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Kentucky Cemeteries Vol II All Name Index

When requesting the look up, please put "KY CEM VOL II" in the subject line. Since there can be more than one name buried in several cemeteries (Ie: John Smith), please specify the COUNTY they lived. Email

                 NAMES A- K               

Abbott James W    
Abernathy B L    
Abernathy Elizabeth    
Adair Kate    
Adams A C    
Adams Andy    
Adams Catherine C    
Adams Charles    
Adams G M    
Adams Jane    
Adams John    
Adams Leo    
Adams Maranda    
Adams Margaret    
Adams Mary    
Adams Mattie    
Adams Parlee    
Adams Richardson    
Adams Samuel    
Adams Sarah    
Adams Thomas J    
Adkins Catherine      
Adkins John J    
Albritton F E    
Albritton Sam G    
Alcorn Olive    
Alexander Lieut James    
Alexander Jerusha    
Alford Elizabeth    
Alford Emmie    
Alford Jalie B    
Alford Jason    
Alford John R    
Alford Martin    
Allison Alpheus    
Allison Christina    
Allison Elizabeth G    
Allison Hendery    
Allison H.W.    
Allison J.F.    
Allison R.    
Allison Rebecca    
Allphin Letty    
Allphin Mary C    
Allphin Ransom    
Allphin Zebulon    
Allen Annie `   
Allen Beverly    
Allen Daisy    
Allen Elizabeth    
Allen Guard W    
Allen James      
Allen John    
Allen Joseph M    
Allen Lillie    
Allen Louise    
Allen Maggie    
Allen Margaret L    
Allen Maria    
Allen Mary E    
Allen Nancy    
Allen Robert    
Allen Talbott R    
Allen Thomas      
Allen William    
Allen W.H.    
Amyx Barbara    
Amyx Elizabeth    
Amyx S.R.    
Anderson A.B.    
Anderson A.H.    
Anderson Alice    
Anderson Amanda    
Anderson Ann     
Anderson Annie    
Anderson Betty    
Anderson Catherine    
Anderson Charles    
Anderson David    
Anderson D.L.    
Anderson Dorca    
Anderson E.    
Anderson Fannie J    
Anderson George W, Sr    
Anderson Harriett    
Anderson Hilton    
Anderson James     
Anderson J.M    
Anderson J Wayne    
Anderson Capt John    
Anderson John A    
Anderson John F    
Anderson John J    
Anderson John W    
Anderson Josiah    
Anderson Kate    
Anderson Katherine    
Anderson Lila    
Anderson Lucretia    
Anderson Mary C    
Anderson Mary Ellen    
Anderson Mary J    
Anderson Matthew    
Anderson Missaniah    
Anderson M.W.    
Anderson Nannie    
Anderson Nervesta    
Anderson Peter    
Anderson Prudence    
Anderson R G    
Anderson Robert    
Anderson Sarah    
Anderson S G    
Anderson Stanley    
Anderson Susan P    
Anderson Wayne    
Anderson William    
Anderson Victoria    
Andrews E S    
Andrews Virginia    
Andrews V.A.    
Anthony Joseph      
Anthony Martha    
Antrobus Bertha    
Apperson Elizabeth    
Apperson James    
Apperson Lizzie    
Apperson Mary    
Apperson Richard     
Apperson Robert    
Apperson William    
Armstrong G.W.    
Armstrong Ida    
Armstrong Mary L    
Armstrong Susan P    
Armstrong W.T.    
Arnold Margaret    
Arrasmith Mark    
Arrundel Mary Ann    
Arrundel Richard    
Ash Arthusia    
Ash Catherine    
Ash George      
Ash John W    
Ashby Edith    
Ashby A Logan    
Ashby Margaret    
Ashby M.O.    
Ashby Obey T    
Asher Arry    
Asher James W    
Ashley Clerisa    
Atherton Hannah    
Atkinson John    
Atkinson Lucy    
Atkinson Ollie    
Atkinson W.T.    
Ayer Alex    
Ayer Andrew    
Ayers Robert    
Ayers Sarah C    
Ayers W.M.    
Bach M.E.    
Backwith Charles N    
Backwith J.L.    
Backwith M.    
Bailey B.R.    
Bailey David    
Bailey Dora    
Bailey Leonard    
Bailey M.A.    
Bailey Mary    
Bailey Nancy    
Bailey Virginia    
Bailey William    
Baird Catherine    
Baird James W    
Baird John L    
Baker Caroline    
Baker Francis    
Baker Henrietta    
Baker Jane    
Baker Joseph    
Baker Lena    
Baker Mary C    
Baker Newton    
Baker S.S.    
Baldwin Mamie    
Baldwin Martha F    
Baldwin Stuart    
Ball L.E.    
Ball Matilda    
Ball Mary    
Ball M.M.    
Ball Munford    
Ball Susan G    
Ball Thomas H    
Ball William    
Ball W.M.    
Ballard Elizabeth    
Ballard Pauline    
Ballinger Mildred    
Bane Dallie    
Bannister J    
Bannister Nancy    
Barby Jackson    
Barby Sina    
Barbour Thomas    
Barker Alec    
Barker A.G.    
Barker Catherine    
Barker Charles    
Barker Henry C    
Barker J.D.    
Barker John    
Barker Joseph    
Barker Kittie    
Barker L.C.    
Barker Martha    
Barker Martha(Benson)    
Barker Mary Ann    
Barker Mollie    
Barker M.C.    
Barker Noah    
Barker Rachael    
Barker Samuel    
Barker Sarah    
Barkley James E    
Barnett Charlotte    
Barnett Ellen    
Barnett James    
Barnett Joseph    
Barnett J.W.    
Barnett Mary    
Barnett Morris    
Barnett Robert    
Barnett Sarah    
Barnett W.H.    
Barnett William F    
Barrett Charles    
Barringer Lou J    
Bartlett Elizabeth     
Bartlett J.     
Bartlett Louis     
Barton Martha J    
Barton W.R.    
Barnes Mary O    
Barnes W.A., Jr    
Bashaw Ann    
Bashaw E.P.    
Bashaw Evaline O    
Bashaw George W     
Bashaw G.W. (Dr.)    
Bashaw Mary E    
Bates Martha    
Bayes B.F.    
