
Kinney Cynthia
Kinney Ellen
Kinney T F
Kinnis Almeta
Kinnis Barney
Kinnis George W
Kinnis John
Kinnis Louella
Kinnis Mary
Kirk A
Kirk G W
Kirkpatrick Amanda
Kirkpatrick Augusta
Kirkpatrick E
Kirkpatrick J
Kirkpatrick Jesse
Kirkpatrick John
Kirkpatrick Lavinia
Kirkpatrick Leroy
Kirkpatrick Leslie
Kirkpatrick William
Kirtley Ann
Kirtley Elijah
Kirtley Jeremiah
Kirtley J D
Kirtley Mary
Kirtley Mattie
Kirtley Polly
Kirtley Robert
Klein C
Klein M
Kniffin Annie
Kniffin Crawford
Kniffin H
Kniffin J B
Kniffin Mary Ward
Kuykendall Calvin
Kuykendall Mary
Lamb Lucille
Lamb Rosa
Lamb T F
Lamping Lucy
Lamping Thomas
Lane Annette
Lane Bessie
Lane Howes
Lane Julia
Lane Louise
Lane Samuel
Lane Silas
Lane Thomas
Lane W Newton
Langsford E B
Langsford D H
Langsford J Harvey
Langsford Mary
Langston Nancy
Langston Nathan
Langston Sarah
Latimer Richard
Landenson Henry H
Lawrence Albert
Lawrence Dorcas
Lawrence George
Lawrence John S
Lawrence Martha  
Lawrence Mildred
Lawrence Pearlie
Lawrence Thomas
Lawrence W A
Lawson George
Lawson Girtha
Lawson James
Lawson Laura
Lawson Maria
Lawson Mary Elizabeth
Lawson W L
Lay David  
Laycock Maggie
Laycock Joseph
Leah Ferdinand
Lee David
Lee Elizabeth
Lee Frances
Lee Hannah
Lee Jesse
Lee John
Lee Lewis
Lee Lydia
Lee Mary
Lee Mattie
Lee Nannie
Lee Rebecca
Lee Susan
Lee Talbert
Lee Tarlton
Lee William
Lenoir Julia
Lewis Abagail
Lewis Alice
Lewis Ann
Lewis Asemath
Lewis Elizabeth
Lewis E
Lewis George
Lewis J M
Lewis  Russell
Lewis Thomas
Light Sally
Light TJ
Lillard Asbury
Lillard Ephraim
Lillard John, Capt
Lincoln Abraham
Linder Myrtle
Linder W R
Linkous Alwilda
Linkous W H
Lipscomb Mary Ann
Lipscomb  N
Lipscomb Nancy
Lipscomb Nathan
Lipscomb Pattie
Little Ida
Little Joseph
Lively Lilbourn
Lloyd Allen
Lloyd E E
Lloyd Edmunde
Lloyd Fannie
Lloyd Hettie
Lloyd Jeremiah
Lloyd John
Lloyd Joseph
Lloyd M
Lloyd Mary
Lloyd Margareta
Lloyd Matilda
Lloyd M H
Lloyd Maude
Lloyd N
Lloyd Susan
Lloyd William
Lloyd Willis
Lockridge James
Logan Thomas
Long Elizabeth
Long Ruth (Cates)
Love William
Lovely Brock
Lovely Charles
Lovely Elizabeth
Lovely Freeland
Lovely Grant
Lovely J R
Lovely Nanie Bell
Lovely Ruby
Lowe Mary
Lowe James W
Lowe Sarah
Luckett Alfred
Luckett Evaline
Luckett Ludwell
Luckett Susan
Ludwick Catherine
Ludwick Stephen
Lumpkins Thomas
Lusby A C (Dr)
Lusby Ella
Lusher Nancy
Luttrell Elzy
Luttrell James
Luttrell Martha  
Lutz Annie
Lutz Levi
Lykins John
Lykins Julian
Lykins Mary Ann
Lykins Willie F
Lynn Hariette
Lynn Mary
Lyon Payton
Maddox Eliza
Maddox Elizabeth
Maddox James
Maddox John
Maddox Margareta
Maddox Noah
Magruder Elizabeth
Magruder Josiah
Mains Catherine
Mains John
Mains Joseph
Mains Lee
Mains Lucretia
Mains Nola
Mains Peter
Majors Thomas
Makemson America
Malone L C
Manier Ann C
Manier Joseph
Manier Robert
Manley Ruth  
Marine Bob
Marine Ella
Maritt Elizabeth
Mark Birdie
Marsh Calvin
Marsh Polly
Marshall Alex
Marshall Alonzo
Marshall Benjamin
Marshall Eleanor
Marshall Eliza
Marshall Elizabeth
Marshall Eveline
Marshall James
Marshall Malvina
Marshall Mary
Marshall Sarah
Marshall Samuel
Marshall Sabastian
Marshall Susannah
Marshall Thomas
Marshall Vincent
Marshall William
Martin Agnes
Martin Annie
Martin D R
Martin Elizabeth
Martin George
Martin Hannah
Martin Isaiah
Martin Jobie
Martin John
Martin M M
Martin N B
Martin Richard
Martin R H
Martin T T
Martin William
Martin Winefred
Mason A C 
Mason F M
Mason Charles
Mason G W
Mason J A
Mason J W
Mason Mary
Mason M
Mason Sarelda
Mathis Elizabeth
Mathis John W
Mathis S
Mathis Virginia
Matthews Ellen
Matthews William
Maupin John
Maupin Mary
Maxfield Martha
May Alex
May America
May Christain
May Dwight
May Eldred
May Frances
May George
May Henry
May James
May John
May Julia
May Martie
May Mary (Molly)
May Morna
May Nancy
May Nelson
May Roscoe
May Sallie
May Sarah
May William
Mayes Charles
Mayes Edith
Mayes R B
Mayes Rosa
Mayes William
Mayes W H
Mayhugh A A
Mayhugh Minnie
Mayes Ellen
Mayes Frank
Mayes George
Meacham Arthur
Meacham Cora
Meador Burrell
Meador Elizabeth
Meador Lou Ella
Mehaffee E A
Mehaffee Mary Ann
Mell Lucy H
Malone Breed
Malone Clarence
Malone Francis
Malone James
Malone Lelvina
Malone Ollie
Malone William W
Mequiar Mary
Mequiar Presley
Merritt G W (Rev)
Messer Lucinda
Metier Albert
Metier James
Metier Mary
Metier Robert
Metier Sarah
Miller Betty
Miller Caroline
Miller Charles
Miller D H
Miller J F
Miller Jacob
Miller James
Miller Jane
Miller Lizzie
Miller Mary
Miller M A
Miller Matthew
Miller Pauline
Miller S A
Miller Sallie
Miller Victoria
Miller William
Mills Annie
Milner Charles
Milner Emma
Milner J T
Milner Mary E
Milner William
Milner Zach
Milton Frances
Milton John
Mink Amos
Mink Margaret
Minter Sarah
Mintern Robert
Mitchell Benjamin
Mitchell C
Mitchell Kate
Mitchell Penelope Ann
Mitchussen Caroline
Mitchussen Harriett
Mitchussen N E
Mobley Mary
Mobley Matthew
Montgomery Ellen
Montgomery James
Montgomery J W
Moody Beatrice
Moody G R
Moody Mary
Moody J P
Moody Julia
Moody L Polk
Moody Sarah (Bennett)
Moody Thomas
Moody Ula
Moore A
Moore Ann
Moore Catherine
Moore Emily
Moore E A
Moore F M
Moore Frances
Moore Hiram
Moore Lloyd
Moore Leroy
Moore Margaret
Moore Mary
Moore R C
Moore Reuben
Moore Robert
Moore Simon
Moore Thomas
Morehead Armstead
Morehead James
Morehead Maria
Morehead Mary
Morehead Presley
Morehead Richard
Moreland C C
Moreland L E
Morgan Dovi
Morgan Harriett
Morgan John
Morgan M F
Morgan R A
Morin Clarence
Morin Cynthia
Morin Edwin
Morin Elizabeth
Morin J G
Morin M L
Morin Martha
Morin Missouri
Morin Robert
Morin Sarah
Morin W A
Morlan J W
Morlan Amelia
Morlan Kate
Morris Arthur
Morris Austin
Morris James
Morris Mamoselle
Morris Mary
Morris R W
Morrison James (Dr)
Morrison H
Morrison Ruth
Morton Elizabeth
Morton Jospeh
Morton Lilburn
Morton Mary
Morton Matilda
Morton O H P (Perry)
Morton Susan G
Morton Thomas
Morton Wm C
Mosby Jesse
Moss George
Moss H G
Moss J Henry
Moss James
Moss Martha
Moss Mary J
Moss nancy
Moss W S
Muddiman Tinnie B
Mulliken E S
Mullen Hazel
Mullen Lou V
Mullen Susie
Mullen W N
Mullins John P
Mullins Leora
Mullins Mary Ann
Mullins Stephen
Mullins W G
Munday Gabriel
Munday George
Munday Martha
Munford Lettice
Munford Robert
Murrah Pearl 
Murrah Amanda
Murrah C F
Murrah Eliza
Murrah Ed P
Murrah Ida
Murrah Joseph
Murrah Kittie
Murrah Massie
Murrah Nancy
Murrah Sallie
Murrah Stanley
Murrah Walter
Murrah W D (Dr)
Murray Annie
Murray M N
Murray J L
Murray James
Murray Malvina
Murray S
Murray Sarah Ann
Murray Susie
Murray T L
Myers Amanda
Myers Boon
Myers E J
Myers Eliza
Myers Elizabeth
Myers Jacob
Myers James
Myers Lawson
Myers Mildred
Myers Minerva
Myers Nancy
Myers Soloman
Myers W H
Myles James
Myles Oswald
McBurney Catherine
McBurney William
McCarthy Mary
McClary Andrew
McClary Anne E
McClary Elizabeth
McClary Franklin
McClary John
McClary Joseph
McClary Margarette
McClary Ona
McClary Rebecca
McClary Susan
McClary Wm F
McClure Allie
McClure E B
McClure Joseph
McClure Julia
McClure Maggie
McClure Mary
McClure Matilda
McClure N B (Dr)
McClure Samuel
McClure S J
McCormick George, Capt
McCormick Mary
McCoy Finley
McCoy Juda
McCoy Mary
McCrackin Ruth
McCrackin George
McCrocklin John
McCrocklin Realief
McCullum E J
McCullum Elizabeth
McCullum Jane
McCullum Mathew
McCune Alice
McCune Andrew J D
McCune Samuel
McCune Susan
McDaniel Lettie S
McDaniel Roscoe
McDaniel Thomas
McDaniel W G
McDermott Hugh