Bayes Elizabeth    
Bayes Jalie      
Bayes William    
Bayless Mary    
Beagle C    
Beagle M.K.    
Beagle Susia    
Beagle T.W. (Rev)    
Beall D    
Beall Derit    
Beall Elizabeth    
Beall James F    
Beard Alexander    
Beard Mary    
Beard Sarah    
Bearden Marcus    
Bearden Nancy    
Beckham A    
Beckham E.S.    
Bedford Mary A     
Bedwell Sarah    
Bell James W    
Bell Patterson    
Bell Sarah E    
Bennett Bland    
Bennett Hillery    
Bennett Irene G    
Bennett James    
Bennett Martha    
Bennett Mary    
Bennett Stephen W    
Bennett Thomas J    
Bennett W.J.    
Benningfield Bridget    
Benningfield Broadus    
Benningfield Cora B    
Benningfield Effie    
Benningfield E.L.    
Benningfield Elizabeth    
Benningfield F.E.    
Benningfield Fleming    
Benningfield George R    
Benningfield Gilmore    
Benningfield Grace    
Benningfield Hattie    
Benningfield Henry C    
Benningfield John    
Benningfield Lou M    
Benningfield Lucretia    
Benningfield Marvin B    
Benningfield Mary B    
Benningfield Nancie    
Benningfield Nancy Ella    
Benningfield Randolph    
Benningfield Randall H    
Benningfield Ray    
Benningfield Richard    
Benningfield Robert    
Benningfield Sallie    
Benningfield Sarah    
Benningfield Susie K    
Benningfield Thelma    
Benningfield Thomas A    
Benningfield Victoria    
Benton E.S.    
Benton Mary    
Benton Warnie    
Bentley Daniel    
Bentley Elizabeth    
Bentley Eveline    
Bentley John    
Bentley Matilda    
Bentley William W    
Berkley B.F.    
Berkley George W    
Berkley Isabella    
Berkley J Brackston    
Berkley John Sr    
Berkley Nannie    
Berkley Sally    
Berry Isaac    
Berry Mary    
Best Elizabeth    
Best Samuel Sr    
Beverly Athisa B    
B'Hyner Abraham    
B'Hyner Joshua    
Biggs Andrew    
Biggs J.M.    
Biggs Maria    
Biggs Mary A
Billingsley M.J.
Billingsley T.H.    
Billow Edward    
Billow Helen    
Bingham J.F.    
Bird Annie R    
Birney James    
Birney Martha    
Birney Nancy    
Birkhead E.B.    
Birkhead Elizabeth    
Bishop C.G.    
Bishop Jennie    
Bittle John    
Black Almira    
Black Clarissa    
Black Eleanor    
Black Elijah    
Black Elizabeth    
Black Ellen F    
Black Hiram    
Black Isaac    
Black James    
Black John    
Black Mahala    
Black Mary    
Black Mildred    
Black Samuel    
Black Sarah    
Black S.H.    
Black Thomas    
Black William     
Black Winefred     
Black Winny    
Blackburn Emily    
Blackburn Henrietta    
Blackburn Jane    
Blackburn William    
Blaine Alexander    
Blankenship Henry      
Blankenship J.    
Blankenship M.C.    
Blanton James    
Blanton Matilda    
Blewitt Sarah    
Blewitt Thomas    
Blosangame Mahulda    
Blyth Arthur    
Blyth Sarah A    
Bobbitt James L    
Bobbitt Jane    
Bobbitt Nancy    
Bobbitt Sarah E    
Bobbitt William    
Bodger Israel    
Bodine Alfred (Dr)    
Bodine Fannie M    
Bodine John    
Bodine Katy    
Boes Elizabeth    
Bogan Mary L    
Bogan Thomas    
Boggs Dewey    
Bonner W.B.    
Boone Ann    
Boone George Sr    
Boone Nancy    
Borders Almarena    
Boren Jenetta    
Boren J.L.    
Boren Martha Jane    
Boren Saturus    
Boston Catherine    
Boston Jacob    
Boston Mary M    
Botts Ann    
Botts B.T.    
Botts E.E.    
Botts Elizabeth    
Botts Frances W    
Botts J.G.    
Botts Joseph    
Botts Jospeh Gaines    
Botts Julia    
Botts Lucy M    
Botts Mary    
Botts M. G.    
Botts Nancy    
Botts Rolin    
Botts Rowland    
Botts Rowlin    
Botts Robert    
Botts Sarah    
Boughter Ida    
Boughter Mark    
Bourne S    
Bowles Raymond    
Bowlin Jesse S    
Boyd Fannie     
Boyd M.    
Boyd Robert    
Boyd Sarah    
Boyers Almeda    
Boyers Eliza     
Boyers Flora    
Boyers Frank    
Boyle Andrew    
Boyle Julia    
Boyle Sarah    
Bradley Lewis    
Bradshaw Sarah    
Branham D.V.    
Branham M    
Brazzell Louise (Mathis)    
Brazzell William A    
Brevard Emmaline    
Brevard John J    
Breves Thomas    
Brewer J.P.    