McDermott Thomas
McDonnall James
McDonnall Mary
McDonald Boone
McDonald Marshall
McDonald Hugh
McDonald Mary
McDonald William
McDowell Amanda
McDowell Morgus
McDuffee F M
McDuffee M
McElroy Elizabeth
McElroy Harvey
McElroy William
McGee Dean
McGee Mary J
McGee Presley
McGee Seth
McGown B N (Rev)
McGraw Fannie
McGraw T J
McGraw Thomas
McGuire Emily
McGuire Sidney
McGuire William
McHargue C C
McHargue Eliza J
McHargue Emily
McHargue Lucy  
McIntire Hellen
McIntire M E
McIntire Mary
McIntire R E
McKenzie John Southgate
McKenzie Virginia Southgate
McKenzie Wm Fenimore
McKim Charles M
McKim Edward B
McKim Mary A 
McKinney A B
McKinney Annie
McKinney Colby
McKinney Eleanor
McKinney James
McKinney J R
McKinney Katherine
McKinney Maria
McKinney Mary
McKinney V K
McKinsey Mary Alice
McKinsey John A
McLain Letitia
McLaughlin A P (Rev)
McLaughlin L M
McLean John
McLean John L
McLean J T
McLean Mary F
McPheeters Charles
McPherson Margaret
McPherson Walter
McQuinn Charles
McQuiston Flora (Hamlin)
McQuiston Thomas Monite
McSpeak A
McSpeak Charity
McWilliams A C
McWilliams Emily
McWilliams Jane
McWilliams Martha
McWhorter G P
McWhorter Lottioe
McWhorter Mary A
McWhorter W E
Neal D A
Neal David
Neal G
Neal Elizabeth
Neal George
Neal Mary E
Neal Rebecca
Nelson America
Nelson Anna
Nelson A R
Nelson Catherine
Nelson C B
Nelson Edw
Nelson E M
Nelson Eliza
Nelson Emily
Nelson Georgia
Nelson George W
Nelson Harriett
Nelson J O
Nelson J P
Nelson James R
Nelson James W
Nelson John
Nelson Lizzie
Nelson L R
Nelson Maria
Nelson Mary Ann
Nelson nancy A
Nelson N B (Dr)
Nelson Richard
Nelson Robinson
Nelson Sally
Nelson Samuel
Nelson Theodore
Nelson T C
Nelson W K
Netherton John
Netherton Louella Ann
Netherton Rebecca
Netherton R C
Netherton Willie  
Newton Kate
Newton S (Rev)
Newton Virginia
Nichols B J
Nichols Benjamin
Nichols C C
Nichols Catherine
Nichols Comfort
Nichols Elizabeth J
Nichols G W
Nichols John
Nichols Jonothan
Nichols Margaret
Nichols Martha
Nichols Mary Ann
Nichols Matilda
Nichols Simon
Nichols T J
Nichols Thomas J
Nicholas Carter
Nickel S N
Nickel Mary
Noble George
Nock Jane
Nock Samuel
Noel Amos
Noel Rebecca
Norris Gabriel
Norris Irene
Norris Lem
O'Bannon A
O'Bannon E
O'Bannon Elizabeth
Oglesby B A
Oglesby Jane
Oglesby N M
Oglesry J W
Oglesry Sadie
Ogg Maranda
Oldfield Eliza E
Oldfield James
Oldham Francis M
Oldham George S
Oliver Emmett
Oliver Maggie
Oliver Robert
O'Neal James T
O'Neal Mary Jane
O'Rear Amy
O'Rear Caroline
O'Rear Elizabeth
O'Rear Harrison
O'Rear Josiah
O'Rear Joseph
O'Rear Mary
O'Rear Robert
O'Rear William R
Osborne G W
Osborne P R
Outland Dudley
Outland Narcissus
Outland Sally A
Outland Silas
Owens Arthur
Owens Jane
Owens Joshua
Owens Park
Owens Ruth
Owens Sam  
Owens Synthia
Owens William
Owings Ephraim
Owings George
Owings Kate
Owings Lucinda
Owings Lucy
Owings L
Owings N H
Owings Ruth
Owings S
Owings Sally
Owings Samuel
Owings Thomas
Owings W M
Oxford Elizabeth
Pace Joseph
Pace Rosaline
Page Elmira
Page Martin G
Painter Holman
Painter Thornton
Palmer Artemis
Palmer Joseph
Palmer Nancy
Palmer Parthenia
Palmer R J
Palmer Rachael
Parish Susan G
Park Mary
Parker Alva
Parker Elizabeth
Parker James W
Parker R W
Parks Sarah Ann
Parris Alice
Parris James
Parrish Martha
Parrott Elizabeth
Parrott George
Parrott Ida
Parrott James
Parrott Rhodan
Patterson ---
Payne A B
Payne H E
Payne Mary
Payne Reuben
Payne W
Payne William
Payton B F
Payton Elizabeth
Payton J M
Payton Rosa 
Payton Sarah 
Payton Weston
Pearce Catherine
Pearce Horace
Pearce John
Pearce Lee
Pearce Shelby
Pearce Urith
Pearl Barbara
Pearl Elizabeth
Pearl Granville
Pearl Mary V
Pearson Benjamin
Pearson Henry
Pebworth James
Peck James
Peck Sophia
Peden Cordelia
Pelly J F
Pelly John
Pelly Lou Ann
Pelly Lucy
Pendergrass Newton F
Pendergrass Wallace
Pendleton Eliza
Pendleton Emily
Pendleton J B
Pendleton John
Pendleton Sarah
Pendleton Thomas
Penrod Lucy
Penrod William
Penton John
Penton Marion
Perkins A M
Perkins F M
Perkins James
Perkins John
Perkins L A
Perkins Lizzie
Perkins Lucinda
Perkins Lucius
Perkins Maggie
Perkins Margaret
Perkins Mary
Perkins Mildred
Perkins Samuel
Perkins William
Peters Al
Peters A G
Peters Mary
Peters S A
Pettus Margaret
Pettus Richard G
Phelps Frank
Phelps Margaret
Phelps William
Phillips Nancy
Phillips Vernia L
Phillips Willie  
Phipps John
Platt J J
Platt Ophelia W
Pickelheimer Joanna
Pieratt Margaret
Pieratt Valentine
Pierce Bertha J
Pillow Dodie
Pitman Kathleen
Pitman R M
Poe Enos
Poe Lizzie
Poindexter James
Polly C (Rev)
Polly E M
Poor Nancy
Poor R E
Pope Agnes
Pope Bettie Ann
Pope J G
Pope Mary
Pope Peter
Porter Ephraim
Porter Margaret
Potts Cora
Pound William
Powell Henry
Powell Elizabeth
Powell Sarah
Powell W
Powers Eva W
Prather A
Prather Mary A
Prather Parker V
Price John
Price Josephine
Price Robert Bird
Price Sarah
Price W B
Price William
Proctor Annie C
Proctor D A
Proctor Elizabeth
Proctor Fenton
Proctor Greenville
Proctor Harriett
Proctor J N
Proctor John
Proctor M S
Proctor N
Proctor Nancy
Proctor R T
Proctor Roland
Proctor Sarah
Proctor Saraldoe
Proctor Wm
Proctor W R
Puckett John
Puckett Martha
Pugh Jane
Puryear N B
Puryear Sallie
Quinby Alley
Quinby Elizabeth
Quinby Emma
Quinby George
Quinby Maranda
Quinby William D
Quisenberry J M
Quisenberry S F
Rader M
Rader T 
Ragsdale Elizabeth
Ragsdale Susan A
Ragland Ezekial
Rainey J M
Rainwater Patsy
Raisor Edd
Raisor Susan
Raisor William
Ramsey Ida Lee
Ramsey Lucy Ann
Ramsey Oley C
Randall Bethel
Randall Ella
Randall Elvira
Randall James
Ratcliff R M
Ratcliff Susanna
Rasnick John F
Rasnick John I
Rawlings A J
Rawlings Kate
Ray Almira
Ray Calvin
Ray Charles
Ray Hix J
Ray J C
Ray Lucinda
Ray Ruth
Raymond David H
Raymond C M
Raymond Ella
Raymond Ellen
Raymond John D
Raymond Laurie
Raymond M A
Raymond Mary
Raymond Orie
Raymond Susan F
Raymond T M
Reed Albert
Reed Ann  
Reed Elizabeth
Reed Jacob
Reed James
Reed Joel
Reed John
Reed Jonothan
Reed Joseph James
Reed Judith L
Reed Julia Ann
Reed Laura
Reed Lettice
Reed Mary
Reed Richard
Reed Sarah
Reed Sydney
Reed Wm Jr
Reed Wm
Reeder Adam
Reeder Isaac W
Reeder John
Reeder Mary
Reese Daniel
Reese D J
Reese Elizabeth
Reese John W
Reese Kate
Reese M B
Reese Mary (Evans)
Redding Elizabeth
Redding Sarah Ann
Redding Timothy
Reinhart Mary
Reinhart Stephen
Reisinger Katherine
Relaford Hazel M
Relf Henry
Renfro Charity
Renfro James
Rexroat Carl E
Revill J C
Revill J L
Revill Monette
Rice Artimecie
Rice B A
Rice Emily
Rice J F
Rice J R
Rice M
Rice Mary J 
Rice Nellie
Rice R M
Rice Richard P
Rice Sallie
Rice Sandy
Rice Virgie
Rice William J
Richards Josephine
Richards R P
Richardson Catherine
Richardson Ed 
Richardson John Crolley
Richardson Marion
Richardson Marquis
Richardson Mary
Richardson Sarah
Ricketts Emily
Ricketts John (Dr)
Ricketts J M
Ricketts Isabella
Ricketts L M
Ricketts Lou
Richie Andrew
Richie Ellen
Riddell Calvin
Riddell Christine
Riddell Cyrus
Riddell Elizabeth
Riddell Fi
Riddell Florinda
Riddell John
Riddell J M
Riddell Kittie
Riddell Laura F
Riddell Lewis
Riddell Louise
Riddell Marcellus
Riddell Neal
Riddell Pamelia
Riddell Sallie
Riggs Elizabeth
Riggs Hannah
Riggs Henry
Riggs James
Riggs John
Riggs J W
Riggs Sallie
Rile Agnes
Rile Polly
Rile Sanford
Ritcherson  James
Roberts Clara
Roberts E A
Roberts Eleanor
Roberts Henry
Roberts Joseph
Roberts Lizie
Roberts Love
Roberts Nannie
Roberts Roxanna