Bridges Aaron    
Bridges Benjamin    
Bridges nancy    
Bridges Sarah    
Bridges Susannah    
Bridges Willis    
Bridewell Eliza A    
Bridewell E L    
Bridewell George C    
Bridewell James    
Bridewell Margaret    
Bridewell M M    
Bridewell Sallie    
Bright Anna    
Bright Elizabeth    
Bright George W    
Bright Nannie T    
Bright Ruel    
Bright W S    
Brinkley Edw. S    
Brinkley Ella    
Brinkley Jeremiah    
Brinkley Rebecca    
Brinkley Sarah E    
Brinkley W J    
Brinkley W L    
Briscoe A P    
Briscoe Edward T    
Briscoe Hallie    
Briscoe John L    
Briscoe Josephine    
Briscoe Margaret J    
Briscoe Samuel    
Bristow James    
Bristow Jane (Shelton)    
Bristow Satira    
Brockaway Ansel    
Bronston Elizabeth    
Bronston Jane    
Bronston Jake    
Bronston Sally Ann    
Bronston Sarah    
Bronston T S    
Brooking Mariam B    
Brooking Robert    
Brookshire Elizabeth    
Brookshire Frank M    
Brookshire James C    
Brown Achilles    
Brown David    
Brown Ezekial    
Brown James    
Brown Jane    
Brown John P    
Brown Josie    
Brown Lucy M    
Brown M    
Brown M A    
Brown Margaret C    
Brown Salome    
Brown S W    
Brown William    
Brown W H    
Brown W T    
Browning Ann    
Browning James    
Browning Julia Ann    
Browning Ludwell Y    
Browning Thomas    
Brouhgter Amanda    
Broyles Zachery    
Brumett C C    
Brumfield Bell    
Brumfield Betsy A    
Brumfield George    
Brumfield J    
Brumfield Sarah    
Brush Annie     
Brush George (Rev)    
Brush Kate    
Brush Lucy K    
Bryant E B    
Bryant Eliza    
Bryant Frances J    
Bryant James W    
Bryant John W    
Bryant Luther W    
Bryant Ollie L    
Bryant T P    
Buchanan Elizabeth    
Buchanan George    
Buchanan Nancy    
Buckner A M    
Buckner Margaret    
Bullock Nancye    
Bullock Wingfield    
Burch B F    
Burch David T    
Burch James K    
Burch Mary F    
Burch Wm H    
Burchett Bobby Gene    
Burdette Samuel    
Burke Willie    
Burkhead Ann Marie    
Burnett Nancye    
Burns Alonzo    
Burns E    
Burns James D    
Burns William    
Burroughs Blanche    
Burroughs Frank    
Burroughs Ida K    
Burroughs Mildred    
Burroughs John W    
Burroughs W N    
Burress C L    
Burress Cecil    
Burress Edmond    
Burress Elizabeth    
Burress J Henry    
Burress Oley S    
Burress Rosa    
Burress Sallie R    
Burton Lillie Ann    
Burton Mattie    
Burton Mont.    
Bush Elkanah    
Bussell Milly A    
Butler J A    
Butler L J    
Butler V A    
Butler Martha Evelyn    
Buzzard Rachael    
Buzzard William M    
Cagle Artie    
Cagle F M    
Cagle Ida    
Cagle Nancy    
Cagle Pearlie    
Cain Cornelius    
Cain E    
Cain Enoch    
Cain S W    
Calloway Elizabeth    
Calloway Joseph C    
Calloway Rebecca    
Calvert James    
Calvert Jane    
Calvert L C    
Calvert R A    
Calvert Willis    
Camfield A G    
Camfield J S    
Campbell Charles K    
Campbell Elizabeth    
Campbell Emily    
Campbell Glenn D    
Campbell J O    
Campbell martin J    
Campbell Morgan A    
Campbell N C    
Campbell Sally Ann    
Campbell T Waller    
Campbell W    
Cardin Sarah Ann    
Cardin W A    
Carl Arthur    
Carlisle Mary J    
Carlisle Soloman    
Carpenter Annie    
Carpenter Bennie    
Carpenter Doshia    
Carpenter Eli    
Carpenter Elic    
Carpenter George    
Carpenter Julius    
Carpenter Leora    
Carpenter Malinda    
Carpenter Manerva    
Carpenter Peter    
Carpenter Rhoda    
Carpenter William    
Carr John    
Carrier Maude J    
Carrier Samuel    
Carrington Martia    
Carrington Samuel    
Carroll Cordelia    
Carroll D Henry    
Carroll Eliza E    
Carroll Elizabeth    
Carroll Jane    
Carroll J M    
Carroll Jessie    
Carroll Joseph    
Carroll Lillie Ann    
Carroll Rebecca    
Carroll Richard    
Carroll William F    
Carroll W R    
Carter Annie    
Carter B B    
Carter Bettie    
Carter David    
Carter Ellen    
Carter F M    
Carter Ida    
Carter James W    
Carter John    
Carter J M    
Carter Lou     
Carter Pheby J    
Carter Sampson    
Carter Sela B    
Carter Virginia    
Case B    
Case James W    
Case Marion    
Case Matilda    
Caskey Abigail    
Cassity Benjamin    
Cassity Levi    
Cassity Paulina    
Castleberry Wm N    
Catching John    
Cates Janie W    
Cattron William    
Cave Crum    
Cave Mary Susan    
Cave Min W    
Cave Willie L    
Cave Wood    
Centers John    
Chamblin Ann    
Chamblin B W    
Chamblin William    
Champion M D    
Champion M P    
Champion W B    
Chaney G W    
Chaney James Hoy    
Chaney Julia    
Chaney Malinda    
Chaney McRolan    
Chapline Abraham (Dr)    
Chapline Elizabeth    
Chapline Hannah    
Chapline Jacob    
Chapman America    
Chapman C    
Chapman Elizabeth    
Chapman Hannah    
Chapman J Henry    
Chapman Susan     
Chapman William    
Charles Roy    
Chastain Chava    
Chastain Matilda    
Chester Elizabeth     
Chester Sarah M    
Chester W T    
Chester Zilpha    
Chestnett Fannie    
Childers D    
Childers J P    
Childers Susan E    
Childs Angeline    