Roberts Thomas
Roberts Willis
Robertson Benjamin
Robertson Delphy
Robertson Emily
Robertson Math
Robertson Mills
Robertson T
Robertson T L
Robertson Theodoria
Robinson Fannie
Robinson Hittie M
Robinson J L
Robinson James
Robinson Martha
Robinson Miranda
Robinson Safrona
Robinson Sarah P
Robinson William
Rogers Darvin
Rogers E B
Rogers Elizabeth
Romine D W
Romine M A
Roher John
Roher Tinnie
Rose Alfred
Rose Barbara
Rose George
Rose H C
Rose Matilda
Rose Mary A
Rose Robert
Rose Susie
Ross Ann M
Ross Louise
Ross Thomas
Roundtree J W
Roundtree Mary
Rouse Benjamin
Rouse Fannie
Rouse Henderson
Rouse Henry
Rouse Howard
Rouse James
Rouse John L
Rouse Nannie H
Rouse Thomas
Rouse Viranda
Roy Francis M
Roy I N
Roy Martha
Roy S R
Ruby Charles
Ruby Everett
Ruby Mary
Ruby William
Rush Eliza Jane
Rush F M
Rush Guy E
Rush G W
Rush Maud
Russell America
Russell Annie C
Russell Bettie Ann
Russell John
Rutherford Jane
Rutherford J H
Rutherford John
Rutherford Maggie
Rutherford Pamelia
Rutherford Sophia
Rutledge Ann Eliza
Rutledge Elihu M
Ruttinger Christain
Ruttinger Mary
Runyan J M
Runyan L E 
Runyan Mary
Ryles Isabelah
Sadler James
Sadler Rebecca
Sadler Virdie
Saffell M A
Sagaser Mary
Samuels Rebecca
Sandford Anna
Sandford Benjamin
Sandford D
Sandford E H
Sandford N
Sandford R
Sandford Robert
Sandford Thomas
Sandford William
Sanford Keren
Sarver Fannie
Sarver W H
Satterly Henry
Saunders Mary
Saunders Pleasant
Schlaesser Augusta
Schwall August 
Schwall Jacob
Schwall Katherine
Schwall Mary
Schwall William
Scott Alice
Scott Audie
Scott Elijah
Scott Elizabeth
Scott Mary
Scott R M
Scott Robert
Scott S A
Sears Josh
Sears Pearlie
Sellars Amanda
Sellars Clarence
Sellars Sarah
Sellars Thomas
Senieur Ann
Senieur Frederick
Senieur Henry
Senieur Ovie L
Senter Annie  
Sewallen Joseph
Shannon Andrew (Rev)
Shannon Martha
Sharp Martha
Sharp Mary
Sharp T C
Sharp Thomas
Shaw C G
Shaw Eula
Shaw Fannie
Shaw Hallie
Shaw John
Shaw Mary
Shelton Jacob
Shelton L D
Shelton Lucinda
Shelton Malvina
Sherrill Ben W
Sherrill Julianna
Sherrill W B
Sherrod B D
Sherrod Bettie  
Sherrod Finis
Sherrod Susan
Shields Arthusia
Shields Bemas
Shields B W
Shields Charlotta
Shields Christie
Shields Elizabeth
Shields F
Shields Lydia
Shields L A
Shields Mahlon
Shields Motie
Shields N
Shields Tennie
Shields Thomas
Shields Victoria
Shryock Jane
Shryock John
Shryock J M
Shofstall Charles
Shofstall W S
Shorter Daniel
Simcoe E Rupe
Simcoe Mary
Simon D
Simon L
Simmons J J
Simmons Nancy Ann
Simmons William
Simpson Aaron
Simpson John
Simpson Margaret
Simpson Robert
Simpson Sabina
Simrall Joseph
Sims M Frances
Sims John
Sipe Joseph
Sipe Sharlotte
Skirvin H C
Small Ann
Small F E
Small Joseph
Small Sidney
Small T B
Smart John
Smart Martha
Smith A G
Smith A W
Smith Almira
Smith Annie
Smith B R
Smith Burton
Smith Carrie
Smith Catherine
Smith Charles
Smith Clarissa
Smith Drusilla
Smith Eli
Smith Eliza
Smith Elizabeth
Smith Ellen
Smith Fannie
Smith Francis M
Smith Frank
Smith F S
Smith George
Smith G L
Smith Glenis
Smith Henry
Smith Isaac W
Smith Jackson
Smith Jasper
Smith John
Smith J H
Smith John
Smith J Hood
Smith Julia  
Smith Laura  
Smith Martha
Smith Mary
Smith Patsy
Smith Rachael
Smith Samantha
Smith Serria
Smith Talitha
Smith Thomas
Smith Walter
Snider Mary
Snider W S
Snow Betty
Snow James
Southall Amelia
Southall John
Sowder E L
Sowder Leona
Spann James
Spann Sarah
Spears Henry
Spears Lucy J
Speer John
Spencer Albert
Spencer Arthur
Spencer Bettie
Spencer Catherine
Spencer Ed
Spencer J M
Spencer Martha (Brunett)
Spencer Parriatt
Spencer Perlie
Spurlock Joseph
Spurlock Matilda
Spurling Frances
Spurling James
Spurling Millie
Stacy Greenberry
Stacy Maria
Stafford Isabell 