Childs Barbara    
Childs Henry    
Childs James W    
Childs John    
Chinn S A    
Christian Neal    
Christie Edd    
Christie Garnett    
Christie Harlan    
Christie Leona    
Christie Maude M    
Christie Riley H    
Clark A S    
Clark B    
Clark Christopher (Rev)    
Clark Elizabeth    
Clark Emma    
Clark John T    
Clark Lena B    
Clark Leslie J    
Clark Sarah M    
Clark William    
Claypool John (Rev)    
Claypool Mary    
Cleavenger Jane    
Cleaver Sarah E    
Clements Eva E    
Clements John W    
Click Joseph    
Click margaret    
Clift Ira    
Clift Martha Jane    
Clift Miller    
Clift Mollie    
Clift William J    
Cline Grover    
Cline N C    
Clore Cave    
Clore Elijah    
Clore Frances    
Clore Lucinda    
Clore Lucy    
Clore Mason    
Clore Rosetta    
Clounch Elizabeth    
Clounch Joseph    
Clounch Josiah    
Cloud B F    
Cloud Elizabeth    
Cloud Mamie    
Clubb Roxie    
Cobb Mattie J    
Cobb William H    
Coburn Milly      
Codwell Frank    
Codwell Lucinda    
Colburn Willis    
Cole Benjamin    
Cole Frances    
Coles Elizabeth    
Coles W M    
Coleman Chiles    
Coleman Elizabeth    
Coleman George W    
Coleman James P    
Coleman J H     
Coleman Lucy E    
Coleman Martha    
Coleman Mary    
Coleman Q Bell    
Coleman Robert F    
Coleman T H    
Collett C    
Collett J    
Collie Alfaretta    
Collie W T    
Coldiron Sylvania    
Collier Rebecca    
Collins A C    
Collins Callie    
Collins Cordie    
Collins Dolly    
Collins Elizabeth    
Collins E M    
Collins J A    
Collins L W    
Collins Marcus    
Collins Minerva    
Collins Jospeh    
Collins R A    
Collins Samuel    
Collins Shelby    
Collins Stephen    
Collins Susan    
Collins William    
Collins W P    
Combs Andrew    
Combs J W    
Combs Leroy    
Combs Paulina    
Combs Sam    
Compton Sidney    
Conn Addie    
Conn Ellen (Bosley)    
Conn George W    
Conn Hamilton    
Conn John Thomas    
Conn Juranda V    
Conn J F    
Conn J V    
Conn Mattie    
Conn Nancy    
Conn Reginald    
Conn Roslie    
Conn Trammell    
Conn William C    
Conner Victoria    
Cook A G V    
Cook Catherine    
Cook Charlotta J    
Cook Edmund    
Cook Mary A    
Cook Virginia F    
Cook Robert W    
Cook S M    
Cooke Martin      
Cooper Benjamin    
Cooper D     
Cooper Eliza Jane    
Cooper Jane    
Cooper Julia Ann    
Cooper Pauline    
Cooper John C    
Cope James    
Corbin Margaret    
Corbin Wm M    
Cormney W A    
Cornwell Elizabeth    
Cornell E C    
Cornell J S    
Cornett Susan    
Correll M    
Correll Tho Garrett    
Correll Robert    
Correll U A    
Correll W T    
Covington Judson    
Cowen Anna M    
Cowen Charles      
Cowen Joseph A    
Cowen Marie    
Cowen Mary Ellen    
Cowen Samuel    
Cowen William J    
Cowgill Elizabeth    
Cox Dennis    
Cox Malvina    
Coyle W M    
Craft J A    
Craft Joseph Sr    
Craft Martha M    
Craft Morgan T    
Craft Robert B    
Craft Sallie      
Craft Samantha    
Craig Ann    
Craig Anna      
Craig El-----    
Craig John Dyer    
Craig Jeremiah    
Craig Merit    
Craig Zerah T    
Crask Susan B    
Crask W M    
Craven David    
Craven Martha    
Craven Mary    
Craven Washington    
Crawford Alexander    
Crawford Dorothy    
Crawford Elizabeth    
Crawford Frances    
Crawford James    
Crawford J A    
Crawford John    
Crawford Maria    
Crawford Rebecca    
Crawford Roy    
Crawford Sarah    
Craycraft Isaac D    
Creason John M    
Creason Mary Ann    
Crisler C L    
Crisler S J    
Christ Jonas    
Criswell Sam    
Crose Jacob    
Crose Nancy    
Crose Samuel    
Cross David    
Cross Lee H    
Cross Mary Lee    
Crosthwaite Mary Ellen    
Crouch John D     
Crouch Louisa    
Crowder Augusta    
Crowder John J    
Crowfoot Sylvester C    
Cummins James M    
Currence Elizabeth    
Currence Mahala    
Currence Malissa    
Currence Samuel    
Currence T B    
Current Margaret    
Current Thomas    
Curry J L    
Curry Pinkey    
Curtis J W    
Curtis Nannie    
Custis Martha 
Dabney Andrew    
Dabney George W    
Dabney Lucy K    
Dabney Mary    
Dabney Nellie J    
Dabney Sallie      
Dabney Sarah E    
Dabney W F    
Daily E    
Daily G C    
Daily J C    
Daily Justice    
Dale Eliza    
Dale James    
Dale John    
Dale Lou P    
Dale Patterson    
Dale Rebecca    
Dale Troyla    
Dale William    
Daniel Celia    
Daniel Gertrude    
Daniel G Sidney    
Daniel L D    
Daniel Mattie    
Darnell Fred    
Darnell Henry    
Darnell Jane    
Davenport Charles    
Davenport Chester    
Davenport Ernest    
Davenport George Ann    
Davenport Henry    
Davenport Ida Bell    
Davenport Mary J    
Davenport M T    
Davenport Serena    
Davis Amos    
Davis Asa T    
Davis Bryant    
Davis Clifton    
Davis Edward    
Davis Elizabeth    
Davis Ethaline V    
Davis George M    
Davis Henrietta    
Davis Isobel    
Davis James    
Davis Jeremiah    
Davis Joannie    
Davis John D    
Davis J A    
Davis J W    
Davis Lodwick    
Davis Margaret    
Davis Mary E     
Davis Nancy    
Davis N R (Rev)    
Davis Samuel B    
Davis Sarah    
Davis Singleton    
Davis Susan    
Davis Susannah    
Davis Thomas    
Dawson Persetti     
Dawson Sophia    
Deadman Nora    
Dean Catherine    
Dean Pauline    
Dean Thomas Sr    
Dearen Safrona    
Deatherage A F    
Deatherage Amos    
Deatherage Lizzie    
Deatherage Maggie    
Deatherage Susannah    
DeBard Elizabeth    
DeBard Lewis    
DeBerry Allen    
DeBerry Annie    
DeBerry Columbus    
DeBerry Cordelia    
DeBerry Cornelius    
DeBerry C W    
DeBerry Elizabeth    
DeBerry Lucy D    
Derring Ellen B    
Demarree James    
Demarree John W    
Demarree Louisa    
DeMoss E A    
DeMoss Cynthia    
DeMoss John    
DeMoss Katherine    
DeMoss Peter    
DeMoss Samuel    
DeMoss Sarah    
DeMott Anna    
DeMott Lawrence    
DeMott Mary    
DeMott Peter    
Denning Dennis    
Denning Donie    
Dennis Kathleen    
Dennis M    
Dennis C    
Denson Elizabeth    
Denson L    
Denson S    
Denson William P    
Denton James    
Denton Mildred    
Dick Valentine    
Dicken Edward L    
Dicken Winney    
Dills Elizabeth    
Dills Lewis    
Dills Lulie    
Disney Effie    
Dixon Andrew    
Dixon Darius    
Dixon Florence    
Dixon Gertrude    
Dixon Leona    
Doan A E    
Doan Lucy    
Doan R T    
Dobbs Allie H (Bud)    
Dobbs Mollie B    
Dohoney Thomas B    
Dorsey Edward    
Dorsey Frank S    
Dorsey Polly    
Doss James A    
Dotson Catherine    
Dotson G W    
Douthett Emily    
Douthett Louis     
Downey John    
Downs Alma    
Downs Ben    
Downs Elizabeth    
Downs James    
Downs V C    
Downs Lucinda    
Downs Vinia    
Drake Charity    
Drake Jacob    
Drane Elizabeth    
Drane Mary    
Drury Jacob    
Duckworth David    
Duckworth Elizabeth    
Duckworth George    
Duckworth Hannah    
Duckworth James    
Duckworth Mary    
Duckworth Sarah    
Duckworth Susan    
Duckworth William    
Duckworth W S    
Dudderer Catherine    
Dudderer Conrad    
Dudderer Elizabeth    
Dudderer James S    
Dudderer Julia G    
Dudderer Mary    
Dudderer Samuel    
Dudderer William    
Duerson Mary    
Duerson Nancy J    
Duerson T W    
Duke Elvira    
Duke John    
Duncan Annie E    
Duncan Elizabeth    
Duncan Elzina    
Duncan Emma    
Duncan J B    
Duncan Malvina    
Duncan N P    
Duncan Silas W    
Duncan William H    
Dunn David J    
Dunn Eliza    
Dunn James L    
Dunn J E     
Dunn Joe    
Dunn John    
Dunn Jonathan    
Dunn Julia A     
Dunn Melissa    
Dunn Minerva    
Dunn William W    
Dunn Willie    
Dye Catherine    
Dye Jems M    
Dykes Martha    
Dykes Nathan    
Dykes William    
Early Jane    
Early Margaret    
Early R N    
Early Whitfield    
Easley Andrew    
Easley Rachael    
Eastham Ephraim    
Eastham Priscilla    
Eaton Elizabeth    
Eaton William    
Edmonson Sallie      
Edmonson S W    
Edwards Mary F    
Edwards Robert T    
Edwards W G    
Egbert Ann    
Egbert John D    
Egton Sarah L    
Egton Thomas    
Elam Eliza    
Elam Fannie    
Elder John    
Elder Margaret    
Elder Ruth    
Elkin Jane    
Elkin W A    
Elliott Frank      
Ellis A M    
Ellis Amanda J    
Ellis Grace    
Ellis John    
Ellis Robert F    
Elmore James    
Elmore Mary    
Elsberry Cinthiana    
Emerson James F    
Emerson Milton    
Emerson Nancy    
Emerson W P    
Enochs Elizabeth J    
Enochs Letitia    
Enochs Robert W    
Enochs Urath    
Enochs W S    
Erwin Joseph    
Estes Bettie    
Estes Thomas    
Estill Sarah    
Eubank Cora    
Eubank Hattie Lee    
Eubank Jesse Carl    
Eubank J W    
Eubank John William    
Eubank Martha C    
Eubank Richard D    
Eubank T J    
Evans A J    
Evans Edna    
Evans Emmie    
Evans Rebecca H    
Evans William Wallace    
Eve Benjamin    
Eve Ellen    
Eve Frances T    
Everett Peter    
Everett Samuel    
Everett Sarah    
Ewing Joseph M    
Ewing Letitia    
Ewing Mary Ann    
Ewing Rachael    
Ewing Winifred    
Ewing Young    
Farmer Ida E    
Farra Arthur    
Farra Charles A    
Farra Lenis    
Faulkner Daniel    
Faulkner George    
Faulkner Jesse G    
Faulkner John L    
Faulkner Mary A    
Faulkner Susan S    
Fawcett Safrona    
Fawcett W E    
Fenwick Cornelius    
Ferguson Arbellia    
Ferguson Eliza    
Ferguson Franklin    
Ferguson Martha    
Ferry Christina    
Ferry John H    
Fields Brice    
Fields Elizabeth J    
Fields Robert J    
Filback J W    
Finch Charley    
Finch R    
Finch T W    
Fish Nellie      
Fisher Elizabeth J    
Fisher Mattie M    
Fitzpatrick John    
Fitzpatrick Lizzie    
Fitzpatrick Mary C    
Fitzpatrick Peter    
Fleming J W    
Fleming M E    
Fleming R F    
Fletcher Benjamin    
Fletcher Katherine    
Fletcher Lizzie    
Fletcher Louise    
Fletcher W H    
Flood Peter    
Foley Henry    
Foley Mary R    
Foley S R    
Fonville E D (Dr)    
Fonville Josephine    
Force Littleberry    
Force Mary    
Ford Absolam    
Ford Emily    
Ford Francis C    
Ford Horbin J    
Ford Col James    
Ford Jane    
Ford John    
Ford Lou B    
Ford Margaret    
Ford Martha    
Ford N    
Ford S D    