Stafford James
Stafford Minnie
Stafford Samuel
Stamper Calvin
Stamper Elizabeth
Stamper J M
Stamper Lou F
Stamper S J
Stanley John W
Stanley Joseph
Stanley Mildred
Stanley Nancy Ann
Stanley Shirley Lee
Stanley Wilson W
Stanley Winnie K
Starks Clara
Starks R H (Dr)
Steele Adam
Steele Bettye
Steele C
Steele Cordie
Steele F M
Steele Martha
Steele W H
Stephens Alonzo
Stephens Benjamin
Stephens Catherine
Stephens Dorothy
Stephens Edmund
Stephens E P
Stephens Ellen
Stephens Emily
Stephens Francis  
Stephens Henry
Stephens Jane
Stephens John
Stephens Leonard
Stephens M M
Stephens N B
Stephens R F
Stephens R L
Stephens Satira
Stephens W J
Stephens Woolford
Stephenson Mary
Stevens John
Stevens Sarah
Stevens William
Stevenson Ann
Stevenson B F
Stewart James
Stewart J D
Stewart M
Stewart Mary
Stilley John
Stilley Sarah
Stipp Elizabeth
Stipp Frederick
Stipp J W
Stipp M
Stipp Mary
Stinson Bishop
Stinson Edgar
Stinson Florence
Stinson Otis
Stirman James
Stone Catherine
Stone Frances
Stone James
Stone Jesse
Stone Josiah
Stone Kate
Stone Lemuel
Stone Mary Ann
Stone Mary
Stone Nathan
Stoner Francis
Stoner G W
Stoner Michael
Stoner Nancy  
Stratton B
Stratton Catherine
Stratton Eliza
Stratton Samuel
Stroud J B
Stroud John
Stroud Lula
Stroud Mary
Stroud Sallie
Stroud W Curtis
Strow Clara
Strow Frankie
Strow J W
Strow Mary
Stubblefield Elizabeth
Stubblefield John
Stubblefield M A
Stubblefield R G
Stubblefield Theodrick
Stull F S
Stull George
Stump D 
Stump John
Stump L
Sturgeon A B
Sturgeon A H
Sturgeon Andrew  
Sturgeon Ann
Sturgeon Catherine
Sturgeon Clarence
Sturgeon C P
Sturgeon jane
Sturgeon Julia
Sturgeon Robert
Sturgeon Sarah
Sturgeon Simpson
Sturgeon S G
Sturgeon Sue
Sturgeon Thomas
Sturgeon T
Swetman George W
Swift M N
Swift C
Swim Mary
Tabb Sarah
Tabor Bird
Tabor Russell
Talbot Ann
Talbot Hester
Talbot Jane
Taliaferro J C
Taliaferro J N
Taliaferro Lawrence
Taliaferro Lettice
Taliaferro L W
Taliaferro Martha
Taliaferro M H
Taliaferro N E
Taliaferro Robert A
Taliaferro T C
Taliaferro W C 
Tarlton Ann
Tarr Morgan
Tarvin Letha
Tarvin S E
Taul Sallie
Taul Thomas
Taulbee Doshia
Taulbee Dulcinia
Taulbee Jefferson
Taulbee Katherine
Taulbee Lectie
Taulbee Martha
Taulbee Marvin
Taulbee Mary
Taulbee Palina
Taulbee Sarah
Taulbee Silas
Taulbee Tempie
Taulbee William
Taylor A D
Taylor A G
Taylor Ann (Warren)
Taylor Caleb J (Rev)
Taylor Charlie
Taylor Dosia
Taylor Elizabeth
Taylor Florence
Taylor Fouchee
Taylor Grooms
Taylor Hannah
Taylor James
Taylor Jane
Taylor John
Taylor Joshua
Taylor Louisianna
Taylor Margaret
Taylor Nancy
Taylor Peter
Taylor Phillip
Taylor Sarah
Taylor Thomas
Taylor William
Taylor W T
Tebbs Fouchee
Tebbs James
Terhune Jan 
Testerman Martha
Testerman T Hamilton
Thomas Amanda
Thomas Ann Mariah
Thomas Annie
Thomas Edmund
Thomas J W
Thomas Joseph
Thomas Mahala
Thomas Marian
Thomas Newton
Thomas Sarah
Thomas Smith
Thomas William
Thomas W P
Thompson Archibald
Thompson Elizabeth
Thompson Fenton
Thompson George (Col)
Thompson George M
Thompson George W
Thompson John
Thompson Kittie
Thompson Martha
Thompson Mary Ann
Thompson Susan
Thompson William
Thornton Jane
Thornton Rena
Thornton Ruben
Thornton Sarah
Tichenor J
Tichenor J T
Tichenor Mary
Tichenor Saphronia
Tingle Addie
Tingle George
Tinsley Alfred
Tinsley Mary
Todd Julia
Todhunter Elizabeth
Tollson Ann
Tollson Benjamin
Tolson Benjamin
Tolson Green
Tolson Mary
Tousey Catherine
Tousey Charles
Tousey Erastus
Tousey Juliet
Tousey Mary
Tracy George
Traughber William
Travis Anna
Travis Eliza
Travis Eveline
Travis Thomas
Travis W A
Traylor Allen
Traylor Cornelius
Traylor Polly
Treadway Alice
Treadway Martha
Treadway S
Treadway Thomas
Treas Frances
Treas R G
Trigg Ann