Ford Thomas W    
Ford Ursula    
Ford Zach    
Fort Peter    
Fossett Elizabeth    
Fossett Richard    
Foster Catherine    
Foster Jedediah    
Foster Joseph C    
Foster Julia A    
Foster Lucy    
Foster Nancy    
Foster Roy E    
Foster William    
Fox Florida    
Frazier Anna H    
Frazier Hugh M    
Frazier Joel H    
Frazier John M    
Frazer James    
Freeley Penelope    
Freeman Andrew    
Freeman G H (Dr)    
Freeman Mary    
Frisby Margaret    
Fry Sarah    
Fullilove William T    
Fulton Aurelia    
Funk Latticia    
Fuqua Calista    
Fuqua E F    
Gabehart Della    
Gabehart John W    
Gaines Absalom    
Gaines Elizabeth    
Gaines Fanny    
Gaines G T    
Gaines John    
Gaines Melvin    
Gaines Polly    
Gaines Sallie      
Gaines Stephen G    
Gaines W W    
Gaitskill Margaret    
Galbreath J B    
Gann Daniel    
Gant Driscoll    
Gant Elizabeth    
Gant Girtrude    
Gant James    
Gant Jane    
Gant J H    
Gant Joseph    
Gant M L    
Gant W M    
Garrett Albert    
Garrett Curranda    
Garrett Ezekial    
Garrett James    
Garrett Mary    
Garrett Minerva    
Garrett Thomas    
Garrison Letiticia    
Gass David    
Gass Sarah    
Gentry Rosa L    
Geohegan Elizabeth    
Geohegan M E    
Geohegan J G    
Geohegan John    
Geohegan Mary    
Gevedon Allie J    
Gevedon Ioda    
Gevedon Lizzie    
Gevedon Margaret    
Gevedon Mary J    
Gevedon Mathew    
Gevedon William (Dr)    
Gevedon W C    
Gibbs J A    
Gibbs Mary A    
Gibson Finley    
Gibson J    
Gibson Landon    
Gibson Levi    
Gibson Martha    
Gilbert Mary    
Gilbert Philip    
Gilbert Jeptha    
Gilbert Samuel    
Gilbert Sarah    
Gilbert Susannah    
Gilbert W H    
Gilkey Ann    
Gilkey Charles    
Gilkey Clarence    
Gilkey Clemmie    
Gilkey William      
Gilliland Abel    
Gilliland Cordelia    
Gilliland Elizabeth    
Gilliland Galen    
Gilliland James    
Gilliland Jane    
Gilliland Josiah    
Gilliland Leander    
Gilliland Leona    
Gilliland Miranda    
Gilliland Martha    
Gilliland nancy    
Gilliland William L    
Gilpin Israel    
Girdner Elizabeth    
Girdner Michail    
Gist James    
Gist Mary    
Glascock Elizabeth    
Glascock Jesse    
Glascock John    
Glascock Thomas J    
Glascock William    
Glass G B    
Glass Jesse A    
Glass J L    
Glass Martha    
Glass M E (Jamison)    
Glass Milly C    
Glass Samuel    
Glass Sarah    
Glass Wm O    
Glenn James    
Glenn John     
Glenn Mary     
Glenn Sarah    
Glenn Samuel    
Glenn S H    
Glenn S P    
Glenn Thomas      
Glenn William    
Glover Chesley     
Glover Elizabeth     
Glover J B    
Glover J M    
Glover J N (Dr)    
Glover L A    
Glover Leander    
Glover Maria    
Glover Mary    
Glover Virgil    
Glover W C    
Golden Mollie    
Goodin Amy    
Goodin Hardin    
Goodin Jessie    
Goodin Mary    
Goodin Nancy    
Goodin Octavia    
Goodin Thomas    
Goodin William    
Goodpaster Elizabeth    
Goodpaster G W    
Goodridge Sallie    
Goodrum Emma    
Goodrum G S    
Goodrum Ellen    
Goodrum J E    
Goodrum Laura    
Goodrum Minnie    
Goodrum S E    
Goodrum W J    
Goolsby Margaret    
Goolsby Tarleton    
Goolsby W F    
Gordon Ellen    
Gordon H H     
Gordon Jennie    
Gordon Mary H    
Gossett Ann    
Gossett Caroline    
Gossett I T    
Gossom Eliza J    
Gossom Edmund H    
Gossom Sandy    
Gowan Matilda    
Goza Ann S    
Grace A A    
Grace Bernard    
Grace D L    
Grace Emma    
Grace Joe L    
Grace Ona Bell    
Grace Samuel    
Grace W E    
Graham David    
Graham Lewis    
Grant Amanda    
Grant Nora    
Grant Oscar    
Grant Thomas    
Graves India    
Graves Jane    
Graves John    
Graves Stephen    
Graves William    
Gray America    
Gray Clarence    
Gray Colnie C    
Gray Ida S    
Gray John    
Gray J T Jr    
Gray Margaaret    
Gray R W    
Gray Sarah    
Gray Sue M    
Gray William    
Grayson Malinda    
Gregg Emmett    
Green Alexander    
Green Alice    
Green E A    
Green Elizabeth    
Green Eliza Jane    
Green Emily    
Green George G    
Green J M    
Green James I    
Green John    
Green Mary Jane    
Green Nath'l    
Green P N    
Green Reuben Clark    
Green Sarah Lee    
Green Thomas    
Green William    
Green Zachariah    
Greenwade J J    
Grider Wm D    
Grigsby Annie    
Grigsby B T    
Grigsby Columbus    
Grigsby Darthula    
Grigsby Emily    
Grigsby H L    
Grigsby Henry S    
Grigsby J T      
Grigsby John    
Grigsby Lizzie    
Grigsby Malvina    
Grigsby Mary    
Grigsby M M    
Grigsby Nancy    
Grigsby William    
Grigsby W W    
Grigsby Wooten    
Grimes Landon    
Grimes Rachael    
Grindstaff John    
Grindstaff Winnie    
Grishom Anna    
Grishom J S    
Grishom Ransom    
Grishom W P    
Gritton Jesse    
Gritton John    
Grogans Isabell    
Gregg Rebecca     
Gregg W B    
Groves George W    
Groves Hettie N    
Groves J M    
Groves Lillie    
Groves Lucy J    
Groves Luther    
Groves Ralph C    
Groves Walter    
Groves William Noah    
Grow Elisha    
Grubbs Anna (Coleman)    
Grubbs Catherine (McVey)    
Grubbs Eliza P    