Trigg Frances
Trigg T Newton
Trigg Lon
Trigg Mary
Trigg Thomas
Trimble Isa
Trimble J
Trimble John
Trimble Martha
Trimble Nancy
Trimble Robert
Trine Nathan
Trine Susan
Troutman James
Troutman Matilda Ann
Truitt E
Truitt J S
Truitt Martha
Truitt W R
Trumbo Deborah
Trumbo George Sr
Trumbo Jacob
Trumbo Mary Ann
Tucker Edward
Tucker Harper
Tucker Harriett
Tucker J E
Tucker Joshua
Tucker Lizzie
Tucker Lucy
Tucker Maggie
Tucker Mary
Tucker Maud
Tucker Peter
Tuggle Mary
Tuggle Richardson
Tuggle Sally
Tuggle Thomas
Turner Barnett
Turner Georgia
Turner Horace
Turner Lewis
Turner mary
Turner Nancy
Turner Thomas
Turner Wessie
Turley Amos
Turley James
Turley Julia
Turley Lucy
Turley Mary
Tuttle W
Tye H C
Underwood M
Underwood S
Urnspicker John B
Urnspicker Mary
Urnspicker Samuel
Uttinger Susan
Utz Elizabeth
Utz Jonas
Vance Elizabeth
Vance William
Valandinham Isabella
Valandinham W T
Van Cleave Hiram
Van Meter Banjamin Franklin
Varnell Elizabeth
Vaughn E L
Vaughn Margaret
Ver Bryck William
Voris Alexander
Voris John
Voris John Eli
Voris Nancy
Voris William
Voshal L M
Wade James
Wainscott Amanda
Wainscott A R
Wainscott A J
Wainscott M E
Wainscott M Z
Wainscott W A
Wagers Jonothan
Wagers Marion
Wagers Wiley
Wagoner Joseph
Wagoner Laura J
Wagoner Mattie J
Wagoner T P
Wake Cassandra
Wake H
Wakefield Taresa
Walker Benjamin
Walker Charlie
Walker Charles
Walker Elizabeth
Walker Ephraim
Walker E Walter
Walker F E
Walker G F
Walker H (Dr)
Walker James Wilson
Walker J B
Walker John B
Walker Lydia
Walker Matilda
Walker Margaret
Walker Mary
Walker Nancy
Walker Pleasant
Walker R W
Walker Susan
Walkup James
Walkup Maranda
Walkup Nancy
Walkup Samuel
Wallace Abraham
Wallace David Ann
Wallace Elizabeth
Wallace James F
Wallace John
Wallace Joseph
Wallace J W
Wallace M C
Wallace M E
Wallace Margaret
Wallace Martha
Wallace Sarah
Wallace Susie
Wallace William
Wallingford Emma
Wallingford J D
Walters Thomas
Walton F A
Walton Isabel 
Walton Mary
Walton W
Ward A C
Ward Cary A
Ward Eliza
Ward E J
Ward Mahala
Ward Ollie
Ward Ralph
Ward W C
Wares Jeff B
Wares Mattie J
Wares Riley
Warren Ann
Warren Homer
Warren John
Warren Judith
Warren Lucretia
Warren Samuel
Warren Thomas
Warren William
Warsham Martha
Washburn G  
Washburn Viola
Waters Edmund Reason
Waters John Jefferson
Waters Robert
Waters Susan
Watkins James
Watkins Lucinda
Watkins Lucy
Watkins Mary
Watson A J
Watson Artemcia
Watson Florence
Watson Frances
Watson George
Watson H A
Watson H T
Watson John
Watson J S
Watson Joseph
Watson Lee
Watson Malvina
Watson M A
Watson Martha
Watson Ruth
Watson Thomas (Dr)
Watson W A
Weatherford Amanda
Weatherford Ida Mae
Weatherford Irvin
Weatherford John
Weatherford Malinda
Weatherford N A
Weatherford Robert
Weaver J H
Weaver J R
Weaver J T
Weaver James
Weaver Jeremiah
Weaver John
Weaver Julia
Weaver M
Weaver M C
Weaver M S
Weaver Nancy
Weaver Nannie
Weaver R
Weaver Sam F
Weaver S M
Weaver W T
Webb Albert
Webb Ausker
Webb Dorsey
Webb Elizabeth
Webb George
Webb Isabella
Webb James
Webb Jennie
Webb Lewis
Webb Sarah
Webb S C
Webb William
Webster H
Webster Jimmie
Webster J
Weddle Daniel
Weddle Hiram (Rev)
Wedlin Wincy
Weeks James
Weeks J L
Weeks Nancy
Weisman Henry
Weisman Louise
Weller Elizabeth
Weller Granderson
Weller Angeline
Weller Mary Louise
Wells Abner
Wells Ann C
Wells Anny
Wells Arthusia
Wells Ary
Wells Benjamin
Wells Charles
Wells Coleman
Wells H (Dr)
Wells E C
Wells Edrington
Wells Fannie
Wells Frances
Wells George
Wells Harrison
Wells J G
Wells James
Wells John
Wells Lucy
Wells Mary
Wells M K
Wells Morris
Wells Nancy
Wells Rebecca
Wells R F
Wells Sarah
Wells Susie
Wells Walter
Wells William
Wesley Eliza
Wesley James
West Martha
West Simeon
West Thomas
Wheeler J W
Wheeler Lawrence
Wheeler Margaret
Wheeler Mary
White Alice
White David Ann
White Durrett
White Franky
White Fred
White G
White Galne
White George
White Harry
White James
White Jefferson
White Joel
White John
White J W
White Josephine
White Lafayette
White Laura J
White Lettie
White Lettie
White Lou 
White Lucy
White Margaret
White Mary
White Melvina
White Mollie
White M
White Pamelia
White Rhoda
White Robert
White Rosa
White R K
White Samuel
White S A
White Susan Amanda
White Valentine
White William
Whiteker Frances
Whiteker Lucretia
Whiteker Ruth
Whiteker W N
Whitford George
Whitford Rebecca
Whitsett Jilson
Whitsett Mary
Whitsett R Rankin
Wholtzclaw Moses
Widener John
Widenos Sampson
Wiggenton Ann
Wiggenton A M
Wiggenton Ballard
Wiggenton B C
Wiggenton D A
Wiggenton D B
Wiggenton Elijah
Wiggenton Ella
Wiggenton Emma
Wiggenton George
Wiggenton Georgia
Wiggenton G W
Wiggenton Hattie
Wiggenton Hezekiah
Wiggenton I V
Wiggenton James
Wiggenton John
Wiggenton Lizzie
Wiggenton Louisana
Wiggenton Missouri
Wiggenton P H
Wiggenton S A
Wiggenton William
Wilcox Elender
Wilcox G
Wilcox Nancy
Wiley William
Wilkerson Julia
Wilkins Mary
Wilkins Peter
Willa M
Willa Nannie
Willa S
Williams Anna
Williams Augusta
Williams Bryant
Williams Charline
Williams Charlie
Williams David Ann
Williams Elizabeth
Williams Evan
Williams Fannie
Williams F M
Williams G W
Williams Harriett
Williams Harrison
Williams Henry
Williams H X
Williams H W
Williams Isabel
Williams J A
Williams J B
Williams J C (Rev)
Williams J G
Williams Jacob
Williams James
Williams John
Williams Judy
Williams Julia
Williams Kate
Williams Lallias
Williams L
Williams Lydia
Williams M F
Williams Marie
Williams Mary
Williams Myrtle
Williams Nancy
Williams Polie
Williams P L
Williams R H
Williams Samuel
Williams Sanford
Williams S F
Williams William
Williamson Elizabeth
Williamson John
Williamson Susannah
Willis E R
Willis Lewis D
Willis T C
Wills George
Wilson Allie
Wilson Andrew  
Wilson A P
Wilson D B
Wilson Dicy
Wilson Emily
Wilson Frances
Wilson George
Wilson Hiram
Wilson jacob
Wilson Jerry
Wilson J G
Wilson J M
Wilson John 
Wilson J T
Wilson J Taft
Wilson Lawrence
Wilson Louise
Wilson Mahala
Wilson Mary
Wilson Myrtie
Wilson Peggy
Wilson Ruthie
Wilson Sallie
Wilson Samuel
Wilson S M
Wilson Tarlton
Wilson T G
Wilson Thomas
Wilson W E
Wilson Wm B
Wilson William
Winston Agnes
Winston Joseph
Winston Sarah  
Winston Sibella
Wise Christine
Wise D H
Wise Sarah
Wise W R
Withers Anna Eliza
Wolfe Martha
Wolfe Sanford
Wood Malinda
Wood Marian
Wood William
Woodfolk Joseph
Woodfolk Mary
Woodson Amanda
Woodson Edward
Woodson Houston
Woodson Maude
Wooley Barbara
Wooley David  
Wooley Henry
Wooley John
Wooley Mary
Wooley William
Wooten B B (Dr)
Wooten Rebecca
Wright Charles
Wright Frances
Wright Fred
Wright Lacy
Wright Letha
Wright Louise
Wright Lucretia
Wright McKinley
Wright Ora
Wright Pauline
Wright Prentice
Wright Robert
Wright Sallie
Wright S W
Wright Willie
Wyatt A J
Wyatt Eliza
Yancy Elizabeth
Yancy William
Yager Alice
Yager John
Yager Thomas
Yates A M
Yates B L
Yates Herman
Yates james
Yates Leah
Yates Milton
Yates Ray F
Yates R F
Yates Sarah
Yates William
Yeager James
Yeager Margaret
Yenawine Daniel B
Young A
Young Angeline
Young Aquila
Young B
Young Carrie
Young Catherine
Young E A
Young E M
Young Edith
Young Elizabeth
Young Ella
Young Eveline
Young James
Young John
Young Margaret
Young Martha
Young Mary
Young R Bruce
Young Rebecca
Young Samuel
Young Sedley
Young Sinnett
Young Tabitha
Young Thomas
Young Warfield
Young William
Young W H
Yowell Amanda
Yowell John
Yowell Joel
Yowell Sallie
Yowell William

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