Grubbs James    
Grubbs Joanna    
Grubbs Pericles    
Grubbs W B    
Guhyn S E    
Hacker Emma G    
Hacker W H    
Hadden C C    
Hadden Nancy    
Hadden Sarah    
Haddox C E    
Haddox Elizabeth    
Haddox John K    
Haddox Margaret    
Haddox M F    
Haddox Nancy    
Haddox William    
Hager Ash    
Hall George    
Hall James    
Hall John    
Hall Lona E    
Hall Mary A    
Hall Minnie    
Hall Nancy    
Hall Theopalos    
Hall William    
Hall W Taylor    
Hamblin Elizabeth    
Hamblin William    
Hamilton Archibald    
Hamilton Eliza    
Hamilton George Eve    
Hamilton G W    
Hamilton I G    
Hamilton Laura    
Hamilton Lavina    
Hamilton Maria    
Hamilton Milton    
Hamilton Nancy    
Hamilton Rebecca    
Hamilton William    
Hamilton Zeralda    
Hammons Bert    
Hammons Ezra    
Hammons Mabrier    
Hammons T J    
Hammons W M    
Hancock Effie    
Hancock H G    
Hancock J N      
Haney Asa G    
Haney H F    
Haney Lizzie    
Haney L P (Rev)    
Haney Margaret    
Hannah J A (Dr)    
Hannah Mary    
Hansbrugh Morias    
Hansford J W    
Hansford Kizziah    
Hansford Willis    
Harber E H    
Harden Allie H    
Harden Angeline    
Harden Anne    
Harden Bradley    
Harden Clarence    
Harden Clem     
Harden David    
Harden Elbridge    
Harden Estella    
Harden Frank    
Harden George    
Harden Henry S    
Harden J E    
Harden James    
Harden John    
Harden Lacy    
Harden Lettie    
Harden Mary    
Harden Ollie    
Harden Ralph      
Harden Sarah    
Harden William    
Hardesty Ann    
Hardesty C    
Hardesty M    
Hardin E    
Hardin Elizabeth    
Hardin Henry      
Hardin H W    
Hardin James    
Hardin Lucy B    
Hardin M P    
Harlan Henry    
Harrell Annie    
Harrell Fannie    
Harrell George W    
Harrell Herschel    
Harrell J C    
Harrell J E    
Harrell J W    
Harrell Jenetta    
Harrell John    
Harrell Joseph    
Harrell Lucinda    
Harrell Mary    
Harrell Ruby    
Harrell Rosa M    
Harrell William    
Harrington E    
Harris C W (Dr)    
Harris Charles    
Harris Lucy    
Harrison Fayette    
Harrison Frank    
Harrison Harriette    
Harrison John    
Harrison Joseph    
Harrison Lonnie    
Harrison Mat L    
Harrison Sarah    
Harrison Thomas    
Harrison Trannie Lee    
Hathaway E A    
Hathaway Phebe    
Hawes Alpha    
Hawes G E    
Hawes Jemima    
Hawkins Annie Eliza    
Hawkins Benjamin L    
Hawkins Emily    
Hawkins James W    
Hawkins Silas    
Hawkins Thomas    
Hawkins W N    
Hawn Dora M    
Hawn E E    
Hawn Frank M    
Hayden Beatrice    
Hayden Elizabeth    
Hayden Elijah    
Hayden Jane    
Hayden Nicholas    
Hayden William    
Hayes-Hays Catherine (McVey)    
Hayes-Hays Mary    
Hayes-Hays Maude    
Hayes-Hays Polly    
Hayes-Hays Sally    
Hazard Thomas    
Hazelip Carrie    
Hazelip J R    
Hazelip Lestoe    
Hazelip L W    
Hazelip M G    
Hazelip Sarah M    
Hazelip W A    
Hazelrigg John    
Heady Enoch    
Heady John    
Heady Mary    
Heady Parmalie    
Heatherman Mary    
Heaton Ed    
Heaton Mattie    
Hedges Catherine      
Hedges John    
Hedges Joseph    
Hedges Patsy    
Hedges Rebecca     
Hedges Sarah    
Helton James W    
Helton Mary M    
Helton Robert    
Helverstein Henry    
Hembree Arthur C    
Hembree Cecil T    
Hembree Nancy    
Hembree N A    
Hembree S A    
Hembree T J    
Hembree Walter    
Henderson Catherine    
Henderson Hannah    
Henderson Ira    
Henderson J F    
Henderson James J    
Henderson Louise    
Henderson Mahala    
Henderson Margaret Ann    
Henderson Mattie    
Henderson Nathaniel    
Henderson Samuel    
Henderson Thomas    
Hendricks Abagail    
Hendrix Abrum    
Hendrix D H    
Hendrix Elizabeth    
Hendrix Frank    
Hendrix John    
Hendrix M F    
Hendrix Moses    
Hendrix Nancy    
Hendrix Ruth    
Hendrix S A    
Hendrix Sanford    
Hendrix Sarah    
Hendrix Theophilus    
Hendrix William R    
Henning Ann    
Henning Elizabeth    
Henning Eveline    
Henning Samuel    
Henning Sarah    
Henning Susan    
Henson Elias    
Henson D    
Henson Darthula    
Henson Herman    
Henson James G    
Henson John T    
Henson Joseph    
Henson Lavenna    
Henson L C    
Henson Robert L    
Hern Susannah    
Hern William    
Herndon Benjamin      
Herndon Betsy    
Herndon Mary    
Herr Alfred    
Herr Covington    
Herr Elizabeth    
Herr Hardin    
Herr John L    
Herr Lou M    
Herr Kittie (Todd)    
Herr Mary    
Herr William    
Herron Drury    
Herman Matthias    
Herman Nancy    
Hestand J M    
Hiatt Fannie B    
Hiatt James    
Hiatt Mattie    
Hickman Benjamin    
Hickman Hugh Smith    
Hickman James M    
Hickman Jesse    
Hickman J B    
Hickman J D    
Hickman J H    
Hickman J N    
Hickman Keziah    
Hickman Latticia    
Hickman Mary Lou    
Hickman Nannie K    
Hickman Rebnecca    
Hickman R W    
Hickman Sally    
Hickman Susan    
Hickman W D    
Hildreth John V    
Hill John    
Hill O'Cellis    
Hill Tempie    
Hinton E    
Hinton Eliza    
Hinton Elizabeth    
Hinton E G    
Hinton Frances    
Hinton J W    
Hinton Joseph    
Hinton Mary    
Hinton R F    
Hinton Rosa M    
Hinton William    
Hinton Willis    
Hipsley Louise    
Hite Alfred    
Hite Bird B    
Hite Elizabeth    
Hite Harriett     
Hite Irene D    
Hite Jacob    
Hite Jennie    
Hite Minette    
Hite Robert    
Hite S S    
Hiter Ben J Capt    
Hiter Elenora    
Hisle Catherine    
Hisle John W    
Hisle Julina    
Hisle M    
Hisle Younger    
Hitzfield A    
Hobbs America    
Hobbs Basil    
Hobbs E D    
Hobbs Edward    
Hobbs Louise    
Hobbs Lucy    
Hobbs Mary    
Hobbs Sidney    
Hobbs Tarlton    
Hobbs Virginia (Bayless)    
Hobday J C    
Hobday Mary F    
Hobdy Leslie    
Hobdy M C    
Hobdy M F    
Hobdy M J    
Hobner Frank    
Hobson Kate    
Hobson W E    
Hodge Amanda    
Hodge Edward    
Hoffman Elias    
Hoffman Maria    
Hoffman William    
Hogan Elizabeth    
Hogan Emma    
Hogan james    
Hogan Susan    
Holderby James    
Holderby Sarah    
Holding Richard (Rev)    
Holding Sarah    
Holiday Mary    
Holland Elijah    
Holland Emily    
Holland G M    
Holland Margaret    
Holland Martha    
Holland Robert    
Holland Z P    
Holmes J G    
Holmes Sarah    
Holston James    
Holt Eveline    
Holt Lewis    
Holton Sally    
Holzclaw Mary    
Holzclaw Wm R    
Hooker William S    
Hopewell Catherine    
Hopewell E G    
Hopewell S H    
Hopewell William    
Horsfall A    
Horsfall William    
Hoshal F    
Hoshal L M    
Hoskins Alice    
Hoskins Ben O    
Hoskins Dode    
Hoskins Fanny    
Hoskins J W    
Houston John T    
Houston Sally A    
Houtchens Mary E    
Howard Albert    
Howard Hannah    
Howell David    
Howell Sally    
Howerton B    
Howerton E    
Howerton Wm T    
Hubbard Duncy B    
Hubbard Frances    
Hubbard James    
Hubbard Jane    
Hubbard John    
Hubbard Larkin    
Hubbard M    
Hubbard Myrtle    
Huber Anna M    
Hudson William    
Huey Fannie    
Huey S B    
Hughes A F    
Hughes Amelia    
Hughes Charles Chambers    
Hughes E A    
Hughes Elijah    
Hughes Elizabeth    
Hughes Hayden    
Hughes H E    
Hughes Hezekiah    
Hughes Lucy    
Hughes Mary Jane    
Hughes Nancy    
Hughes Nettie (Gardner)    
Hughes Parmelia    
Hughes Sallie    
Hughey Corman    
Hughey Minerva    
Hume Annie    
Hume E C    
Humphrey Franklin    
Humphrey Sarah    
Hunt Elizabeth    
Hunt Henry    
Hunt James    
Hunt Mary    
Hunt Oscar    
Hunt Priscilla    
Hunt Robertson    
Hunt Rosy V    
Hunt Samantha    
Hunt Sidney    
Hunt Thomas    
Hunt William    
Hunton Ann    
Hunton Felix    
Hurst Elijah    
Hurst Elizabeth    
Hurt Mamie    
Hurt T B    
Hyde Ed    
Hyde Ellie    
Hyde Jess    
Hyde Louella 
Iles Thomas    
Ingram Jane    
Irwin Mary C    
Irwin Theodore    
Irwin W D    
Ivey Martha E    
Ivey N S    
Ivey Thomas E    
Jackson Betsy    
Jackson Caleb    
Jackson Elizabeth    
Jackson G W    
Jackson G C    
Jackson V L    
Jahrell Beverly    
James Eliza    
James Thomas    
Jarvis John    
Jasper Catherine    
Jasper Dicy    
Jasper John    
Jasper Polly    
Jasper Nicholas    
Jenkins Annie    
Jenkins A S    
Jenkins G M    
Jenkins J M    
Jenkins J W    
Jenkins Sallie    
Jenkins Sophia    
Jenkins Telitha    
Jennings Charles    
Jennings Elizabeth    
Jennings Frances    
Jiles Allen    
Jones Bertha    
Jones Dock    
Jones W L    
Jones Sarah M    
Johnson Ann    
Johnson Cal T    
Johnson E J    
Johnson Elizabeth    
Johnson Jemima    
Johnson J L    
Johnson J M    
Johnson John    
Johnson Jonothan    
Johnson Joseph    
Johnson Louise    
Johnson Lucy    
Johnson Lydia    
Johnson Major    
Johnson Mary    
Johnson Mollie    
Johnson Moore    
Johnson Nancy    
Johnson Pascal    
Johnson Richard      
Johnson S A    
Johnson Seth    
Johnson Thomas    
Johnson William    
Johnston Addie M    
Jolly A J    
Jolly Augusta    
Jolly W T    
Jones Adaline    
Jones Angeline    
Jones Archie    
Jones Bettie    
Jones Caroline    
Jones Clara Belle    
Jones Claude    
Jones Cynthia    
Jones Dock    
Jones Druce    
Jones E A    
Jones Eva P    
Jones E T    
Jones Francis L    
Jones G (Dr)    
Jones George C    
Jones G E    
Jones C L    
Jones Henrietta    
Jones Ira Lee    
Jones James    
Jones Jesse    
Jones J N    
Jones J W    
Jones John    
Jones Joseph    
Jones K    
Jones Leonard    
Jones Leroy    
Jones Lewis    
Jones L M    
Jones Lizzie    
Jones Lowrey    
Jones Mary    
Jones Mattie    
Jones M D    
Jones M J    
Jones M M    
Jones Nanie    
Jones Richard    
Jones Robert    
Jones Rufus    
Jones R W    
Jones Sallie    
Jones Susan    
Jones T D    
Jones Unity H    
Jones William    
Jones W C    
Jones W H    
Jones W T    
Johnstone Freda    
Johnstone T H    
Jordon Mary H    
Jordon W C    
Judd Alonzo    
Judd Daniel    
Judd J A    
Judd Malissa    
Judd Mary    
Judd Samuel    
Judd Sarah    
Judy A H    
Judy Andrew    
Judy Delilah    
Judy Evaline    
Judy Martin    
Judy Mary    
Judy Nannie      
Judy S A    
Judy Thomas    
Judy William 

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